Flavour of The Week – R17

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 21 2015

G’day Supercoaches!

Another weekend of monster scores, helped in no small part by Goldstein and Ablett. 15% of all coaches brought in Ablett last week, raising his ownership to 21%. Compared with previous years of 50%+ ownership, The Bald One can be considered somewhat of a POD leading up to the finals. His price tag is likely to rise even further with a BE of 73, making him nearly unobtainable for those that don’t already have him. Add to that a lack of trades for many coaches and the problem becomes even trickier. Same as last week (as much as it pains me), I took the gamble against Ablett and have to ride it out as best I can.

With two weeks of the SC season to go, your team should be at or near full-premo leading up to the finals. Judging by the stats, coaches are frantically trying to get Ablett in whilst finding the best rookie downgrades to raise the necessary funds. The format will be slightly modified this week. Nos. 2-5 are all rookies with little exposed info and common negative points. They’ll be pooled together at the end. Here are this week’s Most Traded-IN players (SC Gold as of 8pm on 20.07):

1 – Gary Ablett (GCS – $700,200 MID)

+ See last week’s FoTW Ablett Edition! Add to that the 189 pts against GWS on the weekend. 30 disposals including fourteen contested plus 17 (!) tackles and three goals…….simply huge! If you’ve been more cautious with your trades than me, then get him in quick-smart!
– As above, check out last week’s Ablett Edition. The negatives of price tag and risk of re-injuring that shoulder still apply.

2 – Riley Knight (ADE – $123,900 MID/FWD)
+ Dual Position Player – handy to move around at the business end of the season. Especially given most of us have forward lines stacked with DPPs.
+ 72 & 49 in his first two games. Had ten touches and a goal in the Showdown on Sunday.
+ Break Even of -48 plus projected BEs of -8 & -2 coming up.

3 – Hugh Goddard (STK – $122,300 DEF/FWD)

+ DPP! Unfortunately though, not many SC relevant players to swap around with (now with McGovern going down). Very handy if you have the old burnman, S.Higgins. (Having said ‘burnman’ though, Higgins has played every game at a 93 average this year!).
+ Thirteen touches on debut at 92% Disposal Efficiency for his 72 pts. 

4 – Tom Fields (CAR – $102,400 DEF)
+ 68 & 46 pts in his first two appearances for the Blues.
+ Eleven touches at 81% DE against Freo on Saturday night (plus zero clangers!)
+ BE of -58 and projected BEs of -13 & -6 ensure a steep price rise coming up.

5 – James Harmes (MELB – $123,900 MID)
+ 38 & 79 pts in his first two games for the Demons.
+ Fifteen touches against Brisbane, nine of which were contested.
+ BE of -44 and projected BEs of -38 & 8 still to come.

Minus Points for the Rookies:
– Without repeating myself for each rookie above, the common theme is always job security. At this stage of the year, these rookies will probably fill your bench till the end of the SC season. Always handy if they’re playing each week and providing some sort of back-up.
– While three of the above rookies are ‘on the bubble’, Hugh Goddard has just played the one game. Can’t really use the term ‘Josh Glenn Curse’ anymore, just be wary of bringing him in before he’s named for his third game.
– Even if named, these rookies all run the risk of seeing a vest (whether it be red or green).

Nos. 6-10: Hodge (HAW), Kolojashnij (GEE), Malceski (GCS), McDonald (MELB) & H.Shaw (GWS) 

* I’d expect to see some more detail on the rookies from Badger’s Rookie Review. Father Dougal will crunch the numbers for us again on Cow Talk. And MJ will have the value premos lined up for us in his Fallen Premiums post, be sure to check them out.

Four SCT-coaches are sitting in the Top 50 overall. Nickoless is still at no.6, just 197 pts behind the leader. Sodes is at no.34 while Based is no.43. Andy B had a huge week, jumping up to no.48. Good luck to you all in the run home!! The best SCT leagues are Cattas SCT Challenge at no.26 and SCT AB not far behind at 28. Tidy effort by all involved, now to finish off strongly!

Are you doing any trading this week? Is it all about GAJ again this week? Let us know in the poll below. Have you been following these rookies closely over the past few weeks? Are they likely to keep their spots? Be sure to add your pros and cons in the comments below. If I’ve noticed one anomaly this week, it’s the absence of Rockliff from the list. Is he too expensive now? Not worth the risk with those ribs? Don’t want to trade him in a 2nd or 3rd time? Thoughts, anyone? All the best in upgrading your team to ‘full-premium’…………Good luck, Supercoaches!

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16 thoughts on “Flavour of The Week – R17”

  1. Either Lever or Pearce will make way for Hodge

    Looking forward to culling Lumumba who has been wasting away on the bench for a month. But who to bring in Knight or Harmes? More about JS than scoring potential, figure Knight is slightly ahead due to DPP

    TU – Knight
    TD – Harmes
    Comments – Fields/Kolo


  2. Only 3 trades left, no cash….can’t get ablett. Only two players in my side I want to move on are Ryan Griffen and Brodie Smith. Think I’m stuck with them though as I just can’t waste my last 3 trades. Im sitting 2nd in my cash league so will need them if injury strikes. If Sloane goes alright this week and Griffen puts in his usual pathetic performance i may go Griffen to Sloane?


  3. have macmillan and mcgovern

    TU hodge and kelly/malceksli

    TD Enright and robmurphy

    other def are shaw picken newnes birch


  4. Not sure how Jimmy Bartel isn’t in the top 10 this week. Hed be straight into my team of not for the minute number of trades that I have left. And even still, I’m considering him by moving a DDP into the kids to add more flexibility and coverage across my team


  5. is it worth trading Ox > Kelly so I can go Betts > GAZ?
    leaves Kelly & Smith as D6/7, Steele on field in the forwards and 3 trades 46k



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