Flavour Of The Week – Rd 18

Written by Chillo on July 18 2017

I’m not a Cats fan by any stretch. But I do have to confess that I got a bit excited during Dangerfield’s third quarter blitz last Saturday against the Hawks. Undoubtedly the best part of team sports is the coordination of all those moving parts, working together to achieve a common goal. However, there is also something pretty amazing about seeing one player elevate himself above the rest with a performance like that.

Danger is as Danger does.

Dangerfield doesn’t feature in the Flavour this week, but his most notable teammate does, as well as a couple of ultra-consistent premiums and two rookies who each made auspicious debuts. Here are the most popular trade ins, as of 12pm AEST, Tuesday July 18:

1. Joel Selwood (GEE, mid, $451 400)


+ He was the second-most popular choice last week, and he’s even better value this week. Jelwood continued his post-concussion form with 94 against the Hawks, including 30 possessions (15 contested) and a goal.

+ Almost certainly would’ve cracked the ton except for some uncharacteristic ill-discipline during the middle part of the game, including a 50m penalty against. Put that down to the skipper trying to motivate his teammates.

+ The injury-affected 3 against the Dockers now drops out of his price cycle, putting his BE at only 55. Combined with his reputation for strong finishes, Selwood is the ideal M8/M9.


– You would expect Dangerfield to get up for Friday night’s blockbuster. But should the unthinkable happen, Selwood becomes the number one target in the Cats midfield. No matter what happens, expect the Crows to give him plenty of attention.

– Has a habit of putting his head over the ball, and has the scars to prove it. No more head knocks for the rest of the year please Joel.

2. Tom Mitchell (HAW, mid, $608 400)


+ Another week, another mammoth game for the Titchmeister. Just about carried his side to victory with 136 points from 43 disposals and two goals.

+ Undoubtedly the recruit of the year, Mitchell makes it a hat-trick of appearances on the Flavour, but is still at only 23% ownership. He’s quickly shaping as one of the top picks for 2018.

+ It’s been noted previously, but deserves repeating: Mitchell has only failed to reach the ton on one occasion this year, and that was all the way back in Rd 4. Safe as houses, solid as a rock, money in the bank.


– He’s a magnet, but there are lots of dinky uncontested handballs among that possession count, hence the lack of a really big score this year.

– He’s now over $600K. You might be better off with a fallen premium like Selwood or Beams, and saving yourself the dough to spend elsewhere.

3. Lewis Young (WBD, fwd, $117 300)


+ The 46th pick in last years draft, Young was as impressive as you could possibly imagine for a teenage defender. His debut effort included 10 intercept possessions, and 21 touches overall, for 67 points.

+ With Marcus Adams suffering an LTI and Fletcher Roberts out of favour, Young may get an extended run at centre halfback for the Dogs.

+ Young was originally drafted from Sturt as a key forward. That versatility may be helpful for his job security.


– That impressive first game was Young’s first game. Game one for Young. Did I mention he’s only played one game? One game.

– Interesting run of games coming up for the Dogs, with Young’s potential opponents including Lynch, Daniher, Hipwood, Cameron and Dixon. Tough school!

4. Ryan Nyhuis (FRE, def, $117 300)


+ Backed his four goal debut with a solid Derby. 10 possessions and 3 tackles for Nyhuis, totalling 48 points.

+ On the bubble with a BE of -56, Nyhuis is the obvious choice this week for what could be your final downgrade for this season.

+ Showed his versatility by spending time at either end of the field during the game. With Freo unlikely to feature in September, hopefully Lyon gives Nyhuis a bit more game time.


– As feared, he looks to be a mediocre scorer when not kicking goals. You certainly couldn’t trust him in your best 18.

– Cam McCarthy will return from suspension this week, which will shake up the Dockers forward line. Hopefully Nyhuis isn’t the one to fall out.

5. Michael Hurley (ESS, def, $543 700)


+ After a slowish start to his comeback season, Hurley has quietly been bossing the back half for the Bombers. A season high 133 against St Kilda was his fourth ton in five games.

+ Ranks second in the league in intercept possessions this year, which Champion Data loves, and is surely headed for his second All-Australian nomination.

+ Playing as well as anyone at the back this year, and still only 7% ownership. A POD defender averaging 100+ is a rare beast indeed.


– After missing the 2016 season, conditioning may become a factor down the home stretch this year. Unlikely given he’s a KPP, but worth considering.

– He’s now the third most expensive defender, and will cost you a sizeable chunk of change more than the higher-averaging Laird and Adams.

#6 – 10: Jack Macrae (WBD), Zach Merrett (ESS), Taylor Adams (COL), Joe Atley (PTA), Sam Simpson (GEE)

Most traded OUT players this week: Scott Pendlebury (COL), Hugh Greenwood (ADE), Nic Newman (SYD), Rory Sloane (ADE), James Parsons (GEE), Luke Ryan (FRE), Scott Selwood (GEE), Jack Steele (STK), Caleb Marchbank (CAR), Declan Mountford (NTH)

Most popular trades so far this week:

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8 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 18”

  1. Selwood is a must have.
    Not sure who else to trade in this week. With Pendlebury down I’ll need another mid and have 480k.
    Beams (up) or Hannebery (down)?


  2. Over the next two weeks I’ll be bringing in Dusty (to complete mids, with Witherden/Greenwood at M9/10) and Adams (to complete DEF with Newman at D7). Given respective BE’s Adams 70, Dusty 158 was bringing Adams in first but am concerned at extent to which Dusty will outscore Adams this week.

    TU Bring in Adams first and bank the $30k, it will come in useful; or
    TD Need Dusty ASAP, points more important than money


  3. Have Danger & Pendles. If Danger misses, I’m happy enough to bench him, but don’t know what to do with Pendles. Don’t really want 2 rookies in the midfield, and thinking he will miss minimum one week, and he hasn’t been setting the world on fire. Have 7 trades left.

    TU: Suck it up – 2 rookie mids it may be
    TD : Trade him out, better options available I don’t have such as Ablett (not sure I’m game), D Martin or Merrett. Already have J Selwood, T Mitchell, Neale, Fyfe, Treloar & Bont.


  4. Interesting stuff like usual Chillo but no trades for me again: I’m holding fire until the first week of finals.

    Besides, all of the cheap players are in my team already because naturally I paid full price for them.


    1. Cheers Thommo. I will say that the number of trades being made overall has decreased a lot in the last couple of weeks. So (a) people are following your strategy, or
      (b) they have an injury-free team of premiums (jerks!), or (c) they’ve already run out of trades.



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