Game Chat – Adelaide v Collingwood

Written by Thommo on August 17 2019

Where and when: Adelaide Oval, Saturday, August 17, 4.05pm ACST

What it means for Adelaide: The Crows – who sit out of the top eight on percentage – could kiss their finals chances goodbye if they lose to the Magpies. A win potentially has them as high as seventh by the end of the weekend.

What it means for Collingwood: A win could push the Magpies up to fourth if Richmond loses to West Coast. But if the Magpies lose to the Crows, and the Tigers beat the Eagles, then the double chance in the finals is gone.

The stat: This is just the fifth game the Magpies have played outside Victoria this season. They are 3-1 away from their home state, having beaten Brisbane, Sydney and West Coast on the road, but lost to Greater Western Sydney at Giants Stadium in round 18.

The match-up: Matt Crouch v Adam Treloar

The Crows don’t employ a tagger so will back their midfielders to get on top of the Magpies. Crouch (82nd overall in the Official AFL Player Ratings) is coming off a massive 43 disposals against West Coast, while Treloar (18th overall) is leading the League with 33.9 disposals per game.

It’s a big week for: Sam Jacobs

Not only is it his 200th game, but the experienced Crows ruckman will have his hands full against Magpies star Brodie Grundy. Jacobs was strong in his return game against West Coast last week – his first appearance at senior level since round two – and will be better for the run.

Thommo’s Tip: Pies by 6 points.


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24 thoughts on “Game Chat – Adelaide v Collingwood”

  1. Can’t for the life of me decide:

    Tu B Crouch to Treloar
    TD Sloan to Treloar

    Any comments appreciated!!! Many thanks



    Adelaide: Bryce Gibbs, Jake Kelly, Richard Douglas, Reilly O’Brien
    Collingwood: Chris Mayne, Callum Brown, Rupert Wills, John Noble


  3. 1/4 time

    P. Seedsman 58
    B. Maynard 46
    B. Smith 32
    L. Greenwood 30
    R. Laird 31
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 28
    B. Crouch 26
    J. Elliott 26
    R. O’Brien 26
    J. Howe 25
    T. Walker 25
    C. Mayne 25
    R. Douglas 25
    J. Thomas 25
    D. Talia 20
    T. Varcoe 25
    E. Betts 16
    R. Wills 24
    C. Jones 16
    T. Phillips 21
    K. Hartigan 15
    A. Treloar 19
    L. Brown 14
    J. Noble 19
    J. Kelly 13
    J. Roughead 16
    S. Jacobs 13
    S. Sidebottom 15
    D. Fogarty 13
    B. Grundy 15
    T. Lynch 12
    J. Crisp 14
    R. Sloane 10
    M. Scharenberg 13
    D. Mackay 9
    T. Adams 12
    W. Milera 8
    S. Pendlebury 11
    B. Gibbs 7
    J. Madgen 9
    M. Crouch 4
    C. Brown 4
    L. Murphy 4
    B. Mihocek 2


  4. How has Grundy got 50 points. He’s done absolutely nothing. IVe got him as well but opponent had got the C on him.


  5. 1/2 time

    P. Seedsman 87
    B. Maynard 57
    B. Smith 60
    J. Howe 54
    J. Kelly 47
    J. Thomas 53
    D. Talia 46
    T. Varcoe 53
    R. Laird 45
    A. Treloar 52
    D. Fogarty 42
    B. Grundy 48
    R. Douglas 42
    R. Wills 44
    B. Crouch 40
    J. Crisp 42
    R. Sloane 40
    T. Adams 41
    L. Brown 36
    C. Mayne 38
    R. O’Brien 36
    J. Elliott 37
    K. Hartigan 33
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 35
    T. Walker 33
    J. Noble 34
    B. Gibbs 30
    J. Madgen 32
    E. Betts 28
    S. Sidebottom 31
    S. Jacobs 27
    J. Roughead 29
    C. Jones 27
    L. Greenwood 28
    D. Mackay 24
    T. Phillips 28
    T. Lynch 21
    S. Pendlebury 27
    L. Murphy 17
    C. Brown 24
    W. Milera 15
    B. Mihocek 24
    M. Crouch 15
    M. Scharenberg 23


  6. Hoping Goldy does a de-stroy-ation on Ryder, Ladhams , Dixon, Marshall and any other Port player that goes into the ruck.
    Then Kenny might play Lycett next week which might be laughable as I will need him to substitute for Gawn who may be out. That means that Burgess will be on field for me AGAIN!!


  7. I’ve got Westhoff as a backup for ROB who’s looking at a mediocre score, what score is the Hoff likely to get 70 plus?


    1. I asked this type with Lloyd as my AE … was universally told not to take Smith over Hurn … I listened … my mistake … go with your gut!!


      1. Sorry we are not clairvoyants. The percentage play was to bench Smith and take Hurn due to Smith’s inconsistency this year/previous years.

        Today was Smith’s 5th time recording both 20+ disposals and 10+ marks from 166 career games and 2nd time this season.

        Don’t forget S Hurn hasn’t played yet and you could still receive an advantage.


    2. Dependent on how risk averse you are, but 90+ is usually a lock when looping and unless you think Hurn will beat it by 20 points I’d take Crisp’s score.



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