Flavour Of The Week – Rd 8

Written by Chillo on May 8 2019

There are so many factors to consider when making trades. Job security, cash flow, DPPs, break-evens, upcoming opponents, tag potential, injury potential, rest potential, scoring potential. Is it any wonder many Supercoaches go looking for a stiff drink on Sunday nights? This week’s edition of the Flavour features cows and elite scorers for your consideration.

Here are the most popular trade targets, as of 12pm, Wednesday May 8:

1.      Noah Answerth (BRL, mid/def, $117 300)


+ Taken at pick 55 in the draft, the former Oakleigh Chargers captain has acquitted himself beautifully in his first two games at senior level, recording scores of 69 and 72. On the bubble now with a break-even of -72, he looks to be the most promising of the bubble boys this week.

+ Still a teenager but already built like a footballer, Answerth pushes up off the halfback flank and uses the footy extremely well. Don’t be perturbed by his low DE against the Swans, as the second half of that game was played inside a washing machine.

+ DPP! DPP! DPP! Set up the swing with Duursma and/or Lockhart. Oh, and did I mention he broke his back a couple of years ago, and made it all the way back to the draft the following season? Tough!


– Lions’ first stringers Andrews, Bailey and Mathieson are all listed as “test” on this week’s injury list. Could Noah be one of the unlucky to make way?

– Seems more like a “low possession, high impact” type player, so he probably won’t score as well as some of the other cow candidates this week…

2.     Jackson Hately (GWS, mid, $148 800)


+ Kid’s a gun, and if he’d been drafted to a team with a weaker midfield, I reckon we’d be talking Rising Star nom by now. 21 possessions and 85 points for Hately, after he was a late in against the Saints.

+ Now on the bubble with the lowest BE of the week at -93, Hately looks like the ultimate downgrade option for mooing cows such as Butters and Gibbons.

+ Drafted as a midfielder, but spent a significant amount of time on the halfback line against the Saints, and did not look out of place at all. That sort of versatility can only aid his prospects of seeing more footy.


– Whitfield and Kelly are each in line to return from injury this week. Given that Hately was a late in last week, it’d be fair to assume he misses out this week if those two return.

– As the 14th pick in the draft, you have to pay a little bit extra to get him into your team; can you afford to be splashing extra cash on rookies at this time of the year?

3.    Marcus Bontempelli (WBD, mid, $586 300)


+ Currently the third highest scoring midfielder in the game, most recently the Bont messed up the Tigers again with 27 possessions, three goals and 146 points. Massive!

+ Champion Data love him because he wins the hard ball, and generally uses it very effectively. Plus, he’s as tall as a regular centre half-forward, so he can move forward and present as a marking target.

+ Durability is not much of a concern – Bontempelli has missed only seven games in five years since debut.


– Can be a streaky scorer. I still remember bringing him in after six tons in the first seven games in 2017….and he didn’t ton up again for the next five weeks. Is he about to finish another hot streak?

– It’s been flagged that he will spend more time forward in the near future, in a bid to boost the Dogs attack. That’s fine when their midfield are winning, but what happens when they’re not?

4.      Nathan Fyfe (FRE, mid, $578 200)


+ You know Fyfe, you know what he can do. Take out the concussion game where he scored 63, and Nat is averaging 126 this year. And he’s still priced at less than $600K! As Miss Stefani would say: What you waiting for?

+ Some players experience negative after effects following a concussion, but not Nat. 110, 128, 124 since his return.

+ The favourable round 12 bye is just the glazed cherry on top of a wonderful Fyfe-flavoured cake. Or ice cream. Something like that. Metaphors confuse me.


– Tends to get injured a bit. Then again, he’s already been injured this year, so maybe he’s got that out of his system now? Should be smooth sailing from here….right?

– Not much else. Uber premium at sub-uber premium price. There’ll be major FOMO to deal with if you pass on him again.

5.      Tim Kelly (GEE, mid/fwd, $501 700)


+ Danger got hurt, Ablett got reported, Selwood didn’t play, and Geelong still won anyway. This is due in no small part to Kelly, who dominated the midfield with 30 possessions, two majors and 120 points.

+ Currently fourth among all forwards for scoring, yet you can get Kelly this week for a $4K discount on his starting price.

+ With Danger in doubt for this week, more midfield responsibility for Kelly could mean higher scoring potential.


– The flip side of that coin is that more midfield responsibility can mean higher probability of attracting a tag.

– It bears repeating: shares the round 13 bye with other popular forward selections such as Dangerfield, Heeney and Dahlhaus. Make sure you’ve got adequate coverage for that killer middle bye!

#6 – 10: Caleb DANIEL (WBD), Jeremy CAMERON (GWS), Travis BOAK (PTA), Lachie NEALE (BRL), Joshua CORBETT (GCS)

Most traded OUT players this week: Tom LIBERATORE (WBD), Zak BUTTERS (PTA), Michael GIBBONS (CAR), Jordan CLARK (GEE), Jack PETRUCCELLE (WCE), Jack SCRIMSHAW (HAW), Sam COLLINS (GCS), Charlie CONSTABLE (GEE), Willem DREW (PTA), Patrick DANGERFIELD (GEE)

Most popular trades so far this week:

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8 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 8”

  1. Great write-up, Chillo.

    The negatives you raise about Hately and Answerth’s JS are spot on; completely valid.

    I’m still not sold on Hately despite his juicy scoring potential though. However, if Answerth can hold with Andrews and Mathieson returning I think that’ll be enough for me to bring him in.


  2. For me I’d like to go butters to Answerth and petruccelle to Corbett. Unfortunately Libba is bleeding cash this week and probably next so it’s butters to Answerth and Libba to Fyfe. Thanks for the great scores and cash Libba. U have done well.


    1. Libba is also predicted to make all of that loss, and more, back around end of byes time: I’m holding, other priorities elsewhere


      1. The predictions are never accurate tho’. It’s more important to consider what you think, than a computer model that bases its numbers on past history and algorithms, rather than current form and watching him looking a little laboured the last couple of weeks. He’s over-delivered to this point. For that I’m grateful … and taking it!

        Your team and your call and if you have bigger priorities, of course deal with those first. Personally, I only need to get rid of Petruccelle as all my other rookies have more cash to make, so for me, Fyfe for Liberatore is likely worth a min. 20pts/week in my eyes. The price-gap will likely never be smaller, and so it makes sense.
        Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks. Good luck whatever you decide! 🙂



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