FPL SCT League GW3, 2013/14

Written by MJ on September 2 2013

We may be ‘Done and Dusted’ for the regular SC season, but fantasy sport does not sleep with FPL in full swing and SC Finals just around the corner!

The last round before the International Break has passed us by, which means we have two weeks to think about our transfers ahead of GW4. But firstly, lets check in on how the league is shaping up:

Heavy Zee (BallwithEli) holds top spot with his side after taking a bold move in captaining Pablo Zabaleta over the more widely favoured attacking City assets in Silva and Dzeko. The move paid dividends in the form of a clean sheet, assist and 3 bonus points. Monty has jumped into 2nd position with his controversially named team Motts is Fat. Our GW1 runaway leader, The Don! (GSE) has dropped down to 10th after fielding just the 10 men this week in light of Kolo Toure’s groin injury. He’ll want to regroup the troops over the break.

Fantasy managers will be hoping for more goals in the EPL after this week yielded only one match where both teams scored (Crystal Palace 3-1 Sunderland), making captaincy options hard to come by. Even RVP has blanked in his last two fixtures!

Let us know who impressed you over the weekend, and what moves you’re planning during the two week break.

# Team Manager GW TOT
1 BallWithEli Lachlan Zammit 63 219
2 Motts is Fat Monty Doodah 61 206
3 The Johnsonator Adrian Johnson 60 204
4 just got my hazards Joey Colaciello 65 199
5 VanDammes Stan Pena 52 199
6 Zerv’s Malakas Michael Zervos 64 199
7 Rippa Grumpys Chris Parker 56 197
8 Tooting Gladbec Paul Carter 60 197
9 FootyFan Fanatics FC Footy Fan 63 196
10 GSE Ollie Herd 43 195
11 MoorseNal Musololi Mutale 57 194
12 Wolfpack Pas Schiavello 61 192
13 Dude, Where’s Micah Adam B 47 191
14 DjCarmine23 Carmine Carfora 61 189
15 Tummy Bananas United Ryan Kringle 57 188
16 Messi’s Kittens Sam Vass 46 186
17 Mean Machine James Galanos 47 186
18 Explict Talent Ivan Graljuk 53 186
19 Big Game Players Daniel Harper 52 185
20 Backyard Bullies Tony Carda 50 184

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24 thoughts on “FPL SCT League GW3, 2013/14”

  1. This week is actually an ideal time to play an early wildcard. With the Chelsea and Aston Villa byes out of the way you can clear some of the cash from your bench and with the deadline day deals bringing some enticing new talent to the Premier League (namely Mesut Ozil and Mamadou Sakho) it might just be the right time to jump. Quality underpriced players like Gareth Barry, Stephen Ireland and Fabio Borini also were part of deadline day moves to weaker Premier League clubs which should see them get some game time and be great cheap options for your side.

    With two weeks to play around with unlimited trades over the international break and a second wildcard to come in January it could be the perfect time to pull the trigger on wildcard number one.


  2. CP SP PP
    Mignolet £5.7 £5.6 £5.5
    Davis £4.0 £4.0 £4.0
    Coleman £5.4 £5.2 £5.1
    Mertesacker £5.5 £5.5 £5.5
    Baker £3.9 £3.9 £4.0
    Zabaleta £6.2 £6.1 £6.0
    Baines £7.5 £7.5 £7.5
    Nolan £7.3 £7.1 £7.0
    Silva £9.4 £9.2 £9.1
    Yaya Touré £8.8 £8.7 £8.7
    Walcott £9.5 £9.5 £9.5
    Barkley £5.0 £4.8 £4.7
    Sturridge £9.2 £9.1 £9.1
    Giroud £8.7 £8.6 £8.6
    Anelka £5.4 £5.4 £5.5

    Went Lambert to Giroud and Coutinho to Yaya Touré


  3. I was thinking of making 2 or 3 transfers coping a 4 or 8 point hit and I can go baines and Reid/fonte to zabaleta and Enrique and additional trade I could do would be fonte to Whittaker but I’m not sure with that one


  4. And another thing what do people think of liverpools new signing of mamadou sakho his supposedly a giant which also means he would be good at Gerard corners for getting goals and is a defender at 5.5mil



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