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Written by on July 31 2018

It seems like only last week that I was trying to decide whether to put Hibberd or Simpson in my starting defence prior to round 1! (In case you’re wondering, I chose….poorly). This Supercoach season has flown by, and with only a month remaining, every trade you make from now takes on even more importance.

With a greatly reduced number of trades happening overall before the SuperCoach finals begin, I’ve abbreviated the summary for each of the top 5 most popular trade-ins this week. Here they are, as of 12pm AEST, Tuesday July 31:

1.  Jack Macrae (WBD, mid, $549 700)


+ Macrae is ranked fourth in the comp on scoring average in 2018, and that includes an injury-affected 51 against Port. Jack has been an absolute jet this year, and to think he was ignored at the start of the year after losing his forward status!

+ Macrae has six scores of 140+ this season, and comes up against Saints, the Jacob-less Roos and Carlton in the next three weeks. Good POD value too at only 9% ownership, after a lot of coaches jumped off during his hammy rehab.


– That run home is topped off with an SC final against the Tigers in round 23. They don’t tag, but they ain’t easy to score against either….also, Jack will likely be tagged by the Man of Steele this week.

2.   Jarrod Lienert (PTA, def, $123 900)


+ The mature-age recruit has been very impressive in his first two games, compiling scores of 92 and 83 from the halfback flank. Now on the bubble with a break-even of -99, for what it’s worth.

+ Broadbent and Hartlett are both absent for the remainder of the season, and Lienert still held his spot despite Jonas’ unexpected return last week. Job security looks good!


– Remember when Colin O’Riordan had those two great games to start his career? I wouldn’t bank on Lienert sustaining this sort of scoring.

3.   Jake Lloyd (SYD, def, $565 800)


+ The highest scoring defender of 2018 thus far, Lloyd was excellent again despite the Swans’ loss to the Bombers, amassing 118 from 29 disposals.

+ Jake hasn’t scored below 90 since round 7, and has had 24+ possessions in every game since that game against the Kangaroos. Consistency plus, and no signs of slowing down even in the midst of Sydney’s slumping form.


– Really super-duper tough run home for the Swans, who seem destined to miss the finals for the first time since 2009. Pies, Dees, Giants, Hawks.

4.   Brodie Grundy (COL, ruc, $612 600)


+ If you started the year with the BrodiMax combo in the ruck, you had a massive head start on the opposition. Grundy has had the breakout year his owners were hoping for, playing every game and averaging a whopping 126.1 ppg. For those with the trades available to make it happen, he is the luxury trade this week.

+ 15 tons in 18 games, and still only 24 years of age. Get him, or lock him in for 2019. Do both if you can!


– Really, really expensive, as he has been for most of the year. Can you find the dollarydoos to get him?

5.   Tom McDonald (MEL, def/fwd, $451 300)


+ Averaging just shy of the ton in 2018, McDonald is in the top 6 scorers in both defence AND attack this year, a double threat!

+ For the 15% of coaches who still have Lachie Keeffe floating around on their benches, a potentially useful swing is set up if you pick up McDonald at the opposite end of the field.


– Tom has cooled off a little from his outstanding pre-bye form, only posting triple figures twice in his past 6 games.

#6 – 10: Kade SIMPSON (CAR), Jordan DAWSON (SYD), Jeremy MCGOVERN (WCE), Liam BAKER (RIC), Elliot YEO (WCE)

Most traded OUT players this week: Bayley FRITSCH (MEL), Brody MIHOCEK (COL), Tom DOEDEE (ADE), James SICILY (HAW), Paul SEEDSMAN (ADE), Tim KELLY (GEE), Logan AUSTIN (STK), Nat FYFE (FRE), Paul AHERN (NTH), Jordan DE GOEY (COL)

….yep, lots of people are actually trading out Ahern after last week! 

Most popular trades so far this week:

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16 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 20”

  1. Ahh end of season is great fun when you have only a couple trades left. Wanting to bring in a player but don’t have the money to do it but then have to downgrade a rookie but then uses 1 of your trades and then you can’t make that luxury trade.

    Such a cruel time 🙁


  2. Note to self for season 2019 – be more restrained with trades during the season so that you can trade out under performing players (Buddy, Savage) ready for an assault in the finals. And have cash to spend also to be able to trade in another gun wherever its needed.


  3. I was pleased to see Macrae score well on the weekend. He will come into my team for Fritsch this week via dpp. This will give me full premo with three trades remaining and $45k in the bank. Hoping for kind team selections.


  4. Hung on yo Sicily and NicNat ove last 2 weeks.

    Bringing in Grundy and Lloyd for finals.

    Will leave me with 3 trades for remaining 2/3 finals


  5. Thinking of trading Savage but only have $30k and 3 trades to go , maybe left field option which would give me more money ITB or experienced player
    T/U T McDonald no money ITB
    T/D R Clarke $130k ITB tonned up last 2 games against quality opposition,
    Or Comment Heath Shaw which i traded out for Lloyd


              1. Awkward amount that $450k, hard to do just the 1 trade unfortunately, Muzza

                If you pick up that Port rookie Lienert & with the extra $$$$$ you can get Hurn & have cash & 1 trade left!


                1. Thinking have 2 choices this week with Savage
                  T/U Trade to T McDonald 2 trades left no money left ITB
                  T/D Save the trade 3 trades left someones bound to get injured or rested


  6. Stuck really stuck…
    I have 4 trades and 80k
    I have buddy and Walters .. to trade or not to trade?
    Who first?
    Do I trade to Westhoff?
    Or do I bring McDonald forward and have been thinking looking at last games bringing in
    Mclovin ?
    Won my league …. currently top 6% nationally happy for my 2nd year need to finish it off though


    1. I’ve just used my last two trades. I’d probably get rid of one of them if you can get an elite for the cash. Not sure McLovin cuts it to be honest. You’ve probably missed the bonanza there.
      I’d definitely swing TMac forward as there are better options down back.
      Who out and who in is anyone’s guess. If Buddy can’t fire up for the pies at home this week, then he has to go. Walters doesn’t seem to be getting any MID time, so he can probably go now.
      Could wait a week and see if Harris Andrews looks like showing pre-injury form. He should drop like a zeppelin this week.



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