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Written by Chillo on April 11 2017

Who doesn’t love a pop culture reference? The more obscure, the better!

Now Maxy is Gone Baby Gawn, with hamstring tendon surgery laying the biggest Demon low for the next three months. The highest scoring ruck of 2016 was in 31.6% of teams as of last weekend, so one in three coaches are now looking at replacement strategies, and this week’s most popular trades are largely reflective this.

At the other end of the scale is our new favourite alliterative rookie defender, Nic Newman of the Sydney Swans (insert Seinfeld reference here). These two are the features of this week’s Flavour Of The Week. Here are the most popular trade ins, as of 7am, Tuesday April 11:

1. Nic Newman (SYD, def, $123,900)


+ Has made an immediate impact at the start of his AFL career, averaging 19.5 possessions and 89 SC points off the halfback flank

+ Has also shown the ability to move forward and utilise a powerful left foot, kicking a goal in each of his first two games

+ Comes with a bargain basement price tag and with a super-low break-even of -106, SC Gold projects a price rise of $87,000 this week alone

+ One of the top players in the NEAFL for the past couple of years; at 24 years old, his game is a lot more developed than your typical rookie


– Won selection on the back of several injuries to senior Swans defenders; will he hold his spot when they return? McVeigh is listed as two weeks away

– If he does manage to hold his spot, will his role become more defensive and affect his scoring?


2. Dustin Martin (RIC, mid, $628,100)


+ The early market for the Brownlow is a race in two, and the punters are coming for Dusty. Leading SC scorer with a mammoth three game average of 144

+ Played with a broken face last week, and still racked up 40 touches and two goals against the Weagles. Tough!

+ The Tiges are three-and-oh. Usually when they play well, Dusty follows. Or maybe it’s the other way around? Martin has already slotted 8 goals this year


– He’s playing with a broken face. It obviously didn’t affect his play last week, but you’ll be praying he doesn’t cop another knock there anytime soon

– The coach does like to rest Martin in the forward line at times, which is great if the rest of the midfield are doing their jobs….


3. Toby Nankervis (RIC, fwd/ruc, $425,100)


+ The Nanktank just keeps on rolling. Three tons in as many starts, Toby is the value pick of 2017 so far

+ Playing as primary ruck but he’s more like an oversized midfielder, with 18 possessions and 4 clearances to go along with his 21 hitouts last week.

+ Between Goldy’s knees, Gawn’s hammy, Sandi’s wrinkles and all the hullaballoo over two-ruck systems, that DPP status is invaluable.


– How long can he keep playing as the lone ruckman? Due to his limited history, there’s no way to tell if he can (or can’t) see out the season

– Scoring well at the moment with Cotch and Dusty on fire around the stoppages. If their form drops off, will it affect Nankervis’ output?


4. Marc Murphy (CAR, mid, $510,200)


+ The Real Murph is officially back. Absolutely outstanding on a soggy G last week, with 32 touches, 10 tackles, 158 points and a goal of the year contender

+ Was very vocal in the pre-season about how good he was feeling. Has backed it up and then some thus far, with the second-highest SC average in the comp (142 ppg, even better than Danger!)

+ It was a while ago, but his history proves that his best is as good as anyone. The former number 1 draft pick averaged over 112 every year from 2009-12.


– It’s becoming increasingly difficult to see any drawbacks. Injury history perhaps? He is visibly moving better so far this year though

– Still not totally convinced he will be a top 10 mid at year’s end, and too expensive now to be used as a stepping stone


 5. Stefan Martin (BRL, ruc, $516,800)


+ Has played the first three games as a lone ruck, and has looked to be back to his best. The leading ruck scorer so far, averaging 116.3 ppg

+ With Dayne Beams back fit and firing and Rocky doing his thing, that can only aid Stef’s scoring when it comes to hit outs to advantage

+ Still an aerobic beast and finding plenty of the footy around the field, 22 possessions per game complementing his tap work


– Really only the one downside, but it’s a big one: Brisbane management really like their project ruck Archie Smith. If Smith gets some game time as a second ruck this year, Martin’s history shows that his scores will plummet.


#6 – 10: David Swallow (GCS), Jarrod Witts (GCS), Nick Riewoldt (STK), Braydon Preuss (NTH), Brodie Grundy (COL)


Most traded OUT players this week: Max Gawn (MEL), Jaeger O’Meara (HAW), Mitchell Hibberd (NTH), Joel Smith (MEL), Tim Taranto (GWS), Tom Stewart (GEE), Todd Goldstein (NTH), Josh Caddy (RIC), Ed Vickers-Willis (NTH), Zach Tuohy (GEE)


Most popular trades so far this week:


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9 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 4”

  1. Great read. What’s the story with Hawthorn’s Burton. Very handy DPP and should have pretty good JS in that team at the moment 🙂


    1. Good question, I have to confess I have not seen the Hawks play this year at all. Burton is putting up some decent numbers though; little help Hawks fans?


  2. Chillo, if you haven’t seen any Hawthorn games, you mustn’t have a preference for horror movies! You haven’t missed much. Burton is a highly talented kid however, who slipped through to the hawks in the draft a couple of years ago due to a serious leg injury in his last under age year but had been tipped to go much higher. He showed natural talent as a fwd as a junior, but I think the Hawks have been using him down back to good effect. He looks a talent, but is at a tricky price.


    1. I’m a Swans supporter, I know all about it HH! Thanks for the word on Burton, he sounds promising but you are right about his price being a problem. One to put into the memory bank for later consideration.


  3. Gawns injury has ruined some plans this week. I was planning on trading Omeara. With Gawn out I’m bringing in Nank who I should have started with. Also want Newman for Mr Smith.



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