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Written by on July 17 2018

One of the aspects of Supercoach that sets it apart from other similar games is the trades cap, and the challenge of trade management that doesn’t exist in other flavours of fantasy footy. I’ve been playing for a few years now, but I’m still in awe at the impact – and punctuality! – of the infamous Late Season Carnage. More than one quarter of all Supercoaches got an early bitter taste of it last weekend, when the great Nicholas Naitanui tragically went down with his second ruptured ACL in the past eighteen months.

Unsurprisingly, the most popular trades this week are geared at finding a replacement for NicNat. A returning SuperDog also finds his way into the Top 5, as well as a couple of notable rookies.

Here are the most popular trade ins, as of 12pm AEST, Tuesday July 17:

1.   Brodie Grundy (COL, ruc, $623 200)


+ There’s not much a humble wordsmith like myself can say about Brodie’s 2018 season that hasn’t already been said. The numbers say it all: 125 ppg, lowest score of 95, one of only three players to have already passed 2000 points for the year. He’s an obvious number one choice for a Naitanui replacement.

+ The big knock on Grundy in the pre-season was the Cox Effect, which sapped about 15 ppg from Brodie’s output. Fortunately, coach Bucks listened to the SC community (yep, it was all us) and put Mason in the forward line. Cox Effect Nullified!

+ The Pies are September-bound, and will be reluctant to rest their gun ruckman as they push for a precious top 2 finish.


– Grundy’s 99 against the Eagles last week was only his third sub-100 score for the season, and it came despite the absence of the desperately unfortunate NicNat. Is a bit of late-season fatigue setting in?

– Grundy’s upcoming opponents include Goldstein, Nankervis, Sinclair, Martin and Ryder (pending fitness). Tough run!

2.   Stefan Martin (BRL, ruc, $555 600)


+ And if you can’t afford Grundy, here’s your next best option. Stef has been steady rather than brilliant for most of the season, although his recent form is outstanding, averaging 131 in his last three games.

+ Although he trails Gawn and Grundy by some distance, Martin is actually still in the top 10 players overall for scoring aggregate this year. He has played every game, and there is no Archie Smith in sight!

+ Don’t underestimate the effect that the good form of his team is having on Martin’s numbers – or should that be the other way around? Whatever the case, the Lions are flying right now, and so is Stef.


– The Lions are heading for the draft this year, and Stef may get a game or two off towards the end of a long season.

– He’s obviously cheaper than the Big Two, but he’ll probably score less and you’ll still need to find the best part of $90K to get to him from Naitanui.

3.   Brent Daniels (GWS, mid/fwd, $117 300)


+ Nine possessions and 2 tackles for Daniels in his second game. His 48 points puts him on the bubble with a break-even of -21.

+ Possibly the only viable bubble boy this week, so if you really need a downgrade this week, Daniels is probably it.

+ Mid/fwd status can set up a nice swing, and maybe save you a trade later on. Wise strategy.


– He’s very much a fringe player at the Giants. Deledio was exceptional in his outing in the NEAFL last weekend, and Daniels will surely be the one to make way if Lids is passed fit for the big league this week.

– You really shouldn’t be relying on his scoring anyway, in which case you’d be better off going for a $102K loophole option. That extra fifteen grand could be very useful….Jake Brown (SYD, mid/fwd) is quite popular.

4.   Jackson Macrae (WBD, mid, $586 400)


+ A month off with a hamstring tear has hardly even slowed the runaway Macrae Train. Jack stormed back to footy with 131 points against the Dees, which included 33 possessions and eight tackles.

+ Macrae owns the second-highest scoring average of the year (behind SuperMaxy), and has eclipsed 130 on seven separate occasions in 2018. He’s a captaincy option every single week he plays.

+ That three week hiatus has given Macrae a nice ‘rest’ and – pending fitness – he should be available for the Dogs for the remainder of the season.


– Still has that injury-affected 51 in his cycle for one more week; consequently, his break-even sits at a sizeable 176 and he is set to lose more cash this week. You’ll have to weigh up whether points or money are more important to your team at this stage of the year!

– Faces the Eagles in Perth this week. Mark Hutchings made a complete mess of Steele Sidebottom (48 points) last week, and you can bet he has his sights set on Macrae this time around.

5.   Colin O’Riordan (SYD, def, $123 900)


+ Tipperary’s finest had a memorable debut with 19 disposals at 79%, 8 marks, and 5 tackles for the victorious Swans. A very nice return of 85 points in what was hopefully the first of many for the Irishman!

+ With a number of senior Swans on the sidelines for an extended period of time – notably the similarly-styled Jarrad McVeigh – O’Riordan is almost certain to get more opportunities in the Sydney backline, at least in the short-term.

+ A rebounding defender in red and white who hails from the south of the Irish republic? It’s deja vu all over again. Hi Tadhg!


– Colin has only played the one game, so unless you really, really need to trade this week, you can hold off and see how he goes in his second. PS there really are too few Colins in the world.

– As wonderful as his debut was, it’s highly doubtful O’Riordan will hold his spot once those senior players start to return.

#6 – 10: Isaac HEENEY (SYD), Angus BRAYSHAW (MEL), Clayton OLIVER (MEL), Patrick DANGERFIELD (GEE), Callum SINCLAIR (SYD)

Most traded OUT players this week: Nic NAITANUI (WCE), Logan AUSTIN (STK), Robbie GRAY (PTA), Jack HIGGINS (RIC), Nathan FYFE (FRE), Timothy SMITH (MEL), Josh P. KENNEDY (SYD), Bayley FRITSCH (MEL), Michael HIBBERD (MEL), Tom DOEDEE (ADE) 

Most popular trades so far this week:

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22 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 18”

  1. More carnage:

    Hawthorn star James Sicily will miss around six weeks of footy after breaking his wrist during the Brisbane clash.

    Scans have revealed Sicily has a fractured scaphoid, which will require surgery.

    It is a huge blow for Hawthorn and their finals chances with the 23-year-old arguably in All-Australian form in 2018, averaging 24 disposals and seven marks a game.



    1. Oh dear.
      I had finally moved hibberd to the bench. Had to play him due to McVeigh’s injury last week.
      Now Sicily.
      Earlier in the year I rage traded Goldstein after poor form to Nic Nat
      and may now have to reverse that again.
      Hibberd just seems to survive the cut again and again.
      It seems no amount of bleach will remove that stain.


      1. Sorry Double D, but it appears the pig is an OUT this week with a quad strain. Maybe you can trade him after all?!?


  2. Well now Sicily has gone and done himself a broken scaphoid (hand) and will miss the rest of the SC home and away season, I will be forced to use one of my 3 injury trades. I like the looks of Gus Brayshaw – defender playing full midfield at the feet of Gawn, yes please.


    1. Was looking at Brayshaw myself Hutta.

      I have to make 2 trades this week to cover gray (downgrading Tim Smith to a mid rook and swinging Ahern forward to do so) so will gain 122k from that move plus my 62k in the bank gives me 184k.

      The question is do i get a Brayshaw and save cash for a luxury upgrade to Macrae for the run home or just get Lloyd who is a proven scorer and miss Macrae?

      Have 4 trades left

      T/U – Go safe with lloyd
      T/D – Take a risk on Brayshaw


      1. Save cash. Lloyd is so expensive, the cash will be useful when one of your premiums gets injured early (it will happen) and drop a lot of cash.

        Will be the difference between “Damn, I have to straight swap with someone like Parker/Crouch/Curnow” and “Awesome, I can upgrade him to Macrae”


  3. Hutta I don’t like the Dees run home so I think Brayshaw is a risk at his price.
    The Dees face Cats and Crows away, Gold Coast at home, Sydney at home, West Coast away, and GWS at home. Brayshaw will probably average 90-100 but comes with risk as he is a high possie getter but turns it over a fair bit so more pressure from good Teams does not bode well IMHO. Bradshaw’s DPP status is handy if you have a player in the Mds to swing him with.


  4. Just throwing out a huge #POD replacement for Sicily in Jayden Short only owned by #1 percent of Teams at 468k with a 5 Round average of 98.8pts with the Tigers having a favourable Draw in the run home.


    1. Yep, had him in draft for a few weeks now and is a reliable 90+.
      But I’m going to pull the trigger on Lloyd now


    2. am hoping he misses his 110 BE and brings his price down a bit. have been watching him v closely (more for next year tbh) but may make a move for him this year-end if the price is right and i am forced to trade.


  5. I have 3 trades left I’ve lost
    -Nic Nat for the year
    -Sicily for the year effectively
    To conserve trades
    T/U I can slot Cox in Ruck pos and just trade Sicily to TMac = 1 trade
    T/D Trade Nic Nat for Grundy and Sicily for TMac

    Probably wont have Gray this weekend either


    1. You are not wrong. 5 trades left but can only use 2 a week. I have Sicily, Nic Nat, Gray and JPK. At least it is one on each line which gives me a chance to cover a couple.


  6. Well Sicily, now you’ve thrown a spanner in the works! Speedy recovery to the lad, but who to bring in. Lloyd is too expensive, so…

    T McDonald T/U
    Crisp TD

    McDonald is inconsistent but feel he can go large, plus would give me enough change to go Austin to Webster. Crisp has been very consistent last couple of months. and probably more reliable.

    Also, I only have 4 trades left atm but team pretty much complete with Shuey at M8.


  7. With Sicily being out, it has thrown out the original trade plan of Walters and Fritsch out, Mundy and Hoff in.
    The question now is who to bring in for Sicily. I don’t have Lloyd who would be the most obvious replacement, but is he too pricy?

    Out: Sicily & Walters
    In: Lloyd & Mundy

    Out: Sicily & Walters
    In: Any def (already have Laird, Simpson, Yeo, Hurn & Webster) was thinking of Hurley & Hoff



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