Flavour Of The Week – Rd 5

Written by Chillo on April 16 2019

Four weeks down. The sacred Supercoach Handbook states that you should have made any correctional trades by now, although hopefully you were able to skip this step. It’s probably too early to be upgrading just yet, unless you’re eyeing off some seriously under-priced sub-premium options (or you’ve robbed a bank recently). No, as clearly stated in the completely fictional Handbook, any trades you make now are ideally made purely to build up that piggy bank for later use.

With this in mind, this week’s edition of the Flavour includes three late-starting rookie options, an under-priced sub-premium option, and the latest “must-have” defender.

Here are the most popular trade targets, as of 12pm, Tuesday April 16:

1.    Sydney Stack (RIC, mid, $102 400)

+ The Josh Glenn rule was well and truly in play for the first three quarters of the Tigers’ upset win on Saturday, but Stack finished the game strongly. 11 possessions at 90% and five marks for his 40 points.

+ Stack is now on the bubble with a break-even of only -88, and should get a decent run of games with Richmond’s lengthy injury list.

+ As a supplemental player, Stack’s price tag makes him your best bet this week if you’re looking for a bank builder.


– As mentioned above, Stack was barely sighted for much of the game against Port, and only his extremely high disposal efficiency saved him from a complete wipeout.

– Stack’s JS seems reasonable at this stage, but with the likes of Cotchin, Houli, Martin and Riewoldt to return in the coming weeks, there may be a slight question mark against him in this area.

2.     Josh Rotham (WCE, def, $123 900)


+ A terrific performance from Rotham in his second senior game, making the most of a late call-up for the injured Lewis Jetta. 17 possessions at 100% efficiency (!) and seven marks, giving Rotham 98 points.

+ Following his debut 56 the previous week, Rotham is now on the bubble with a BE of -82.

+ Taken at pick 37 in the 2016 draft, the 21 year old Rotham has been in the Eagles’ system for a couple of years now, and in that time has acquired some of the polish you’d expect from a mature-age rookie.


– Job security is optimistically described as “suspect”. Only played last week because of Jetta’s late withdrawal; only played the week before due to an injury to Liam Duggan.

– Which of your defensive rookies are you going to cut to get Rotham in? The good ones haven’t finished growing yet, and the poor ones haven’t grown enough to make a trade worthwhile.

3.     Shane Mumford (GWS, ruc, $320 200)


+ At the start of this season, I questioned why Mummy was coming back; now I know. It’s because he’s still a force of nature in the ruck! 13 touches and 40 hitouts for Mumford against the Cats, totalling 111 points in his second game back.

+ After serving his suspension in the first two rounds, Mumford is now on the bubble (if you can call it that) with a break-even of only -15. He is averaging 100.5 after two games.

+ Not much chance of a second ruck setup at the Giants. Dawson Simpson went straight out as soon as Mummy was available. Mumford provides that intimidation factor that Dawson just can’t muster.


– What is Mumford’s purpose in your team? Too expensive to be a cash cow. Won’t be a top 2 ruck. Are you prepared to keep him for the season, knowing he’ll probably be giving up 15-20 points per week to the uber-premium rucks?

– Mumford had fitness struggles when he was a full-time footballer. Now he’s almost 33 years old, and coming off a year out of footy. Can you rely on him to play every game from here on?

4.     Jack Ross (RIC, mid, $117 300)


+ Memorable debut performance from the 43rd pick in last years draft, amassing 25 disposals (10 contested) and 87 points in the revamped Tigers midfield.

+ Only 18 years old, but powerfully built and loves the contested ball, which makes him an ideal prospect for Supercoach.

+ After such an impressive debut, and with Cotchin still a couple of weeks away from a return, Ross may get a few more opportunities to prove himself at this level. Ross was very impressive in limited game time during the JLT series also.


– With the Tigers having so many players due back shortly, job security is pretty poor.

– He’s only played one game. We all saw what happened with teammate Stack last week…

5. Lachie Whitfield (GWS, def, $605 200)


+ Breakout! Not only has Whitfield displaced Lllloyyyd as the highest scoring defender so far this year, he is the third highest scoring player overall. Averaging 129 points per game, and has a break-even of only 65 this week.

+ All the pre-season angst about a role change for Whitfield proved to be unfounded, as Whitfield’s roving commission, aerobic capacity and superior disposal is the Holy Trinity of Supercoach.

+ Although it’s extremely unfortunate that Callan Ward will not be sighted on the field again this year, the silver lining from a Supercoach perspective is that Whitfield will continue to be one of the go-to guys in the Giants midfield.


– With every game that Lachie smashes out another huge score, you can just hear the taggers of the world itching to get their filthy mitts on him.

– Maturing nicely, but still very much an uncontested-dominant player, and thus dependent on the likes of Hopper, Taranto and Coniglio to deliver him the pill.

#6 – 10: Tom ROCKLIFF (PTA), Marty HORE (MEL), Rowan MARSHALL (STK), Travis BOAK (PTA), Lachie NEALE (BRL)

Most traded OUT players this week: Zak BUTTERS (PTA), Matthew PARKER (STK), Justin WESTHOFF (PTA), Zac WILLIAMS (GWS), Will SETTERFIELD (CAR), Jordan CLARK (GEE), Bailey SCOTT (NTH), Dom SHEED (WCE), Christopher BURGESS (GCS), Josh DUNKLEY (WBD)  

Most popular trades so far this week:

Which of these popular picks are you bringing in this week? (up to two choices)

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25 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 5”

  1. I traded out Hore when he was dropped and now contemplating trading him back in this week. Like his job security more than Rotham even though he was also a late in. Jordan Clark would be the unlucky person to be traded out which is about 2-3 weeks early but quick cash generation has looked difficult so needing to make money in lines other than the wasteland that is the forward line so I can do some upgrades there in the coming weeks.


    1. Whether you previously traded Hore out should be a non-factor, so try to put it out of your mind. Downgrading to Hore should be based solely on whether you have another rookie ready to make way, and whether you believe Hore will make enough money to be a decent cow.

      If I recall correctly, Liam Ryan started in most sides last season, got injured, sideways traded, then became a downgrade option again later on.


  2. I’m toying with trading out Dev Smith, he’s my F3 avg 79. I have $199K in the bank. 27 trades left.
    Trade him TU
    Don’t trade him TD



  3. Is it worth bringing in O’Brien for sweet and using setterfield as a loophole or will he not generate enough cash to make it worth it?


  4. Think it’ll just be Burgess to either Hore or Rotham, depending on team selections.

    First trade of the season, trusting that Bailey Scott will be back in the side soon enough, and Setterfield will play post suspension and start pumping out some 60+ scores. Parker and Butters on notice for next week – with Jack Ross and mystery forward rookie #1 in my sights. Start building the war chest for a few upgrades around Rounds 7-8. Backline rookies look like they’ll be doing some heavy lifting this season, and thank god for Walsh.


    1. I like your thinking Blue Balls.

      I’m planning on trying to get in a Forward Fallen Premo ASAP.
      ( Realistically R 6/7)
      I Currently have Dunkley and Moore at F4 /5

      Guys Like Gunston, Tom Mac, Darling, Buddy, T Lynch and even Westhoff, will all be nicely priced and may be worth a punt.

      The sooner I can forget about rollercoaster forward rookie scores the better.


  5. Butters and Parker for O’brien via Bines DPP and Stack , it will leave me with 301k in the bank to upgrade someone in the near future


  6. Hmm. Suspect Butters will be dropped this week. If that’s the case, would trading him out for Stack be a good idea?

    I would prefer not to use any trades this week, however Butters’ BE is 48 and I don’t want to miss any cash generation given the rookie issue this season.



    1. If you have 30 trades using one for Butters now isn’t crazy…just have to live with it if the rook you bring in doesn’t last (assuming a tiger)…


        1. I don’t think it is. We’re not blessed with a heap of high-scoring rookies, so it’s going to be important to squeeze as much value out of them as possible. Butters could be one of the players to actually crack $300k, and he only has to score 60’s to get there by his bye round. I’ll hold him til he returns, and he’ll only be culled early if he drops a super low score that threatens to kill/reverse his cash generation.

          Where it hurts is if Scott doesn’t get recalled, Atkins gets dropped, Butters gets dropped, Gibbons gets dropped, and you’re left with a donut and no bench cover – that might force your hand. In that scenario you need to look at how much growth those players are expected to have left in them – at face value it’s Atkins and Scott with ~$100k, Butters with ~$60k, and Gibbons with ~$50k. Depending on which ones you have, Butters may be the “weakest link”.

          The way the rookies are jumping up and down this year, having to play one of the “lesser” ones isn’t too upsetting. There’s just as much chance your “preferred” on field rookie would post a shit score too. Come at it from a cash generation perspective, don’t worry too much about 10-15 points on field for a week, you can make that up and more by trading efficiently.


        2. Not sure the answer to this one Gunboat.

          Hore was dropped and came back in with a 86.

          If Butters has a week off, and comes back and scores well, his B/E will drop again. Then he should start to make cash again.

          Also, say you go Butters to Stack.

          Stack could put up a sub 50 score again stalling his growth, and also putting him on the selection chopping block at The Tigers.

          If he gets dropped your faced with the same problem again. A rookie that hasn’t made enough cash to justify being traded.

          I actually feel Butters JS is still very strong compared to any of the Bubble boys this week, I will be holding firm.

          Saying all that, if he goes sub 40 again and Stack goes 80+ it will probably be the wrong move.

          Luckily I have Setters on my Mid bench allowing me to chuck the E on Butters ( assuming he plays ) and see how he goes.

          Best of luck whatever you decide.


  7. So this is my week to bring in Mumford.
    (Should have gone early last week and taken his 100+ at the expense of trading Setterfield early)

    The Floated the O’Brien option and yes he will generate more cash but JS/points not as good as Mumford who I want until post byes at least.

    So Parker out Mumford in
    Lycett to F5 (danger, Heeney, Kelly & Billings)
    Only 1 spot to fill with a rookie being Drew or Petruccelle.
    Hold Setterfield for now.

    Baring injuries, I can forget about the nightmare forward options available or lack there of for now.


  8. I am strongly considering trading in Marshall for Parker.
    Part of the reason is that the forward rookies are very much a ‘slow boil’ this season.
    It got me thinking of an article on this site in the preseason which basically was how do we know the difference b/w
    1) we are chasing points of the previous week or
    2) we are watching a breakout season
    I am leaning towards point 2 as in the article it discussed a breakout season happening due to a change of club or maybe a change of role.
    Marshall is now playing ruck and having been in the system a few years now has grown into his body
    The only downside I see is Longer coming back and assuming the 1 ruck mantle and Marshall becoming the 2nd ruck/fwd player.
    Even in the short term I would make some healthy $’s
    t/up Marshall is a trap and we are only chasing previous weeks points
    t/dwn Marshall is having a break out season.
    Only Danger & Heeney are sure top 6 forwards and then it is wide open I reckon so why not Marshall?


    1. Shaggi.

      Marshall is $406k. Even if he “Breaks Out” and some how averages 90+ ( absolute tops . I expect closer to 80 ) he won’t be top 6 forward for the year.

      I feel if you wait a week or two and are willing to spend a little more,there’s a heap of Fallen Premo’s on the horizon. All these guys are capable of averaging 90/ 95+ and should be available under $460k in the next few weeks.

      R Gray
      T Mac

      Also Westhoff, Lobb or lycett may only average 90, but could provide much needed Ruck cover later in the season.

      In a year when its anyone’s guess who will finish top 6 / 10 forwards, I would feel better backing someone that at least , has done it all before.


      1. Thanks for the feedback FT.
        Every year some player/ players have a breakout year so why not Marshall this year.
        I personally would rather a player who’s scoring well and on the up rather than a player who has done it before but is on the slide. You just dont know what their ceiling might be.
        I already have Lycett as ruck cover and my other forwards are Danger Billings Daniel Moore and Drew & Setterfield on the bench


    2. Inclined to agree Shaggi.
      If Longer isn’t named this week, then I’ll be bringing Marshall IN. However, if Longer is named to deal with a menacing Gawn (he likes matching up on big Max), then all bets are off. He’ll likely be back to pinch-hitting up forward against premo RUC oppo and ave. c.80. That said, I think the current structure with Marshall playing #1 RUC suits us better more generally so it may only happen in the odd game … it just has significantly more risk.
      That makes me more inclined to agree with FT and wait for a Fallen proven Premo.
      Dunno if that helps


  9. Have to trade Westhoff out this week… 3 sub 50 scores is not good enough. Haven’t got enough coin to bring Gawn in so think I will have to go to Mumford.. Thoughts?


    1. I’d get Goldy if you can afford him. Much more reliable than Mumford and should ave c.110 up to his bye from here (great match-ups), particularly as you get closer to Rd14 when he should peak, making the Gawn switch more manageable. Going with Mummy, you’re likely gonna have to/be forced to do that anyway and in a lot more costly manner.

      If you can’t afford him, I’d probably go to O’Brien rather than Mumford, freeing up cash for a genuine premo upgrade. Yes it’s a risk, but no bigger than Mumford in my eyes.

      Yes, I’m being controversial and deliberately so. Season make or break decision for sure. Just get Goldy if you can and good luck 🙂



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