Fallen Premiums 2016

Written by Motts on January 27 2016

TO QUOTE Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade … choose wisely.
The fallen premium is perhaps the most sought after commodity in SuperCoach but we must still pick the correct one or face the consequences.

Some are easy – Gary Ablett, Tom Rockliff and Tom Liberatore for example – but others can be the difference between SuperCoach glory and SuperCoach sorrow.

We know the likes of Gaz, Rocky and Libba are going to be popular but who else should be on your watch list?

The NAB Challenge is almost upon us so watch every players’ form closely before making your decision.

BRAD CROUCH (Adelaide) $306,100, MID

The young Adelaide midfielder didn’t play a game in 2015 and as a result is available at a tasty price. Crows teammate Sam Jacobs has said Crouch is “exciting” teammates with his pre-season efforts and SuperCoaches should be taking notice. In his 11 games in 2014 he averaged 94 and is expected to step straight into the Patrick Dangerfield-sized hole in Adelaide’s midfield.

MICHAEL JOHNSON (Fremantle) $435,800 DEF

The Fremantle defender was in plenty of teams to start the season only to suffer a horrible hamstring injury that kept him out for nearly three months. Disappointingly only has a $33,000 discount on his 2015 starting price of $468,500 but scores of 121 and 136 show if he hits that type of form he’ll be a bargain.

SHANE MUMFORD (GWS Giants) $570,500 RUCK

High risk, high reward. Mumford is a proven SuperCoach performer and in a season where Todd Goldstein is going to cost an arm, a leg and another arm, the Giant is definitely going to be among the top picked ruckmen. The issue is can he stay fit and play 20-22 games? Nearly $60,000 less than his $600,000+ 2015 opening price and averaged 105 in his 11 games in 2015.

OLLIE WINES (Port Adelaide) $525,100 MID

The Port Adelaide bull was a very popular pick before breaking his arm, rewarding owners with huge scores like 145, 124 and 123 before injury. Although, he hasn’t come down much in price (was $539,200 at the start of 2015) despite playing only playing 13 games, which is disappointing. Has been named as a standout so far during pre-season, though.

JAEGER O’MEARA (Gold Coast) $316,300 MID

Almost an instant buy at this price but that patella injury was very, very nasty. His coach Rodney Eade says he’s on track for a Round 1 return all things going well but we’ll have to keep a close eye on him. Has the potential to be an absolute bargain alongside Liberatore.

DALE THOMAS (Carlton) $308,700 MID/FWD

The former Pie’s season barely got going this year and normally we probably would be steering clear given his recent injury troubles but his dual position status puts Thomas back into the equation. Thomas says his troublesome ankle has had plenty of time to heal and he’s feeling good ahead of next season. One to definitely watch as a mid-priced forward option.

DANIEL MENZEL (Geelong) $260,600 FWD

Can this talented youngster get a decent run at it? Menzel reminded us of his prodigious talent with a score of 119 in his comeback game against Collingwood and could prove to be a top pick if he can get a change in luck. There will be plenty of ball heading into the Cats forward line in 2016 with Joel Selwood and Patrick Dangerfield leading the midfield.

JARED POLEC (Port Adelaide) $303,000 MID

Polec was one of the absolute bargains of 2014 with his consistent high scoring in his first season at the Power but 2015 was a year to forget for him. We all expect the Power to rise up the ladder again after a poor season and a fit and firing Polec might be a very good option as a point of difference in the midfield with most likely to pick Liberatore and O’Meara.
BRYCE GIBBS (Carlton) $444,600 MID

Gibbs by his own admission had a year to forget and is already talking about how determined he is to make amends under new coach Brendon Bolton. He’s been training hard and is definitely one to keep an eye on during the NAB Challenge. Was $571,000 at the start of 2015 … at mid-$400,000s he looms as a possible bargain given he can kick goals to turn 80s or 90s into 120s.
This article originally appeared in The Herald Sun. 


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2 thoughts on “Fallen Premiums 2016”

  1. OK, first of all, Last Crusade is the best instalment of Indy, and if you disgaree with me, then you are wrong! (Well, maybe not “wrong”….but I vehemently disagree with you.)
    BCrouch is a must for mine, and Ollie Wines is one of my favourite players so against better judgement he’s in too. The rest mentioned here are all speculative picks IMO. Can’t pick Johnson – chronic back injuries don’t go away – and Mummy, Daisy and Menzel are too risky for mine, although I wish them all the best this year.
    Will watch JOM’s pre-season closely!



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