Game Chat – Adelaide v Fremantle

Written by Father Dougal on May 5 2019

Where and when: Adelaide Oval, Sunday, May 5, 4.10pm (ACST)

Last time they met: Optus Stadium, round 12, 2018. Fremantle 10.11 (71) defated Adelaide 9.14 (68).

Trailing by 12 points at half-time, the Dockers kicked four unanswered goals in the third quarter before holding the fast-finishing Crows at bay in the final term. Emerging forward Brennan Cox was the hero for the Dockers with four goals.

What it means for Adelaide: The Crows (ninth, 3-3) have the chance to move inside the top eight for the first time this season coming off back-to-back wins against Gold Coast and St Kilda.

What it means for Fremantle: The Dockers (second, 4-2) can consolidate their spot near the top of the ladder. They’ve shown they can secure big scalps on the road having knocked off Greater Western Sydney in Canberra in round five.

How Adelaide wins: The Crows must gain the upper hand in contested footy and clearances. They had a significant edge in both of those areas in their win against St Kilda last weekend, finishing +21 in contested possessions and +12 in clearances.

How Fremantle wins: Lots of overlap run on the outside, move the ball quickly and expose the lack of leg speed in the Crows’ midfield.

The stat: The Dockers have a solid recent record against the Crows – with seven wins from their past 14 games – but their Adelaide Oval form is horrible. The Dockers have lost their last five trips to the venue against the Crows and Port Adelaide, with an averaging losing margin of 68 points. Their only win came against the Crows in round nine, 2015.

The match-up: Rory Sloane v Nat Fyfe

The two most talented players on the ground will be going hammer and tong at each other – although they both might be tagged by other players – at the all-important centre clearances and around the ground. Sloane is ranked 21st in the Official AFL Player Ratings, while Fyfe is ranked fifth.

It’s a big week for: Alex Pearce

The Dockers defender will likely get the job on Crows co-captain Taylor Walker, who burst back to form with four goals against St Kilda last week. Pearce has been outstanding this season and is the rock of the Dockers’ backline.

Father Dougals’s Tip: Crows by 19. Home field advantage will be too much

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31 thoughts on “Game Chat – Adelaide v Fremantle”

  1. Hi community, can anyone tell me if my opponent has 2 onfield midfielders not playing and 2 emergencies flagged. Do they receive both emergency scores or just 1.


    1. He will get both scores, 1 emergency for each player.
      If there was only 1 player on the field not playing but 2 emergencies he would have got the lower emergency score.


  2. Go Freo.

    I’ve got a feeling we might take this one.

    Might be the 3rd beer, Optimism is always found in ale.

    GO FREO!


    1. Based on O’Brien’s performance over the last few weeks do the Crows have to keep him in the side (somehow)


      1. Bomber2018

        At the very least, and I have no idea/have no intel, I would think it means that Sauce gets a rest through the Crows Bye in order to get over any niggles…



    Adelaide: Hugh Greenwood, Jordan Gallucci, Jake Kelly, Lachie Murphy
    Fremantle: Adam Cerra, Reece Conca, Andrew Brayshaw, Cam McCarthy



    Q time 1.3.9 – 2.2.14

    T. Lynch 33
    N. Fyfe 35
    C. Ellis-Yolmen 31
    D. Mundy 35
    H. Greenwood 28
    E. Langdon 29
    M. Crouch 23
    L. Ryan 26
    K. Hartigan 22
    D. Tucker 26
    R. Laird 20
    A. Pearce 25
    T. Walker 18
    R. Lobb 25
    J. Kelly 18
    B. Matera 22
    L. Murphy 17
    J. Hamling 21
    D. Talia 15
    B. Hill 21
    B. Smith 15
    R. Conca 19
    B. Crouch 15
    M. Walters 19
    R. Knight 14
    A. Brayshaw 17
    E. Himmelberg 13
    T. Colyer 17
    R. Sloane 11
    R. Nyhuis 15
    A. Keath 10
    E. Hughes 14
    B. Gibbs 9
    C. McCarthy 12
    R. Atkins 8
    A. Cerra 10
    E. Betts 8
    J. Hogan 7
    R. O’Brien 8
    M. Taberner 7
    J. Gallucci 4
    S. Switkowski 5
    D. Mackay 1
    N. Wilson 2



    1/2 time 1.6.12 – 2.2.14

    B. Crouch 59
    N. Fyfe 74
    C. Ellis-Yolmen 59
    L. Ryan 64
    R. Laird 57
    D. Mundy 62
    M. Crouch 57
    E. Langdon 56
    R. O’Brien 56
    R. Lobb 49
    K. Hartigan 51
    B. Hill 42
    T. Lynch 46
    R. Nyhuis 42
    J. Kelly 42
    J. Hamling 41
    B. Smith 41
    R. Conca 39
    H. Greenwood 40
    A. Pearce 38
    E. Himmelberg 40
    A. Cerra 35
    D. Talia 38
    D. Tucker 33
    E. Betts 36
    A. Brayshaw 27
    R. Sloane 35
    B. Matera 27
    B. Gibbs 30
    E. Hughes 26
    R. Knight 29
    N. Wilson 24
    A. Keath 28
    M. Walters 24
    L. Murphy 27
    C. McCarthy 22
    T. Walker 23
    T. Colyer 20
    R. Atkins 21
    M. Taberner 18
    D. Mackay 9
    S. Switkowski 15
    J. Gallucci 9
    J. Hogan 11


  6. with the new 666 rules making this the lowest goal scoring season in 52 years ,
    i think fantasy footy will have to open up a few more mid fwd & mid def players next year ,
    otherwise it’s just gna be midpricers & rookies to choose from in our fwd lines ,
    i dont know what everyone else thinks , but for mine,
    the lack of fwds & defenders is sucking a lot of the fun out of the game


    1. It’s fine for defenders – Lloyd, Laird, Ryan, Whitfield, etc., – but the forward situation is a bit dire, yes.


    1. Needed to run around a bit more and get a few cheap possessions like Cripps to get your supercoach score up.

      Greenwood rarely left Fyfe’s side during the last quarter



    full time 7.9.51 – 5.4.34

    before scailing

    R. O’Brien 119
    L. Ryan 142
    C. Ellis-Yolmen 111
    D. Mundy 133
    R. Sloane 106
    N. Fyfe 120
    T. Lynch 97
    E. Langdon 95
    B. Smith 95
    A. Cerra 85
    R. Laird 93
    R. Conca 82
    M. Crouch 87
    R. Lobb 82
    H. Greenwood 84
    A. Pearce 77
    A. Keath 80
    R. Nyhuis 72
    D. Talia 80
    N. Wilson 68
    B. Crouch 80
    M. Walters 68
    E. Himmelberg 78
    A. Brayshaw 64
    K. Hartigan 72
    E. Hughes 63
    E. Betts 69
    J. Hamling 61
    J. Kelly 69
    M. Taberner 57
    L. Murphy 55
    B. Hill 56
    R. Atkins 52
    D. Tucker 55
    D. Mackay 44
    T. Colyer 43
    R. Knight 44
    B. Matera 38
    B. Gibbs 41
    C. McCarthy 31
    T. Walker 39
    S. Switkowski 29
    J. Gallucci 34
    J. Hogan 28


  8. Matt Crouch 39 touches for 87…..
    Might have to be culled soon, once I upgrade a few rookies.


  9. Champion data taking the piss, if either of the Crouch brothers had the last name Macrae they would of ended up on 150


    1. Agree. So sick of getting ripped off by CD’s scoring system. 39 touches is still 39 touches. Should be a ton every time…


  10. Brodie smith a bit lloyd like ,compare his stats to laird versus reckon lloyd is a seagull.


    1. Laird wins every stat except the 1 goal, yet the same score.
      SC is really bugging me this year. Might have to consider Fantasy next season, at least it’s black and white!


      1. fantasy sux , DT is better & a good backup if yr SC season goes south , but SC is still by far & away the best
        just wish SC would add something to make it a bit more fun & bit less work/stress related
        like maybe DP all their rookies under 125k ,
        or , maybe the ability to upgrade a player to DP status @ an extra price , like 40k-100k , whatever , @ any time in the season , to break up the limited options a bit
        more options means that if 1 strategy fails , your season is not necessarily shot



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