Flavour Of The Week – Rd 17

Written by Chillo on July 11 2017

From my rather limited experience, there are times when Supercoach can be a game riddled with insanity. This is especially true at the season’s bookends – right before the bounce in game 1, and then in and around SC finals time. With finals looming, now is the time to keep your head when all around you are losing theirs, and you’ll be a Man, my son!

Or Woman, as the case may be. Hello to all our readers in SCT’s famous Chicks League! Here are the most popular trade ins, as of 12pm AEST, Tuesday July 11:

1. Dayne Zorko (BRL, mid, $586 700)


+ The Zorko magic was in full flow against the Cats. 36 possessions, 12 tackles, 4 straight snags and a humungous 196 points, the third-highest single game score this year.

+ That mystifying 51 against the Giants two weeks ago now drops out of the cycle, putting Zorko’s BE at 34 and his price tag ready to skyrocket.

+ The fourth highest scorer of 2017 for less than $600K? Could be a useful selection. And still only 7% ownership!


– That 51 I mentioned earlier? The Zork is a lot more consistent these days, but has a history of throwing in absolute stinkers at times. You’ll be praying he doesn’t do it during SC finals.

– With Rocky under an injury cloud and Beams running on fumes, Zorko will become the primary target for opposition taggers (assuming anybody bothers to tag against Brisbane).

2. Joel Selwood (GEE, mid, $483 100)


+ The bloke’s head is made of concrete. You couldn’t stop him with a sledgehammer. He’d run through brick walls to get the footy. I’ve run out of cliched metaphors to describe how tough he is. Anyone help me out here?

+ Celebrated his return from a one week concussion-induced hiatus by racking up a lazy 120 v the Lions, with 24 touches (13 contested) and 9 tackles.

+ His ability to build momentum at the business end of the season has been well documented, and getting a Jelwood for under $500K is the Supercoach equivalent of getting Carey and Longmire for seventy grand. Yes, I’m still bitter!


– Still has the jumbo-sized BE (165), so you could give him one more game. He’ll be down to around $450K this time next week.

– Danger is pretty much untaggable these days, so Selwood is usually the one to cop it. He doesn’t always handle it too well, so potential future matchups need to be considered.

3. Tom Mitchell (HAW, mid, $589 800)


+ Yet another BOG for the Hawks ball magnet, this time against arguably the best midfield going around. Mitchell piled up 39 possessions, 9 tackles and a goal for his 130 points.

+ That effort was his 11th consecutive ton, and his 14th in 15 games this year. He also just broke the record for consecutive 30+ possession games. Just incredible, unprecedented consistency.

+ And he’s somehow still under $600K! I think the SC admins broke their calculator when it came time to update Titch’s price tag this week.


– As previously noted, all those tons, but only one score over 140 this year. And that 158 against the Pies needed fifty possessions to get there.

– Surely he can’t keep this run going all year. Every good game is another game closer to a bad one…isn’t it?

4. Ryan Nyhuis (FRE, def, $117 300)


+ One of the most memorable debuts in recent years. Nyhuis went from an emergency defender to a starring half-forward, dobbing four goals including the game winner.

+ That 78 point performance should go a long way to Nyhuis holding his spot this week, as will his general energy for a team that has struggled to kick a winning score lately. A hamstring injury to Tommy Sheridan may help also.

+ A budget priced defender makes a good downgrade/cash grab at this time of year. Even if FURL strikes and he somehow doesn’t play again, you can bank the cash and gain a loophole option.


– The other side of the coin is, of course, the Josh Glenn Rule. One more week? Remember, he only played last Sunday because Dave Mundy was a late out.

– He kicked four goals, and still only scored 78? What will he get if he can’t hit the scoreboard?

5. Wylie Buzza (GEE, ruc/fwd, $123 900)


+ The new cult figure at the Cats, the big bloke with the best moniker in footy managed 43 in his second game to go with his debut 58. Now on the bubble with a BE of -27.

+ DPP status is a big bonus. If you’re one of the 74% who are Strnadica-less, Buzza might be a good F8/R3 swing option.

+ With the Cats almost certainly finals bound, Buzza has a chance for game time if coach Scott decides to freshen up his big men before September.


– See point 1 for Nyhuis.

– With Menzel and Cockatoo waiting in the wings, job security is wafer-thin. Don’t budget for too many points from Wylie.

#6 – 10: Sam Docherty (CAR), Patrick Ryder (PTA), Jack Macrae (WBD), Rory Laird (ADE), Alex Witherden (BRL)

Most traded OUT players this week: Sam Powell-Pepper (PTA), Patrick Cripps (CAR), Hugh Greenwood (ADE), Caleb Marchbank (CAR), Scott Selwood (GEE), Tom Stewart (GEE), Ben Ainsworth (GCS), Aaron Sandilands (FRE), James Parsons (GEE), Nic Newman (SYD)

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5 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 17”

      1. I agree Zorko is a jet But….

        I can’t afford another downgrade so I want to save max $ for my last 4 trades.

        I will need $ for LTI’s and upgrading Greenwood F6.

        I may need to do the sums again and see if I can fit him in.

        Remember when you could select him as a forward?

        Aaaah the good ol days.



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