FPL 2013/14 – Rate My Team

Written by MJ on August 17 2013

This is the final day to fine tune your EPL side with the first kick-off at 9.45pm AEST tonight.
Use this thread for any EPL related talk, queries or concerns.
I will be out all day and night, but there will sure to be other members around to give you a hand.
Don’t forget to join the other 75 already in the inaugural SuperCoach Talk League with the league code: 422747-348046


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43 thoughts on “FPL 2013/14 – Rate My Team”

  1. Ok let me know what you think everyone… even if it is to say how sh!te my team is!

    Going for a 3-4-3 setup with:


    A. Williams – Mertesacker – Baines

    Michu (VC) – Wilshere* – Mata (C) – Cabaye

    Benteke – Negrado – Lambert

    On the bench is Stekelenburg, Whittaker, Colback & Baker.

    Somewhat happy with it, but put an asterisk (*) on Wilshere. I’m hoping with a proper pre-season that he can have a breakout season… but given his injury proneness, his selection could hurt me.

    Other choices I am flipping between are Cazorla or Walcott, but it does mean spending ยฃ3m-3.5m more to get either of those in and of course losing one of Michu or Mata to do so and possibly going a slightly cheaper option to Cabaye too.

    Negrado is also a roughy for me. I watched the Arsenal vs ManCity friendly when he was subbed on midway through the 2nd half (I think, can’t remember now), but he looked good and he basically brushed off Koscielny who was doing all he good to hold him back!

    But because he is a newbie to the EPL & ManCity aren’t lacking in strikers, he may be rotated to much! Who knows!

    So yeah, let me know your thoughts and any advice/suggestions. Cheers!


  2. Current team:-

    Mignolet, Mertesacker, Ivanocis, Lowton, Giacherini, Hazard (C), Lampard (VC), Sissoko, Van Persie, V.Wolfswinkel, Anelka.
    Bench of Krul, Pieters, O’Shea & Barkley.
    1 mil in bank.

    Glad Van Persie query was raised above. May look to change & go without him & enable me to get in Baines, Solado, Mata etc. Any comments / thoughts on above team would be appreciated.

    PS, went with 3 Chelsea & 1 Villa player in starting 11 & Hazard as C for 1st week as Chelsea & Villa both play twice this game week.


  3. Is Lampard at 8 Mil good value or is he passed it as prem midfielder?

    Thumbs UP: Bargain, the chosen one will play him most weeks & wIll get Pen’s.

    Thumbs DOWN: Passed it & likely to be used as squad player & sub.


  4. My side is stelkenburg, Johnson, mertesacker, baines, coutinho, snodgrass, sterling, hazard, lukaka, benteke, soldado.
    With a bench consisting of boruc, ward, rose and o’shea
    Was thinking getting mirallas in but who for


  5. Running with a 4-4-2 Formation.

    GK: Stekelenburg

    DEF: Bassong, Rat, Luiz, Baines

    MIDS: Zaha, Hazard, Mirallas, Kagawa

    FWDS: Benteke, Altidore.

    Bench: Manonne, Stones, Shelvey, Anelka.

    $3.5M in the bank.


  6. Lockout is upon us. The time for tinkering is over. Here’s the final product:

    Foster (Boruc)
    Toure, Dawson, Rat (Coleman, Chester)
    Hazard (C), Walcott, Coutinho, Mirallas (R.Morrison)
    Soldado, Benteke, Lukaku


  7. Here’s mine
    Stek’burg (Mannone)
    Zabaleta, Gibbs, Ivanovic (V/C) (Brayford, Whittaker)
    Paulinho, Coutinho, Kagawa, Hazard (C) (Barkley)
    Sturridge, Soldado, Lukaku.


  8. Well that was a diabolical game!! The Villans took it to the Gunners and we rolled over and exposed our belly for a rub!!!! 8 yellows & a red all up from both teams… That’s just crazy!!

    I’ve rewritten this post a couple of times, venting my frustrations… But I think I’ll save it for another day… All I’ll say is that I am truly gutted as an Arsenal fan and really hope this is not a sign of how our season becomes!!

    Onto my FPL team… would you believe that I was doing my usual tinkering and had pretty much decided who I wanted, when bedtime & domestic duties came round, so read some stories & quickly tucked in the kids and did the dishes & tidying up, then hopped on to the PC, reviewed the team again and clicked to confirm my transfers… Only to discover I had missed the cut off by a minute!!!! Idiot!! Now I’m stuck with a ‘lets see what this team looks like’ team!! Argh!!


  9. Ended up going with:

    Mignolet (Boruc)

    Mertesacker, Zabaleta, Azpilicueta (Coleman, Garrido)

    Hazard (C), Coutinho, Mirallas, Jarvis (Britton)

    Soldado, Giroud, Sturridge

    Kicking myself about having Coleman on the bench, but overall I was reasonably happy, the exclusion of RVP didn’t hurt too much, how’d everyone else go?


  10. Currently sitting at 522nd out of a good 2.5 million. Happy with this effort.

    Team of:

    Mignolet (Davis)
    Coleman, Toure, Cole (Turner, Ryan Bennett)
    Downing, Nolan, Hazard, Paulinho (Wanyama)
    Benteke, Van Persie (C), Lukaku


  11. Anyone willing/able to write a quick summary of the “Transfer” process? Need a little clarity on this…I have a Spurs player that is now listed as “injured” …..can I transfer him out for someone that is yet to play and will that score count this round? Or is the trade purely to put them in your side for use next round? Appreciate any help.


  12. 3-4-3

    Keeper: Mignolet (Davis)

    Def: Toure Ivanovic Coleman (Whitaker and Turner)

    Mid: Coutinho Hazard(C) Snodgrass Michu (Colback)

    Fwd: Lukaku RVP Anelka


  13. haven’t been able to get on this site lately due to something being wrong with my internet (just kept freezing the moment I got on, but would only happen on this website) shattered too, all over the FPL, love this football.

    team: 3-4-3
    cech (Harper)
    Coleman – Toure – Lescott (Baker, McNaughton)
    Hazard(c) – Nolan – Walcott – Mirallas (Barkley)
    Lukaku – Anelka – RVP

    for anyone who properly follows the game, Barkley is gonna be something special! think Wilshere but with a tad more touch of brilliance in him. (obviously a little easier to say after last nights game and goal!)



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