Flavour Of The Week – Rd 10

Written by on May 22 2018

This week’s edition of the Flavour presents three prime downgrade options, a Swans ball magnet in career best form, and the dominant player of the past two years, Supercoach or otherwise, at a temptingly discounted price.

Here are the most popular trade ins, as of 12pm AEST, Tuesday May 22:

1.  Ed Phillips (STK, mid, $123 900)


+ In a nice moment from Round 9, Ed lined up against big brother Tom for the opening bounce. It was a quieter effort from the younger Phillips in his second game, but he still managed 19 touches at 63% for his 49 points.

+ Phillips’ bubble will burst against the Tigers this weekend, with a league-low break even of -61. His price tag is projected to rise just shy of sixty grand next Sunday night.

+ Phillips played 89% time on ground against the Pies, and while his scoring was not overly impressive, he was still heavily involved. Job security looks about as stable as you can hope for at this stage of the season.


– Phillips is very much a typical wingman, and doesn’t look like he’ll get all that many contested possessions. Champion Data usually doesn’t smile on these sort of players (albeit, read on for a notable exception!)

– While playing in a struggling side is good for a rookie’s job security, it’s generally bad for scoring.

2.  Jordan Ridley (ESS, def, $123 900)


+ Ridley walked off the biggest arena in footy wondering what all the fuss was about. The first gamer carried his VFL form over to the big stuff quite seamlessly, contributing 25 possessions at 80% in the Bombers upset win over the Cats.

+ The 76 points Ridley scored comes just in time, as the “Three Musketeers” all start to reach their max price, and most coaches rummage around for a downgrade option in their defence.

+ Has Woosha found the magic formula? He’ll be loathe to change a winning line-up, and in the case of Ridley, he earned his spot through good form in the VFL.


– First game, no price change, Josh Glenn, who decided that televising a wedding was a good idea?

– Are the Bombers back? Or is the merry-go-round merely on temporary hiatus? And will Ridley keep his spot when Hurley returns from a hammy holiday in a week or two?

3.  Timothy Smith (MEL, fwd, $123 900)


+ At 27 years of age, Smith is no ordinary rookie, and showed the benefit of his experience in his first game this season. 18 possessions and an impressive 91 points for Smith in the romp over the Blues.

+ At 6’4″ and 95kg, Smith makes an imposing power forward, but is also unafraid to run all the way up to the defensive 50 to get the ball when required.

+ Winning form is good form, and good form leads to good job security!


– Smith is definitely a late bloomer, and has struggled with repeated injuries already in his short AFL career. Here’s hoping he can stay on the field where he belongs this year!

– Unfortunately Carlton really didn’t offer much resistance at all, and Smith will no doubt find the going a little tougher in future weeks. Also, ONLY PLAYED ONE GAME.

4.  Jake Lloyd (SYD, def, $511 700)


+ Consecutive feasts for the Swans backline distributor. This time around it was 41 touches and a career high 173 points for Lloyd versus the Dockers. Only Macrae and Darling have scored more than Lloyd’s 303 points in the past fortnight.

+ Combined with his 130 the previous week against the Hawks, Lloyd’s break-even has plummeted to single digits. If you want him, you’d better move fast!

+ Partly due to his playing style, Lloyd is very durable, as evidenced by his record of only three missed games in his four-and-a-bit year career.


– I’m a huge Swans fan, but every year I have trouble picking this bloke for Supercoach. He’s such a seagull that I just can’t have him in my team, purely on general principle.

– It won’t take long before opposition teams wake up to Jake and increase the defensive pressure on him. The Swans do have a friendly draw for the next few weeks, although Lloyd may find himself getting Lambed against Carlton in Round 11.

5.  Patrick Dangerfield (GEE, mid, $601 800)


+ Where to start? Danger is a former Brownlow medallist and a Supercoach hall of famer (I think that’s a thing). He’s down almost $150K on his starting price, but is still averaging 115ppg, good for seventh in the league.

+ This weekend marks the first time this year that Dangerfield’s break-even has dropped below his season average, a very good indicator that his price has bottomed out. Time to move!

+ Geelong play their next three against the Blues, Suns and Roos. Looking further ahead, the Cats play their last six games of the season in Victoria, four of those at Danger’s favourite haunt at Kardinia (average 135ppg since his move to Geelong).


– Was one of the few Cats to really have a dig last weekend, but still had to junk it up to get to 114. He’ll need to lift to justify his price tag, which is still quite steep.

– I don’t know what it is, but I’m still not quite convinced just yet. Then again, my ‘intuition’ has been so diabolically off-target lately (Crouch instead of Macrae? Really?), maybe now is the right time to get Danger.

#6 – 10: Elliot YEO (WCE), Jack MACRAE (WBD), Jack DARLING (WCE), Patrick CRIPPS (CAR), Shaun MCKERNAN (ESS) 

Most traded OUT players this week: Sam MURRAY (COL), Tim KELLY (GEE), Jeremy FINLAYSON (GWS), Aaron NAUGHTON (WBD), Andrew BRAYSHAW (FRE), Jack HENRY (GEE), Jaeger O’MEARA (HAW), Jack HIGGINS (RIC), Bailey BANFIELD (FRE), Riley BONNER (PTA)  

Most popular trades so far this week:

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9 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 10”

  1. I really don’t like Lloyd. Looking at his season so far only 3 scores have been above 100 but they were all above 119. Those occurred rd1 8 and 9. Those 6 games in between were 71 85 89 94 90 80. His average after 7 games was below 90, so his average now has been boosted.

    I feel trading him in is chasing points. I prefer Webster even though he was out Rd 4 and 5. 5 scores above 100 and the other was 81 and 95 and that 81 was against Brisbane Rd 1 where the actually won that game. With Roberton out for the season that gives him more chance of getting the ball and that has shown with his last 4 games all above 100


    1. Agree with this point completely, sometimes not making the trade is the right choice, when everyone jumps on lloyd and he pumps out 85 next week, you’re laughing.
      On the other hand, he may continue to keep scoring like this, he hovered around this sort of average last year too so for a 24/25 yr old player, a break out isnt out of the question.


  2. Trading in Dangerfield this week to complete my midfield.

    Kelly > Danger

    Real question is who to downgrade in order to afford danger. I have:
    Murray, Henry and Naughton all maxed.

    At the moment I’ve gone Henry > T.Smith


    1. Well done on completed midfield. Just be aware of T.Smith only having played 1 game. I had to bring in Cummings last week to allow for upgrades in a defence depleted by injury based on 1 good game. scored like 15. regret it. As we approach bye rounds, you need bench players who are playing!


  3. I was thinking Yeo but concerned about his sore leg. Also, Yeo’s last three v hawks are 59, 64, 40. Any thoughts on why his record is so poor?


    1. Yeo’s record is pretty poor against most teams. He’s played 110 games and really only been regarded as a premium for 30 of them, so there’s a lot of dud scores to make up for. I think the injury is more of a concern, but if he passes his fitness test, jump on.



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