Friday Arvo Chit Chat

Written by Duck on August 30 2013

OK, Out of the 5 leagues i was in, I have 1 major and 1 minor, none of those being SCT leagues.

What about you, who’s playing in how many major and how many minor Grand Finals, from how many leagues entered?


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32 thoughts on “Friday Arvo Chit Chat”

  1. 3 major grand finals & 1 minor. One trade left. I’m sure I will do that trade, and reverse trade, and another trade, countless times between now and kick off tonight. Captain choice going to be the key I think. Thank God for the loop hole as I’m sure I’ll change that too. It’s a bugger that the Gold Coast game (Ablett) and Collingwood game (Swan / Pendles) are too close in game time to play around with the VC / C.


  2. 5/5 Major Grandfinals, little pissed Fyfe is being rested, hoping Tmitch lifts

    Gl to Us vs. Them (Matthew) in supercoachtalk 2 league :p

    Got Selwood as VC
    Minson as C


  3. 2 Majors after 5 prelims

    Team line up is as below, I made my last trade, with Vardy not playing I had to cover a Donut so moved Cox to R and bought in Gia as a gambool POD…

    Def – Goddard, Hibberd, Enright, Hanley, Dixon, Talia – Vlas, Colqhuon
    Mid – GAJ, Joelwood, JPK, Cotch, Lids, Beams, Priddis, Titch/Hrovat – Ball
    Ruck – Cox, Maric – Vardy, Currie
    Fwd – Walker, SJ, Stokes, Rocky, Giansiracusa, JJK/Staker – Daniher

    I will E loophole in the Mids and Fwd line to try and secure the wins,
    thinking JPK (vc) – GAK (c)


  4. D: Goddard, Murphy, Gibbs, McKenzie, Duffman, Staker (Heppell, Docherty)
    M: Ablett, Swan, Barlow, JPK, Danger, Cotchin, Priddis, T.Mtich (Mundy, Colquhoun)
    R: Minson, Maric (Nicholls, Rowe)
    F: Stevie J, Rockliff, Cox, Bartel, Roughead, Mayne (Daniher, McBean)

    No real coverage left (except for Colquhoun in either mid/back) for any late outs, no trades, holding on for grim death! 1 major, 1 minor out of my 2 leagues in my second year…happy with that.

    Good luck to you all that you get to field a full team!


  5. 4 Major and 1 minor GF’s for me, including the big one against Catta in LoEC!

    Hey Scotty, can you hear that?? It’s the theme to Rocky….All the best mate, don’t choke on your captain selections…


  6. i have one trade and $51,800 left and fyfe on field with tmitch as cover. who should i be bringing in? i have no idea. i currently have gaz, pendles, selwood, swan, dangerfield, jack, priddis and dpp’s are goddard, gibbs, rockliff, johnson, walker and martin.


  7. Thoughts on who to trade Fyfe to? Have one trade left and and TMitch as bench cover. I would have $566900 to spend.

    Leaning towards Barlow as already have GAJ, Pendles, Swan, Cotch, Griffen, Danger, JPK and canโ€™t afford Selwoodโ€ฆ

    t/u Done. He is the next best midfielder.
    t/d Beware. FURL could give him the vest in the 2nd quarter



  8. 3 Majors this week, none SCT though
    Wishing i could have reverse traded Heppel to Birchall last week and just left Staker to play.
    Extra trade was wasted when would have been handy for Fyfe to someone this week. Ah well thats supercoach ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good luck this weekend all!


  9. 5/5 grand finals 4 majors 1 minor.
    i have been pretty luck with restings this week with no one out and opposition has a few.
    heres my team which can hopefully bring home the big ones.
    B: God, Enright, hanley, shaw, gibbs, terlich (heppell, richards)
    M: GAJ, pendles, swan, selwood, griff, barlow, JPK, priddis (smurf, atkins)
    R: cox, roughy (nicholls, currie)
    F: rocky, bartel, JJK, stevie j, zorko, buddy (staker, mcbean)
    i have one trade left and $168,000 left in the kitty. i am thinking for the final trade to trade nicholls for either minson/goldy. that means i can move cox to the fwds and JJK to the bench. staker can then be moved to the bench defenders as back up.

    so the option is

    T/U: goldy

    T/D: minson


  10. 2/2 majors for me first year playing – stoked.

    Fyfe hurts me with no trades left but I can loophole Tmitch and Crouch hoping one of them hits the ton. Also can loophole Staker and JJK. It’s a bit sick how pumped I am for this week lol. SC addict now.


  11. Hey guys
    Got 2 trades left
    Thinking Heppell to enright
    Staker to chapman

    Or Tom nicholls to goldy then roughead back to fwd
    And Heppell to enright


  12. Hey all. Been a bit crook the last few weeks, so haven’t been participating much. Managed to get into 2/3 Grand Final places.

    Just wanted to say thanks again for all the articles, advice and general commentary on this site over the season … can’t wait to get into 2014 preparations.

    On a selfish note, I’m pretty comfortable with C / VC choices this week, but as a side thought, who would be best to start on the field in my FWD line this week:

    Thumbs UP: Zorko
    Thumbs DOWN: Staker



  13. In 2 Minor GFS – The Loec1 GF I’m particularly stoked to participate in. Used my last trade going Rioli – Minson.

    Reality Warping Final Team Line-Up:


    Brendon Goddard, Pearce Hanley, Robert Murphy, Bryce Gibbs, Trent McKenzie, Paul Duffield, Jimmy Webster (E), Xavier Richards


    Scott Pendlebury, Gary Ablett (C), Dane Swan, Joel Selwood (V), Josh Kennedy, Brett Deledio, Trent Cotchin, Kyle Martin, Matthew Priddis, Tom Mitchell (E)


    Will Minson, Ivan Maric, Jack Osborn, Daniel Currie


    Dean Cox, Tom Rockliff, Dustin Martin, Jimmy Bartel, Dayne Zorko, Lance Franklin, Brent Staker (E), Jed Lamb

    Even though I haven’t nearly been as good as I hoped, it’s been great fun over the year – and thank you to everyone who helped me. It’s been a wonderful ride and I hope to see you all again next year.

    But before then we’ve got the Grand Final, Supercoach Finals and the off-season planning…Looks like I’ll be staying after all.


  14. Trying to decide what to do with the last trade. Thinking Nicholls to Minson and Cox going forward making JJK emergency. Or trading JJK to NROO.

    So who will score more this week??
    T/U – Minson vs Melbourne
    T/D – NRoo vs Freo



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