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Written by on July 24 2018

Unless your name is Nateo or perhaps one of the other handful of SCTers still in the running for overall honours, there’s no doubt by now that your thoughts have turned to claiming a League premiership (or two!). Whatever the case, it’s most likely that you’ve wearing out your fingernails in an effort to hold on to those few precious trades remaining.

It depends on exactly what that number is of course, but traditional SuperCoach advice for the final few rounds of the year is similar to that offered in the first few rounds: do not trade unless you absolutely have to. In life, there are death and taxes; in Supercoach, there is late-season carnage. And Tom Mitchell….

Here are the most popular trade ins, as of 12pm AEST, Tuesday July 24:

1.  Colin O’Riordan (SYD, def, $123 900)


+ Despite his team suffering one of the more shocking losses in living memory, the Irishman was sound again in his second AFL game. 20 disposals at 65% and seven marks yielded 80 points, pairing nicely with the 85 he managed on debut.

+ Now on the bubble with a break-even of -89, O’Riordan is the obvious – and perhaps lone – viable downgrade option this week. With McVeigh still 2-3 weeks away, short-term job security looks good too.

+ Not just a category B project player, O’Riordan has worked his way into the Swans 22 on the back of brilliant form in the NEAFL, where he has been prolific in averaging 28 disposals per game in 2018.


– While McVeigh is still some way off, first stringers Hannebery and Jack won’t be more than a week or two away. Can Colin hold that spot?

– There may not be many options, but will that stop Horse wielding the axe after last weekend’s abysmal showing? O’Riordan’s form is great but it could easily be a sad case of last in, first out.

2.   Tom McDonald (MEL, def/fwd, $455 300)


+ There are only four active forwards with a century average in 2018, and T-Mac sits at number three on that list with a figure of 100.4. His versatillity, aerial prowess, and ability to hit the scoreboard make him a formidable proposition for Supercoach.

+ If you have Lachie Keeffe floating around at the opposite end of the ground, then (a) sorry about last weekend, and (b) there’s a very handy DPP swing there if you pick up McDonald.

+ Currently priced more than $100K below his season maximum price, and seems to be over that early season foot trouble.


– Playing primarily as a key position player, the potential is certainly there for McDonald to throw in the odd shocker, as evidenced by his season-low 39 against Saints in round 15. You’ll be hoping to avoid one of those bombs during SC finals!

– Durability in past seasons has been good, but there is a chance McDonald will be managed some time in the next month after his interrupted pre-season.

3.   Jordan de Goey (COL, mid/fwd, $471 200)


+ He still can’t be accused of consistency, but there’s no doubting de Goey’s class when he’s “on”. 19 possessions, four goals and 147 points for Jordan against the Roos, in a clear BOG performance.

+ That was the fifth ton of the year for de Goey, who is averaging 112 in his past three games and finishes the season against the struggling Dockers.

+ Still nicely priced, and the DPP status is never a bad thing.


– Yes, there’s the five tons in 2018, but also six sub-80 scores, including a putrid 47 in round six against the Tigers. Guess who the Pies meet in this weekend’s blockbuster?

– At this early stage of career, de Goey is best described as “enigmatic” in both a personal sense and in performance, and his history of illness and misadventure is well-known.

4.   Jake Lloyd (SYD, def, $584 000)


+ The highest scoring defender of the year, Lloyd has been superb for Supercoaches for much of the season, compiling over 108 ppg in the prized defensive distributor role at Sydney.

+ His efficient use of the footy means he doesn’t need a huge number of possessions to score well – although he usually has no trouble finding the pill anyway!

+ Has a major case of FOMO and rarely plays poorly, playing every game with only two scores below 85 this year.


– Expensive! I guess if you can afford him and have the trades, it doesn’t matter so much at this stage. But if you’re forking out all that dough, there’s a bit of performance pressure there.

– If I want seagulls, I go to the beach. Just sayin’.

5.   Jack Macrae (WBD, mid, $540 500)


+ Macrae still owns the fourth-highest scoring average in 2018, currently clocking in at just under 123 ppg. And despite missing three games with a hammy twinge, he is among the top 10 midfielders on aggregate too!

+ After his stupendous form had his price tag headed for the stratosphere earlier this season, you can now pick up Jack for a very manageable $540K.

+ Macrae returns to Mars Stadium in Ballarat this weekend to face the Power. The last time Jack went to Mars, he racked up 40 touches and 189 points against the Suns!


– Avoided the dreaded Hutchings tag against the Eagles, but could still only manage 74 last Sunday, with only two marks and 3 tackles. Still working out the rust? Or something more serious?

– The Bulldogs are set to miss the finals again this season, and to top it off they have to face the flag favourites in the Supercoach Grand Final. Ugh.

#6 – 10: Devon SMITH (ESS), Elliot YEO (WCE), Robbie GRAY (PTA), Jarrod LIENERT (PTA), Angus BRAYSHAW (MEL)

Most traded OUT players this week: James SICILY (HAW), Tom DOEDEE (ADE), Paul AHERN (NTH), Nic NAITANUI (WCE), Logan AUSTIN (STK), Bayley FRITSCH (MEL), Nat FYFE (FRE), Tom ROCKLIFF (PTA), Michael HIBBERD (MEL), Ed PHILLIPS (STK)  

Most popular trades so far this week:

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6 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 19”

  1. Im looking at either Menegola or De goey as MID/FWD bench cover for the finals. Who is the more reliable out of these 2 ? Oris there a better option. Cant go much more than 470K.


    1. dunno who you have but the form players and PODs appear to be:
      De Goey, Mundy, Wallis, Taranto and Lambert.
      I’d go Mundy or Wallis if you don’t already have them. The others are a bit too up and down for me and you don’t want DOWN during finals time. Innit.
      SAFE: Mundy or Wallis
      PUNT: De Goey


  2. Hmm, I think the actual quote was more like “There are two states for a Supercoach team. Having a high enough overall rank to be in the money, or pretending to care about finals. ”

    (Not applicable to finals with money on the line)



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