Flavour Of The Week – Rd 22

Written by Thommo on August 14 2018

This is the big one folks! The week where you pull out all your big trades to scrape your way in to the Grand Final! Unfortunately for many Supercoaches their last trades will go into replacing injured premiums like Walters and Heath Shaw… if they have any trades left!

So who is in favour, or flavour, as of Monday 13th August at 10pm AEST?

  1. Sam Menegola (GEE, mid/fwd, $514 500)


+ Gola is on a heater at the moment despite playing with a stacked Geelong midfield and he’s coming up against Fremantle and Gold Coast at home in the last two weeks of the season. While he can produce the odd shocker, he now has 4 tonnes on the trot and a 4 week average of 119ppg and you can swing him forward or back if you are short on trades.


– As mentioned he is capable of spudding up and he shares points with SC jets in Ablett and Dangerfield but he does look to be in scintillating form.

  1. Jack Macrae (WBD, mid, $587 300)


+ Macrae is the third highest averaging player for the season and has a 3 round average of 140ppg and a 5 round average of 125ppg as the Doggies seek late season redemption for a disappointing season. They meet the struggling Blues this week who are currently bleeding points to midfielders so you can’t really go wrong with any Bulldogs mids this week.


– Barring a hamstring re-occurrence, it is hard to criticize this selection.

  1. Jack Madgen (COL, mid, $102 400)


+ Madgen has looked surprisingly handy filling in for the Pies’ ailing backline stars, recording 66 and 74 points in his first 2 matches. However what makes him most attractive is his bargain basement $102k price tag that gives you the most bang for your buck as well as bench cover.


– He may be dropped when Howe returns but he’s only really a bench warmer anyway so does it matter?

  1. Angus Brayshaw (MEL, mid/def, $487 800)


+ One of the few Dees who can hold his head up given his recent form, Brayshaw is playing midfield each week and racking up big possession numbers. He is a top 6 defender on current form and can swing into your midfield to help cover possible injuries if you have a DPP link.


– With his possession count, Brayshaw should be scoring 120+ every week but he tends to burn the ball a lot which really hurts his output in Supercoach.

  1. Nathan Freeman (STK, mid, $123 900)


+Normally I would say that he is playing his third match and about to change in price but that is no longer relevant. What is relevant is his handy 84 points in his second match against the Bombers which makes him a handy cash grab combined with bench cover, much like Madgen.


-I said last week that Johnson was a risky selection given his injury history and I wish I had been wrong. Likewise, this week Freeman is a risky selection given most coaches have limited trades remaining. If the Saints consider him the least bit injured he will be in cotton wool faster than you can blink.

#6-#10: Jack CRISP (COL), Jake LLOYD (SYD), Aiden BONAR (GWS), Toby MCLEAN (WBD), Patrick DANGERFIELD (GEE)

Most traded OUT players this week: Michael WALTERS (FRE), Paul AHERN (NOR), Heath SHAW (GWS), Andrew GAFF (WCE), Bayley FRITSCH (MEL), Josh KELLY (GWS), Tim KELLY (GEE), Shane SAVAGE (STK), Charlie SPARGO (MEL), Kane Lambert (RIC)

I am a little surprised how quickly some Supercoaches dumped Josh Kelly. At least wait for team sheets folks!

Most popular trades so far this week:

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