Flavour Of The Week – Rd 18

Written by Chillo on July 17 2019

Last week, lots of teams won league games because they had Dunks, and the other team didn’t. And not just any Dunks, but the Dogs Dunks. And, as it turns out, both the Dogs Dunks and the Dees Dunks are top of the pops in this edition of the Flavour Of The Week!

Oh, and you may have noticed that some people are trying to replace a certain Giants midfielder. Here are this week’s most popular trade targets, as of 12pm, Wednesday July 17:

1.        Josh Dunkley (WBD, mid/fwd, $625 000)


+ Remember when this guy was a struggling half forward flanker? One of the more dominant displays by an inside midfielder in recent years enabled Dunkley to become the second player in 2019 to hit the double ton. 39 possessions (24 contested), 15 tackles and two goals adds up to a lot of points.

+ Ignore that inexplicable coaching decision in the first month of this season, and Dunkley has averaged 118 in his past 22 games. That’s an incredible run of form, and much more than some anomalous “hot streak”.

+ You’ve got six games left to pick Dunkley in your forward line, because I highly doubt you’ll be able to again once this season is over!


– Really, really, really expensive now, and this is points chasing at its best (and worst). There’s obviously better value for money to be found elsewhere, and where are you getting all this cash from anyway?

– Opposition players and coaches are not going to ignore the sort of stat line that Dunkley posted last weekend. I reckon it starts with Jack Steele on Sunday.

2.       Kyle Dunkley (MEL, mid, $102 400)


+ Dunkley the younger was slightly less prolific than big brother, but in his second game he managed 41 points from 5 possessions, four marks, and a memorable maiden goal – kicked right over his brother’s head!

+ Dunkley is now on the bubble with a break-even of -38, and is one of probably only three bubble options (at most) available for selection this week.

+ That minimalist price tag might just get you over the line for that final upgrade you’ve been thinking about.


– Lack of DPP status is a definite disadvantage at this stage of the year. Paying a little bit extra for that swing might well be worth it if (when) injuries hit your team.

– If you’re planning anything other than sticking the kid at M11, then you’re probably going to be disappointed. Role and experience mean he’s going to be a modest scorer at best.

3.       Ian Hill (GWS, mid/fwd, $117 300)


+ After watching “Bobby” Hill do amazing things in the NEAFL highlights for most of this year, we finally got to see him in action in the big leagues, and he didn’t disappoint! Despite playing in a well beaten Giants team, Hill still managed 15 possessions and three typically exciting goals on debut.

+ The red crosses are starting to stack up at the Giants, with Kelly, Coniglio, De Boer and Ward all now missing. That opens the door for the jet-quick small forward to get some more game time in his first season.

+ Job security is decent after a promising first game, but does it even matter? He won’t cost much and he comes with that incredibly useful DPP status.


– Very slightly built for a league footballer, and as such isn’t really suited to playing anywhere other than the forward pocket at this stage. You shouldn’t expect big numbers from Bobby just yet.

– If you’re not planning on playing him on the field at any stage and points are completely irrelevant, then you could look at the basement priced players instead and maximise that cash grab.

4.       Grant Birchall (HAW, def, $205 200)


+ After 740 days of injury-induced exile, the four-time premiership winning backman finally returned to the AFL. Birch barely missed a beat, racking up 21 touches and eight marks in his 87 point return.

+ For a guy who’s more than capable of sustaining a mid 80’s plus average, having done it ten times in his career, this price tag is an absolute steal and practically screams “D7!!!”.

+ Birchall’s experience and nous might be just what Hawthorn need if they’re to make an unlikely late season charge for the finals.


– 740 days of missed footy is quite a lot, and everyone will be hoping Birchall can stay on the park. Especially you, if you pick him now!

– Birchall has only played the one game, so it might be worth holding off for one more week if you can.

5.        Adam Treloar (COL, mid, $561 900)


+ Treloar accumulates possessions with a consistency nobody else in the competition has been able to match this year, going at a league-best 33.6 per game. That, coupled with an improved disposal efficiency, equates to excellent Supercoach scoring.

+ Treloar’s scoring has also been consistent this year, recording 12 tons in 16 games, including five on the trot since his season low 68 against the Dockers in round 11.

+ With Pendlebury in doubt with a finger complaint this week, even more responsibility goes to the former Giant to drive the Pies midfield towards September.


– Treloar’s rate of contested possession is lower than many comparable midfielders, so he has to sustain his higher disposal numbers to maintain his scoring.

– Taylor Adams is due to return from a long layoff this week, and may adversely affect Treloar’s scoring.


Most traded OUT players this week: Stephen CONIGLIO (GWS), Darcy MOORE (COL), Griffin LOGUE (FRE), Xavier DUURSMA (PTA), Marty HORE (MEL), Noah ANSWERTH (BRL), Jackson HATELY (GWS), Dylan CLARKE (ESS), Will SETTERFIELD (CAR), Josh KELLY (GWS)

Most popular trades so far this week:

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9 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 18”

  1. Probably Bontempelli for Cogs, depending on his ankle.
    If he’s good to go, hopefully the dogs continue their good form as I’d have Macrae, Bont and Dunkley


  2. What about Dunkley to complete my mids instead of fwd? DPP swap with heeney, danger and tkelly if any one of them goes down


  3. Though Choice, both Great Players but see what you guys think

    TU: Yeo Man

    TD: Zerrett

    Comment if you have a strong conviction over why one beats the other..



    1. As a mad bombers fan, I also say Yeo…higher ceiling cause he kicks goals and tackles, and is so hard to tag.



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