Game Chat – Adelaide v Essendon

Written by Father Dougal on April 15 2017

Venue: Adelaide Oval, Saturday, April 15, 7.10pm ACST

Last Time They Met: R19, 2016, Adelaide Crows 22.11 (143) d Essendon 9.7 (61) at Adelaide Oval
R20, 2015, Adelaide Crows 27.9 (171) d Essendon 8.11 (59) at Etihad Stadium

Game notes: The ladder-leading Crows are genuine premiership contenders after an unbeaten start to the season in the opening three rounds. After impressive wins against Greater Western Sydney and Hawthorn, the Crows survived a fightback from Port Adelaide to prevail in Showdown 42 last weekend. How much of a physical toll that game has taken out of them will be one of the key questions heading into Saturday’s encounter with the Bombers, who will be desperate to bounce back from their upset loss to Carlton. The wet conditions at the MCG played a part in the result, so this is a chance for the Bombers to get a true gauge of their progress. There’s no bigger test in the AFL than taking on the red-hot Crows on their home deck.

Father Dougal’s Tip: Adelaide by 18

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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32 thoughts on “Game Chat – Adelaide v Essendon”

  1. I’ve got a feeling that Tex is going to personally outscore the entire Essendon team tonight. As a Carlton supporter, I hope that Eddie does too.



    Adelaide 9.2.56
    Essendon 3.2.20

    T. Walker 67
    E. Betts 42
    C. Cameron 34
    A. Otten 33
    S. Jacobs 31
    R. Atkins 28
    R. Laird 28
    J. Lever 23
    B. Smith 21
    R. Knight 19
    R. Sloane 19
    W. Milera 17
    T. Lynch 16
    C. Hampton 16
    M. Crouch 15
    R. Douglas 15
    D. Mackay 13
    T. Menzel 13
    L. Brown 11
    J. Kelly 8
    D. Talia 7
    K. Hartigan 1

    B. Goddard 39
    T. Colyer 39
    J. Daniher 27
    A. McGrath 25
    M. Hurley 24
    B. Stanton 21
    K. Langford 20
    Z. Merrett 19
    D. Heppell 18
    O. Fantasia 16
    J. Green 15
    J. Watson 15
    M. Baguley 14
    D. Parish 14
    P. Ambrose 13
    M. Leuenberger 7
    A. McDonald-Tipungwuti 7
    C. Hooker 7
    D. Zaharakis 7
    C. McKenna 5
    M. Brown 4
    J. Kelly -4


      1. Not convinced on Eagles, Geelong or Bulldogs yet. All of them look scratchy.

        Honestly prefer Richmond at this point – they’re playing good footy.


        1. I agree with you about the Cats + Eagles; both should make the 8, but I don’t know that either quite looks like top-4 material right now. The Bulldogs will be fine, though.

          Richmond is indeed playing well, and could certainly play finals, but I don’t think they will make the top-4.


          1. Not sure Richmond has played anyone of merit yet to deserve that level of elevation. They beat WCE at the G where the Eagles are crap. Not sure anyone else they have played will play finals this year.
            This is going to sound strange with Swans 0+4 but I wouldn’t count them out of at least a prelim. They have been playing a bunch of kids. The pies loss was big, but Port have kind of franked their form with other strong performances since their shock win over the Swans. The Swans have a pretty soft run over the coming weeks. They could turn 5-5 and be back in the game.


            1. With the bye before the finals, you only need to make the 8 and you’re a chance. Almost disadvantaged if you finish top four and win.


              1. If an extra week off is a disadvantage for top-4 teams, why did Ross Lyon always rest most of his best-22 in the final round of the year?


            2. I agree with you 100% on both points.

              I should clarify that when I said that the Tigers *could* play finals, I didn’t mean to say that I necessarily think they *will*. Just that they could.

              As for the Swans, I too am quite bullish about their chances. I think they will definitely play finals, and that a top-4 finish is not out of the question, even if they are 0-4 right now.



    Adelaide 15.6.96
    Essendon 7.2.44

    T. Walker 105
    E. Betts 97
    C. Cameron 62
    A. Otten 62
    R. Laird 61
    S. Jacobs 58
    R. Atkins 51
    B. Smith 49
    J. Lever 46
    R. Sloane 45
    M. Crouch 43
    R. Knight 36
    C. Hampton 29
    R. Douglas 28
    D. Mackay 27
    T. Lynch 25
    D. Talia 25
    J. Kelly 23
    W. Milera 22
    T. Menzel 21
    L. Brown 10
    K. Hartigan 9

    B. Goddard 67
    T. Colyer 63
    J. Daniher 47
    M. Hurley 47
    B. Stanton 46
    Z. Merrett 44
    A. McGrath 44
    K. Langford 36
    D. Zaharakis 35
    O. Fantasia 35
    D. Heppell 34
    M. Baguley 32
    M. Leuenberger 28
    J. Green 24
    J. Watson 23
    C. McKenna 22
    J. Kelly 21
    P. Ambrose 21
    A. McDonald-Tipungwuti 20
    D. Parish 17
    M. Brown 7
    C. Hooker 5


    1. Agreed. It’s not that Essendon has played poorly – on the contrary, they’ve been quite good. It’s just that Adelaide has been frighteningly brilliant.


  4. Menzel’s work rate looks much better than it did when he was at Carlton – a year in the SANFL seems to have done him a world of good.



    Adelaide 17.7.109
    Essendon 10.9.69

    T. Walker 124
    E. Betts 115
    S. Jacobs 93
    R. Laird 82
    A. Otten 81
    R. Sloane 78
    C. Cameron 73
    R. Atkins 63
    B. Smith 61
    M. Crouch 59
    J. Lever 57
    R. Douglas 49
    T. Lynch 47
    D. Mackay 46
    D. Talia 45
    R. Knight 40
    C. Hampton 36
    K. Hartigan 34
    W. Milera 33
    T. Menzel 32
    J. Kelly 25
    L. Brown 23

    T. Colyer 99
    B. Goddard 88
    Z. Merrett 87
    A. McGrath 72
    M. Hurley 66
    J. Daniher 65
    D. Zaharakis 60
    B. Stanton 59
    O. Fantasia 56
    K. Langford 53
    D. Heppell 50
    C. McKenna 45
    M. Brown 44
    M. Leuenberger 44
    J. Kelly 43
    M. Baguley 41
    A. McDonald-Tipungwuti 39
    J. Watson 38
    J. Green 37
    P. Ambrose 37
    D. Parish 32
    C. Hooker 20


  6. Hate seeing high draft picks get judged harshly, so happy to see some good signs from McGrath. Not SC relevant, but looks like the Dons have picked a good one.



    Adelaide 24.9.153
    Essendon 13.10.88

    E. Betts 150
    T. Walker 143
    R. Sloane 123
    R. Laird 112
    S. Jacobs 111
    A. Otten 98
    B. Smith 95
    R. Atkins 88
    C. Cameron 84
    M. Crouch 76
    R. Douglas 75
    J. Lever 73
    R. Knight 70
    D. Mackay 67
    T. Lynch 64
    D. Talia 60
    C. Hampton 56
    W. Milera 55
    T. Menzel 48
    K. Hartigan 41
    L. Brown 28
    J. Kelly 27

    Z. Merrett 120
    T. Colyer 119
    B. Goddard 117
    A. McGrath 98
    J. Daniher 90
    M. Hurley 80
    D. Zaharakis 74
    B. Stanton 74
    O. Fantasia 72
    D. Heppell 67
    A. McDonald-Tipungwuti 66
    M. Brown 66
    K. Langford 66
    J. Kelly 62
    C. McKenna 56
    M. Leuenberger 55
    D. Parish 55
    M. Baguley 47
    J. Green 47
    J. Watson 45
    P. Ambrose 40
    C. Hooker 38


  8. Pretty clear-cut now on who to have on field. Hampton has to b on bench. Otten on field. What to do with Taranto and SPP they’re killing me. Barrett- Omeara- Pickett on bench.


    1. What to do with…

      – Taranto: Trade him out when a good, cheap downgrade option presents himself.

      – SPP: Hold for now.

      – Barrett: Wait and see. We don’t even know why he was dropped yet.

      – O’Meara: If you have the money, then upgrade him to a premium; otherwise, the same as Taranto.

      – Pickett: Same as Taranto.


      1. Barrett will be back.

        Had 30 disposals (19 kicks, 11 handballs), 12 marks, 6 tackles and 2 goals/2 behinds in the NEAFL today, FWIW


      2. Cheers Jack. Have 180k in the kitty, will way up options maybe upgrade omeara as priority at this early stage.



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