Flavour Of The Week – Rd 9

Written by on May 15 2018

It’s Guns ‘n’ Rookies all the way in this week’s edition of the Flavour….except if you’re suffering from a severe case of FOMO regarding a certain unlikely red and white hero! Elsewhere, it might finally be time to pounce on the biggest Cat in the game, but even he’s been outpointed by an impressive Saintly debutant.

Here are the most popular trade ins, as of 12pm AEST, Tuesday May 15:

1.  Ed Phillips (STK, mid, $123 900)


+ The younger brother of Collingwood running machine Tom, Ed Phillips was a shining light in yet another dark day for the Saints against Freo. Showing his elite endurance on either wing, Phillips racked up 24 touches at a very respectable 79% efficiency for 87 points in his first outing.

+ We’re one third of the way through the year, and those midfield cows such as Holman, Brayshaw and Banfield must be mooing loudly by now. Phillips provides a well-timed downgrade option.

+ With the team continuing to struggle this year, it makes sense that Phillips will hold his place in the Saints side, and become a valuable bank builder for you.


– It was a great first game, but it was his first. You still get another week to have a look at what he can do before his price goes anywhere.

– Can run forever, but still raw as you expect from someone who can still fit all the candles on his birthday cake. Will probably fall victim to that evil mistress called Managed at some stage, hopefully after he’s made you enough dollars!

2.  Lachlan Keeffe (GWS, def/fwd, $123 900)


+ Another solid outing for the Giants swingman in his second game against the Eagles. 11 possessions and 27 hitouts gave Keeffe 57 points.

+ Now on the bubble with a break-even of -33, Keeffe’s versatility makes him a nice downgrade option at either end of the ground.

+ That DPP status sets up a very useful swing with Sicily, or even the podtastic Tom McDonald. Could be exceptionally valuable during the bye rounds!


– Deledio. Kelly. Greene. Patton. Just some of the names that could come back into the orange team this week – can Lachie hold his spot?

– His scoring potential is certainly a fair bit lower than many of the other potential cash cows on the horizon. Maybe you can make better gains by skipping the downgrade this week?

3.  Ben Ronke (SYD, fwd, $214 700)


+ Since they started collating individual statistics, nobody in VFL/AFL footy has kicked 7 goals and made ten tackles in the same game – until Ronke! The toast of Sydney totalled 120 points in possibly the most memorable third game of anyone’s career, in any sport, ever in the history of the world. Not exaggerating!

+ Still has a magnificent break-even of -57, and will make you 25 grand just by walking on the field this weekend. He’s averaging 93 thus far, so it’ll probably be quite a sizeable sum in your pocket.

+ Any questions about Ronke’s job security disappeared with the rain at the G last Friday. He’s in the 22 for as long as he wants it.


– Thanks to that scoring explosion, Ronke’s price went up over 90K on Sunday night, and you’ve missed the best of his price rises. Still worth it? He is now effectively a very expensive downgrade option.

– As much as I wish he would kick seven every week, even Ben’s mum doesn’t think that’s happening again any time soon. Reversion to the rookie average seems much more likely.

4.  Patrick Dangerfield (GEE, mid, $604 500)


+ Watching Danger’s “struggles” this year has been an odd experience, but he managed his second 130+ score for the year against the Pies. 26 disposals – 16 of them in the defensive half – and seven tackles gave Patty a season-high 137 points.

+ After dropping more than $145,000 from his starting price, Danger’s BE has fallen to a very gettable 119. It’d be a good bet that his price has now bottomed out, and will start its inevitable climb back into the stratosphere.

+ Unfortunately I didn’t see this game, but by all accounts Dangerfield moved better in this one than he has all season, and had some of that trademark explosiveness back. Maybe he’s finally seen the end of that pre-season hammy niggle? Very friendly draw in the next month also.


– There’s probably no harm in giving Danger another week, if you’re not convinced just yet. Just make sure you’ve got that war chest ready!

– He’s still very expensive, and hasn’t really regained that must-have status just yet. The Round 14 bye is also problematic.

5.  Elliot Yeo (WCE, def, $531 300)


+ It’s six tons in eight games now for West Coast’s Mr Fix-It. Yeo was terrific again in the win over the Giants, compiling 28 touches (17 contested) and 113 points.

+ Despite that impressive record, Yeo is still down 30K on his starting price, qualifying him as a fallen premium. With reliable defenders pretty thin on the ground this year, he shapes as a must-have for your backline.

+ WCE have the hospitable Round 12 bye.


– It was over a month ago, but the echoes of that dire 27 point effort against the Cats still ring throughout Supercoachland. Experienced Coaches will tell you there is plenty of scope there for Yeo to throw in a similar such shocker at any time.

– Ummm….I’m bringing him in this week, which means he is officially blacklisted and can only struggle from here.

#6 – 10: James SICILY (HAW), Kade SIMPSON (CAR), Jack MACRAE (WBD), Clayton OLIVER (MEL), Toby MCLEAN (WBD) 

Most traded OUT players this week: Aaron NAUGHTON (WBD), Tom DOEDEE (ADE), Jeremy FINLAYSON (GWS), Nick HOLMAN (GCS), Jaeger O’MEARA (HAW), Bailey BANFIELD (FRE), Christian PETRACCA (MEL), Jaidyn STEPHENSON (COL), Tim ENGLISH (WBD), Sam MURRAY (COL) 

Most popular trades so far this week:

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26 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 9”

    1. I’m planning for full premium by round 15.

      This will leave me 5 injury trades post byes.

      This includes 2 trades for any long term injuries between now and then.


  1. It doesn’t work well with my planned trades but is it worth looking into bringing in Crossley in for Olango so that I field 2 rucks through each bye round?


      1. Nothing wrong with Crossley as a downgrade from English. It does seem like a waste of trade to go sideways from Olango though, just to grab a few points during the bye rounds. You’ve got Olango in your team for a reason, keep him for that same reason.


    1. Been toying with this but gonna hang on to nank ( 2 tons in 3 weeks) and gawn. Not going to cover as olango doing a great job as c. Only need 18 scoring players from 22 during byes, so to only have 21 for one round on field is ok if it saves a trade.


      1. I’ve weighed it up and came to a similar conclusion. I’m not going to fault anyone for doing it as there is some merit there but for me, the points gain from Olango is not worth one trade. And for those thinking about using him to make cash, then it’s two trades – definitely not worth it.


  2. I will be waiting a week for Dangerfield as this week my attention is on backline rookies, who seem to be maxed.

    But concerning Dangerfield next weeek.
    Are people going to trade Kelly to Dangerfield? Looks as though his BE will be high 80s next week even with a score 90+.

    I think I will be looking at something like:
    Naughton > Cumming (Naughton not playing so price won’t change)
    Kelly > Dangerfield

    Unless you have 400-500k in the bank it’s going to be hard to upgrade those mid rookies at around 250-300k


    1. Right on the money. I’m thinking Kelly might be about to feel the pinch, and with byes, a trade to Danger makes sense. Concerned Danger might 200 v bombers though. Naughton not a concern as price wont fall, so its Doedee to Sicily which is also very bye friendly.


    1. I think so. I’ve rage- traded him twice already this year, but he’s still there. Clarko will probably rip Sic a new one if he gets suspended again, so HOPEFULLY we’ll be right for the rest of the year.


      1. With GWS having the R13 bye, I could see them giving him the extra week if he’s on the edge of being ready for R12.


  3. Laird, Simpson, Yeo, Finlayson, Doedee, Murray, (Naughton, C,o shea )

    Mitchell, crouch, Fyfe, Cripps, Holman, Coniglio, Kelly, Martin ( Coffield, Brodie, Barry)

    Gawn, Naitanui ( Cameron)

    Heeney, McLean, Spargo, Smith, Petracca, Fritsch, (Crowden, Ahern)

    19 trades and 138k left help


  4. What’s thoughts on Rory Lobb? Was a lot of talk about him pre season now that he is number 1 Ruck at GWS.



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