Flavour Of The Week – Rd 8

Written by Chillo on May 9 2017

As pointed out by Huttabito, aka SCT’s Guru of Greenhorns, the top-scoring team in Round 7 had a midfield comprising Dangerfield, Rockliff, Jack Steven, and FIVE (count ’em!) rookies, including the starch-heavy efforts of Balic and David Myers. Popular pre-season picks such as Treloar and JPK have coaches everywhere rending garments, raking themselves over hot coals, and giving the trade button an terrifically torrid time.

However the night is darkest before the dawn, and with the bye rounds almost upon us, it’s time to knuckle down and power up for a new challenge. With a bit of forward thinking, you can really improve that ranking in the next month.

Here are the most popular trade ins, as of 12pm AEST, Tuesday May 9:

1. David Myers (ESS, mid, $133,700)


+ Myers made a belated return to senior footy with a solid (if uninspiring) 13-possession effort against the Dockers, totalling 46 points

+ For a veteran of 103 games, his basement-level price represents very good value. Ideal for those looking for a cash grab.

+ Spent a couple of weeks prior to his return carving it up in the VFL; obviously he is far too good for that level of footy


– Is it good practice to bring in an injury-prone player after one mediocre game, hmmmm? Take it from me, trading out of desperation is generally a poor strategy!

– A couple of young Bombers were rested last week (McGrath and McNiece); do they return to take Myers spot this week?

2. Ben McNiece (ESS, def, $102 400)


+ Turned in two promising efforts in starting his AFL career, totalling 61 and 48 before being ‘rested’ last week. Remains on the bubble with his BE at -49.

+ Downgrades just do not come any cheaper than this. If you’re looking to offload some maxed-out rookies in your defence, McNiece will help you build the bank more than anyone else available this week

+ The ‘rested’ next to his name on the team sheet last week, as opposed to ‘omitted’, may bode well for his job security


– Didn’t play last week, so in picking him this week you’re assuming he just comes straight back in. Assumptions are the mother of…something, I forget.

– He may well be competing with Dave Myers for a spot in the Bomber’s 22; Myers certainly has the advantage of seniority in that battle.

3. Elliot Yeo (WCE, mid/fwd, $525 200)


+ The Yeo-Yeo was definitely up in the final quarter this week, piling on 68 in the final term against the Power to give him 125 for the game.

+ That was Yeo’s fifth ton in seven games this season, making him the 7th highest scorer overall, and by far the leading scorer amongst forwards (114.1 ppg). His good form sets his break-even at a minuscule 32 this week.

+ Has the ‘good’ bye in Round 12, and DPP status to help you cover your resting premiums in the other rounds. Gold!


– Is this yet another false dawn for Yeo? He had five tons in 9 games in the middle of 2015, before regressing to a more accountable, low-scoring role.

– He’s already $116K dearer than at the start of the season. This isn’t the value premo you’re looking for.

4. Isaac Heeney (SYD, fwd, $453 300)


+ Heenz has bounced back from a bout of glandular fever with three impressive games, totalling 75, 107 and 116, for an average just a tick under the ton.

+ Definitely seems to be living up to the pre-season hype about more mid-time; in fact, watching him against the Lions, he seemed to be everywhere, particularly in a massive first quarter.

+ Picking midfielders in your forward line is what Supercoach is all about. Heeney is still excellent value with a mid-range price tag.


– Coming off a bout of glandular fever. He burst out of the blocks on Sunday, but took all of the next three quarters to match that effort. Maybe he doesn’t quite have the legs back yet?

– Still only in his third season, and playing in a team that is struggling a fair bit this year.

5. Marcus Bontempelli (WBD, mid, $605 600)


+ The Bont continues to barrel along as the brightest star in the Dogs midfield, compiling 128 vs Richmond from 27 touches, 9 tackles and a goal

+ The only player this year to accumulate at least 20 possessions and a goal in every game. I think that generally leads to decent Supercoach scoring?

+ The majority of those possessions are (a) contested, because that’s how the Bont rolls, and (b) effective, because the Bont is good at footy. Champion Data tends to smile on this type of play.


– He’s pretty expensive. Remember how Rory Sloane was on this list last week, and we all thought he was bulletproof? Didn’t quite work out that way.

– I can’t really find anything else to talk about here. I don’t have him and hate myself for it. I don’t usually make recommendations in this article, but this is the exception – get him in as soon as possible!

#6 – 10: Kurt Mutimer (WCE), Taylor Adams (COL), Tom Rockliff (BRI), Jarrod Berry (BRL), Lewis Melican (SYD)

Most traded OUT players this week: Curtly Hampton (ADE), Andy Otten (ADE), Dayne Beams (BRL), Jaeger O’Meara (HAW), Dan Houston (PTA), Brendan Parfitt (GEE), Daniel Butler (RIC), Sam Powell-Pepper (PTA), Nic Newman (SYD), Braydon Preuss (NTH)

Most popular trades so far this week:

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19 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 8”

    1. Agree, McNeice is tiny, no chance he doesn’t get in due to Myers who is a big bodied midfielder who can play off half back but Dea is a good chance to be told to have a week in the 2s.


      1. Yeah, I was reaching a bit there, couldn’t think of another reason for McNiece to be a bad choice. At that price and with the rookie well just about dry, I think he’ll be number 1 on the list by Thursday night.


  1. Thanks Chillo.

    Planning for the bye rounds becomes critical for me over the next few weeks. Yeo puts forward a compelling case with the favourable bye, even though I hate considering him for some reason….


    1. I’m also having a hard time considering Yeo. 3rd year of SC for me and I was burned by Yeo in both my first and second years. Do I risk it for 3 in a row? I keep telling myself the following, which was highlighted in the article…

      DPP status = awesome, especially for my side since it reopens a link i had to trade out a while ago.

      ‘Good’ Bye week = also good for my sides structure. I’ve made a concious decision to use all of my premo trade ins from day 1 to hold my bye week/long term strategy as much as possible since I really blew it in that regards last year.

      Low BE = at the very least he will earn more $ for a couple of weeks. If he starts to yo-yo heavily i think he should hover around the $500k mark for a while (although im not sure about all that math, so that is just a guess). But the $ factor should hopefully make it easy to use a potential rage trade/luxury trade if he reverts to last years form.

      West Coast Schedule = in terms of venue is ok. Looks like 9/17 remaining are at Domain and no games at The G.

      Thats whats going through my head. Got the old Pros vs Cons lists going on in the brain. The only real con being that he has burned me twice in the past. The past is the past though, right? I am starting to wonder what is better. A headache without Yeo or a headache with Yeo?


      1. Ok Chillo & Mantini. You’ve persuaded me to do the math and my current team structure seems to dictate that if McNiece plays, then him and Yeo come in for Hampton & Otten. If McNiece doesn’t play then most likely no trades this week.


        1. Good luck in your decisions! Maybe there are many with similar questions this week. Thats why i dont get too pumped on trades just yet, i need to see the teams first to see which rookies are named, because thats a factor that can clearly wipe out some plans this year.

          Im thinking at the moment just one trade.

          Hampton for Yeo.

          But if mcniece is named he could be a good bank-the-cash type. But he has questionable JS…and im still carrying Joel Smith (I fear im going to have a bench filled with perma-zeros very soon…my DPP situation is pretty great though so it allows for lots of flexibility) I figure ill save the downgrade for next week if meyers is looking decent enough. He could be the rookie we all need and he could feature in this article on SCT next week. Will definitely be listening on the radio for his name to be called. And then I’ll be reading Hutta’s Rookie Review. This is all assuming he is named this week…and next week…
          (old horror movie music).

          Brought in Heeney last week.
          The forward crop of rookies this year is maddening so I changed my focus from filling my defence to my forwards. After Parsons’ stinker last week that was an easy on the fly decision to make for me haha.

          Hence where I am at with Yeo.

          But then there is this quandary Im also having.

          Sam Reid (SYD) to Buddy
          Hampton to Rance

          Last weeks trade-in decision was between Lance and Heeney (tiny bummer for the score difference, but Heeney stood up and looks the goods). So Franklin is still within reach and Rance gives me a fallen premo with the ‘good’ bye (which covers one of Yeo’s ‘responsibilities’). I had both of them last year and they did well for overall in their positions in the end, despite going up and down some weeks. Sam Reid has done well enough but his BE is a bit up there now and if he falls in $ it will leave me with little options next week. I think its good trading practice to do that simple math and check some options for the next week. For example, we know SPP is on the bye and Meyers will be on the bubble. So i keep checking how much $ I’ll have for the ol’ classic 1UP1Down and which options should be available.

          Always a lot to contemplate every week and thats what makes SCT so great. I started out liking the $ factor of the game…and knowing next to nothing about the AFL, except for what my tall, loud friend from Melbourne was screaming at me on the telephone as he got me to sign up…’something, something gary ablett is god, something’. Sophomore year I had gone into the season after watching my first grandfinal in tv here and kind of knowing some names from sorting through the stats on the app. I never knew how the $ factor really worked, only that it revolved around a BE. So i knew I needed to find a place to see BEs and thats where this beastly site came up. That year I increased from 100+k to 35ishk in rank and from sticking with this site and reading through it I knew I was coming into this year with some new goals in mind for how this season was going to go. It hasn’t necessarily gone according to the initial strategic plan, but I feel Ive done well on the fly and am in a good position to achieve my preseason goal of getting inside the Top 10k.
          (Sit 13k and doing decently in a couple SCT leagues…and wanting to destroy my close friends in our league!)

          I’m always thanking the writers here (maybe its because im from Canada) so I’ll say it one more time. Thank you!

          Ah. How this sanctuary of reading that is SCT makes my mind spin.


  2. 1 up, 1 down for me this week assuming selection is kind to me (so basically there is no chance of these trades happening);

    McNeice and Heeney for Hampton and Houston


  3. I love that the third most popular option in the poll comes courtesy of Ralph Wiggum.

    Thanks everyone!


  4. Gonna wait till after the bye to get the Bont, and in the mean time try and complete the rest of my team.


  5. Nice flavour this week Chillo. Good to see something useful come out of Canberra.

    Shaw or Rocky for me this week depending on cashola!



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