Game Chat – St Kilda vs Carlton

Written by Thommo on July 13 2018

WHERE AND WHEN: Etihad Stadium, Friday, July 13, 7.50pm AEST

Carlton finds itself stranded on the bottom of the ladder, with two games separating the Blues and Gold Coast in 17th. Not that St Kilda has fared a lot better, having won just three matches itself. It was a particularly disappointing effort from Carlton last week, having been comfortably beaten by another lowly side in Brisbane, so expect experienced Blues such as Marc Murphy and Matthew Kreuzer to drive their side to respond. With brilliant young duo in Patrick Cripps and Charlie Curnow, the Blues have star power, but their side falls away in terms of talent very quickly. Meanwhile, the Saints have shown improved form after a dire start to the season, and going down to Port Adelaide in South Australia is nothing to be ashamed of. Their forward line has kicked more than 80 points just three times this year but Carlton has allowed more points than any other team, so that will be an intriguing aspect of the contest.

R8, 2017, St Kilda 12.13 (85) d Carlton 10.6 (66) at Etihad Stadium
R20, 2016, St Kilda 19.8 (122) d Carlton 7.9 (51) at the MCG
R12, 2016, St Kilda 17.8 (110) d Carlton 12.6 (78) at Etihad Stadium
R4, 2015, Carlton 18.13 (121) d St Kilda 12.9 (81) at Westpac Stadium
R16, 2014, Carlton 24.7 (151) d St Kilda 10.6 (66) at Etihad Stadium

Thommo’s Tip: St Kilda by 25 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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42 thoughts on “Game Chat – St Kilda vs Carlton”

    St Kilda: Seb Ross (illness) replaced in selected side by Bailey Rice
    Carlton: Nil

    St Kilda: Luke Dunstan, Hunter Clark, Jack Lonie, Bailey Rice
    Carlton: Jack Silvagni, Lochie O’Brien, Sam Petrevski-Seton, Matt Kennedy


    1. Never? You don’t want to see Charlie Curnow, Cripps, SPS, Fisher, McKay and co. when they’re at the peak of their powers?

      How about a 2-year moratorium instead?


    2. No way, we need all clubs to have the occasional big stage games for their supporters IMO.

      With the T.V rights, I’m pretty sure the AFL don’t give 2 $hits of how many people watch or go to the games these days! Although they’re forever spruking off about record numbers going to games, record memberships & record viewers for certain games

      I call Bull$hit on the AFL!

      I really hope tonight’s game is a cracker & goes down to the wire for both STK & Carlton supporters…and anyone else that’s gone to the game or watching it!

      Cheers Catta


  2. Missed Danger V/C ,not sure on Titch so…..

    I popped the V/C on Cripps tonight.

    Figured if Pendles couldn’t stop him Steele has no chance.

    Looking good so far.


  3. Lo and behold, in addition to all his other talents, Charlie Curnow is actually a pretty decent ruckman.


  4. Got out of the movies and Rice is in! Good news but not sure I would have traded Austin out had I known. Ah well, just rolling with it and hoping Lynch pays off. #gameofsurprises


  5. Half Time

    Saints: 8.10.58 lead Caaaaaaaaarlton: 5.5.35

    J.Steele 72
    J.Steven 67
    D.Armitage 59
    B.Rice 56
    J.Sinclair 55
    J.Webster 51
    T.Membrey 46
    R.Marshall 43
    J.Billings 41
    L.Dunstan 40
    S.Savage 40
    J.Lonie 39
    J.Gresham 39
    T.Hickey 37
    J.Geary 34
    J.Newnes 32
    S.Gilbert 30
    D.McKenzie 27
    M.Weller 25
    E.Phillips 23
    H.Clark 10
    J.Carlisle 10

    P.Cripps 89
    C.Curnow 77
    D.Thomas 66
    Z.Fisher 59
    M.Murphy 53
    L.Jones 46
    J.Lamb 43
    K.Simpson 42
    E.Curnow 39
    L.O’Brien 30
    M.Kennedy 30
    C.Marchbank 26
    H.McKay 24
    P.Dow 23
    J.Garlett 22
    M.Shaw 20
    S.Rowe 20
    S.Petrevski-Seton 17
    M.Kreuzer 16
    J.Pickett 13
    J.Silvagni 11
    C.Polson 7


  6. Three Quarter Time
    Saints: 14.14.98 lead Caaaaaaaaarlton: 6.8.44

    J.Steele 103
    J.Sinclair 85
    J.Billings 84
    T.Membrey 81
    D.Armitage 80
    S.Savage 71
    B.Rice 68
    R.Marshall 68
    J.Newnes 66
    J.Webster 65
    L.Dunstan 65
    T.Hickey 60
    J.Lonie 56
    J.Gresham 51
    J.Geary 51
    E.Phillips 48
    M.Weller 47
    D.McKenzie 46
    S.Gilbert 36
    H.Clark 19
    J.Carlisle 18

    P.Cripps 120
    C.Curnow 93
    D.Thomas 90
    Z.Fisher 79
    L.Jones 62
    M.Murphy 61
    J.Lamb 59
    E.Curnow 54
    K.Simpson 50
    L.O’Brien 50
    M.Kennedy 44
    H.McKay 42
    S.Petrevski-Seton 40
    S.Rowe 38
    J.Garlett 35
    J.Pickett 35
    C.Marchbank 32
    P.Dow 30
    J.Silvagni 27
    M.Shaw 20
    M.Kreuzer 18
    C.Polson 11


          1. Lol, Bruce p

            I got you mate, as per my displayed 😉

            The thumbs nevertheless haven’t been so nice to you in this instance though 🙁

            Good luck for the week-end


  7. Webster off with a groin issue, won’t play anymore of the game Richo just reported on Foxtel?

    Carlisle also off after a bump very early in the final quarter, using precaution considering his punctured lung issues only last week!


  8. Not feeling as bad about moving VC from Danger to Cripps at the last minute last night now, but have Billings on the bench as Emg!

    Have to get his score on field somehow? Hmmm


  9. Great game for me Billings, Cripps, Curnow and Simpson managed to somewhat save his score with a 30 point last quarter


  10. Cripps played well, but last quarter was ridiculous in terms of supercoach score. Didn’t really do much apart from a few handballs and scores 36. His score was ticking over without him doing anything at one stage, yet Savage had a great quarter but was scoring 2 points for intercept mark + effective kick


    1. The game was well and truly over. Supercoach doesn’t really reward junktime score and scales where the game was won more heavily.


      1. Can you switch Walters/Wingard to the midfield to loop with a mid whilst keeping D Smith on and getting Billings score.


        1. I can, Adam

          I can actually put Ahern as the non playing F8 & loophole T Smith on the ground for Billings & keep Smith as F5

          But I’ve only got Dawson as a non playing mid, so won’t be able to loophole him on the ground for emg Walters / Wingard like due to playing the same time 🙁


          1. Hard to split Walters/Wingard/Smith as
            Walters performs better at home
            Wingard has been playing primarily midfield with stints bench/forward and Port score the 2nd most SC points per game.
            D Smith plays a friendly SC game due to his contested nature (eg tackles) and Gold Coast concede the most SC points and the 2nd most 120+’s.

            Have you considered benching Heeney as he is returning from injury and might be eased back in with a lower than usual Time on ground.

            I’m in the same dilemma regarding Billings but currently deciding whether to bench Heeney or loop McLean and Shuey.


            1. Hey Adam,

              I have considered long & hard about benching Heeney, especially due to his previous week & concussion after effects! I’ve decided to bench McLean M9 as he has had a pretty lean last 5 weeks IMO & Bont is out so he may get some attention. If he goes 95+ I can still swap Westhoff M7 with Ahern F8 , put Heeney as a F8 non player / put Weathoff on field & put Dawson on the ground as M8 grabbing McLeans 95+ & Billings 125 🙂

              This only works as Swans, Port & North all play on Sunday 😉


          2. Same dilemma. I’m benching Walters, Port will be too strong… People giving Billings crap early in the game, sucked in mate!


  11. Have we ever played well when wearing that godawful grey guernsey? And don’t get me started on the fake pockets on the shorts….


  12. Dear Brendon Bolton,

    Please don’t every play Dale Thomas in the backline again. He’s crap in that role, and it baffles me that you can’t see this. I have been saying this since my review of our JLT game against St. Kilda, and nothing has happened since to change my view. His decision making is horrendous, his ball use highly suspect, and even when he does hit a target, he picks out the *wrong* target. Oh, and he couldn’t win a defensive one-on-one to save his life.

    If you insist on playing him at all, could you kindly put him somewhere where he can’t do too much damage? Say, as a defensive forward? And tell him to get a proper haircut. My cat could cut hair better than that, and I don’t even have a cat.

    Kind regards,
    The Salamander

    P.S. That McKay kid is pretty good. You should play him more often.


  13. I have the same dilemma regarding Billings.
    I have concerns about putting T Smith on field so early in the round in case there is a late scratching from Heeney, Westoff, Degoey, McLean, Fritsch or McDonald .
    I have benched Fritsch purely because he is more a consistent scorer of around 80-90 whereas all the others have higher ceilings.
    Its not very often that I get loopholing that works in my favour so hopefully Fritsch doesn’t score too well.



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