FPL SuperCoach Talk League GW2, 2013

Written by MJ on August 27 2013

Two weeks of the Premier League competition have passed us by and it’s time to check in on how some of our talented SCT coaches have transfers their skills across to the round ball game. Out in front we have my old high school mate Lachlan Zammit with his side BallwithEli, entrenching himself in the top 5,000 overall. Our standout manager from GW1, Ollie Herd (known on the site as ‘The Don!’) dropped back into 2nd after finding himself ranked 3,000th overall at the conclusion of last round.

It’s still not too late to enter the league! Just enter the code: 422747-348046 to join the 92 already involved.

Let us know how you’re fairing so far and how you’re adjusting to life as an FPL manager if this is your first time playing the game.

For the record, I’m sitting just outside the top 20, in 22nd position.

# Team Manager GW TOT
1 BallWithEli Lachlan Zammit 55 160
2 GSE Ollie Herd 42 152
3 VanDammes Stan Pena 48 147
4 Motts is Fat Monty Doodah 42 145
5 The Johnsonator Adrian Johnson 52 144
5 Dude, Where’s Micah Adam B 44 144
7 Mean Machine James Galanos 49 143
8 Bisu Jason Le 62 142
9 Rippa Grumpys Chris Parker 44 141
10 Messi’s Kittens Sam Vass 56 140
11 Super Reds George Triantafillou 61 140
12 FRIMPONG’s CREW Adam Kudnig 52 137
13 The Total Package Andrew Leonard 67 137
13 Tooting Gladbec Paul Carter 51 137
15 FootyFan Fanatics FC Footy Fan 45 137
15 Big Game Players Daniel Harper 63 137
15 Explict Talent Ivan Graljuk 45 137
18 Tummy Bananas United Ryan Kringle 61 135
19 Zerv’s Malakas Michael Zervos 50 135
20 just got my hazards Joey Colaciello 42 134

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11 thoughts on “FPL SuperCoach Talk League GW2, 2013”

  1. Sitting at 28 in the SCT group.

    Move this week was Cech to Hart which backfired big time, thought Hart would have snagged a clean sheet and considering the bye+man Utd fixture I traded out Cech.

    Anyway, for this week looking to trade out Razvan Rat from West Ham.

    Thought he would be a certain starter but it seems not. Have Clyne, Lescott, Toure and Chester in the defence. Need a straight swap, so any recommendations for a 5.0 defender?


  2. So I’m a Premier League fan (specifically Fulham), but unlike the other sports/leagues that I follow, this is the one that I have always struggled to really get into the fantasy side of. Every year I create a FPL team and lose interest in it after a couple of weeks and just follow the league. That being said, I’m going to try and stick with it this year.

    My question is, thoughts on playing the wildcard this early? I have Brayford and Rat not playing at all in my defense, and with a few other selections that I am not too happy with I feel that I could make an early call on using it in an attempt to get a better quality side early. Thoughts?


  3. Dropped to 15th in SCT after GW2 with 45 points, put the “C” on Benteke (137 total)

    Mignolet £5.6, (K. Davis £4.0),

    Coleman £5.2, Zabaleta £6.1, Baines £7.5.
    (Mertesacker £5.5, Baker £4.0)

    Nolan £7.0, Silva £9.1, Coutinho £9.0, Walcott £9.5, Barkley £4.7.

    Benteke £9.1, Lambert £7.1,
    (Anelka £5.4)

    Looks like I’ve got a few popular selections here, any suggestions? Already went with Hazard —-> Silva.


  4. My side is
    Stelkenburg 5.0, boruc 4.5
    Toure 5.0, o’shea 5.0, mertesacker 5.5, baines 7.5, ward 4.0
    Coutinho 9.0, snodgrass 6.5, rose 5.0, Jarvis 5.5, hazard 9.4
    Benteke 9.0, lukaku 7.6, soldado 9.5

    Thinking of using wild card n bringing in silva Barkley ivanovic and getting rid of stelkenburg , o’shea mertesacker baines ward coutinho snodgrass hazard lukaku



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