Footy Banter – JAN #2

Written by Schwarzwalder on January 25 2019

Have you got some stats to share with your fellow SCT Coaches?  Who knows…….maybe they’ll get their own post?  Any strategic points you wanted to raise with us?  Or just chat about footy in general?  Then this is your thread………


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  1. Just getting my rookie-list updated and with quite a few mature-agers being picked up from VFL, WAFL and SANFL this year in search of the next Tim Kelly (I know NEAFL doesn’t compare), but I wonder about the comparative strengths of the other three state leagues.

    If say Casey, BoxHill, Subiaco, SthFreo, Norwood and NthAdel were to play off in a mini-finals series at season’s end, who do we think would win/lose? Just trying to get a steer on relative numbers.

    Thanks in advance for any insights. Given they are all established state leagues and feature the best of their own, there may be little or no margin and I might be overthinking this?!? Please say that too, if it’s what you think. Thanks all


  2. Does anyone have a defence setup that their sold on, disregarding jlt? If the season started tomorrow, yep I’m super happy with this, without a doubt these are the players I want over everyone else?
    I can’t wait to see ‘THE TEAM’


    1. Hey TOF
      If it started tomorrow then we’d know who the rookies are. I think FT gave a sensible summation on FD’s slow-picking strategy.
      Depending on rookies, you’re likely gonna end up with either three Uber premos (if there are five GOOD rookies), or two Ubers and two likely lads if there are only 4 GOOD rookies.

      I’ll definitely be starting Lloyd and Whitfield (and Collins if he starts) whatever the rookie numbers. After that, it’s anyone’s guess, but have 5-7 players I’d be happy to start with and those selections’ll be based on rookies and $$$s, come that last week before start.

      As I think I said in pre-season ramblings, that extended list of your ‘maybe’ starters should be a living list with nobody dropping off it (apart from Docherty obviously), only where they sit in your list of priorities, as more info/knowledge becomes available (eg new Kick-in Rules). Colour code them with byes ((c)FT) and make detailed notes on each. That way you’re best prepared for any eventuality.

      I also think FD’s point about not getting sucked in to a last minute change on a whim is critical. Building this type of list, SHOULD ensure you don’t do that. Good luck 😉


    2. Confident on one of these two DEF’s depending on what final MID structure is.

      DEF A

      DEF B


  3. Thoughts on Callum Mills at $429k,? been training with midfield group and apparently dominated intraclub match playing in the guts.


      1. Yep mine too.

        As discussed by allsaints above.

        This is my Plan A.

        If there’s enough defensive rookies R1 ,my back line will look like this…

        Lloyd / Whitfield / Williams / Collins and 4 other cows.

        This my plan B

        If there’s only Collins and 3 other cows I like. I will have to drop Lloyd and structure like this.

        Whitfield / Williams / Mills* / Roberton* / Collins + 3 cows.

        The *’ed players are mainly in there as price points.

        They could be just as easily be Blakey and Ellis or Witherden and Hanley.
        This all depends on Fitness ,JLT form and what there roles are at their clubs.

        I really hope that enough rookies show up so I can start Lloyd.

        Hot enough for you in Melbourne this weekend?


        1. Liking both plans but am increasingly concerned for Roberton and his role. It seems both Hind and Webster are ahead in the queue now, sharing HBF and wing duties with the an eye on the new 6-6-6 rule.
          I feel like clubs are over-planning for a rule that won’t have such a big impact, but anyway, that brings me on to a pressing question I have for all you SCTers who have a far better understanding of the game than me. Stats on the other hand? I love data!

          So, I’m working through some stats/data for a piece and would appreciate some clarity regarding a player’s lawful movement beyond the designated starting zones at Centre bounces.
          When is a player allowed to venture outside his designated starting position when it comes to Centre bounces? Is it:
          1. When the ball is initially bounced,
          2. When a designated ruckman or ano player ‘touches’ the ball after the initial bounce, or
          3. something else entirely?

          This is kinda critical to my analysis (which will be shared if good enough) on the implications of the new Centre bounce Rule.
          If you know the answer with 100% certainty, then please respond. That way, I hope we can get a thread up and running very soon with some concrete stats to form a basis from which to start a helpful forum. The SCT community with far more extensive knowledge of footy can then challenge, expand on, or suggest completely new ideas of the likely consequences of said Rule.

          Thanks all in advance

          PS it’s been freakin hot thanks FT, but doesn’t bother me when it’s not humid. Been inside building spreadsheets a fair bit, then diving in the BigW backyard pool with the littl’un when it’s just too hot to bear. Perfect


          1. Sounds good allsaints.

            I don’t know the answer to your 6/6/6 question.

            I do know that at a centre bounces in the past, only the ruck man and 3 mids were allowed inside the centre square ” until the ball is bounced.”

            I would assume that the 6 defenders and 6 forwards starting inside the 50 meter arc. Will only be able to leave that zone ” when the ball is bounced”

            I would also assume the wingers will still be able to roam between the arcs and only enter the centre square ( or the forward 50 arcs),” when the ball is bounced”

            I hope that makes some sense.

            Happy Straya Day!


            1. I also thought. Re 6/6/6.

              That they are trying to stop coaches running a few extra numbers off the back of the square, and crowding up the middle when there’s no quick clearance.

              I think at grounds like the SCG the 50m arc is so close to the centre square, It shouldn’t affect things too much.

              At bigger grounds there maybe a bit more time before those half back runners can get too the contest.

              This is why I think those quick guys playing H/B, like Whitfield will get to the contest sooner giving them the advantage.

              Once again just going on my gut. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out.


              1. Reckon you’re right about the rule FT.
                It would be crazy if they were not allowed to leave their zones until the ball was outside the 50 metre square……but then again AFL is always looking for ways to keep their insurance premiums and claims to a minimum.


          2. Allsaints, I love that SuperCoach let’s stats nerds (like me) feel like we can be a part of the sporting world 🙂 glad you’re using your superpower for the good of the SCT community!


  4. What’s everyone’s thoughts on how the 6-6-6 rule is going to affect the scoring of loose backs? Are we going to see players like Sicily become more accountable for their man and potentially hinder their SC output?


    1. I think so Ash.
      IMO………The players roles will be hard ball getters and running receivers……hence the balking up of some players, and the slimming down of others. The teams will be working on a triangular rotation system ie bench-forwards-on ballers, depending on which team got the goal to depend on which rotation.
      Defenders will be programmed to do all three amongst themselves.
      Hence interchange selections will be HBG, REC, Forwards and VDef (Versatile Defenders), thus a tall forward as a 2nd Ruckman role.
      …..Remember watch JLT closely…….but I ‘spose what would an’ old man like me know anyway………..


      1. Alf Art nice vision, you write like a def line coach. Can you provide you views on R2 position. It’s given me headaches. R1 Grundy. And do you consider Sicily a running receiver.


  5. What do we think about Harley Bennell?

    I know he’s been rife with off-field drama (even as recently as late last year), but Lyon vouched for him and according to team mates his fitness is “the best [they’ve] seem him since the Gold Coast days”. During his time at the Gold Coast he previously averaged 97.5, 96.5, 95.7 and 101.5 between 2012 – 2015 and is now priced at only 167k.

    Assuming he continues to check all the boxes (fitness, behavior, game-time), I think I’d consider him. Interested to hear everyone else’s thoughts.


    1. If he’s named round 1 just put him in. Same gamble as a rookies job security. Most people have a spare 40k after final team, so might as well use it. But don’t change your team to get him in. I wouldn’t trade him in during the season though.


      1. Sound advice. I mean some people are going to be paying between 180k – 200k for some rookies, as so long as Bennell is getting games I don’t see too much of a problem considering his output would probably be better if he ticked the aforementioned boxes.

        Any objections?


        1. Sure up your defence and forward expensive rookies first, you will probably need 1-3. Don’t downgrade them for benell.


    1. Maybe AS, or should I say Hopefully AS, his set game plan is already set out.
      This matchup training is often used as practice on set plays (new and old) before the real season practice games (JLT) start. Hence this is why you see blokes swap sides and some only play half games.
      As I said AS,……..Hopefully…….and remember what these blokes were put through instead of playing….advanced training!!!!


  6. All this fort at r2 talk. It’s getting hard to stick to my guns and run set and forget. I just keep telling myself there walking into a big trap. Not enough points, to many trades to make it viable. Pulling it off is a huge long shot. But then again upgrading all your Williams, miles, greens to premiums is something.


    1. Just take him at R3 and enjoy the cash. He won’t outscore Gawn or Grundy. So few rucks get to that level.

      Having said that, since I’m not starting Gawndy, I might put him at R2 instead of R3 if he goes good.


  7. Ok so its time to start thinking about rookie JS.

    I ask myself. Common sense says rookies will have a better chance of holding their spot in a side, if they are named on field? ,as opposed to on the bench?

    So i’m thinking…..

    If I have to decide on Carlton rookies before we even know who’s named on the extended Sunday benches. ( St Kilda, Freo, GCS )

    Is it safer to only go Carlton players that are named on field ?
    Stocker and Walsh maybe the exception as they are unlikely to get starting midfield spots.

    What I’m trying to say is, If Williamson is named on the H/B/F.

    Can we lock him in?

    If Williamson is only named on the interchange. Should we avoid.
    As his price is high and we won’t be sure of his role.

    Do we have any stats that could back this up?

    I would also like to know if there’s any numbers on rookies that played at least the first 6 rounds
    How many of them were named round 1 on field and how many were named on the bench ?
    Where these rookies selected Mid Forward or Back ?

    I have a feeling, you are safer picking midfield rookies that started on the interchange, than forward or defensive ones.

    I know there’s some one out there that can help me solve this puzzle.

    Stats guys?


    1. Williamson is off my list based on how he’s training at present. Marcus Adams is another one with similar issues, as is Koschitzke.

      Rookies who are not fit and firing in preseasons are late starters or next year starters.


    2. AS ….I think, has done another great review on rookies. Starting rookies selected on field average more points compared to rookies selected on the pine.


  8. Sorry for all the typo’s

    May have had an extra beer with lunch 😉

    Pretty sure Doedee was named on field R1 last year.


    1. I can help with who played the first six games but not with the team sheets. An arduous (time-consuming) process, but you could do worse than go through the teamsheets dropped on here Wednesday before that first game.
      Don’t forget, there are also a few coaches who reveal in the week up to Rd1 who is gonna debut for them which will also help us.
      I think I’m gonna go and have a look now 🙂


      1. I could ONLY find the FINAL teams for Rd1 and NOT with the longer I/CHANGE lists. Annoying but here they are anyway:

        Richmond v Carlton
        MCG , 7:25pm AEDT Thursday, March 22, 2018
        B Alex Rance, David Astbury, Dylan Grimes
        HB Nick Vlastuin, Kamdyn McIntosh, Brandon Ellis
        C Shaun Grigg, Reece Conca, Trent Cotchin
        HF Shai Bolton, Jack Graham, Jacob Townsend
        F Jack Riewoldt, Josh Caddy, Dan Butler
        Fol Toby Nankervis, Kane Lambert, Dustin Martin
        I/C Shane Edwards, Jason Castagna, Jayden Short, Corey Ellis
        No Late Change
        In No Change
        B Kade Simpson, Liam Jones, Caleb Marchbank
        HB Dale Thomas, Ciaran Byrne, Lachie Plowman
        C Aaron Mullett, Patrick Cripps, Marc Murphy
        HF Zac Fisher, Levi Casboult, Ed Curnow
        F Matthew Wright, Charlie Curnow, Jed Lamb
        Fol Matthew Kreuzer, Matthew Kennedy, Sam Petrevski-Seton
        I/C Jack Silvagni, Paddy Dow, Jarrod Garlett, Jacob Weitering
        No Late Change
        In No Change
        New Aaron Mullett, Matthew Kennedy, Paddy Dow, Jarrod Garlett
        Milestones:Paddy Dow – Played 1st game

        Essendon v Adelaide Crows
        MRVL , 7:50pm AEDT Friday, March 23, 2018
        B Conor McKenna, Michael Hurley, Michael Hartley
        HB Adam Saad, Mitch Brown, Brendon Goddard
        C David Zaharakis, Zach Merrett, Darcy Parish
        HF Jake Stringer, Cale Hooker, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti
        F Joshua Begley, Joe Daniher, James Stewart
        Fol Tom Bellchambers, Dyson Heppell, Devon Smith
        I/C Andrew McGrath, Josh Green, Kyle Langford, Matt Dea
        No Late Change
        In No Change
        New Adam Saad, Jake Stringer, Devon Smith
        Adelaide Crows
        B Jake Kelly, Daniel Talia, Kyle Hartigan
        HB Rory Laird, Luke Brown, Tom Doedee
        C Rory Atkins, Rory Sloane, Paul Seedsman
        HF Bryce Gibbs, Mitch McGovern, Curtly Hampton
        F Eddie Betts, Josh Jenkins, Darcy Fogarty
        Fol Sam Jacobs, Richard Douglas, Matt Crouch
        I/C Hugh Greenwood, David Mackay, Cameron Ellis-Yolmen, Lachlan Murphy
        No Late Change
        In No Change
        New Tom Doedee, Bryce Gibbs, Darcy Fogarty, Lachlan Murphy
        Milestones:Tom Doedee, Darcy Fogarty, Lachlan Murphy – Played 1st game
        Last updated: 10:53PM Friday, March 23, 2018

        St Kilda v Brisbane Lions
        MRVL , 3:35pm AEDT Saturday, March 24, 2018
        St Kilda
        B Jarryn Geary, Nathan J. Brown, Dylan Roberton
        HB Jimmy Webster, Jake Carlisle, Shane Savage
        C Ben Long, Koby Stevens, Jack Newnes
        HF Blake Acres, Paddy McCartin, Jack Billings
        F Jade Gresham, Josh Bruce, Tim Membrey
        Fol Billy Longer, Sebastian Ross, Jack Steven
        I/C Jack Steele, Hunter Clark, David Armitage, Jack Sinclair
        No Late Change
        In No Change
        New Hunter Clark
        Brisbane Lions
        B Daniel Rich, Daniel McStay, Darcy Gardiner
        HB Luke Hodge, Harris Andrews, Nick Robertson
        C Lewis Taylor, Dayne Zorko, Sam Mayes
        HF Allen Christensen, Josh Walker, Hugh McCluggage
        F Mitch Robinson, Eric Hipwood, Charlie Cameron
        Fol Stefan Martin, Jarrod Berry, Dayne Beams
        I/C Tom Bell, Cameron Rayner, Alex Witherden, Ryan Lester
        No Late Change
        In No Change
        New Luke Hodge, Charlie Cameron, Cameron Rayner
        Milestones:Mitch Robinson – Played 150th game, Cameron Rayner – Played 1st game
        Last updated: 6:33PM Saturday, March 24, 2018

        Port Adelaide v Fremantle
        AO , 4:05pm ACDT Saturday, March 24, 2018
        Port Adelaide
        B Riley Bonner, Tom Jonas, Dougal Howard
        HB Darcy Byrne-Jones, Tom Clurey, Hamish Hartlett
        C Steven Motlop, Ollie Wines, Jared Polec
        HF Travis Boak, Jack Watts, Chad Wingard
        F Justin Westhoff, Charlie Dixon, Tom Rockliff
        Fol Paddy Ryder, Brad Ebert, Sam Gray
        I/C Sam Powell-Pepper, Todd Marshall, Dom Barry, Dan Houston
        No Late Change
        In No Change
        New Steven Motlop, Jack Watts, Tom Rockliff, Dom Barry
        B Nathan Wilson, Michael Johnson, Luke Ryan
        HB Bailey Banfield, Alex Pearce, Darcy Tucker
        C Ed Langdon, Connor Blakely, Cameron Sutcliffe
        HF Lachie Neale, Matt Taberner, Hayden Ballantyne
        F Michael Walters, Cam McCarthy, Brandon Matera
        Fol Aaron Sandilands, Nat Fyfe, David Mundy
        I/C Danyle Pearce, Andrew Brayshaw, Bradley Hill, Shane Kersten
        No Late Change
        In No Change
        New Nathan Wilson, Bailey Banfield, Brandon Matera, Andrew Brayshaw
        Milestones:Bailey Banfield – Played 1st game, Andrew Brayshaw – Played 1st game
        Last updated: 7:03PM Saturday, March 24, 2018

        Gold Coast Suns v North Melbourne
        CS , 6:25pm AEST Saturday, March 24, 2018
        Gold Coast Suns
        B Jarrod Harbrow, Rory Thompson, Jesse Joyce
        HB Michael Rischitelli, Steven May, Kade Kolodjashnij
        C Lachie Weller, Jarryd Lyons, Jack Bowes
        HF Jack Martin, Tom J. Lynch, Aaron Young
        F Darcy MacPherson, Sam Day, Alex Sexton
        Fol Jarrod Witts, Touk Miller, David Swallow
        I/C Nick Holman, Brayden Fiorini, Ben Ainsworth, Matt Rosa
        No Late Change
        In No Change
        New Lachie Weller, Aaron Young, Nick Holman
        North Melbourne
        B Marley Williams, Scott D. Thompson, Luke McDonald
        HB Jamie Macmillan, Robbie Tarrant, Ed Vickers-Willis
        C Luke Davies-Uniacke, Ben Jacobs, Billy Hartung
        HF Shaun Atley, Jarrad Waite, Jack Ziebell
        F Kayne Turner, Ben Brown, Ryan Clarke
        Fol Todd Goldstein, Shaun Higgins, Ben Cunnington
        I/C Nathan Hrovat, Trent Dumont, Jed Anderson, Jy Simpkin
        No Late Change
        In No Change
        New Luke Davies-Uniacke, Billy Hartung
        Milestones:Luke Davies-Uniacke – Played 1st game

        Hawthorn v Collingwood
        MCG , 7:25pm AEDT Saturday, March 24, 2018
        B James Frawley, Ben Stratton, Tim O’Brien
        HB Blake Hardwick, James Sicily, Ryan Burton
        C Ricky Henderson, Jaeger O’Meara, Isaac Smith
        HF Jack Gunston, Ryan Schoenmakers, Shaun Burgoyne
        F Paul Puopolo, Jarryd Roughead, Luke Breust
        Fol Ben McEvoy, Tom Mitchell, Jarman Impey
        I/C Taylor Duryea, Liam Shiels, Daniel Howe, Cyril Rioli
        No Late Change
        In No Change
        New Jarman Impey
        Milestones:Jack Gunston – Played 150th game
        B Jack Crisp, Lynden Dunn, Brayden Maynard
        HB Tom Langdon, Darcy Moore, Jeremy Howe
        C Steele Sidebottom,Scott Pendlebury, Josh Smith
        HF Josh Thomas, Ben Reid, Will Hoskin-Elliott
        F Jaidyn Stephenson, Mason Cox, Ben Crocker
        Fol Brodie Grundy, Adam Treloar, Tom Phillips
        I/C Sam Murray, Travis Varcoe, Taylor Adams, James Aish
        No Late Change
        In No Change
        New Jaidyn Stephenson, Sam Murray
        Milestones:Jaidyn Stephenson – Played 1st game, Sam Murray – Played 1st game

        GWS Giants v Western Bulldogs
        UNSW , 1:10pm AEDT Sunday, March 25, 2018
        GWS Giants
        B Heath Shaw, Phil Davis, Jeremy Finlayson
        HB Aidan Corr, Nick Haynes, Brett Deledio
        C Lachie Whitfield, Stephen Coniglio, Josh Kelly
        HF Toby Greene, Jeremy Cameron, Tim Taranto
        F Matt de Boer, Harry Himmelberg, Jonathon Patton
        Fol Rory Lobb, Dylan Shiel, Callan Ward
        I/C Sam J. Reid, Adam Tomlinson, Daniel Lloyd, Zac Langdon
        No Late Change
        In No Change
        New Zac Langdon
        Milestones:Zac Langdon – Played 1st game
        Western Bulldogs
        B Fletcher Roberts, Zaine Cordy, Lachie Hunter
        HB Bailey Williams, Aaron Naughton, Hayden Crozier
        C Matthew Suckling, Tom Liberatore, Jack Macrae
        HF Tim English, Jackson Trengove, Toby McLean
        F Billy Gowers, Easton Wood, Jason Johannisen
        Fol Jordan Roughead, Marcus Bontempelli, Mitch Honeychurch
        I/C Josh Dunkley, Luke Dahlhaus, Shane Biggs, Bailey Dale
        No Late Change
        In No Change
        New Aaron Naughton, Hayden Crozier, Jackson Trengove, Billy Gowers
        Milestones:Aaron Naughton – Played 1st game, Billy Gowers – Played 1st game

        Melbourne v Geelong Cats
        MCG , 3:20pm AEDT Sunday, March 25, 2018
        B Michael Hibberd, Jake Lever, Neville Jetta
        HB Jayden Hunt, Oscar McDonald, Nathan Jones
        C Josh Wagner, Jordan Lewis, Christian Salem
        HF Christian Petracca, Cameron Pedersen,Jake Melksham
        F Bayley Fritsch, Jesse Hogan, Jeff Garlett
        Fol Max Gawn, Clayton Oliver, Alex Neal-Bullen
        I/C James Harmes, Mitch Hannan, Corey Maynard, Bernie Vince
        No Late Change
        In No Change
        New Jake Lever, Bayley Fritsch
        Milestones:Bayley Fritsch – Played 1st game
        Geelong Cats
        B Jake Kolodjashnij, Harry Taylor, Zach Tuohy
        HB Mark Blicavs, Tom Stewart, Jed Bews
        C Cameron Guthrie, Joel Selwood, Mitch Duncan
        HF Cory Gregson, Esava Ratugolea, James Parsons
        F Lachie Fogarty, Tom Hawkins, Brandan Parfitt
        Fol Zac Smith, Gary Ablett, Sam Menegola
        I/C Daniel Menzel, Tim Kelly, Jordan Murdoch, Zach Guthrie
        No Late Change
        In No Change
        New Esava Ratugolea, Lachie Fogarty, Tim Kelly
        Milestones:Esava Ratugolea , Lachie Fogarty Tim Kelly – Played 1st game

        West Coast Eagles v Sydney Swans
        OS , 4:20pm AWST Sunday, March 25, 2018
        West Coast Eagles
        B Brad Sheppard, Tom Barrass, Shannon Hurn
        HB Liam Duggan, Jeremy McGovern, Elliot Yeo
        C Chris Masten, Jack Redden, Lewis Jetta
        HF Jamie Cripps, Jake Waterman, Daniel Venables
        F Jackson Nelson, Jack Darling, Mark LeCras
        Fol Nic Naitanui, Luke Shuey, Andrew Gaff
        I/C Liam Ryan, Dom Sheed, Scott Lycett, Will Schofield
        No Late Change
        In No Change
        New Jake Waterman, Daniel Venables, Liam Ryan
        Milestones:Jake Waterman , Daniel Venables Liam Ryan – Played 1st game
        Sydney Swans
        B Nick Smith, Heath Grundy, Lewis Melican
        HB Callum Mills, Dane Rampe, Harry Cunningham
        C Zak Jones, Josh P. Kennedy, Jake Lloyd
        HF George Hewett, Robbie Fox, Will Hayward
        F Tom Papley, Lance Franklin, Kieren Jack
        Fol Callum Sinclair, Luke Parker, Isaac Heeney
        I/C Jarrad McVeigh, Oliver Florent, Dean Towers, Nic Newman
        No Late Change
        In No Change
        Milestones:Dean Towers – Played 50th game
        Last updated: 7:23PM Sunday, March 25, 2018


          1. Wow you are a beast allsaints.

            *Ave at 6 games

            I know Doedee (87.7* ), S Murray ( 72.7*), Brayshaw, (52.8*) Finlayson ( 87.6*) all played the first 6 games for mixed results.

            I will try to find some more I remember.
            And check where these guys were named to start R1.


              1. I know allsaints will put together something a bit easier to read.

                I can’t let him do all the work so ,I will try to do the best I can to put together what I have so far on Rookie JS based on last years guys.

                These guys all debuted Round 1 .
                I have included their average after 6 rounds if they made it that far.

                Named on ground R1 (winners.)

                Doedee (87)
                Finlayson (87)
                Stephanson (68)
                Waterman ( 65)
                T English (65)
                Fritsch (65) actually missed R5 but came back with a 90 R6 and was a success anyway)

                Named on ground R1 (losers.)

                LDU (seems to buck the trend. went nowhere and was expensive too.)

                Named R1 on bench (winners).

                T Kelly (99)
                Holeman (70)

                Named R1 on bench (Losers.)

                Dow (50) he was $$ so a loss.
                Zac Langdon
                All failed to play enough early or scored so poorly that they really weren’t worth owning.

                This is a very small sample size but it seems to trend as I thought.
                Its safer to pick a rookie that is named on ground R1 The exception being some midfielders

                It also seems (Last year at least) that the only expensive rookie that did alright was Stephenson.($180k) all the others were $123k or under.

                I would love to hear of any other rookies / cows from that started R1 last year. Is there some I missed?


                  1. Thanks allsaints.

                    I will check it out again.

                    I think its interesting to look back to see if we can learn any lessons from last years cows. Good or bad. 😉


                    1. Wow allsaints , I forgot how much work you have done on rookies from last year already. Thanks for that.

                      I do know if Collins is named on field R1 this year. I will be locking him in without hesitation.


                1. Yep I missed a couple of Freo players.

                  B. Banfield ( 62) was a (win) named on ground.

                  Brayshaw (52) was ( loss at his high starting price) named on the bench.

                  anyone else?


                2. Word of advice with team selections: If you compare the team sheets between & fox sports generally there’s a few bench players swapped around (i.e. listed on the bench on one side and fwd pocket on the other). No idea why they’re different as I’d assume they’d get the team sheet from the same source but might give an idea of where a rookie is expected to play if they’re named on the bench on one site. Although it makes any theories of starting positions pretty hard, might be worth comparing the two if one gives a more accurate reading than the other!


                  1. Good one Ash. I thought it was you who had looked at team-sheet positions vs SC output vs actual playing spots.

                    Think I might start recording that this coming season as I have no doubt it has relevance. Using FanFooty’s match day analysis (pretty accurate), we can check:
                    – who is the more reliable source (afl or fox)
                    – which coaches just throw the list on a sheet any which way
                    – and which coaches are fairly accurate/diligent
                    – just how untrustworthy Mr Magnets is 😉 , and
                    – ave. by ACTUAL position rather than teamsheets or worse, SuperCoach!!

                    If ANYONE has any other thoughts on what else we should be looking out for, please let me know NOW as it will be easier to include in a spreadsheet from the start rather than in retrospect. Cheers


                    1. Yeah it’s amazing what you can do with a bit of spare time on the weekend! I think it’s definitely something worth looking although it’s risky looking into it too much rather than the actual role they are playing. Although it’s common to see coaches list a rookie on the field when they’ve come out and guaranteed them a game to save any doubt of whether they’ll be on the team sheet or not when final teams drop.

                      For those interested here were the findings for Dunkley, McLean, Wingard & Gray again. Will hopefully do a couple more in the next few days.


  9. Mr Magnets is at it again …
    “I’m not too sure (where I’ll play). That’s one of the things that ‘Bevo’ really instils in you is to be a three-line player as much as you can. So it depends on where he wants me to play and where I’m playing my best football.”
    Who said that?!?
    Answers on a postcard to:
    PO BOX 123


    1. Man what is going on this year in Supercoach? All of my insta-locks keep dropping left right and centre 🙁

      But in all seriousness if this is true this means much more than Supercoach, hoping for a speedy recovery!


    2. Ooh, nasty. That removes a certain lock for me. Dammit. Zac Williams it will be.

      Poor fella. Wish him a speedy recovery.


      1. I’m gutted to hear about Blakey.

        I hope he can get back pre Byes, and help out whats left of our season at that stage. Heal well son we need you!

        I’m not sure how it affects other Freo players yet.

        Bennell maybe more likely to get a game” IF “fit.

        Knowing FURL though ,when Bennel finally gets a game.He will probably be asked to play a role down back (maybe back pocket on a small forward) or as a defensive forward.Keeping a close eye on the oppo’s top half back.

        There won’t be any easy kicks for Harley, not to start with anyway.


  10. KB’s Always Right is a league I have been in the last few years, I have changed my email address this year and would like to go around again. Does that league belong to anyone on here?


    1. I’d probably post this in the JOIN MY LEAGUE thread too. More likely to be seen there. I think you can also search by League name on the SC website.
      Good luck.


  11. So no wines and no wingard. Thinking rockliff at m6. He will be my 14th player with no expectation on him. Almost everyone else is a durable selection.
    Please talk me out of this. Except he’s not effecting my structure. Him or Williams.


    1. Had a shoulder reconstruction over the preseason – still not back to full contact training.

      You’d be better off picking Powell-Pepper who is priced similarly, is in his 3rd season and has smashed training records at Port.

      Having said that, I’m not taking either personally.


  12. Just wondering what peoples thoughts on Andrew McGrath are ?
    Dual position,
    Coming into his 3rd year
    Training the house down (but then isn’t everyone at the moment !!)
    Priced at $384,300.
    Do you think he is worth having in the back line as a slightly cheaper option than Witherden ?


    1. With Heppell still not taking part in match sim, I am not sure he’ll get the required midfield minutes to start him.
      Thinking you’re right about burning the house down … everyone is!
      I’d be watching like a hawk for signs. NB a lot of players tend to breakout (huge SC increase) during the season itself, stepping up to fill a bigger role when an elite goes down with an LTI (eg Harmes for Viney, Dunkley for McLean).
      I’d be looking for potential breakouts at this point, at clubs who have already lost guns for the year (either traded or LTIs) … and we all know who they are!


    2. I reckon he’s worth the punt Westoz if you don’t like the look of the other defender bargains.
      One of the best SC first years of any #1 draft pick this century, second year as a defender to hone the only weakness in his game, third year takes the midfield Mantle from little Zach who peaked in 2016 and has gone backwards each year since.
      Zach fans will disagree but you can’t deny the facts


  13. Can anyone else feel something In The Air Tonight? Take a Look at Me Now, I’m in a Land of Confusion!

    * time to don the shirt and flat cap 🙂


  14. I saw in an article on another supercoach page (not naming names) that no Gold Coast player aside from Ablett has averaged over 100 since 2015. Does this turn anyone off Miles seeing it looks like this will be the worst Gold Coast team fielded since it’s inception days?


      1. 100% but would still be handy to keep him up to his bye round and flick him for a Rd 13 mid. My concern is that instead of averaging 90-100 he might end up averaging 80-90. In that case you’d probably be better off downgrading to a rookie and getting another premo in your team.


        1. Has been covered before. General consensus is m6 is good, m5 is risky. At m5 he will get smashed by Martin Merritt and Co. At m6 he gets you an uber premium sooner so long as he keeps a300k price. And his extra cash elsewhere helps, while he outscores a rookie.


          1. Yep it’s been said. But the question is that in a less Supercoach friendly side being the Gold Coast Suns are his scores likely to be lower than what our expectations are for him? Two of the three seasons Miles scored decently Richmond made finals. The other Richmond missed the 8 and he had his lowest average of the 3 (by almost 8ppg I might add). No doubt he’s likely to be given more responsibility in the midfield but in a side that’s going to be spanked by 100 points each week is he really going to score that well? He’s currently in my team at the moment but just some food for thought.


    1. I also heard that every midfield player called Dayne has averaged 100+ on multiple occasions but it doesn’t make Zorko or Beams any more attractive to me in 2019 though.
      Also, the site that you’re referring to has NEVER had a writer/contributor or commenter finish inside top 100 maybe even top 300 so, better to just laugh it off as irrelevant and focus on this site.


  15. Every season you allow yourself a couple of corrective trades early on.
    So how about downgrading a couple of premium midfielders that you aren’t 100% on to rookies that you have faith in. There by starting 5 infield rookies plus the 3 on bench gives you a pool of 8 mid rookies. So after round one use that cash to trade out the dropped or obviously low scoring rookies to 2premiums that you are more sure about now.
    This gives you a better chance of having the top rookies, and having a chance at the must have mids. Yes you will cop a lower score round 1, but after that you have used your corrective trades to secure must have premium mids and rookies in 1 hit.
    As opposed to corrective trading mids first then rookies on bubble.


      1. Build your team, then for example, downgrade macrae(back up his average?) and Oliver (shoulders) to 2 named mature aged rookies(if quite a few are named, looks possible) leave money in the bank.
        Now if macrae gets tagged and goes 70 and Oliver goes 120, your replacement rookies will cover some points.
        Next round any rookies that are not named or scored less than fifty and based on job security, get upgraded to Oliver but not macrae, let him drop, get dusty(going to play middle) or Neale (new team is no problem) instead. There by getting rid of 2 useless rookies and giving you a better chance to have 2 uber premiums.
        So rather than just sideways trade 2 rookies your also getting in 2 premiums you know you want to start. People did it or contemplated it with danger last year.

        This is all just conjecture and a bit of “banter”


    1. Maybe the reverse TOF.
      Instead of starting 5 rookies on field and having a massive bank balance why not start 3 rookies and 5 premo with zero bank balance. Then if one or two of your premo’s aren’t up to scratch downgrade them to any rooks that you missed. That is more likely to give you better round 1-2 scores and also get you the missed rookies. Whilst prices are static there’s zero benefit in starting an untried rookie that you have faith in instead of starting a premium that you have doubts about.


      1. David and TOF,
        Both these theories can work.
        It’s just a matter of luck, which teams are playing which teams, who’s availiable, etc….
        I’ve tried both, and they worked…..for the first few rounds,
        then “Murphy” got involved and then you just keep wishing you did the other option.


  16. How about creating a “Crystal Ball/ Seasons Predictions’ page where we coaches can document our predictions and then compare them to actuality in the pre-season next year?
    I’ll start it off.
    Adelaide – Rory Sloane will bounce back to supercoach relevance in first half of the year.
    Brisbane – Andrews will be a must have defender, Neale will disappoint
    Carlton – Gibbons will be the best cash cow rookie, Fisher will be a top 10-fwd
    Collingwood – Grundy will drop 80k in first 6-weeks
    Essendon – McGrath will break out Merrett will continue his slide
    Freo – Lobb will be a top 10-fwd
    Gold Coast – I don’t care about this mob at all but obvipously their mature age rooks will be of benefit.
    Geelong – Best rookie ruck will be Fort
    GWS – Kelly will will be a must have (I know that’s easy pickings)
    Hawthorn – Sicily will miss a minimum 3 games and Worpel will not improve, Chad will be Same old-Same old
    Melbourne – Max will drop his ave by at least 7, Brayshaw will replace Oliver as best SC mid at the club
    Norf- Hall will be a good early season SC Pod and McKay a low scoring def ala Nathan Brown
    Port – Lycett will destroy Paddy’s SC relevance, Gray will break down and miss 4+
    Tigers – Jack will spit dummy at Lynch, Dusty will get pinged for straight arm high contact and not improve his SC ave, Higgins wont lose money
    Saints – Roberton will be best value def, Longer best value ruck for $increase
    Swans -Mills will have a breakout and ave 95+
    Eagles- Darling best KPF and Coleman, Gaff increase ave by 5+
    Dogs – Bont will return to his best at the expense of McCrae i.e bonts increase will = McCraes decrease

    Absolutely no point in disagreeing yet the season hasn’t started 🙂


  17. Oliver Vs Libba
    Libba 2xknee reco Vs Oliver bilateral Shoulder reco.

    I’ve had 2 knee recos (in 1980’s) on the same knee and managed to play another 10 seasons without a problem
    I’ve had 1 shoulder reco (2009) and still can’t wipe my butt properly.
    Shoulders are really hard to fix because they move in 3 directions up/down – fwd/back and around, Knees only move in 1 direction.
    IMO put a line through Clayton for SC this year and get on Tom


    1. Nothing like personal experience! I had a bruised heel in 2017 and knew when Buddy suffered one last year I shouldn’t trade him into my side. I still did anyway and for the next 4 weeks he went 48, DNP, DNP, DNP (I was banking on his football ability being much better than mine ;)).


  18. Do people want to start a thread about possible jlt rule points to discuss.
    I’m not talking about what player will do what now but more a general, how the rules effect positions.
    Try to get an idea of what to analyse when the time comes.
    Not I think this player will do well because of this (that will come later) but, let’s see what this rule could or will potentially do to this position.
    Just something to work off for post jlt, these are the questions we want answered asap…?


  19. I read on this morning that Jake Lloyd’s absence from match sim is due to a hip issue and he’s on running duties. The Swans have been experimenting with Jackson Thurlow on kick-in duties too. Watch this space!


  20. Hey, fellas. Been slightly absent lately, enjoying reading through what I’ve missed. Just got two questions:

    1) Any dramatic developments or sage insights that I’ve missed?

    2) Is there a hard and fast rule I can apply to my premo selection in terms of how many per bye?



    1. Hey GD welcome back.

      I’m trying to start 14 premos / Keepers.

      My ideal Bye structure would be 4 / 5 / 5 missing each week.

      As you get 3 trades each week of the byes. Having slightly less Premos missing early in the Byes ,Gives you the chance to trade more of the R12 / 13 players over the Byes. this will hopefully give us an even performance over all three weeks.

      Keep in mind..we should all plan on at least 3/4 upgrades before the byes. So keeping as much of a “even “balance as possible, is the key to avoiding disaster.

      Keeping in mind we may have 18 Premo’s by then….

      I would love to have a 5 / 6 / 7 structure at the start of R12.

      Basically I wouldn’t start more than 5 players that miss any one bye week. Six at the most. Otherwise you start to limit your options to pick up the best talent and still hold some structure / balance.

      I hope that made some sense.


      1. Never thought I would say this as an Eagles supporter, but thanks Freo!

        Beautifully summarized; very helpful. Right now R13 is looking pretty disastrous for me, re-visiting my mid-field premos.

        Also, for you to be starting 14 premos surely at least one of them is discounted or you’re not going Gawn/Grundy? I’ve gone 13 premos currently, which means I’ve got a stacked midfield to start (Cripps, Macrae, Fyfe, Kelly, Oliver + Gawn/Grundy).

        Is it worth opting for some less expensive, perhaps smokey or discounted, premos and starting 14 rather than having 13 sure-fire guns?

        And cheers again, FT.


        1. Looked at this very question a lot. 13 or 14 keepers.
          I think with so many expensive players this year, if you go 13 keepers, you cant mess around 12 of the best you can get and one other player slightly discounted i.e. sloane merritt dusty.

          To go 14, i’d say you have to cut 2 of macrae, cripps, lloyd, or gawn down to the next level, for example, Macrae to neale, cripps to dusty, lloyd to whitfield or gawn to goldstein. Run williams/sloane/zorko etc.

          Seems simple, just go the 14, saves a trade, but it could cost a lot of points, the big guys cost a heap for a reason.
          This season i’m leaning towards the 13 keeper, Starting all the high end guys and not spending 3 trades to get them in. And focusing on trading in the next tier much cheaper, Theres only 1 lloyd, Macrae, Cripps, but heaps of 550kish players to choose from when a couple of them drop.
          Could pick up zorko sloane and the like for 400-450k with straight down up trades and a bit of change. Or hopefully pick up Macrae for 500-550k at best but probably more and 3 trades.
          My final decision will be based on the kick out rule points generated, Preuss(keeping gawn locked in for team balance till he just has to go), liberatore/Mr magnets.


          1. My thinking too TOF – 14 “guns” – seems to mean questionable gun status on 1 or 2 of them and most likely going Goldie over Gawn – a large risk I think and there is always rookies who fail, injuries etc etc that may just leave you the inability to get a Gawn type back in again …

            the dilemma … I’m sure the thoughts will change over the next 38 days!!


        2. No worries GunBoat.

          If I knew you barracked for WC ,maybe I wouldn’t have been so forthcoming 😉
          Honestly, congrats on that amazing GF win.
          I hope I’m still alive when Freo finally get to bring that Cup home.

          I’ve posted my team in the Rate My Team thread.
          but this is how I’ve started 14 Premo’s

          I plan to start 10 premos that should finish in the top
          6 / 8 / 2 / 6 in their positions.

          J Kelly

          I’m taking a calculated gamble on Sloane and Steele. They are both underpriced ( but pretty durable) and I’m backing them in to Ave 105+

          I have also gone Goldie and Williams. With the trades I save on starting 14 Premo’s, I Plan on sideways trading them to Gawn and Simo If I feel the need.



          1. Ah, yep. As I suspected. I’ll re-post my team when I settle on a team get everyone’s thoughts again. Been hearing a bit of chatter about Steele, you guys really rate him eh?

            Cheers again, FT- won’t be forgetting that GF for years to come!


            1. allsaints initially , and more recently Ben have convinced me on Steele.

              Check out Ben’s team on the Rate my Team thread.

              He makes some interesting comparisons to Cripps.
              Not only is he durable, he ticks enough boxes for me to think he could break out this year.

              I also have faith in Sloane returning to his 2017 average of 110. The crows have a pretty soft draw. I also am less concerned with the tag now he is Captain again. Anyone trying to stop Sloane will be taking on the whole Crows team.

              He also has a huge ceiling, and the R14 Bye.

              I’m sold.


  21. Have been giving ta great deal of thought to the following comments by

    “The general consensus among coaches is that scoring will spike as a result of the decreased congestion, possibly by a couple of goals a game.

    Lions coach Chris Fagan, who was on the AFL’s Competition Committee that analysed the state of the game and recommended rule changes, has tested a variety of onball units in match simulation.

    “Centre bounces look really open now, with just your four players in the middle and the wingers on either side and the forwards back in the 50,” Fagan told

    “Bigger bodies are still important, but not necessarily as many of them”

    “The ball’s going to get out in space pretty quickly, so speed and agility are going to be fairly important elements of winning the ball out of centre clearances.”

    so… given the apparent need for speed and subsequent quick delivery into the forward line from centre bounces (and the backline!!)…should we give more consideration to the likes of JJK, Tex, Degoey and Curnow, particularly at their prices?


    1. Ooo, very interesting. I am not going to pretend like I have the capacity to answer it, however I’m sure someone like allsaints, FT or TOF will offer some insight.

      That said, this has re-ignited my desire as an Eagles supporter to start Darling!


      1. No idea yet, but it’s not all that bad for the forwards, Tex, jjk, daniher et al are all easily get-table if they are suddenly must haves.
        The only problem is, thinking was that the usual kpp fwd high score they get every now and then, or is it now what they do and delaying picking them up thinking there still a rollercoaster. Not realizing, ok this guy is gonna score 4-6 goals every game till it’s to late. Like macrae and grundy last year. Lol, the’ll drop soon…damn.


  22. Slightly left field but last season in a couple of leagues I created we had really high achievers and we would have finished much higher on the overall rank if it wasn’t for one or two teams that dragged the league down. These were teams that didn’t really care, didn’t trade or give a shit really and I actually suspect they enjoyed being a thorn in the league. Anyway – is there any way to check last seasons final rank for each team from these leagues so that I can identify them? I’ve sent out the invite to get all the teams back, as you do when you re-create the league, but this unfortunately means the thorns may be back too. I’d love to remember who they were so I could punt them from the league and get someone in who wants to be there.


    1. yeah mate I asked same a week ago … haven’t been able to work it out either … I don’t think you can … best you can maybe do is make sure the league is private (so you can eliminate any you like) and see if any names trigger your memory??


    1. Champ.

      At this stage there seems to be very few.

      These guys are the only ones likely to get a gig R1.

      M/F Setterfield ( Blues)
      F/D Rozee (Port)
      F/D Burgess (GCS)
      M/D Duursma. (Port)

      I hope a few more show up 🙂


  23. What are everyone’s thoughts on the rule change regarding a push in the back.

    Someone like buddy will usually give away a couple frees per game for a push in the back, plus without this rule he potentially takes an extra mark/goal per game. That’s a decent points turn around.

    Am I interpreting this correctly? Could be the year for key forwards!


  24. Ha Ha, not reading to much into it but Macrae’s lowest expected price in the supercoach app is 649k on the back of a season low 112.


  25. Can anyone make the case for starting with McGrath (ess) or Mills (syd)?

    I love McGrath as a player, Mills not so much but is getting similar press. But every time I look at picking them I think, Zac Williams is way less risky as he will have higher ownership and has previous form.

    If I try and fit one of them with Williams, I feel I’m not taking advantage of the new kick out rule which could potentially see the likes of Lloyd, Sicily & Simpson (+so many others) improve their average by 5-10 without changing anything.

    I can’t seem to argue against the risk for the reward.

    Currently have Lloyd, Laird, Whitfield, Williams & would expect my upgrades to be Sicily & Simpson


    1. Both McGrath and Mills had the same hype this time last season, and look how that panned out. I don’t doubt that they’ll both be insane players in the future, but I think they’re still a season or two away from being SC viable.


      1. Yep. Neither for me after starting Mills last year. If he is full-time in the guts in JLT I may reconsider. The same with McGrath, but ONLY if there are no premos sitting out while they’re getting a run.


    1. Last in. Only have Williams at the mo. Would ALWAYS go one premo and a rookie over two mid-pricers. Likely make you more points and cost you less trades.


  26. My current backline is Laird Simpson Whitfield Smith Roberton Quaynor +2 102k rooks.
    So much money down back!! I don’t think this will be my final setup but geez im going to have to bite it and drop one to a rookie aren’t I?

    Laird & Simpson locks. Think Simpson stays because of his kick-in role and ability to be top 6 year on year. I think Smith & Roberton are perfect stepping stones to the clear-premos later on, maybe Roberton is the riskiest one I could downgrade? thoughts?



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