Flavour Of The Week – Rd 6

Written by on April 26 2018

Yep, it’s officially downgrade time! A quick look at the most popular trade-ins for this hectic 48-hour trading period reveals the three rookies on every Supercoach’s lips. Looking further you’ll find a couple of injury-prone, but undeniably talented, veteran forwards.

Here are the most popular trade ins, as of 12pm AEST, Thursday April 26:

1.  Jack Higgins (RIC, mid/fwd, $130 800)


+ Richmond’s Prince of Snags put in another eye-catching performance in his second game, revelling in front of a big crowd at the G. 14 possessions at 71% efficiency and three first-half goals gave Higgins an impressive 91 points against the Dees.

+ On the bubble with a break-even of -77 and with DPP status. Ideal cash-out option for someone like Garlett, whose cash growth will be curbed for a couple of weeks.

+ The Tigers are winning and Higgins is playing his role perfectly. Not to mention, the fans have clearly taking a liking to him – surely their opinions count in team selection? Dimma??


– Probably only played on Tuesday night after Caddy and Vlastuin withdrew with injury. Both of those players are listed as ‘test’ this week. Jack Graham returns from suspension, and premiership small forward Daniel Rioli is also due back soon. Job security = flimsy.

– Will eventually move into the mids, but at his current stage of development as a small forward, he has to keep kicking goals to maintain his scoring. You have to expect that well to dry up at some stage.

2.  Matt Guelfi (ESS, fwd, $117 300)


+ Another solid performance for Guelfi in his second game also, with his 69 points coming from 15 possessions and 9 marks. He has looked composed and capable in both performances thus far, and if he is dropped, it won’t be due to form.

+ His break-even of -72, combined with his budget price-tag, makes him a viable alternative (or combination?) to Higgins as a forward downgrade.

+ Listed as a forward for Supercoach, but actually picked up 74% of his possessions in the back half against the Pies. The Bombers defensive game plan suits players in this part of the ground, and Guelfi’s scoring should kick along if he continues in this role.


– There are a few notable Bombers on the sidelines at the moment. The suspended Ambrose and McKenna will return soon, while BT’s fave Orazio Fantasia is listed as a test for his hamstring. Guelfi will be competing with all of these for a spot.

– Listed as a forward only – maybe it’s better to spend a little bit extra for the flexibility that Higgins provides?

3.  David Mirra (HAW, def, $102 400)


+ Mirra managed 17 possessions at 59% and six marks in the Hawks’ upset loss to the Roos, giving him 54 points. This goes with the 77 he scored on debut, putting on the bubble with a break-even of -71.

+ The rookie-listed Mirra is as cheap as they come in Supercoach, maximising your petty cash to put towards that premo upgrade. All other things being equal, that low price tag is beneficial for cash generation also.

+ At 27 years of age and with several seasons at Box Hill behind him, Mirra is less likely to need ‘managing’ than some of his younger rookie counterparts.


– Lacked a little composure under pressure at times against the Roos, as reflected in his low disposal efficiency. Will he hold his spot in the side this week?

– Shaun Burgoyne will return this week also. Maybe Sicily’s suspension will enable Mirra to hold on for another week….but who knows what happens after that?

4.  Robbie Gray (PTA, fwd, $565 500)


+ Another masterclass from Robbie Gray against the Cats, picking up 32 touches and a goal for 137 points. That’s four tons from four games in 2018 for Gray.

+ Has played the first month of his season as a midfielder, picking up only 11% of his possessions in the forward 50. This has enabled him to average 124 in his four games, the best amongst all forwards by quite a margin.

+ Break-even of only 49, so he may have a price rise or two to come yet!


– The most expensive forward in the game, Robbie is pretty close to peak price and is going to make a major dent in your bank account. He’s also the prime candidate to cop the dreaded Jacobs tag this weekend.

– Ability to play as a hit-up target means he can get stuck in the forward line, which can play havoc with his scoring potential. Form suggests he will maintain his current spot in the midfield, but be aware of this possibility.

5.  Brett Deledio (GWS, fwd, $413 600)


+ News of the death of his Supercoach relevance has been greatly exaggerated! It was vintage Lids against Saints, his game-high 153 points coming from 29 touches and 2 goals. Two tons on the trot and a negative break-even is what we like to see!

+ Listed as a forward, but primarily playing that Supercoach-friendly role of backline distributor, as well as roving up to the wing. Deledio has always been a great kick, and he uses that skill to effect on the halfback flank at GWS.

+ Price is up around 75K from its starting point, but still extremely good value considering his scoring history. Could Lids return to his glory days as a top 6 forward?


– The list of recent injuries for this guy is a horrifying read. Has Deledio finally overcome those troublesome calves? It’s a major concern if you take him on at this stage of the season.

– Even if he stays healthy, at 31 years old and with that history, Deledio is almost certain to be managed at some stage.

#6 – 10: Patrick DANGERFIELD (GEE), Isaac HEENEY (SYD), Kade SIMPSON (CAR), Elliot YEO (WCE), Zach MERRETT (ESS)

Most traded OUT players this week: Jarrod GARLETT (CAR), Bayley FRITSCH (MEL), Riley BONNER (PTA), Lance FRANKLIN (SYD), Liam RYAN (WCE), Michael HIBBERD (MEL), Andrew BRAYSHAW (FRE), Aaron NAUGHTON (WBD), Andrew McGRATH (ESS), Dayne ZORKO (BRL)

Most popular trades so far this week:

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11 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 6”

  1. Great piece thanks Chillo. Bottled it on Lids (went Heeney instead), though this may change more than once before tomorrow night 😉


      1. thanks Chillo, but I’ve reverted to Lids as it’ll help me get to full Premo’s quicker. Just hope he doesn’t do a Dean Kent on me 😉


  2. Gambled on Fritsch -> Guelfi last week after Fritsch was dropped.

    Means I can get Mirra in and Merrett too this week.


  3. Have to see who’s named to know who to bring in as a downgrade. Hoping only one of Higgins and Guelfi plays next week, so I can get the other one the week after.

    Pretty sure I’m going to bring in Deledio. Aware of the risks. Could go wrong, but a lot of upside and he has that much needed on my team R13 bye. No other players I like I can afford, and I want another non-rookie scoring player on the pitch. That fast points thing again…..


    1. You could have substituted my name instead of yours FD as they are so aligned.
      Must be why you’re ranked 21 and me 52.
      I see Deledio not much different to z merrett and his concussions.
      In addition got to cover for Sicily (again) hence acquiring Deledio. Plus i want to make next round of the SCT cup



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