Game Cat – GWS Giants v Richmond

Written by Thommo on April 6 2019

Where and when: Giants Stadium, Saturday April 6, 4.35pm AEDT

Last time they met: Giants Stadium, round 17, 2018: Giants 11.13 (79) defeated Richmond 10.17 (77)

The home side grabbed a crucial win after holding off the inaccurate Tigers in the final term. Richmond got within a kick with a minute to play but GWS won the centre clearance and controlled the footy until the siren went. Lachie Whitfield starred with 35 possessions at half-back for the Giants, but co-captain Callan Ward took the three Brownlow medal votes for his 32 touches and 10 clearances.

What it means for GWS: After their opening-round rout of Essendon, the Giants let themselves down last week against West Coast,  and must stand up against quality opposition to show where they’re really at.

What it means for Richmond: The Tigers must rebound from last week’s poor showing against the Pies with Alex Rance and Jack Riewoldt missing, and it’s a massive chance for the them to silence any doubters of the flag credentials.

How GWS wins: Jeremy Cameron and Harry Himmelberg will enjoy a Rance-free weekend, and the tall targets will be a handful for the Tigers if the Giants can get them enough quality ball.

How Richmond wins: Star Tigers Dustin Martin, Trent Cotchin, Dion Prestia and Kane Lambert had a quiet night against Collingwood and rarely play two bad games in a row. Expect a response.

The stat: In last year’s clash at Giants Stadium, Richmond small forward Jason Castagna couldn’t buy a goal, and finished with 0.5 for the match in the two-point defeat.

The match-up: Phil Davis v Tom Lynch

The GWS co-captain, ranked 120th in the Schick AFL Player Ratings, has always performed well on the former Sun (190th) and with Riewoldt gone and Lynch the main target, Davis will be primed to cut him out of the game. If he gets enough help up the ground, Davis could make it a tough clash for the big Tiger.

It’s a big week for: Toby Nankervis

The Richmond ruckman is likely to run head on into a fired up and fresh Shane Mumford, who returns from suspension, and the rampaging Giant is coming off the long run. The battle between the two big men for midfield supremacy will be intriguing.

Big call: With the Tigers backline depleted and missing leadership, GWS will take the chance to put 20 goals on the visitors, with Cameron and Himmelberg contributing half of them.

Thommo’s Tip: GWS by 30 points

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65 thoughts on “Game Cat – GWS Giants v Richmond”

  1. “Sydney Stack” making his debut for the Tigers. Deserves SC points just for that, what a name.


    1. One to keep an eye on as a potential downgrade target, too. By some reports he was the most talented U18 player in WA last year; to the shock and dismay of many, he ended up going undrafted (apparently clubs were scared off by some family issues). Richmond then picked him up in the SSP.


  2. L. Whitfield 45
    D. Rioli 44
    S. Mumford 31
    T. Nankervis 40
    P. Davis 30
    B. Ellis 32
    J. Cameron 30
    D. Prestia 29
    S. Coniglio 28
    D. Martin 27
    S. Taylor 24
    D. Astbury 23
    B. Daniels 23
    S. Stack 22
    J. Kelly 22
    S. Edwards 19
    M. de Boer 21
    N. Broad 18
    H. Shaw 20
    K. Lambert 18
    N. Haynes 20
    N. Vlastuin 16
    Z. Williams 19
    J. Castagna 16
    T. Taranto 18
    O. Markov 14
    J. Hopper 15
    N. Balta 13
    J. Finlayson 14
    R. Garthwaite 11
    S. Reid 14
    K. McIntosh 11
    A. Kennedy 14
    D. Butler 10
    H. Himmelberg 10
    T. Cotchin 9
    D. Lloyd 9
    J. Graham 9
    M. Buntine 8
    J. Higgins 8
    A. Tomlinson 5
    J. Short 6
    T. Sheridan 2
    T. Lynch -1


  3. Markov’s mo is wrong on so many levels. He just needs a trenchcoat and he’d be pinged for something real bad……..


    1. PJ

      Re: S Stack. seems like he should be an early downgrade target .

      Seems he is living with the Hardwick’s

      JS should be solid, if not…..



      1. only a little bloke , good contested mark , pinpoint kicks under pressure , if he stays the course , could maybe see him being a quality 1/2 back flanker when he builds his tank


  4. Traded Simpson to Whitfield this week. Generally don’t like trading premiums, seems to have worked out OK so far though


    1. Chillo

      I went Mundy to T Kelly.

      Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet!

      I’ve got a feeling those who benched Setters may have a slight leg up this round.


      1. Depends what Parker does, but it does look like Setterfield will be one of the first rookies to get the boot.


        1. Slow burn..

          Not worth the trade if he hasn’t made the cash.

          If he’s still playing…

          I’d rather have the DPP and bench cover.


  5. J. Cameron 72
    T. Nankervis 63
    H. Shaw 61
    K. Lambert 57
    L. Whitfield 60
    D. Prestia 56
    B. Daniels 60
    N. Vlastuin 52
    S. Coniglio 57
    D. Rioli 51
    S. Mumford 56
    S. Stack 46
    J. Hopper 56
    S. Edwards 42
    J. Kelly 54
    K. McIntosh 41
    T. Taranto 46
    D. Astbury 37
    Z. Williams 40
    D. Martin 35
    H. Himmelberg 40
    B. Ellis 32
    S. Taylor 38
    T. Lynch 32
    P. Davis 37
    O. Markov 32
    N. Haynes 35
    J. Graham 32
    M. de Boer 35
    N. Broad 29
    A. Kennedy 32
    J. Castagna 29
    S. Reid 29
    T. Cotchin 28
    D. Lloyd 22
    N. Balta 23
    A. Tomlinson 20
    R. Garthwaite 15
    M. Buntine 18
    J. Higgins 15
    J. Finlayson 17
    D. Butler 9
    T. Sheridan 2
    J. Short 6


    1. yeh , started in the middle & raced to 28 pts in 10 mins , but then got moved fwd , i hate say’n this , but its not really his fault as the tigers need someone to assist lynch up the ground now jacks not there ,
      ode to the roll change


        1. I started Dusty, thinking the inclusion of Lynch would mean more midfield time. Didn’t realise Caddy was out. Traded him for Uniake this week and pocketed 360k. Go on my son!


    2. Dusty to Sydney Stack!….. nets you $400K+

      A few will will go early don’t worry.

      The Kid( from WA ) can SCORE!


  6. Persevered with heeney and dusty this week, one out of two not bad, to make it worse i am a tigers fan, but unless something changes in second half it’s probably the chop for dusty!
    Maybe he just had one great season and that was it.


  7. After trading away all our depth players, we’re forced to play the kids today. Stack looks very composed, fits straight in nicely at this level. Balta needs time……


  8. Not starting Dusty has been a massive bonus after i heavily considered him. I would of traded him this week if i had him but i can’t see how you hold him after today. Looks like that magical season really was a one off.

    Simply not on the level of Fyfe and Dangerfield


    1. On the bright side, if he starts getting more midfield time once Caddy and Riewoldt are back, he could be worth looking at, especially if his price has collapsed by then. He probably won’t get back to 2017 levels, but, playing mostly midfield he should be good for a 105 – 110 average, which is fine for M7-8.


      1. No one is (maybe Cripps) 😉 But a-lot of people keep using Dusty in the same breath as them which is just wrong.


    J. Cameron 114
    K. Lambert 106
    L. Whitfield 107
    S. Stack 89
    J. Hopper 100
    D. Prestia 69
    T. Taranto 81
    N. Vlastuin 68
    S. Coniglio 80
    D. Rioli 68
    S. Mumford 77
    T. Nankervis 65
    H. Shaw 72
    K. McIntosh 60
    J. Finlayson 72
    B. Ellis 57
    Z. Williams 71
    D. Astbury 55
    J. Kelly 69
    S. Edwards 55
    B. Daniels 64
    O. Markov 53
    P. Davis 62
    T. Lynch 52
    H. Himmelberg 58
    T. Cotchin 51
    N. Haynes 53
    J. Higgins 50
    S. Taylor 48
    J. Graham 48
    M. de Boer 45
    J. Castagna 44
    A. Kennedy 45
    D. Martin 42
    M. Buntine 37
    N. Broad 29
    S. Reid 33
    N. Balta 27
    D. Lloyd 31
    D. Butler 23
    A. Tomlinson 21
    R. Garthwaite 20
    T. Sheridan 2
    J. Short 6


  10. havn’t seen dusty give a don’t argue this year , maybe his confidence is shot too, they say footy is 90% above the shoulders


    1. He tried it a few times against Carlton; unfortunately for him, Zac Fisher argued quite successfully.


  11. great defensive running pressure from stack , chased 5 players in a handball chain from the wing to the pocket , GWS got the goal but geez , great signs from the young bloke , tigers have definitely found 1


  12. Balta …..

    May have the most Free’s Against / Clangers of any Cow in history?

    Whitfield is officially a Must Have!


  13. Well Tiger supporters, I think it’s gonna be a testing year for us. Already seven of our best 22 out injured today. Gotta keep playing the young guys. Lynch kicking goals despite still being unfit.
    Pains me to say it…..Dusty doesn’t look right…… motivation looks shot


    1. There would’ve been a lot of coaches debating during the week who to dump: Heeney or Dusty.
      Glad I made the right choice!


    2. Yeah we’re starting to have to play guys that haven’t played many AFL games yet.

      Markov, Garthwaite, Balta, and Stack today. Maybe Jack Ross next week to cover Cotchins.

      I’m excited about our young talent, think we drafted really well in 2017 and 18 but that doesn’t really help if you’re in your premiership window still.

      Any richmond fans, I recommend this tigers podcast.


  14. J. Cameron 163
    K. Lambert 140
    L. Whitfield 150
    S. Stack 108
    J. Hopper 114
    D. Prestia 93
    T. Taranto 112
    D. Rioli 92
    J. Finlayson 109
    T. Nankervis 89
    S. Coniglio 103
    N. Vlastuin 85
    Z. Williams 101
    J. Higgins 82
    J. Kelly 96
    K. McIntosh 77
    S. Mumford 91
    S. Edwards 73
    H. Shaw 88
    B. Ellis 72
    B. Daniels 88
    D. Astbury 69
    H. Himmelberg 83
    O. Markov 68
    P. Davis 79
    T. Lynch 66
    M. de Boer 71
    J. Graham 63
    N. Haynes 67
    D. Martin 60
    A. Kennedy 67
    J. Castagna 58
    S. Taylor 66
    T. Cotchin 57
    M. Buntine 46
    N. Broad 38
    S. Reid 42
    D. Butler 32
    D. Lloyd 42
    N. Balta 31
    A. Tomlinson 33
    R. Garthwaite 30
    T. Sheridan 2
    J. Short 7


  15. Tiger fan for over 50 years , goodbye dusty, 14 possessions at about 3k a touch , hang your head in shame.


    1. dont worry , he’ll get 2 weeks under the new rules for that elbow , he got lucky , if he broke the jaw he would have got 8



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