Game Chat – Adelaide v Fremantle

Written by Father Dougal on May 27 2017

Venue: Adelaide Oval, Saturday, May 27, 7.10PM ACST

Last Time They Met: R21, 2016, Adelaide 21.16 (142) d Fremantle 11.4 (70) at Domain Stadium
R6, 2016, Adelaide 14.13 (97) d Fremantle 8.16 (64) at Adelaide Oval
R9, 2015, Fremantle 10.8 (68) d Adelaide 7.15 (57) at Adelaide Oval
R12, 2014, Fremantle 12.18 (90) d Adelaide 7.8 (50) at Domain Stadium
R18, 2013, Fremantle 11.9 (75) d Adelaide 7.11 (53) at Domain Stadium

Game notes: This looms as one of the more intriguing games of the weekend. A few weeks ago Adelaide seemed to be the best team going around by a reasonable margin before losses to North Melbourne and Melbourne brought them back to earth. An 80-point win against the Brisbane Lions last Saturday indicated a return to form, but Fremantle should pose a bigger threat. The Dockers have won six of their last seven but have a percentage of 90.7, staggeringly low for a team in fifth spot. There’s no denying some of the quality Ross Lyon has at his disposal though. Nat Fyfe, Lachie Neale and Bradley and Stephen Hill help form a threatening midfield, while Michael Walters is running through there with great success. However, the Crows are the No.1 side in the AFL for contested possessions, with Rory Sloane and Matt and Brad Crouch all in the top 22 in the competition for that stat.

Father Dougal’s Tip: Adelaide by 24

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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34 thoughts on “Game Chat – Adelaide v Fremantle”

  1. Otten to Greenwood (via Berry) as cash generation for next week?
    TU: Go for it
    TD: Save a trade and wait a week


  2. Greenwood up to 27 before quarter time. It’s early days, but so far I’m glad I backed my gut and put him on the field.


    1. Wish I had him in the FWD line to avoid the Parsons rubbish but at least loopholing him in the MIDS.


    2. Okay… he hasn’t done a whole lot since I said that. But 34 points two thirds of the way through the second quarter is nothing to complain about.


  3. Held til next week on greenwood. Has made my structure real good coming into the byes but would have liked those points.

    Might be doing a triple downgrade next week then splurge about a million cash after the round 11 bye on two premos.

    Time to go bang!


      1. Reid, Otten and WHE plus my current bank cash.

        Pity Reid copped that concussion. But at least I can ditch him before he loses too much…


        1. Looks like I will keep Otten a bit longer. Ahh well Hampton is a suitable replacement whipping boy.


    1. Incredible how poor he’s been. Looking at 5 weeks in a row under 100. Will be an interesting one next year if his form doesn’t improve.


      1. Form often spirals on players facing contract issues. Seems almost a certainty he is moving next year based on this form.


      2. He’s been rubbish by his standards – may require a trade out later in the season if things don’t improve


    1. On the downside, it seems like Laird has taken on Otten’s role from last week. Or maybe it’s just that the Adelaide backline hasn’t been needed so far.


  4. My league opponent had the VC on Danger and then forgot to change his captain…. He left his C on sloane. Not pleased.



    Adelaide: 20.23 (143)
    Fremantle: 6.7 (43)

    R. Sloane 175
    M. Crouch 124
    J. Jenkins 123
    J. Lever 122
    A. Otten 119
    R. Atkins 119
    B. Crouch 111
    W. Milera 93
    R. Laird 89
    R. Douglas 86
    S. Jacobs 82
    E. Betts 80
    C. Cameron 80
    H. Greenwood 77
    B. Smith 75
    T. Lynch 75
    J. Kelly 73
    D. Talia 73
    L. Brown 63
    D. Mackay 63
    K. Hartigan 57
    T. Walker 26

    L. Weller 118
    C. Blakely 97
    J. Hamling 89
    D. Tucker 82
    L. Spurr 77
    N. Fyfe 73
    J. Griffin 63
    H. Crozier 61
    M. Johnson 61
    C. Sutcliffe 59
    E. Hughes 56
    G. Ibbotson 56
    S. Hill 56
    L. Neale 55
    B. Grey 54
    D. Pearce 49
    M. Walters 49
    C. McCarthy 43
    D. Mundy 38
    B. Hill 38
    S. Kersten 27
    M. Taberner 15


  6. Went to the match, stood on the hill, cold and wet.
    I’m shocked to see Jenkins score so high.
    Sloane is a champ.
    Lever was everywhere and we need to sign him quickly.
    Can’t believe greenwood hasn’t been playing until now.


    1. Sloane my favourite player, love to see him win the brownlow. I think he is out of reach for my supercoach side but i’ll be trying to get him in. Lever you could tell in his first year he was going to be good. Did’nt know nothing about Greenwood until last weekend our local news was talking about him getting his first game, read up on him and brought him in, looks a lot better than most of my rookies.


    1. He just couldn’t get near it. He needs Otten to teach him how to take a contested mark.
      Might be a handy post bye recruit as f7 loophole. He’ll be cheap.


  7. Fyfe with 13 clangers (including 6 frees against), equals the record jointly held by Heath Shaw and Adam McPhee

    It’s amazing he even managed 78 points



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