Eagling’s SCT Writers League Wrap – R4

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 22 2016

The SCT Writers League Wrap Episode IV:  A New Hope

SCT Writers League Round 4, 2016 Average. SCT Writers League Round 4, 2016 Top Score
1988.55 2091



I think those cold statistics paint a clear picture of what was a disastrous weekend for most Supercoaches, and the SCT Writers League coaches were no exception.   I personally pegged Motts for a 2500 plus score.   473 points isn’t a big difference – only 18.92%.  Pretty decent margin of error if I do say.  But despite Motts’ score, he still acquitted himself rather well compared to some of the other coaches.   Ten coaches failed to break the 2000 point barrier, and zero managed to break the 2100 point barrier.  In the first three rounds, coaches failed to reach 2000 points on only four occasions.


All SCT Writers League Scores Under 2000 Points*


Round Score
4 1997
1 1997
2 1991
4 1988
1 1985
4 1975
2 1973
4 1972
4 1943
4 1943
4 1936
4 1929
4 1914
4 1895

*Teams and coaches not shown in order to allay potential flashbacks.


To add to all this calamity; popular trade in Jason Johannisen is out for at least a couple of months; and Stefan Martin, the equal most popular SCT Writers League Ruckman, may very well miss a game.  Much like a naughty individual that has been swatted trying to reach into the cookie jar of Supercoach goodies, coaches will doubtlessly be wary of high expectations going into Round 5.


Home Team Home Score Away Score Away Team Margin Prediction Culmative Predictions
2 Boyds, 1 Cup 1988 1943 Don Cottagers 45 H 1/1
The Maulers @ SCT 2027 1895 Dirty Kelsos SCT 132 H 2/2
Meandering Journey 2005 1975 All Priests @SCT 30 H 3/3
GarryWhyULyon?@SCT 1929 2044 MJ @ SCT 115 H 3/4
The Mighty Blues 2066 2044 Maccas Maulers@SCT 22 A 3/5
Harbour Heroes@SCT 2008 1914 Thommo’s Tribe@SCT 94 A 3/6
Roo Bloke’s Mob 2091 1936 Golden Delicio@SCT 155 A 3/7
Schwarzwalder@SCT 2017 1943 Curnow Inferno 74 A 3/8
Small Victories 1972 1997 The Big Sexy SCT 25 H 3/9


Partial League Table

Team Name Coach Points %
1 The Maulers @ SCT Motts 8 106.2
2 Roo Bloke’s Mob Roo Bloke 8 104.5
3 2 Boyds, 1 Cup Pogues Mahone 8 102.2
4 Maccas Maulers@SCT Macca 4 102.9
5 Small Victories Chips Ahoy! 4 102.3
6 Curnow Inferno Juddlow 4 101.1
7 The Mighty Blues Team Still Needs Work 4 99.8
8 The Big Sexy SCT Big Sexy 4 99.8
9 MJ @ SCT MJ 4 99.7
10 Harbour Heroes@SCT Harbour Heroes 4 99.6
11 Don Cottagers Don Cottagers 4 99.4
12 Schwarzwalder@SCT Schwarzwalder 4 98.8
13 GarryWhyULyon?@SCT The TEAM @ SCT 4 98.3
14 Meandering Journey Eagling 4 97.3
15 Golden Delicio@SCT Nath 4 97.1
16 All Priests @SCT Father Dougal 0 98.6
17 Thommo’s Tribe@SCT Thommo 0 96.9
18 Dirty Kelsos SCT Brods 0 95.8


Last Weeks Trades



Home Team Away Team
2 Boyds, 1 Cup The Maulers @ SCT
Meandering Journey Don Cottagers
GarryWhyULyon@SCT Dirty Kelsos SCT
The Mighty Blues All Priests @SCT
Harbour Heroes@SCT MJ @ SCT
Roo Bloke’s Mob Maccas Maulers@SCT
Schwarzwalder@SCT Thommo’s Tribe@SCT
Small Victories Golden Delicio@SCT
The Big Sexy SCT Curnow Inferno



2 Boyds 1 Cup (3) v (1) The Maulers @ SCT

PODS:  Shaw, Lonergan, Laird, Birchall, Mills, Menadue, Gresham, Oliver, Read, Barlow, McCarthy, S. Gray v Dea, Weitering, Houli, Docherty, Hewett, Parker, Wines, Petracca, Grimley, D. Martin, McGovern, Zorko


We open round 5 with what is shaping up to be the match of the round.  One team has a chance to go 3-0-0 to start the season, setting up a push for the double chance and premiership glory at the end of it all.  But first, they need to deal with pressing issues – the status of Stefan Martin may be paramount in Motts’ mind. If he doesn’t play, will he, ranked 77th overall, make the choice to trade him out?  

Last round, Pogues Mahone accounted for Don Cottagers by 45 points; with current PODs Heath Shaw, Jesse Lonergan, Michael Barlow and Sam Gray all down, Pogues Mahone might not go into the clash against the Maulers with much confidence.  But Motts’ also had PODs down in form; Bachar Houli, Luke Parker, Ollie Wines and Dustin Martin all down.  But Motts has a shining beacon of hope; a veritable lion to lead him to victory.   The away side to get the points.



Meandering Journey (14) v (11) Don Cottagers

PODS:  Lonergan, Hartley, Bartel, Sheridan, Yeo, Liberatore, Pendlebury, McCarthy, Zorko, Uebergang, Griffin v Dea, Weitering, Shaw, Laird, Johannisen, Dangerfield, Mills, Grimley, Kennedy, D. Martin, Simpkin


Eagling opened his account for the season by stumbling over the line against an immensely unfortunate Father Dougal; while Don Cottagers dropped points against Pogues Mahone.  Both sides will likely get Tom Rockliff back from injury; but Don Cottagers will have to move Jason Johannisen on.  As the only player without Patrick Dangerfield, Eagling offers Don Cottagers the potential for a superb positive POD, and if Dangerfield follows his scoring pattern, he could be in for a match-defining score.   Both sides have Stefan Martin; but with Jonathon Griffin, Eagling does have cover if he misses.  The away side to get the points.


GarryWhyULyon@SCT (13) v (18) Dirty Kelsos SCT

PODS:  Lonergan, Laird, Johannisen, Fyfe, Dunkley, Parker, D. Martin v Houli, McDonald, Rich, Rockliff, Ward, Barlow, Robinson


The TEAM @ SCT will look to return to form after losing to MJ on the weekend.  They face a team on the bottom of table, the extraordinarily unfortunate Dirty Kelsos, who had his own share of carnage over the weekend.  As if facing high flying Motts wasn’t hard enough…

But Brods will welcome Tom Rockliff back, and the TEAM will need to deal with Jason Johannisen.   I’m going to tip the away side here. 



The Mighty Blues (7) v (16) All Priests @SCT

PODS:  Weitering, Laird, Bartel, Simpson, Smith, Fyfe, Mills, Wines, Petracca, Parish, Sloane, Goldstein, Wyatt, Jacobs, D. Martin, Milera v Lonergan, Sheridan, Yeo, McKenzie, Hewett, Pendlebury, B. Crouch, Hannebery, R. Gray, Duncan, Ah Chee, Gawn, Naitanui, Max King, S. Gray, Steele


Team Still Needs Work eked out a 22 point win over Macca, while Father Dougal seemed to be sitting pretty against cellar dweller Eagling after Saturday night, before Port Adelaide v GWS happened.  Four PODS, including Robbie Gray as Captain,  managed a combined score of 346, and Father Dougal eventually lost by 30 points as Todd Goldstein and Nat Fyfe reeled in the total for Eagling.   Father Dougal sits at a crossroads for the next match; McKenzie and Brad Crouch could return; but they could just as easily miss another game.  With so many PODS, this game could go either way, but I’m tipping the home side here.


Harbour Heroes@SCT (10) v (9) MJ @ SCT

PODS:  Shaw, Laird, Gibson, Mills, Menadue, Young, Mitchell, Zaharakis, S. Martin, Max King, Zorko, Robinson v Dea, Sheridan, Rich, Fyfe, Wines, B. Crouch, Shiel, Goldstein, Loersch, Barlow, D. Martin, McGovern


Harbour Heroes eased to a 94 point win over Thommo, while MJ flies under the radar, moving up to second on the SCT Writers League Overall table as he handily disposed of the TEAM @ SCT.   While attention is on Motts after a blistering start to the season, MJ is quietly building his own challenge, and he has the pedigree to be in contention at the pointy end of the season again.   But he needs to overcome Harbour Heroes.  MJ might get Brad Crouch back, while Harbour Heroes will hope Josh Gibson returns for Hawthorn.  The match looks to be a hotly contested one; as mentioned on numerous occasions, Stefan Martin’s fitness may be pivotal to the hopes of one of the teams.   With the game so closely contested, it is hard to pick a winner.  But I’m going to tip the away side here.


Roo Bloke’s Mob (2) v (4) Maccas Maulers@SCT

PODS:  Johannisen, Houli, McDonald, Hewett, Rockliff, Young, M. Crouch, Gawn, Loersch, Barlow, Franklin v Shaw, Lonergan, Hartley, Simpson, Dunkley, Parker, Petracca, Keays, T. Mitchell, Grimley, Naitanui


Roo Bloke did the best of us all last weekend; managing the highest score and biggest winning margin in the SCT Writers League.  Now he faces Macca, who had the highest losing score and lowest losing margin in what is shaping to be a cracking contest.  With Jason Johannisen about to take a long spell on the sidelines, Roo Bloke has some decisions to make, while Macca will hope to get a boost if Petracca and/or Keays debut on the weekend.  I’m going to tip the away side here.


Schwarzwalder@SCT (12) v (17) Thommo’s Tribe@SCT

PODS:  Hartley, Bartel, Birchall, Dunkley, R. Gray, Goldstein, Mitchell King, Greene, Simpkin v Shaw, Laird, Menadue, Hewett, Wines, B. Crouch, Wyatt, Naitanui, S. Gray


Schwarzwalder picked up the first points of the season by defeating Juddlow; while Thommo is still searching for the opening win; a 94 point loss to Harbour Heroes not the result Thommo would have liked.  With Brad Crouch a possibility to return, and Toby Greene’s scoring fluctuations, I’m tipping Thommo’s Tribe@SCT to open their account for the season.


Small Victories (5) v (15) Golden Delicio@SCT

PODS:  Hartley, Smith, Hewett, Parker, Wines, Hannebery, S. Martin, Grimley, Hall, Papley, Kennedy, Barlow, McCarthy, Greene v Shaw, Brand, Fyfe, Dunkley, Rockliff, R. Gray, Oliver, Jacobs, Currie, D. Martin, McGovern, Franklin, Lamb, Rioli


Both sides lost on the weekend, but Small Victories had the second smallest losing margin, whilst Golden Delicio@SCT had the biggest losing margin.  With a lot of PODs in this clash, it’s hard to get a read on the overall difference between the two sides.  Wayne Milera might miss for Adelaide, and these two sides may decide to trade him out.  I’m going to tip the away side here.


The Big Sexy SCT (8) v (6) Curnow Inferno

PODS:  Hartley, Simpson, Gresham, Parish, S. Martin, Barlow, McGovern, Greene v Weitering, Laird, Mills, Hewett, Parker, Hannebery, Lobbe, McCarthy

Big Sexy had a narrow win over Chips Ahoy!, while Juddlow lost to Schwarzwalder.  With question marks over S. Martin, Big Sexy will still feel better about his ruck stocks than Juddlow would, with Matthew Lobbe sitting at R2.  Despite this, I’m going to tip the away side. 


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6 thoughts on “Eagling’s SCT Writers League Wrap – R4”

  1. Should be a good match MJ and I are separated by 0.1%. Gibson back, another half game out of Martin and a trade in for JJ should see a pretty strong improvement.

    But what does MJ have up his sleeve? Who is coming in for JJ for both teams?

    Looks like it will be a cracker. With 12 PODS already between the teams I can’t tell who really has the advantage.


  2. I feel like I have to do better than last week just because so many players can’t have such subpar scores two weeks in a row….ha, I’m sure they can, but I’m hoping.

    After a ton of thought I’ve decided to keep being conservative with trades and try to be patient with players having a rough patch. Even if that’s half my team, or maybe especially when it’s half my team. Brendan Ah Chee getting dropped hurts since I now have no mid cover. I’ve left him as the starter with Hewett as the E, and if Hewett spuds it up badly enough I can always replace Ah Chee, although I don’t really want to.

    For 50/50 shots I’d just as soon take the risk that does not use a trade. Kept/keeping B Crouch, Barlow, Steele, S Gray, B Ah Chee (95%) now Papley, etc. If I end up wishing at the end of the season I traded more early….I’ll have little company and have had a learning experience. Which everybody reading will see and get to learn from too!. Um, yay……

    Like to win one this week…..


    1. Good luck father! We have very different teams but its going to be close one. Surely it cant get worse than last week can it??… 🙂


    1. I can’t get worse than last week. I’m still embarrassed by the S Gray trade after round 1 which cost me a lot of league matches in the last 2 weeks. God I’m an idiot.


  3. Nice write up Eagling!

    Kicking myself last week as was out and about and didn’t watch the match ups … left the C on GAJ, when Mighty Blues didn’t have him and, if watching, should have matched his Goldy C. Also, “rolled the dice” on david to outscore my E Menadue 58 – failed and cost me the match, not to mentioned an extra 40 points which would have been nice! … Just goes to show you have to watch all matches all weekend I guess!

    Onto this week with what should be a good match up with RooBloke – surely he needs a “1” in the L column now??!!



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