Flavour Of The Week – Rd 3

Written by Chillo on April 4 2017

NRoo went down and the newbies bombed in the opening round of the year, but if you managed to stay away from the trade button you would have seen “GnR” make a comeback in Round 2. I will not make any Chinese Democracy jokes here (I think Axl already has that well covered anyway). Hoskin-Elliott, Preuss, Otten, Witts and Powell-Pepper led the charge of the cheapies, and it actually seems safe to go back in the water at the bottom end of the market place again for some trade options….although as you’ll see, the mid-priced player is still hanging in there! Here are the top 5 most traded in players this week (as of 10am, Tuesday April 4):

1. Will Hoskin-Elliott (COL, $213,300, fwd)


+ Has outscored many ‘alleged’ premiums in the first two rounds, boasting an average of 104 after burning the Tigers for 21 possessions, 12 marks and three final quarter goals last week.

+ This comes on top of his impressive JLT form, so he seems to be a reliable on-field option at this stage

+ New club, new WHE. Seems to have settled very nicely in black and white, and job security is as tight as any player at that price


– Former No.4 draft pick, but never really got going in five years at the Giants. Is the past month just a flash in the pan?

– Form is good but he’s still expensive for a cash cow, can you find the cap space for him?  Price growth will be slow if his form drops off

2. Clayton Oliver (MEL, $382,500, mid)


+ The young Red Demon has started the season like the proverbial bull at a gate, taking the Blues for 139 points at his last start

+ Has the best ruckman in the business giving him first use at the stoppage, in fact big Maxy has already nominated Oliver! as his go-to guy

+ He’s the kind of contested-ball mid that Supercoach loves. Tackles like a madman too


– Has only played fourteen games in his whole life, is it too early?

– Awkwardly priced – has to be a keeper if you pick him now, but is he?

3. Andy Otten (ADE, $123,900, def)


+ In a year where budget defenders are thin on the ground, big Otten stepped up in a big way last week with 108 points from only 17 touches. Break even of -82 this week

+ Also spent time forward as a marking target. Versatility can only help his job security

+ It’s just great to see him make it back after a couple of years in the injury wasteland!


– Unfortunately that injury history is a factor, so his selection comes with a certain degree of finger-crossing.

– Can be used as a shutdown defender, which would hurt his scoring.

4. Marc Murphy (CAR, $432,500, mid)


+ Absolutely killing it in the Blues engine room right now, with a 2-game average of 134

+ Has a history as an elite scorer, with four seasons of 110+ ppg under his belt

+ Reaping the benefits of his first full pre-season in three years, and his form does not seem to be affected by his team’s struggles


– Missed 12 games at the back end of last year with an ankle injury. More finger-crossing.

– As the standout mid in his team right now, he is certain to cop more attention from opposing taggers in coming weeks

– Also awkwardly priced, if you take him now you have to expect him to finish the year as a top 10 mid. But will he be?

5. Toby Nankervis (RIC, $366,400, fwd/ruc)


+ The Nank was a hyped pick in the pre-season and has delivered so far, posting back-to-back tons

+ Relishing the opportunity as the lone ruck at a new club, with Maric seemingly out of the picture and the younger Tiger rucks not ready yet

+ Was well beaten in the ruck by Grundy last week but still racked up 124, so his work around the ground makes up for any deficiency at stoppages

+ DPP status is extraordinarily handy (although not last week!)


– Why did he get traded? Because he was stuck at fourth in line at Sydney. Can he keep this form going?

– Still developing the ruck side of his game. If he doesn’t keep his possession count up, his scoring could drop off

#6 – 10: Dan Houston (PTA), Dan Butler (RIC), Caleb Marchbank (CAR), Sam Reid (SYD), Elliot Yeo (WCE)

Most traded OUT players this week: Cam McCarthy (FRE), Dan Hannebery (SYD), Jarrod Pickett (CAR), Mitch Hibberd (NTH), Joel Smith (MEL), Jack Steven (STK), Jack Bowes (GCS), Gary Ablett (GCS), Tim Taranto (GWS), Jarryd Roughead (HAW)

Most popular trades so far this week:

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15 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 3”

  1. I find that my scoring is a little lackluster at the moment, and am concerned about Roughy – doesn’t appear to be the 90 average forward I was hoping for.

    Are the super popular Oliver and Murphy actually worth it? Or are they just the result of the first 2 games being a bit loose and players not being defensive enough? And if so which of the two should I get?

    T/U: Oliver
    T/D : Murphy


  2. It will be interesting to see what happens with Cripps’ jaw. If he plays this week, I’ll be inclined to keep him, but as his interrupted pre-season has slowed his start to the season, I could be tempted to swap him out for someone else if he misses a game or two.

    If it comes to this, which route should I take? Money is not an issue.

    TU: A safe pick like Bontempelli or Selwood
    TD: A speculative pick like Murphy or Oliver


      1. Selwood has the runs on the board and is generally pretty consistent. He’s also coming off an uninterrupted pre-season for once. Danger will more often than not steal any tag.

        Bont on the other hand is likely the first player the opposition tagger will run to. Hasn’t quite got the consistency in his game that Joel does (although this year could be the year).

        Selwood for mine but you can’t really go wrong.


  3. Pretty certain I’m going to bring in Higgins (Roughead out) Been lucky so far having no one I have to trade out/in, so long as Goldy is back this week. One corrective trade that could pay off big time


  4. It’s a real concern that WHE only got a decent score on the back of the last quarter and his 3 goals. Without that, he may have been looking at 30-40 points less and not nearly so attractive.

    Throw in that Elliot may almost come straight back in and it’s a lot of question marks.

    If you had him from the start, then you’d be loving the points, but I’m really not sure it’s worth a trade in.


    1. Yes Taranto to WHE would be silly but a Roughy to WHE would have to be considered. It is the round to remedy problems before they cost you $$$



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