Flavour of The Week – Rd16: Ablett Edition

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 14 2015

G’day Supercoaches! What a conundrum we have this week…………..


Gaz, Gazza, GAJ, The Little Master, The Perma-Captain, God, Yabbaleeeeeeeeet!!!…………..Whatever you wanna call him, he’s been the benchmark SC player for many years. Taking Ablett in Supercoach hasn’t been a choice in years gone by, it’s been a must! There was a fiery debate before the season started about how he would play given his shoulder injury. Many believers turned their back on the Great One. Faith started to waiver on how that shoulder would stand up to match practice. We now know the outcome of that………..

Now it seems the Bald One has arisen after his enforced lay-off. A 124 upon his return against the Kangas, where he lifted the Suns to a stirring victory. And now 153 against the Bulldogs. He’s back, he’s getting in-and-under, it’s all coming together again. The faith has been restored where there was so much doubt over the pre-season. Supercoaches have been salivating in anticipation of Ablett ‘bottoming out’ in price. That time may have arrived. So what’s to stop us moving the Heaven and Earth that Ablett created in order to get him into our teams? Let’s take a closer look at the No.1 Traded-IN player of the week:


Gary Ablett (GCS – $669,800 MID)


+ For those first-time Supercoaches out there, Ablett’s numbers are as follows: 2011 – 127 average from 20 games, 2012 – 138 (20), 2013 – 129 (21) & 2014 – 137 (15).
+ Break Even of 119 . It’s a hefty price tag but, barring injury, it might be the cheapest price for Gazza this season.
+ Before the next Round starts and trading is finalized, Ablett is only in 6.2% of teams. In previous years that number has been consistently over 50%. That number will rise again (nowhere near 50%), but you could almost consider him a POD this year.
+ Whether the Suns win or lose, Ablett scores well either way. And we all know about the huge ceiling he has.
+ Watching the game on the weekend, it’s fair to say the confidence in his shoulder is growing. Fourteen contested possessions from his thirty touches plus eight clearances.
+ These positives could go on forever, he’s one of the greatest players of the modern era (think we can all agree on that).


– The risk of re-injuring that shoulder. With every bone-crunching tackle, you’ll be holding your breath that Ablett comes up ok.
– I’ve mentioned it before in previous Flavour posts involving Rockliff and Sloane……….sometimes a player just has a season that can be written off due to injury. When I think of Rocky re-injuring his ribs or Sloane and his cheekbone, do we really want to use a trade on a bung shoulder (and the Little Master to which it is attached)?
– Trades and cash………..do you have enough of both to get Ablett back into your team? Have you already gone full premo? Do you have an under-performing premo that you want to trade to Ablett? Is it worth the risk?



I promised a bit of controversy in this week’s post and here it is. I’m NOT bringing Ablett into my side. I know this will provoke feelings of hatred and dismay amongst many of our readers. It’s always a contentious issue in SC circles. Let me explain my situation before the comments are filled with death threats and SCT HQ receives a bomb scare 😉

It’s not that I’ve lost faith in GAJ, it’s not that I haven’t been impressed with his two games back. Team Schwarzwalder is currently ranked a respectable 1349 overall. In the Tech League, I’m currently ranked 2nd behind Bad Membreys. While I’m chuffed about all that, I’m quite sure that I’m not going to win the $50k grand prize. I’ll leave that to the likes of nickoless (6th), sodes (25th), Based (50th) & Andy B (96th)………..Good luck, fellas!! My team is firmly entrenched in the top four of most leagues and top six in all of my leagues. If you’re involved in the Punters Club here at SCT, you’ll know I don’t mind a gamble. Once Rocky and Sloane went down again, I took the gamble to upgrade my team to (my idea of) the ‘Ideal 22’ without Ablett, Rocky & Sloane. Many will disagree on my views there but the difference of opinion is what makes Supercoach so great. (How boring would it be if we all had the exact same team, right?) I traded a lot of rookies out a week or two earlier than most. This aggressive trading has left me with only four trades for the remainder of the season. They are being reserved for the long term injuries that WILL occur before the season is over. Every week I convey the message to make the right decision for your team. I feel this is the best option for my team right now.

If you have more trades and cash than myself, then I would highly recommend you get Ablett into your team a.s.a.p. But if you’re running low on both, then like me, it’s probably best to hold your trades and put your faith in the team you’ve chosen till now.

Before you all unleash hell on me in the comments, let us know if you’re trading in Ablett in our poll below. Don’t forget to check out our regular articles before the Friday night game (Thursday night games are over, the SC community breathes a collective sigh of relief). For further advice, say a prayer to the Almighty……..or just trade him in 😉 Good luck, Supercoaches!!


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32 thoughts on “Flavour of The Week – Rd16: Ablett Edition”

  1. Great write up Schwarzy!!

    It’s a Nay from me for Gazza this week. Probably have the trades not the cash though this week. So will wait for the likes of Lever to fatten up more and could do my last upgrade of Cripps to Gazza.

    Another big match up between us this week Schwarz with your B team Shorn Sherrins in Rattens Redherrings.
    I told you that you would be a chance to make the finals with that team in Rattens. Saying that I am on top and you are just outside the 8 in a must win game for you.

    Good luck hope you have a blinder as I can afford loss but in this league?

    By the way my mate Timmy was spewing your B team beat him by 10pts last week.


  2. It’s a big fat YAY from me but I can certainly see why others won’t. As you said Schwarz, it depends on your team, your trades left and your cash reserves.

    I’ve got the trades/cash and I kept Cripps for this very reason – to bring in Gaz if he came back strong. And yes he has. It’s therefore a no-brainer for me. But everyone has a different set of circumstances.


  3. Gazza’s trade for me depends on Krakeur’s inclusion this week with his juicy -11 BE.
    What are his chances?


  4. G’day guys . If the lil master pops out another 150 what will his price do? Will pass on him this week with fattening rookies but could jump in the next couple weeks going into finals. Cheers


  5. G’Day

    I’m 50/50 for getting the God into my team so will need a bit of help from the wonderful SCT community

    Which trades are better?

    TU: Lever-Ablett via Hodge and Boston-Maynard

    TD: Hamling-McDonald, Smith-Rockliff via Hodge and Boston-Knight (If he plays another good game)

    The first trade leaves me with 3 trades and Ablett and Smith in my team but the second trade leaves me with 2 trades and Rockliff and McDonald in my team



  6. 4 Trades is enough to bring in Gaz, stuff LTI’s and suspensions…
    leaves me with 2 trades, $170K and the following midfield
    Fyfe, GAJ, Pendles, Treloar, Armitage, Thompson, Mitchell, Wines – Amon/Lambert/Glenn


  7. Hey guys,

    I’m a way outside but still remotely possible chance for the $50k, so I’m thinking about making the worst trade of all time; Martin to Rockliff. Hear me out.

    Martin is in 49.whatever% of sides, has gone sub 70 in 2 of his last 3, and has taken to butchering the footy. If he tanks and Rockliff doesn’t (which I think is at least 50% right) then I’ll get a leg up on those 49 sides ahead of me that have him probably.

    Here’s how they finished off 2014 from this point in the season:
    Martin – 102, 103, 76, 86, 103, 79, 95, 94 (Elimination Final)
    Rockliff – 126, 141, 175, 113, 158, 137, 168

    I know this is a terrible idea, but I feel like this is the time for terrible ideas. Thoughts? Anything stupider I could try?


  8. Fairly certain i’ll be moving Wallis on to get Ablett in. Wallis’s form has dropped and his break even means it just about now or never. With this I will also have to move on either Hamling > Maynard/Clurey or Boston > Daniel (via Lambert) depending on team selections.


  9. I’m stuck with this predicament also… have 9 trades left, have 1 spot in Mids and 1 in Def to fill. CEY and Saad (only ripe cows left) out for:

    GAJ & Maynard (1 spot to fill in Def)- T/U

    Rocky & McDonald (full team no GAJ)- T/D


  10. G’day SCT community,

    Just some food for thought….

    Something that I am taking into consideration is the option to put the VC/C on the little master. With Fyfe’s dip in form, our captaincy choices are getting tougher. Many coaches have been burnt by Fyfe the last couple of weeks and coming into the business end of the season, we need to think carefully about our choice of VC/C. In years past, the captain choice has almost been a no-brainer – GAJ! I Iike the sound of a /Fyfe/Ablett combo (along with Goldy) and having a quick look at the fixture, the Fyfe/Ablett loophole can be used basically every week from now:

    Round Ablett: Fyfe
    16 Sat 2:10 Sat 7:40
    17 Sat 2:10 Sat 4:35
    18 Sat 7:20 Sun 4:40
    19 Sat 4:35 Sun 4:40
    20 Sun 1:10 Sun 4:40
    21 Sat 4:35 Sun 4:40
    22 Sat 7:20 Sun 4:40

    I’m still undecided as to whether GAJ makes his way into my side, but I am leaning towards YAY. It will require 2 trades of Selwood/Motlop to GAJ and Lonie to Daniel.

    I don’t really think that there is a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ option. This trade is very dependant on cash/trades and everyone is in a different situation. 🙂


  11. 3 trades left, full upgraded team.

    Taylor hunt (who is my bench player) to Tom Fields
    Ryan Griffen to GAZ.

    Would leave me with one trade though.

    Worth the risk?


  12. I’d be making a luxury trade…

    See I got Gawn in to cover Martin in the rucks with the intention of playing loophole games in the forward line to end the season.

    Then Shane Edwards got injured, Gawn pumped out 150 as did GAJ at a discounted price while Ryan Griffen pumped out another sub-100 score so I decided that the following with 6 trades and limited cash was the best course of action:

    Edwards -> Moore (Opens up a playing DEF/FWD link with Higgins with Byrne and Goddard as cheaper non-playing loophole options)
    Griffen -> Ablett (plus 80k with the Moore trade, 140k with the other two)

    WIll give the suitors in defence another week to impress before trading Pearce out for someone a tad more consistent.


  13. Brods I think you will find Moore will make way for Moneybags Goldsack this week. Greenwood will come in for Adams and Marley Williams will return and most likely take Maynards spot as the running half back.


  14. The great one is a must for me guys, just that 150 chance on a week to week basis is a great C and VC choice over many other players! I’m in a spot of bother on who to trade out though, my worst 2 mids are Griffen amd Selwood, so who gets the chop?!? Selwood missing this week has me leaning towards him…

    TU- trade Selwood
    TD-trade griffen


  15. Shiel going down has allowed me to get Gaz, and complete my midfield with 9 trades left and $170k in the bank.



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