Flavour Of The Week – Rd6

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 27 2016

G’day Supercoaches!

It’s all about one guy this week – Nat Fyfe.  Confirmation is through that he’s fractured his lower leg (same as last years Prelim) and he’ll miss a large part (if not all) of the season.  This is no more evident than the Most Traded Lists as Supercoaches scramble to find the best replacements for the 2015 Brownlow Medalist.  The Burning Question already looked at the best replacements on the site yesterday.  You can check which way the SCT Community is leaning there.  His replacements play a large part in Flavour Of The Week, as do a few rookie options.  Here are the Most-Traded-IN players till now (SC Gold as of 8am, 27.4.16):

1 – Luke Parker (SYD, $582 100 MID)


+ Started the season in scintillating form, averaging 125 SC pts.

+ Has improved his Disposal Efficiency from 65-70% in 2015 to a consistent 75-80% this year (so far).

+ Another 129 pts on the weekend against the Eagles.  25 touches (14 contested), nine clearances & nine tackles.  Was also helped by four free-kicks FOR.

+ Equal 5th overall in contested possessions.  Also averaging five tackles per game.  If he’s not a Top10 Midfielder, then he’s very close!


– Sharing points with JPK, Hanners & Titch, but that hasn’t been a problem till now.


2 – Tom Lee (STK, $123 900 DEF)


+ 61 & 72 pts in his first two games at AFL level.

+ On the bubble with a BreakEven of -60 & projected BEs of -23 and 16.  Last chance to get him this cheap.

+ 14 touches at 85% DE & 77% Time On Ground against the Giants on Sunday.  For more info, check Juddlow’s Rookie Review.


– Rookies and job security go hand-in-hand.  Richo doesn’t mind giving the kids a chance but still not sure that Lee is in the Saints best 22.  Saints fans……help me out here?  Your thoughts on Lee’s job security??


3 – Darcy Byrne-Jones (PTA, $207 600 DEF)


+ One of the few shining lights in a dismal performance from Port on the weekend.  Should have little trouble keeping his spot in amongst that rabble.

+ 61, 97 & 103 in his first three games at AFL level, fantastic start!

+ 26 touches (nine contested) at 80%DE from 86% TOG against the Cats.

+ BE of -78 and projected BEs of -25 & 20 signal more fast price rises coming up.  Again, you’ll find more info on Juddlow’s Rookie Review.


– You’ve already missed $83k in cash growth.  Is it worth jumping on now at $207k?  Or perhaps just wait for the next rookie options next week (Wright, Tucker)?


4 – Patrick Dangerfield (GEE, $650 500 MID)


+ 2nd highest pts scorer till now, he is a must-have……..no ifs, ands or buts!  If you haven’t already got him then Fyfe being ruled out is the perfect excuse.

+ Averaging 128 over the first five Rounds, including 162, 166 & 137.  When he goes large, HE GOES LARGE!

+ 3rd in the comp for contested possessions till now.  Already averaging 30 disposals per game.


– Likes to sing songs from animated films for little girls as part of his pre-match routine 😉  Seriously though, what negatives?  If you haven’t got him, you’ll lag behind……….GET HIM IN!


5 – Sam Mitchell (HAW, $596 800 MID)


+ Age shall not weary him! Can’t………stop………extracting………..

+ #1 possession-getter in the League!  #4 in the League for clearances!

+ 7th highest pts scorer in Supercoach, averaging 120 till now.

+ Four-time Premiership player with over 300 games of experience on his side.


– If I were nit-picking, I’d say he could improve his Disposal Efficiency a touch (currently 71%).  But he’s usually getting those touches out of a pack……..hard to knock the guy……….like I said, nit-picking.


Nos. 6-10: Peter Wright (GCS), Heath Shaw (GWS), Scott Pendlebury (COLL), Max Gawn (MEL), Joel Selwood (GEE).

Most Traded OUT players: Nat Fyfe (FREO), Matt Dea (ESS), Ben Kennedy (MELB), Matthew Suckling (WBD), Connor Menadue (RICH), Alex Rance (RICH), Zac Smith (GEE), Sam Gray (PTA), Jason Johannisen (WBD), Tommy Sheridan (FREO).

Be sure to check out the SCT Leagues Update to see which leagues are up there in the overall competition.  MJ’s Fallen Premiums will give you some of the thrifty replacements for Nat Fyfe.  Father Dougal will advise us on the fattening cows in his Cow Talk thread later today.  Plus Movers & Shakers, The Captains Table and full teams as they’re announced.  Daily Supercoach analysis here at SCT!

So which way are you leaning this week?  Any big PODs coming in for Fyfe?  Or you’re building a war chest for next week perhaps?  Let us know in the poll and comments below………


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8 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd6”

  1. Fyfe and Wingard OUT
    Viney and Ward/Selwood/Parker/Pendles in

    Like Parker but Leaning toward Viney and ward to go against the grain.


    1. Not sure why people are jumping on Viney. His average is only propped up because of one very good game. The rest haven’t been that great..


      1. I’ve had viney all year and he’s been solid without being outstanding, but with Maxie feeding him he will have more big games like that one on the weekend


  2. I’ll be trading Fyfe this week, but won’t say to who as I know my opponent this week reads this forum. Hi WazzaX (wave).

    Re Tom Lee – he’s not really a rookie is he? Isn’t he the guy that was going to replace NRoo a few years ago, but just didn’t make it as big as they expected and had a few injury issues which delayed his progress. I like that he’s rookie priced, but he’s a mature rookie now playing in the backline and probably someone who will come into my side if he is named


  3. Any love for Little Lachie Neale. With Fyfe out he should get plenty of it. He’s been pretty consistent this year. BIG POD.


  4. With the trade of Fyfe to Byrne Jones which defender should Matt Dea be upgraded to.
    Thumbs up- M Boyd
    Thumbs down- R Laird
    Leaning towards Boyd because his breakeven of 88 is lower than Laird’s 119, is capable of a 100+ average and injuries to Johannisen and Suckling should see his scoring increase.



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