Flavour Of The Week – Rd 6

Written by Chillo on April 26 2017

Due to the five day Anzac Round extravaganza, you have less than 72 hours to rage trade, reverse trades, make thoughtful trades, reverse those trades after teams are named, and then scramble to make last-minute trades before the bounce on Friday night. Hey that’s my routine, I’m not saying it works, but I like it!

DISCLAIMER: Last week’s Top 5 on the Flavour, in order, were Balic (DNP), Yeo (59), Matera (46), Murphy (69), and Newman (DNP). What a big bunch of broken-down cabooses that lot was! As always, the Flavour is for information purposes only – you should never, ever make a move in Supercoach just because everyone else is. That’s not a bad rule for life in general actually.

I really wish somebody had told me that before I bought that Limp Bizkit album back in ’01.

Here are the most popular trade ins, as of 2pm AEST, Wednesday April 26:

1. Zac Fisher (CAR, mid, $117 300)


+ The speedy Fisher is now on the bubble after accumulating scores of 74 and 51. He is the standout downgrade candidate in the mids this week.

+ Brendon Bolton has already shown he’s prepared to give the kids a go, with Petrevski-Seton, Pickett, Williamson, Macreadie and Polson all getting games this year so far

+ Super-low price tag makes him a great bank builder if you’re thinking of offloading some maxed-out rookies


– Daisy Thomas missed last week with soreness. He will probably be back this week, so it’s possible he takes Fisher’s spot

– Fisher had pretty good first and last quarters against Port, but completely vanished in between. You can expect this to happen reasonably often to a rookie when he’s playing in a struggling side on the rebuild.

2. Aaron Black (GEE, fwd, $137 100)


+ Black returned to senior footy with a bang against St Kilda, his 21 possession, 2 goal effort enabling him to ton-up on his debut in the hoops

+ Rookie-priced, but at 26 years of age with 51 games under his belt, he’s not your typical rookie.

+ Geelong’s next two games are against Collingwood and Gold Coast, so there are potentially plenty of scoring opportunities there


– A quick look at his history shows he’s only scored 4 SC hundreds in his previous 50 games, so don’t expect him to repeat last weekend’s effort any time soon

– Only got into the team last week on the back of James Parsons’ two-week suspension, so Black’s job security is questionable at best

3. Harley Balic (FRE, mid/fwd, $123 900)


+ Balic is the other viable mid downgrade option this week, still on the bubble after missing last week with a hip niggle

+ Scores of 38 and 73 in his first two games give him a BE of -39, with plenty of scope for cash growth

+ With Stephen Hill out for a month after pinging a string, Balic’s short-term job security looks pretty solid


– He didn’t play last week. Reports are he’s moving well at training, but there still has to be a question mark there

– Ross Lyon has indicated he’s going to give his younger players a run this year. Repeat, Ross Lyon said the kids will play.

4. Rory Sloane (ADE, mid, $671 100)


+ Sloane continues to make a mockery of those who said the Dangerless Crows would struggle. He has a gargantuan 3-game average of 143.7 ppg.

+ The form player in the form team, Adelaide are currently leading all teams in Supercoach scoring at 1759 ppg.

+ In Supercoach ranks, Sloane is Mr Reliable. He has averaged 105+ five years running, and only missed nine games in that time. Yet he’s only in 7% of teams. Under-rated!


– His price has already risen $80K, so you may have missed the boat. Remember when it comes to premiums, the first rule is buy low.

– Rory has recently developed an unfortunate habit of sticking his head where it doesn’t belong, suffering two facial fractures in the past couple of years. Hopefully he can stay breakage-free for the rest of 2017.

 5. Michael Hibberd (MEL, def, $402 200)


+ ‘Pig’ seems to like the look of his new colours, bursting out in the red and the blue with a 27 possession, 124 point effort on Anzac eve.

+ Had a reasonable scoring history at the Bombers, with his best effort a 96 ppg season in 2013, good enough to make him a top 6 defender

+ Due to the ASADA-enforced layoff in 2016, Hibberd is probably slightly underpriced. That can only be a good thing in a year where everyone seems to be experiencing cash generation worries.


– Hibberd’s Achilles heel is his Achilles heel. He missed the first month of footy due to a flare-up, which will need to be monitored throughout the year.

– For a defender, he’s actually not a great defensive player, in terms of tackles, spoils, etc. If he can’t find the pill, his scores will nosedive.

#6 – 10: Jack Macrae (WBD), Clayton Oliver (MEL), Blake Hardwick (HAW), Oliver Wines (PTA), George Horlin-Smith (GEE)

Most traded OUT players this week: David Swallow (GCS), Jarryd Roughead (HAW), Will Hoskin-Elliot (COL), Sam Powell-Pepper (PTA), Tim Taranto (GWS), Jaeger O’Meara (HAW), Marc Murphy (CAR), Brandan Parfitt (GEE), Sam Petrevski-Seton (CAR), Jarrod Pickett (CAR)

Most popular trades so far this week:

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12 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 6”

      1. Not on the bubble until next week though and back to back 40s (which, looking at his history is very doable), he would have made $40k and his breakeven would be about 20.

        One I would definitely want to see more of.


    1. Black is rookie priced though, Matera is a mid pricer.
      Watch this week, might be worth it.
      Fisher’s JS much better though I would think.


    1. Black, Sloane, Oliver, Hibberd and GHS all baffle me.

      Black: One game, came in because Parsons got suspended. What happens next week, especially if he has a down game this week?
      Sloane: That’s a hell of a lot of money. In a year we are talking about being short on cash, how can you justify spending $670k on a guy. Richmond is also his worst team to score against. Also, Dusty was a massive buy 2 weeks ago before dropping a 54 and 92.
      Oliver: Surely the boat has sailed. Now over $500k, we are in the territory of true fallen premiums. Surely Pendles next week for $560k is way better?
      Hibberd: One game back, looked pretty gassed at the end of the game. Historically has been up and down and only has 1 season (2013) where he was averaging enough to be a keeper this year (avg 96).
      GHS: Surely we’ve seen enough of Swallow/JOM and the likes that we want to steer clear of these guys. He’s also missed 2 weeks this season due to injury…


      1. Well summed up Hutta.
        It seems a lot of people are chasing last weeks points. Paraphrasing Father Dougal, a purple patch just means they’re closer to having some shockers come up.
        I started with GHS as he was just $25k more expensive than Taranto and I could see Geelong were putting a lot of faith in him. Scott even just said this week that he controls much more of the midfield than most people would have thought. However, I wouldn’t be picking him up now, that boat has sailed. Better off investing in a rookie and upgrading elsewhere.


    2. 125, 104, 74, 77, 70.

      Buddy can be a premium, but does have bouts of less than great scores. Has a break even of 124, so likely to come down in price again.


      1. It’s the last 3 that worry me. Being a Fremantle supporter I know all too well how quickly a team can turn.

        Given the high BE, you can afford to wait a week and see if the Swans turn it around. If he scores well against Carlton, great, bring him in. If he can’t score this week then it may be best to reconsider until we see better signs because if you commit this week, you’re with him the rest of the season.



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