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Written by on June 13 2018

If you thought last week was tough…well yeah, it was. I’m tempting fate by suggesting it, but Round 13 actually seems fairly straight forward by comparison. Only a handful of popular premiums are unavailable this week, but a number of fattened cows have the week off; combining these two factors should make trading fairly easy….shouldn’t it? Here are the most popular trade ins, as of 9am AEST, Tuesday June 13:

1.   Stefan Giro (FRE, mid, $102 400)

+ Giro showed good improvement in his second game, amassing 18 possessions and 63 points in the upset win over the Crows. Now on the bubble with a break-even of -40.

+ His form in the WAFL had been excellent, and Lyon has shown a remarkable willingness to play his rookies this year. Lightly built, but runs all day and uses the ball efficiently when he gets it.

+ Cheap, cheap, cheap. Giro’s base price tag enables you to maximise your upgrade options elsewhere.


– No DPP status and Fremantle have the Round 14 bye to come, which are two pretty important crosses against Stefan’s name.

– Very much an outside player, with a low ratio of contested possessions. Giro might struggle to score if Freo can’t win the ball in dispute.

2.   Paul Ahern (NTH, mid/fwd, $123 900)


+ Ahern was solid again in his second AFL game, 13 touches giving him 57 points. He’ll be on the bubble after his bye this week, with a break-even of -66.

+ Showed in his 27 possessions on debut exactly what he’s capable of. Struggled to score in the second half against the Cats, but you can forgive that as Geelong ran over the top of the Shinboners in the final quarter.

+ DPP status is going to be extremely handy on the run home if you can find a spot for him on your mids bench. This enables you to swing the likes of Heeney, McLean and Westhoff into the mids if required.


– He’s not playing this week. Probably doesn’t matter if you already have 18+ playing, but it’s ten days until North’s next game, and that can be an eternity in football…

– Hasn’t played a lot of footy and even if he stays fit and in form, Scott will almost certainly give him at least one week’s rest at some stage during the later stages of the year.

3.   Toby McLean (WBD, fwd/mid, $538 900)


+ McLean is in the middle of the breakout year that we’d all hoped for at the beginning of the season, averaging 106.7 and playing every game so far. Currently third in scoring average among forwards.

+ Eight tons in 11 games is a testament to his consistency, and that DPP status could be handy in the next couple of weeks for covering any bye-induced holes in your midfield.

+ The Dogs have had their bye, and McLean will be available for your forward line for every game from now until the SCGF (as long as the Injury and Suspension Goblins stay away).


– Priced fairly close to his peak and with his lowest score of the season coming in his previous game against the Dees, McLean is lumped with a massive break-even of 142. Will almost certainly be cheaper next week.

– While McLean has been impressive this year, his team have not. You’ll be hoping that Toby can keep bucking the trend by scoring well in a struggling team.

4.   Robbie Gray (PTA, fwd, $495 600)


+ Gray’s game in Port’s upset win over the Tigers perfectly summed his ability – he was involved in several scoring chains without actually taking possession of the ball. That sort of game awareness is uniquely rewarded in Supercoach, where Gray managed 91 points.

+ Supercoach also recognises players who score goals. Gray has kicked 12 in his past four games (unfortunately for his owners, as it means he will be in the forward line for a while yet!)

+ Despite a recent dip in scoring, Gray is still in the top 5 forwards for Supercoach. With Port’s bye round done and dusted, he’s understandably a popular choice this week.


– It’s pretty well known by now that, despite being arguably the best midfielder in the team, Robbie is anchored to the forward line. His scoring has clearly dropped from that early burst when he was spending most of his time around the contest.

– Gray’s talent is only matched by his unfortunate propensity for injury. Repeated soft tissue injuries, a knee reconstruction and even a bout with cancer have dogged Robbie’s career. Please, please stay on the field!

5.  Kade Simpson (CAR, def, $495 500)


+ The little bearded bloke in the navy sleeves shows no signs of slowing down at 34. In the absence of his backline partner in crime Sam Docherty, Simpson is going at 104 ppg, which is just a boarding house scrape of butter shy of a career-best.

+ Simpson hasn’t been quite as consistent as previous years, but has compensated by pumping out 140+ on three separate occasions. Most notably, those scores have come against the Tigers, Cats and Eagles – all currently in the top 4. Kade goes well against stronger teams!

+ Carlton had their bye last week. Noticing a common theme among the popular upgrades this week???


– He’s old!

– Nah seriously, Kade is a great upgrade option this week.

#6 – 10: Josh BATTLE (STK), James SICILY (HAW), Justin WESTHOFF (PTA), Elliot YEO (WCE), Lance FRANKLIN (SYD)

Most traded OUT players this week: Charlie SPARGO (MEL), Bayley FRITSCH (MEL), Matt GUELFI (ESS), Nicholas HOLMAN (GCS), Michael HIBBERD (MEL), Sam MURRAY (COL), Zac GILES-LANGDON (GWS), Christian PETRACCA (MEL), Ben RONKE (SYD), Tom DOEDEE (ADE)

Most popular trades so far this week:

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15 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 13”

  1. Simmo, McLean, Gray already in my team. Sicily plugs a hole in the fwd line this week, and Giro plugs another hole in the mids. Used my third trade to plug another hole, and even after all that, I need either Laird or Dusty to play otherwise i’ll cop a donut this week.


    1. Some Stats for Hoff and Gray courtesy of @bricemitchell on Twitter.

      Westhoff R1-R6 averages 112.3(1 Ryder Injured.)
      R2-R6 averages 106.8 (No Ryder)
      R7-R12.averaged 91.4 (With Ryder)

      Westhoff scored 140 in Rd.1 when Ryder went off in the 2nd half injured.

      Westhoff Averages in Wins and Losses with and without Ryder.

      Wins 3 games with Ryder averages 99.
      Losses 4 games without Ryder averages 120.
      Wins 2 games with Ryder averages 80.
      Losses 2 games without Ryder averages 97.

      Round 1 win is defined as a win ( Without Ryder )


      1. Robbie Gray Averages for 2018.

        Wins 6 games Averages 97.
        Losses 4 games averages 120. (Played Mid -Role in 3 out of 4 losses)

        Mid Role R2-R7 averaged 115.
        Fwd Role R8-R12 averaged 94.

        AO 113
        Away 102

        Wins Fwd Role 93
        Losses Fwd Role 96

        AO – Fwd Role 106.5
        Away Fwd Role 81.5

        Wins AO Fwd Role – 106.5
        Wins Away Fwd Role – 67 just 1 game.

        Hope that somehow helps people with their final Trade decision on Hoff and Gray.


  2. What is the real likelihood of flying ryan playing…its T Smith to him but only after final teams announced.


  3. Somehow I managed to have 17 on the field and one on the bench – DOH! Although Ahern does not play I can do some dpp magic if I trade him in and get 18 on field. Worth it?


  4. Yeo & Gunston in,

    Trying to find away to keep Fritch but just haven’t had the cash generation recently I think ill need to cash him in.



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