Friday Thoughts

Written by MJ on July 10 2015

It’s that weird Friday feel when we’re already in the middle of a round. Some have traded, some have held off. Still umming and ahhing over some moves for the weekend? Got something on your mind that you’d love to share with the community? Lay it down.


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62 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts”

  1. Trade Saad or B Smith?

    T/U trade Saad he has done his job time to go
    T/D trade Brodie he isn’t going to get back his form



  2. Hello Guys,

    I am in two minds with my trades for this week….

    Have $190,100 in the bank….

    Option – 1:

    OUT: A Boston & I Maric

    IN: J Steele & T Goldstein
    will be left with $174,000 in the bank after the above trades….

    OPTION – 2:
    OUT: A Boston & E Kavanagh
    IN: J Steele & S McKernan
    will be left with $206,300 in the bank after the above trades….

    My thoughts on above options….
    Option – 1:
    Bring in a GUN Ruckmen….
    Am I paying overs for Goldy? Is it worth it?

    Option – 2:
    Bring in a cover for rest of the season as F7/R3…..
    Its time to concentrate only on bringing in PREMOS….not Mid Priced players…



    Need communities help / thoughts with this one very much…..trades are pure gold at this stage of the supercoach season…..will be left with 6 trades if I use my 2 trades this week….

    Or juts cop a DONUT this week and just downgrade Boston to Steele….and generate cash to bring in GAZZA…..comment on this option please…



  3. Interesting stat from last nights game….

    Only 2 of the top 11 coaches overall had Ollie Wines, surprise surprise but they were SCT’s very own Nicholas”Clutch Maulers” 5th & Philip “Relieables” 11th!

    Well done guys ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Any ideas on how long hamling and saad are going to be out for? Will maynard be a good downgrade option next week?


  5. Welcome to the side steele

    Tu – trade for Clark, he’s been out too long
    Td – trade for d mck, he can’t get a game


  6. I’m a Maric owner without any coverage.

    TU: Find a way to cover him. Tarrant to McKernan and swap McKernan into the rucks through DPP link (Read from Geelong)
    TD: Cop the doughnut and save the trade for another day.


  7. Had Oxley on the loophole which worked out well as he faded late.

    Looking to bring in a premo defender and rockliff this week for Mclean and Cripps.

    Next week will be CEY to Ablett which will leave my team as:

    D: Shaw, Newnes, Higgins, Simpson, Smith, (premo def)// Oxley, Pearce
    M: Gaz, Fyfe, Rocky, Danger, Selwood, Griffin, JPK Pendles // Lambert, Mckenzie, Stretch
    R: Goldy, Nic nat // Read
    F: Gray, Swan, Harvey, Zorko, Bont, Martin // McKernan, Steele

    Unsure for the final DEF premo to go hodge or Houli

    T/U Hodge
    T/D Houli

    Comments Rance or McDonald



  8. Hey Everyone,

    What’s your thoughts on the following trade?

    T/U J. Steele in and M. Clark out?

    T/D JPK in and M. Wallis out?

    TIA for any help/suggestions.


  9. Thoughts on potentially Ross Lyon resting players (Sandy, Mundy, hill) ahead of their trip to Tassie? Hoping it doesn’t happen


  10. I am lost as to what to do with my side. I have 14 trades left, with only 19k in the bank.
    My side as it currently sits is:
    Shaw, McDonald, Saad, B Smith, DMac, Lever (Long, Goddard)
    Fyfe, Pendlebury, Hannebury, Beams, Treloar, Wines, Sloane, Rockliff (Dumont, Boston, C Smith)
    Goldstein, Maric (Read)
    Martin, Gray, Dahlhaus, Swan, Bontempelli, T Mitchell (Steele, Lamb)
    I know my backline has some serious issues, but I am not quite sure to do or who to get to fix it. But I am looking at GAJ next week or the one after for Sloane, but don’t quite know how to raise the fund for that trade.
    Any help at all about what I should be doing with any position would be awesome as I have been staring at the team for the last few days and nothing has come to mind about what to do.


  11. Like a lot of people selection and injuries have screwed my trsde plans for the next few weeks. I was going to go McClean to Steele and Cripps (be 129?) to Armitage (be 57?) Then next week CEY to Sidebottom and Tarrant to Daniel then Saad to Hodge and possibly Griffen to Ablett.

    However with Hamling Saad and McKenzie all out i have a donut in defence. I am going for league with 95k and 13 trades. Only have to win one more game to gyarantee top 4 and will probably lose with a 0 this week but could be close.

    D Shaw Simpson Newness Gibson Houli Saad Hamling McKenzie
    M Fyfe Pendles Treloar Lewis Kennedy Parker Griffen Cripps EOY Krak Boston
    R Goldy Nic Nat
    F Martin Goddard Dalihaus Swan Mitchell Tarrant Clark McClean

    Thumbs up McClean to Steele Saad to Hodge (be 135)
    Thumbs down Cripps to Steele Hamling to Hodge


  12. Sick of the bullshit mind games playes with team selection.

    it came out during interview that collingwood knew Grundy was playing 3 days earlier yet named him as emergency then did a last minute change from emergency.

    I traded Grundy for Kreuz just to avoid this bs.

    Waste of a trade but I’m over that stuff.


  13. Upgrading Saad unfortunately.

    TU : Picken
    TD : Bob Murphy

    Was thinking Hodgey, but the dogs have an easyish run home.


  14. Hi Guys,
    I have Sidebottom as emergency as he scored 122 my dilemma is who to bench? I will play J Glenn to get Sidebottom’s score.
    Which GWS young gun should I give the week off. Dylan Shiel (ave 107. highest score 149) or Adam Treloar (ave 105. HS 157)
    My other mids are Fyfe, Pendlebury,Armitage,Parker, Dangerfield, and L Neale.
    T/U Shiel
    T/D Treloar
    Comment..They will both score massive!!! leave Steele on the pine. Or consider another mid ??
    Thanks guys


  15. Is anyone else having issues with reversing trades? i cant seem to reverse it even though no players involved in the trade have played yet?


  16. Are Nick Haynes’ and Joel Patfull’s roles similar to that of Zac Williams?

    Considering Zac as a smoky D7 replacement for Saad to fatten the bank for Ablett/JPK/Stef later

    T/U: He’s good and solid, go for it
    T/D: Stick fat with Saad

    Thanks community!


  17. Well ahead in the main league and confident of finals in others. Currently ranked 1909.

    With 12 trades and $41,000, my team currently is:
    DEF: Shaw, Newnes, Hodge, Oxley, Simpson, B.Smith (Hamling, Pearce)
    MID: Fyfe, Pendles, Priddis, JPK, Parker, Cripps, Lewis, Wines (Sloan, Boston, Lambert)
    RUC: Goldy, NicNat (Read)
    FWD: Martin, Gray, Swan, Goddard, Buddy, McKernan (Steele, Lamb)

    Thoughts are
    Option 1
    Boston to C.Daniel (via Steele) & Cripps to Beams/Armitage
    Leaving 10 trades and $64,600/112,900

    Option 2
    Cripps to Houli/Picken/Murphy (via Newnes)
    Leaving 11 trades and $51,000/$6,900/$39,800

    Option 3
    Boston to C.Daniel (via Steele) & Cripps to Houli/Picken/Murphy
    Leaving 10 trades and $192,000 etc

    Rd 16
    If a DEF is traded in (Option 2 or 3) – downgrade Oxley to MID/FWD (via Newnes back to DEF)
    Sloane to ????

    Looking at Bartel for last FWD upgrade

    Your thoughts are welcomed.


  18. Alright people, decided i will cover Maric and go doughnut free this round

    TU – Maric to McKernan
    (McKernan will be R2 but it gives me extra $$ to upgrade CEY to Hannebery)
    TD – Tarrant to McKernan
    (McKernan becomes M7/R3)

    Before you all howl it down, Maric’s last 4 scores only average 82.5



  19. Hey guys, so I wanted to ask is it safe to go for any of the GWS boys (Downie, Lobb) to replace Boston via DPP swing sets around my ground in order to cover Maric at R2 this week and also importantly to generate some quick $$$ to go Cripps – GAJ next week? This of course is pending if Cripps is/isn’t a late out tonight.

    I bring this up too since if I went Boston – McKernan I’d effectively lose $$$ and it would be more of a struggle to grab Gazza at the right time.

    T/U – Yes, they are, safe move
    T/D – No, dangerous move


  20. Unsure about what to do with Roughie.
    Is he a hold until his lip heals?
    Or does he need to go?
    Would probably be trading him for Titch Edwards.



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