Flavour Of The Week – Rd15

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 28 2016

G’day Supercoaches!

At a guess, I’d say you have 8-11 trades left plus a handful of cash in the bank.  Odds are that your team is nearing full completion and you’re just searching for those few premos to fill in the gaps.  Make these last trades count!  Keep in mind that most rookies that are traded in at this stage will (most likely) be your bench cover for the remainder of the season.  You might have to rely on some of these rookies in an important final, or to make the Top8 at all.  If that’s not what you’d like, then back to the drawing board……….make these last trades count!  The most popular traded-IN players ahead of Rd15 are (SC Gold on 28.6.16 at 5am):


1 – Tom Phillips (COL, $117 300, FWD/MID)


+ Dual Position Status, can be swapped easily with a host of premium FWD/MIDs for flexibility.  Very handy when injuries start setting in.

+ BreakEven of -80 with projected BEs of -50 & -5, won’t get any cheaper now!

+ Just the one clanger from 19 touches against Freo for his 87 pts.  That followed a 64 on debut.


– Would normally mention job security with a rookie but he’s far from Collingwood’s worst player at the moment.  Seems to be his spot to lose in the line-up right now.

– If you’re bringing Phillips in, is it as bench cover for the rest of the year?  Or just to generate cash for another upgrade in 4-5 weeks time?  Have a plan…….stick to it……..


2 – Leigh Montagna (STK, $475 100, FWD/MID)


+ Reliable Supercoach scorer over the years, having averaged 110+ during four seasons (including a 125avg in 2009!).

+ Is at his cheapest price of $475k due to uncharacteristic 45 against the Crows.

+ Gone over 100+ on seven occasions this year with further two scores in the 90s.

+ Dual Position Status.

+ Favorable draw – Saints only face three Top8 sides in the last nine games of the year.


– Is he past his best?  Can he maintain a 100avg for the remainder of the year?


3 – Nathan Broad (RIC, $117 300, DEF)


+ Solid on debut for the Tigers with fourteen touches and four marks for his 66 pts.

+ Could be the defensive downgrade option we’ve been waiting for.


– Only came in as a late replacement for Ben Griffiths.  How long can he keep his spot ahead of Try Chaplin and Jake Batchelor?  And why didn’t he crack this Tiger line-up earlier despite the wraps on him during pre-season?  I’d like to see more of him (Tigers supporter) but I wouldn’t trust Dimma Hardwick to give him a game each week.

– Still just played the one game.  Anything could happen before his price rises.  Is it absolutely necessary that he comes into your side this week?

– Tigers play five Top8 sides over the final nine weeks.  Can Broad hold up under the pressure?

– Do you want Broad sitting on your bench as back-up till the end of the season?



4 – Sam Docherty (CAR, $567 100, DEF)


+ In career-best form having averaged 110 over the first thirteen games of the season.

+ Nine tons, eight of which were over 110+, impressive numbers!

+ Looks the next best defender after Heath Shaw, Top6 spot in defence looks safe.


– Can he maintain a 110 avg over the last nine games as well?  Is he worth paying the $567k at this stage?  Or would you be better off looking for a value pick that might avg 100 for the rest of the year?

– Previous best season avg was 88pts in 2015.  Is this just a (ridiculously long) purple patch?



5 – Gary Ablett (GCS, $606 200, MID)


+ I should have his numbers memorized by now 😉  The only player in SC history to have averaged 125+ during SEVEN seasons!  He is the SC God………

+ Has come back from his week off from concussion with scores of 143, 121, 127 & 159.  He is flying!  Must I go on?


– Has had his injury niggles/problems over the past two years.  That’s the only thing that’ll stop him.  Either you’ve got him in your side or you’re betting against him (hoping he gets injured again).


Nos. 6-10: Dan Hannebery (SYD), Rory Sloane (ADE), Max Gawn (MEL), Dustin Martin (RIC), Kade Simpson (CAR).

Most Traded OUT Players: Ryan Davis (GCS), Jacob Hopper (GWS), Sam Kerridge (CAR), Ben Keays (BRL), Tom Ruggles (GEE), Darcy Tucker (FRE), Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti (ESS), Christian Petracca (MEL), Aaron Hall (GCS), Darcy Byrne-Jones (PTA).


Most Popular Trades for Rd15 (pictured below):



Having another short week doesn’t mean we’ve let up on the SC analysis!  MJ brings us his Fallen Premiums on Wednesday morning.  The Good Father Dougal shows off his excel wizardry with the cash cows in Cow Talk.  Plus SCT Leagues Update, Burning Question, Table For Two, Trade Or Hold, The Captains Table and full teams as they’re announced.  Plenty more to come at SCT!

Did I miss any pros or cons above?  Be sure to let me know in the comments below!  Can’t stress it enough…….make sure you have a plan with your trades for the next few weeks.  With such few left over, you should only be looking at finalizing your ideal team and having a few (ideally 4-5) left for the SC-Finals.  Do you need a reminder of the injuries that came our way late last season (Fyfe, Parker, Franklin just to name a few)?  Judging by the results in SCT Leagues, our Coaches have mapped out their bye strategies beautifully.  The challenge now is to stick at it till seasons’ end.  Good luck, Supercoaches!!


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9 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd15”

  1. Got Montagna last week and thinking about Sloane this week. Should’ve been the other way around, and will cost me 30K, but the end result is the same.
    Adelaide’s draw for the next six games or so looks pretty cozy, I think Rory’s a must.


  2. good morning lads..
    Cory Ellis OUT – Tom Phillips IN
    then next week
    Jacob Hopper OUT – Sam Mitchell IN

    then that’s me done.. run home with 3 trades.. T/U Yes – T/D No..
    cheers lads as always..


  3. Picked Phillips pre-round one so at last, he is proving very useful. Thought his first game was ordinary and couldn’t see a 60 in it. He was very good in game 2.
    Now have to trade out Hopper and looking for the Bulldogs injury report to see Dahlhaus’s status.
    Not sure who to trade-in. Have 3 spots left and only 9 trades. Original thought is to do nothing this week as I have 20 playing but Dahlhaus is one of them so it’s 19.


  4. Thoughts on Out: Rich, Kerridge, Lyons, In: Yeo, Deledio, D Martin/ N Riewoldt. Will leave me with 3 trades left and a team consisting of
    Def: Shaw, Bartel, Boyd, Simpson, Laird, Yeo, Collins, Lee.
    Mids: Dangerfield, Ablett, Pendlebury, Hannebery, Priddis, Gray, Parker, Shiel, Trengove, Jansen, Phillips.
    Rucks: Goldstein, Gawn, Wyatt
    Fwds: Martin/ Riewoldt, Zorko, Deledio, Barlow, Montagna, Hall, Brown, Silvangi.

    Yeo could be kept as d6 or d7 or traded to Docherty when his price drops. Other option is to do the 1 trade of Rich to Docherty and 2 fwd premiums to bring in later on which might cost 3 trades leaving me with 2 trades left when team goes full premium.

    TU: Go for it. Bring in Yeo, Deledio, Martin/Riewoldt, have a full premium team and 3 trades left
    TD: Just Rich to Docherty, then bring in 2 of Deledio, Riewoldt, Dahlhaus to go full premium in the coming weeks but have 2 or 3 trades left when it happens.


  5. looking to upgrade a forward to montagna this week, who would you upgrade first out of kerridge or hall.

    T/U: kerridge
    T/D: hall


  6. Have finally lost patience with KK and am sort of hoping he misses another week. I’m not big on player’s returning from a serious concussion ( insert Stef Martin here) as it generally takes them another month to come good.
    So, with my 300+ K and 8 trades left I’m looking to trade out KK (via Adams and then Philips) and trade in Rory Sloane. That complete my mids and leaves me O.Wines as M8/M9.
    I’m patiently waiting for the return of Dahlhaus and JJ . Do we expect either of them back in the next fortnight?


  7. Kind of hoping Ryan Davis doesn’t get named this week after his bummer against the Hawks. This way he won’t lose any money. If he does play I’ll likely have to flip him to either a mid or a forward (some dpp use). Don’t really want to because I could save some valuable money with some big boys about to drop after this week. Trying to maximize the team given my current situation with low trades. Could settle for some cheaper guys but want to get some big PODs (league wise) at this point. Eyeballing Hanners and Neale, could get both if it works out, which it rarely has this year. Waiting on those team lists before I stick with any plan. 20 on the ground this week if they are all named, 19 if Davis gets scratched (which he should, he was pretty terrible watching the game) so currently no feeling of desperation there. Just want to maximize the war chest I’ve built up.


  8. I have had Shuey all year, coulda,woulda,shoulda have traded him by now but looking to trade to ablett with enough cash @ 11 trades left but West coast playing Essendon this week
    Yes or No for this week,cheers



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Flavour Of The Week – Rd15

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 7 2015

Another superb article from Schwarzwalder in which he covers everything you need to know about the trades to make this week and how the SCT faithful are going in the overall comp. Grab a bite to eat and make sure you’re sitting down to digest this little beauty piece-by-piece.

G’day Supercoaches!

Hope you all got through the extra bye round unscathed. Just a horrible set of circumstances that set it in motion.  Don’t know about you, but I was very moved by the response from all players/coaches over the weekend.  RIP Phil Walsh………..

After last week’s ‘swingman’ edition, things seem to have returned to the regulation ‘one up, one down’ format for trades this week. Let’s take a closer look at the Most Traded-IN players for Rd15 (SC Gold as at 8pm on 6/7/15):

1 – Jack Steele (GWS – $117,300 FWD/MID)
+ Dual Position Player. At this stage of the year, these sort of rookies might just be stuck in your team until finals. Very handy to have sitting on the bench for cover and/or trades.
+ Has scored 84 and 69 in his first two appearances, solid numbers for a rookie. Six tackles against Richmond helped push his score up.
+ On the bubble!! Break Even of -84 this week with projected BEs of -35 & -14 coming up. This is the cheapest you’ll ever see him again.
– Mentioned it a few weeks ago…….when the GWS injury list starts shrinking, will Steele still get a game? Has he done enough to hold his spot? Leon Cameron doesn’t mind rotating his rookies to manage them through the year.
– Has a terrible habit of headbutting the elbows of opposition ruckmen 😉 Might not go third man up as often anymore………

2 – Caleb Daniel (DOGS – $117,300 FWD)
+ Scored 65 on debut. Doesn’t sound spectacular until you see that he only came on after half time. Had fourteen touches and a goal from his 45% Time On Ground, made a real impact!
+ Easy to spot on the field. Looks like a Hobbit running around with Warrior Orcs! 😉
+ Projected BEs of -61 & -28 coming up.
+ I don’t wish injury upon anyone, but with Toby Mcean going down late against Carlton (and Bailey Dale in the twos), surely it improves Daniel’s job security.
– A player of his size surely can’t take a big hit from an opposition gorilla. What happens when someone gives him his first AFL initiation test?
– Dale and Hrovat constantly on his heels for that small forward spot. Lots of competition.

– As impressive as he was, he’s only played the one game.  Anything can happen between now and his third game (first price rise). Beware the Josh Glenn Curse! 😉

3 – David Armitage (STK – $555,400 MID)
+ Fifth highest SC scorer to date this season! Another big game on the weekend against the Bombers with 159 pts. 38 touches from his 81% TOG, including eighteen contested possessions.
+ Still only in 5% of teams, big POD!
+ Only gone under 100 twice this year. Has scored 120+ on six occasions, big ceiling!
– Just nit-picking here but he does have a few players to share points with (Montagna, Steven). If you have any negative points that I didn’t find then I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

– Previous best SC output was last year where he averaged 93 from 15 games.
– Earlier in the year, I thought the Saints had a fairly tough run home. Still have Freo, Sydney, Richmond, Port (away), North, WCE (away) and Geelong to play. Might affect his scores a little? Am I reaching here? A good player scores well against any opposition………

4 – Scott Pendlebury (COLL $595,000 MID)
+ Call me lazy but I’ve covered Pendles a few times before. He’s simply a SC must-have, has been firmly entrenched in the top 8 MIDS for the last 4-5 years. After that massive 184 on the weekend, this is the cheapest he’ll be for a couple weeks.
– Continuing rumours of an ankle injury keep doing the rounds before every game. Is there something to it? Didn’t look like it on Friday night. Like Armitage, I’m reaching to find any negatives……..

5 – Brayden Maynard (COLL $117,300 DEF/MID)
+ Dual Position Player. If he can hold his spot then he’s a handy downgrade target.
+ Avoided the vest on debut and scored 52 pts from his eleven possessions.
– Big question on job security. Took until Rd14 to make his debut and Buckley has been rotating his rookies quite a bit. If he gets another game this week, he might need to show a bit more to hold his spot.
– No doubt the kid has ability, but there were probably better rookie performances on the weekend than Maynard (see above).

-Same as above, beware the Josh Glenn Curse!

Nos. 6-10: Hodge (HAW), Houli (RICH), Rance (RICH), Ablett (GCS), Kennedy (SYD)
* The three rookies mentioned above have also been covered in Badger’s Rookie Review. Father Dougal will crunch the numbers again in his Cow Talk article. And MJ will keep us updated on the latest Fallen Premiums. Don’t miss out on those!

Nickoless dropped to no.5 in the rankings but made up significant ground on the leader, now within 70 pts! Likewise sodes, sitting at no.11 and within 200 pts of the top spot. Can you believe it? Genuine chances from SCT forum members to take out the $50k, fantastic effort!! In all the excitement, Andy B has quietly snuck up to no.33, while Based is also at no.53 with his Winfield Gawns. Sean’s Mob jumped 21 spots to hit no.100……….the SCT boys are flying the flag high, nice work!! The SCT Leagues had an improved week after the byes. SCT AB now sits at no.20, followed closely by LoEC2 at no.22 and Cattas SCT Challenge at no.25……….long way to go, anything is possible!

Are you considering any of the players mentioned above? Let us know in the poll below. Remember to stick with your gut feeling in the run up to the Finals. Perhaps try finding those PODs that you think can score well from this point onwards. Always encourage forum participation here at SCT. Would love to hear any of your retorts to the article in the comments below. I’m guessing next week’s Flavour post might just have a certain little bald guy from sunny Queensland involved. With a BE around 190 he’s sure to feature heavily once his price bottoms out. And I promise a bit of controversy there…….stay tuned. Good luck, Supercoaches!

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.



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16 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd15”

  1. I think I’ve finally decided to go

    Wallis > Armitage (Instead of Rockliff)
    Boston > Steel

    Next week or two I’ll get rid of either Yeo or Smith to bring in GAJ


  2. Love the article as always Schwarzy!

    I am just trading in Hodge for Oxley this week.

    Good luck this week Schwarz in our match up in Assbeatsclass. With you1st and unbeaten vs my Bandits 2nd so hopefully is a hard fought tight contest.


  3. Hrovat injured his hammy and Honeychurch is also out with a back injury – both 2-weeks, McLean out for 6-8 with shoulder – expect Caleb to get plenty of opportunity over the coming rounds.

    Hunter, Webb and Crameri main completion for those bench spots



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