Flavour Of The Week – Rd 11

Written by Chillo on May 30 2017

The most dreaded of all Supercoach rounds has arrived – the first of the byes. The effects are eased somewhat this year, thanks to The Great China Experiment of 2017, giving us a bevy of Powers and Suns to choose from. However, it’s most likely that any players you introduce to your team this week will be unavailable sometime in the ensuing fortnight. Bummer!

But when the going get tough, the tough start kicking some tail. Now is your chance to really make a move up the rankings by taking advantage of this difficult time.

Here are the most popular trade ins, as of 12pm AEST, Tuesday May 30:

1. Hugh Greenwood (ADE, fwd/mid, $117 300)


+ Big Hughie backed up his century on debut with a solid 72 in the Adelaide swimming pool, mainly courtesy of 6 tackles and 10 contested possessions.

+ An excellent first fortnight in the AFL now puts Greenwood on the bubble with a ridiculously low BE of -107, so it’s now or never if you want him in your side.

+ As always, that combo of DPP status and the round 13 bye can be a lifesaver as you navigate through the next three weeks.


– Hard to think of too many drawbacks now that Hampton has gone down with an LTI. I guess he’s still young and raw, and could find himself spending some time in the forward pocket to rest occasionally?

– Seriously though, pending selection, by far the best downgrade option this week. Do it.

2. Scott Selwood (GEE, mid, $281 800)


+ Scooter has burst back into senior footy with back-to-back tons. The tackling machine racked up another 17(!) grapples to go with 15 touches and a goal against Port.

+ Recent injury woes have given Selwood a hefty discount this year. Less than 300K for a player with multiple 100+ seasons in his history is an incredible bargain.

+ Geelong has that wonderful Rd 12 bye, so Selwood could be the budget mid cover you’re looking for this week.


– Has missed 39 games in the past three years, as well as the first 8 games this year, due to injury and recuperation time. The risk-meter is flashing red on this one.

– Really awkward price puts him in SC limbo. Keeper? Cash cow? I’m not sure either. Also a candidate for a lockdown tagging role (see below), which can affect his output.

3. Shai Bolton (RIC, mid/fwd, $117 300)


+ Playing as the prototypical jack-in-the-box small forward, Bolton amassed 43 points from 8 touches and 5 tackles against the Bombers in his second game.

+ Now on the bubble with a break-even at -41, Bolton qualifies as both handy forward cover and a valuable cash cow this week. If (like me) you’ve loaded up on Dogs and Swans up front, you will need someone like Bolton this week.

+ Mid/fwd with the Round 12 bye. Yes please!


– Pretty much a straight swap for the currently injured, but soon to be available, Dan Butler. I’m not completely across the list situation at the Tigers, but job security seems shaky at best.

– Unless your name is Betts, forward pockets are unfortunately really not suited to Supercoach. Bolton is cheap, but it would appear he will be a modest scorer at best.

4. Matthew Scharenberg (COL, def, $164 000)


+ The number 6 pick in the 2013 draft, Scharenberg has taken the long road in his AFL career. Looked very solid in his first game in almost two years however, with 16 possessions and 65 points.

+ Prior to that, he was completely blitzing the VFL, racking up a total of 109 possessions in the past three weeks. Clearly far too talented to be running around in the ressies.

+ With Hampton gone for the remainder of the SC season and a few other rookie defs maxed out, your primary downgrade option is right here.


– Both knees were reconstructed within 12 months of each other. Ouch. Might pay to wait one more game and then re-assess?

– Not doubt due to that history, Bucks won’t push him too hard too soon, regardless of fitness or form. Could be ‘rested’ for a game here and there.

5. Rory Sloane (ADE, mid, $586 800)


+ Free of the dreaded tag, Sloane took to the conditions in Adelaide like a duck to…you know. 30 touches, 13 tackles and a couple of snags equating to a mammoth 177 points.

+ Due to a couple of down weeks, Rory’s price tag is actually $5K lower than at the start of the season, despite a 124 ppg average! The number 1 scorer in the entire league, but only the 9th most expensive player.

+ A gun who’ll be playing both of the next two weeks.


– Sloane is value this week because of scores of 70 and 80 a couple of weeks back. The dip in form was primarily due to a hard tag being placed on him in each game. Against the Cats this week, it’s likely that noted pest Scott Selwood (see above) will be following him around.

– As mentioned a few times in recent years by disgruntled coaches, Sloane’s head-first, kamikaze style of footy can be hazardous to his health. Fingers crossed, but you’ve been warned.

#6 – 10: James Cousins (HAW), Elliot Yeo (WCE), Toby Greene (GWS), Taylor Adams (COL), Scott Pendlebury (COL)

Most traded OUT players this week: Jake Barrett (BRL), Harley Balic (FRE), Zac Fisher (CAR), Josh J. Kennedy (WCE), Sam Powell-Pepper (PTA), Caleb Marchbank (CAR), Curtly Hampton (ADE), Jarrod Pickett (CAR), Brett Eddy (PTA), Will Hoskin-Elliott (COL)

Most popular trades so far this week:



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18 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 11”

  1. Surprised how popular Yeo still is, must be because of JJK or the people have too many bulldogs and swans forwards this week

    Also Barrett #1 traded out is another surprise, still has money to be made


    1. Yeo is far and away the highest scoring forward this year, so no real surprises that he is popular.
      I agree with you on Barrett, I will definitely be keeping him until the end of the byes.


      1. But everyone has had their doubts on him after he has burnt them in previous seasons. Hopefully he can continue but with JJK out will the have an affect in any way to the west coast players output. As he provides many scoring assists


        1. As long as Yeo continues to play a rebounding role in defense with some midfield time the potential should still be there for big scores.
          Can Yeo play the Mcgovern role? If Mcgovern rotates forward while JJK is out hopefully Yeo can take advantage and eat up as many intercept marks as he can handle.


    2. You’re surprised that the forward who has scored the most points of any forward and has the highest average of any forward playing more than two matches is popular? With the R12 bye yet? Surely it’s obvious why people are bringing him in.

      I know, I know, “and don’t call you Shirley.” 🙂


      1. The doubts I have seen on this site has show many people avoiding him so these people bringing him in probably have never had the full affect of the Yeo-Yeo


        1. I know what you’re saying, but I think most have realised that the forward line is a wasteland this year, and you have to take what you can.

          Speaking of Yeo – watch out for him on the FotW in Round 13, straight after his bye. He should be priced around 20K cheaper than he is now and plays 7 of his last 11 at Domain, where he averages 121 from four games this year.


          1. Exactly Chillo. I forecast a premo forward being 90-100 points this year, barring JJK who would be over that if you could deal with the 30-odd he punches out with regularity.

            If my F6 remains Steele at 93, and my F4 is Nank at say 98 I would say that’s close to premo.


          2. I went back through to all the FotW articles from round 5 and he has been in all list except for 2 and has risen 21% in ownership since round 4.

            Anyway the more that bring him in will mean I feel less bad when he scores a 60 🙂
            So I can feel happy I brought him in for 100k less than he is now


        2. The “yeo-yeo” effect is why i didn’t grab him when looking at forwards before rnd 1 this year. Had to buy him well over $500k and it is still money well spent for THE top forward.

          Supercoach exists to challenge those with stuck mindsets.

          I’ve been happy this year breaking all the rules. Started with Missy. Chose not to go GnR. Skipped the big 2 rucks. No Pendles, Sloane, Hanners, JPK, Dusty or Rocky.

          Yet still balked at Yeo for a little too long.

          Name me a gun midfielder or gun ruck who hasn’t shed at least 100k or more at some point, compared to Nank, Witts, or Oliver or Jones.

          If you don’t adapt to it the game will chew you up and spit you out.

          Part of the reason is how the game seems to be adapting to rule changes. Some of it is how scoring seems to have changed. But to be honest the gulf between the “chosen premos” (eg Bont getting 140 on 22 possessions and maybe 3 goals) and the possession getters who enable it (eg like Johannisen or Jong) was becoming an embarrasing joke.

          When we can start seriously considering AFL fantasy as probably the better game then they are completely failing with their product.


        3. Being worried about him before the season was sensible, being worried about him after 5 matches was kinda conservative, being worried about him now is……searches for polite phrase…..exceptionally conservative. He could score at an average 5-10 lower than he is now and still be worth having.


          1. Exceptionally conservative? I’ve never been so offended in my life!

            Brought him in below 500 some weeks ago


        4. The doubts were there weeks ago, much like Taylor Adams with his injury history. There comes a point in time though where you must accept they are must haves on their lines and if you go without, you fall behind. I bought Adams and Yeo in Rds7/8 and that was probably a little to late for my liking.

          The mindset is definitely there, looking through the top ranks in LOEC3 there are many who don’t have Yeo. Yet, I check out one of the beginner leagues I’m in and a lot of them have him, as they obviously know no better.


          1. I am thinking of bringing him in this week.
            He has the good bye so is not as important for structure. My forward line is the weak link and im not sure i want to bring in a port or suns forward. BE of 137 isn’t that much above his average.

            T/u do it
            T/d wait up


  2. Ended up going with the flavour of the week last round and felt dirty, although Motts did persuaded me. Not this week.


  3. Golden Rule of SuperCoach:
    Don’t trade the week of the first bye

    Roo Bloke this week:
    Highly likely i’ll pick up Greenwood and Scooter Selwood. Just seem really well priced for what they’re offering.


    1. Happy to trade this week to get players on field, I reckon I’ll be holding next week (for the first week this year) given already fielding 20+… maybe….



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