Flavour of The Week – Rd18

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 28 2015

G’day Supercoaches!

I was pretty sure that Ablett would feature again this week, but not in this capacity. He is the most-traded-OUT player of the week with daylight second. Supercoaches were scrambling to recruit young GAJ with his ownership levels shooting up from 6% to 29% in the last two weeks. There are even tales of the following unlucky trades doing the rounds: Ablett – Sloane – Rocky – Sloane – Ablett – ? All to fill the one spot in the midfield, very stiff………hands up if you’ve been cursed by the SC Gods with that doozy!

If you’re one of the 65 404 coaches, then you’ll be looking for the best alternatives. This is also reflected by the list of Most-Traded-IN players of the week (SC Gold as of 8pm on 27.7.15). I’ll look at a few positives for each option, there’s not much to dislike about these guys:

1 – Matt Priddis (WCE – $592,200 MID)
+ Reigning Brownlow Medallist is in fine form again this season. After a relatively ‘slow’ start where his highest score was 106 after Rd4, he has hit the ton in eleven of the last twelve games (the other game was 98 against Collingwood). Ten of those games were over 110+ pts (including 196 against the Suns)! Literally the definition of consistency.
+ Has averaged 110+ points per game over four of the last five years. In 2013, he was concussed in the opening minutes of the Rd5 game against Port. That score of 5 lead to a season average of 100.

2 – Patrick Dangerfield (ADE – $654,800 MID)
+ Seventh highest overall SC scorer till now (would be 3rd if not for the abandoned game against the Cats), he is smashing it! Averaging 121ppg this year, including a last three Round average of 139. Only dropped under the ton twice this year while going over 110 pts in ten games (five times over 130pts)! Huge ceiling………..
+ Despite constant contract distractions, he is having his best SC season to date. Previous best average was 116 ppg in 2012.

3 – Luke Hodge (HAW – $602,100 DEF/MID)
+ In terms of SC output, Hodge is enjoying his best season since 2010 (thanks to Kidd & Chino for keeping me on my toes!). After many years averaging between 85-95, he has gone BANG this year with 113ppg. In his thirteen appearances this year, he has hit the ton on seven occasions. Five of those were over 115! Highest priced defender going around with the added benefit of dual position for flexibility.
+ Gets to play Carlton again in Rd23, that’s gotta be a plus! 😉 (What’s with the fixture?)

4 – Hugh Goddard (STK – $122,300 DEF/FWD)
+ Dual Position Player!
+ Has scored 72 & 49 in his first two games for the Saints.
+ Fourteen disposals against the Demons (seven of which were contested) for his 49pts .
– Was subbed out on the weekend, reminding us of his fragile job security. Keep an eye on team selection on Thursday night!

5 – David Mundy (FRE – $569,000 MID)
+ Lowest scores of 85 & 99 this season, otherwise has gone over the ton in every other game! Having a career best season with an average of 115. Sixth highest scorer of the year yet still only in 11% of all teams, decent POD!
– Kicked the winning goal against Richmond on the weekend, dammit! 😉 Seriously, nice one David………guess I’m still baffled about Houli’s decision making with 1.20min left on the clock.

Nos 6-10: Pendlebury (COLL), Fyfe (FRE), Selwood (GEE), Lewis (HAW), Picken (DOGS)

* It’s the business end of the season, but Badger will still keep us up-to-date on his Rookie Review. Father Dougal continues his ‘Spreadsheet Magic’ in his Cow Talk article. And MJ will show us the hidden value in his Fallen Premiums write-up. Don’t miss out on those!

The usual suspects are still in the running for the Grand Prize. Nickoless is sitting at no.16, about 230 pts off top spot. Sodes is at 37, Andy B at 62 and Based at 75. Best of luck to you guys!! Cattas SCT Challenge remains the strongest league at no.28 overall while SCT AB is down to no.35. Here’s hoping for a big finish!

I probably could’ve gone into more detail with statistics but we’re talking about some of the best players in the competition here. We all know who they are and what they can do. In most cases, you already have one or more of them in your team (which really should be full premo by now). I could list the remaining opponents of each player/team but the class players score well against any opposition. Roo Bloke pointed out during Game Chat that Ben Jacobs has been tagging for North over the last few weeks (kept Rockliff to 50!). Maybe Mundy will be a target there in Rd21? Perhaps Dangerfield’s price could be seen as a negative, being at it’s peak and all. It all comes down to personal preference and your team’s current set-up. If you’re trading in one of the big names above, let us know in the poll below. As always, feel free to add any of your own observations in the comments. Wishing all Supercoaches the best of luck getting into Finals next week!!

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17 thoughts on “Flavour of The Week – Rd18”

  1. Have burnt 5 of 15 trades on Ablett, Rocky, Sloane

    I jump on Priddis this week, sorry to everyone who get fucked over this week because of me.


  2. Good stuff Schwarzy!

    I don’t think you will get any stats backing up The Kidd or for that matter an apology for questioning your research , knowledge , and the work you put into this great article.


  3. As one of the many scers with the great man I’m thinking. Ablett and Saad out for H Goddard and Selwood this week then I will have 480 k to use wherever I need to to get that crucial first league finals win. I have 7 trades left guaranteed top 4. I also want to see who my rivals bring in

    D Shaw Hodge Simpson Newness Gibson Houli Saad Hamling 
    M Fyfe Pendles Ward Lewis Kennedy Parker GAJ Steele Krak Boston
    R Goldy Nic Nat
    F Martin Goddard Dalihaus Swan Mitchell Tarrant Gray McClean

    Thumbs up GAJ Saad for Selwood H Goddard 480 k
    Thumbs down GAJ Saad for Selwood Sidebottom



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