Flavour of the Week – Rd 21

Written by Thommo on August 7 2018

So Chillo has spat the dummy because his Supercoach team is rubbish and he’s fled overseas for the Supercoach finals. And he claims he is a dedicated Supercoach! (disclaimer: this may be factually incorrect)


Unfortunately that means I have my hands on the wheel this week for an abbreviated, half-arsed version of Flavour of the Week. Yes, I am the Carlton of Supercoach Talk writers!

So, a certain wingman is about to take an extended holiday, meaning many coaches (16% to be exact) need to make a forced trade. Who are the most popular trade-ins this week? (as of 10:30pm AEST, Tuesday July 6)

1. Jack Macrae (WBD, mid, $551 400)


+ He’s averaging 124.5ppg but he is only priced at an average of just over 100ppg. He won’t be this cheap for long with a BE of 71, especially coming up against the Roos and Blues. You know, the Blues who gave up 205 points to Kelly this week!

+ He’s been back for 4 weeks since his hamstring injury so hopefully he’s now unlikely to re-injure himself.

+ He was tagged by Steel on Saturday night and he still scored 121 points.


– The Doggies are definitely out of finals contention so they won’t risk their guns if they carry any niggles. Will he be a late withdrawal come year’s end, especially facing the Tigers in Round 23?

2. Joshua Kelly (GWS, mid, $598 900)


+ He just scored 205points! Who has a higher ceiling than Kelly at the moment?

+ Carlton used Curnow to tag him and he still racked up points at will. Not that the Blues have really been running hard tags of late.

+ The Giants are surging for September and will win most of their matches and there will be plenty of points to go around, especially against the Crows this week and Sydney at Spotless next week.

+ The Giants are pushing for a top 4 finish and they can’t afford a loss so they shouldn’t rest any of their stars.


– He won’t play Carlton every week! Are you sure you aren’t chasing points?

– He had osteitis pubis so I guess it could flare again but to be honest I’m stretching for negatives. The guy is a genuine gun.

3. Sam Menegola (GEE, mid/fwd, $486 500)


+ He’s cheap for a forward with a decent ceiling, coming off 144 points last week.

+ The Cats are finishing the season against Hawthorn, Fremantle and Gold Coast. He should go large at least once in the next 3 weeks (although he did score 57 points against the Hawks in Round 2).


– He is hugely inconsistent and he is as likely to score 50 points as 120 points. This season he has gone under 80 points on 7 occasions and over 100 on 10 occasions. That is called hit-or-miss!

4. Brodie Grundy (COL, ruc, $639 200)


+ Grundy’s form line is ridiculous with a high of 167 points and a low of 95 points. He has only dropped below 100 points on 3 occasions and those were all 90s! Apart from Gawn who everyone owns, no ruckman has his ability to score and you don’t want to be playing against him in the Supercoach finals!

+ With their injury crisis, the Pies need him to play every week. Barring injury he’ll play 22 games this season, with the inexperienced Fremantle ruck department coming up in the SC Grand final.


– He’s damn expensive! Have you got the money and trades to afford him? 

– In the next two rounds he faces decent opposition in Stefan Martin and Paddy Ryder so he may not hit the heights of last week.

5. Alex Johnson (SYD, def, $102 400)


+ He is a basement priced rookie so you’ll get great bang for your downgrade buck.

+ It’s a great story and we are all cheering him on anyway, so why not own him too?


– He has played a single match of AFL in 6 seasons. One! I hope he plays 50 straight matches but who is trusting his body already?

– He was never a huge SC scorer when he was playing; surely there are better downgrade options?

#6-#10: Jordan DAWSON (SYD), Jack Madgen (COL), Joel SELWOOD (GEE), Clayton OLIVER (MEL), Kane FARRELL (POR)

Most traded OUT players this week: Andrew GAFF (WC), Paul AHERN (NOR), Brody MIHOCEK (COL), Tom ROCKLIFF (POR), Shane SAVAGE (STK), Stefan MARTIN (BRI), Bayley FRITSCH (MEL), Logan AUSTIN (STK), Toby GREENE (GWS), James SICILY (HAW)

Most popular trades so far this week:


Which of these popular picks are you bringing in this week? (up to two choices)

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7 thoughts on “Flavour of the Week – Rd 21”

    1. Only do it this week if not doing so will seriously limit your float for your last trade. Macrae is probably going up nearly $30k this week while McLean’s price is dropping like a stone


  1. I love how everyone has a unique take on the ‘FlavourOTW’. Very entertaining read, Thommo! Thanks for filling in, mate!


  2. Nice work Thommo! It’s true what you say about my SuperCoach team being rubbish, but the really sad thing is that I’m still having my best season ever.



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