Game Chat – Adelaide vs Geelong

Written by Thommo on July 21 2017

Venue: Adelaide Oval at 7:20pm (ACST)


R11, 2017, Geelong 13.18 (96) d Adelaide 10.14 (74) at Simonds Stadium
R18, 2016, Geelong 12.13 (85) d Adelaide 7.13 (55) at Simonds Stadium
R8, 2016, Geelong 13.20 (98) d Adelaide 11.6 (72) at Adelaide Oval
R23, 2015, Geelong 17.17 (119) d Adelaide 11.14 (80) at Simonds Stadium
R1, 2014, Geelong 18.11 (119) d Adelaide 12.9 (81) at Simonds Stadium

Game notes: What a massive game to kick off round 18 – a top of the table clash and a possible Grand Final preview. Adelaide Oval will be packed to capacity to see if the Crows can snap a five-game losing streak to the Cats. After looking vulnerable midway through the season, the Crows have won four of their past five games to recapture their sparkling form from earlier in the year. The Crows were ultra-impressive in disposing of fellow top-eight side Melbourne in Darwin last weekend, even after losing stars Rory Sloane (concussion) and Jake Lever (hamstring) late in the game. The Cats are also flying, winning six of their past eight including last weekend’s three-point thriller over Hawthorn, with Brownlow Medallist Patrick Dangerfield booting five goals on one leg. Strap yourself in, this is going to be a beauty.

Thommo’s Tip: Geelong by 15 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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51 thoughts on “Game Chat – Adelaide vs Geelong”

    As of this moment, Rory & Danger are playing! Still an hour to go before the game……


    1. Joel selwood reported to have the flu “be interesting to see how he goes”

      Might change my V/C back to Danger.

      I’m really looking forward to this game.

      Should be a Cracker.


  2. Who is still trusting Danger with the VC?
    T/U: Yes. He is a gun and will smash out another 140 on one leg
    T/D: Nope. Too sore and too risky. Looking at other options


    1. Thanks for the thumbs guys. I’m leaning towards yes at this stage. Just feels wrong leaving him out of the loop! Looking like Danger into Zerrett or Titch for me.


  3. Let’s hope Rory recognizes his teammates this week after a nasty concussion.

    It’s great he’s playing for Crows’ fans and his Supercoaches but you question whether a manditory week off should be brought in like in NRL?


    1. I don’t want to dramatise this – we’ve already had enough of that in the past week – but I really hope Sloane gets through tonight’s game.


  4. Don’t know how Sloane’s playing this week. Looked really bad last week and I don’t think it’s a great look for the game that he’s back playing this week. Doubt he’d be playing if the Crows were playing Brisbane or North.


    1. I was starting to think it was an unwritten rule the clubs followed. This is a first in a long time that I can remember.


  5. Chris scott just then:

    Danger will start in the middle and we will see how he is moving but the plan was to be playing him mostly foward.

    Kick a bag Paddy!


  6. I am a numpty.

    Forgot to trade out Parsons again. Twice that’s happened now. Twice.

    Why won’t he just go away?


      1. Slipped to 600 but yeh, forgot. Two weeks ago I had too many beverages one Saturday afternoon, forgot I played SuperCoach, missed trading him to Witherden (was awaiting final teams). Just now it didn’t click that Parsons (my rookie cash cow to fund Pendles/Newman to Z.Merrett/Hurley this fortnight) was playing first up – too caught up with Danger/Pendles/J.Selwood with just the one mid bench cover.

        Not my finest few weeks that’s for sure.


    1. Ouch. His 3-points-to-quarter-time effort thus far means he’s on track to miss his B.E. of 46 by quite some margin.


  7. Selwood 2 touches to quarter time (he’s copping a very hard tag, and has a cold/flu). I’m glad he’s playing, but I’m kind of regretting my VC choice so far…



    Adelaide: 5.2.32
    Geelong: 1.4.10

    R. Sloane 41
    R. Atkins 40
    R. Laird 37
    R. Douglas 34
    S. Jacobs 33
    H. Greenwood 30
    J. Jenkins 27
    T. Walker 25
    B. Crouch 23
    J. Kelly 23
    M. McGovern 22
    A. Keath 20
    M. Crouch 18
    A. Otten 18
    D. Talia 16
    T. Lynch 16
    D. Mackay 14
    B. Smith 13
    E. Betts 13
    C. Cameron 13
    L. Brown 5
    R. Knight 1

    P. Dangerfield 44
    C. Guthrie 34
    J. Bews 32
    M. Blicavs 28
    Z. Tuohy 19
    H. Taylor 19
    T. Hawkins 18
    T. Lonergan 18
    L. Henderson 17
    M. Duncan 17
    J. Selwood 16
    S. Menegola 15
    S. Motlop 15
    Z. Smith 13
    R. Stanley 12
    Z. Guthrie 8
    J. Kolodjashnij 7
    J. Murdoch 6
    S. Selwood 3
    D. Menzel 3
    J. Parsons 3
    T. Stewart -5


  9. Traded in Sloane 6 weeks ago, highest score while he was in my team was a 91. Finally got sick of it and traded him out, expecting him to be rested this week after his knock anyway… now he’s on 80points and its not even half time.


  10. 1/2 TIME

    Adelaide: 9.5.59
    Geelong: 4.6.30

    R. Sloane 91
    R. Douglas 74
    S. Jacobs 73
    M. Crouch 68
    H. Greenwood 65
    R. Atkins 54
    R. Laird 47
    B. Crouch 42
    J. Kelly 42
    T. Walker 41
    D. Talia 39
    C. Cameron 39
    E. Betts 35
    M. McGovern 30
    A. Otten 30
    J. Jenkins 29
    B. Smith 29
    A. Keath 26
    T. Lynch 26
    D. Mackay 15
    L. Brown 13
    R. Knight 5

    P. Dangerfield 80
    M. Blicavs 72
    J. Selwood 57
    J. Bews 56
    M. Duncan 51
    Z. Smith 46
    C. Guthrie 45
    Z. Tuohy 42
    T. Hawkins 39
    L. Henderson 31
    T. Lonergan 28
    H. Taylor 26
    S. Menegola 24
    J. Murdoch 24
    S. Motlop 21
    T. Stewart 17
    S. Selwood 15
    R. Stanley 14
    J. Kolodjashnij 14
    Z. Guthrie 12
    D. Menzel 11
    J. Parsons 10


  11. This is the best ive seen Adelaide all year i think. There contested ball and pressure is unreal and Geelong can’t match it at the moment. Will be interesting to see if Geelong can respond.


  12. I would like to shout out Chillo and Schwarz for both telling me to hold Sloane as otherwise he was gone.


  13. Geelong aren’t that good. Their top 5 players are as good as any other team but their bottom 10 really struggle.


    1. As a Geelong fan you are not wrong. Danger, Selwood, Harry, Duncan and a few others are always reliable. But you are right our bottom 10 are horrendous at times. I swear they rub oil on there hands before they run out to play they fumble that much. When put under pressure we crumble.

      Saying that however i still think we are better than most and our best footy can cause trouble to others. No one is beating Adelaide at home and will be tough to beat come finals.


    2. It looks like there are a few too many playing injured.

      Z Guthrie and Parsons probably don’t deserve games. Menegola, Motlop and Cam Guthrie are playing poorly and making some pretty bad decisions and Murdoch, while playing his best footy, still makes far too many errors.

      A 21 point loss to the Crows in Adelaide isn’t the worst loss.



    Adelaide: 13.9.87
    Geelong: 7.8.50

    R. Sloane 137
    S. Jacobs 115
    R. Douglas 106
    M. Crouch 105
    H. Greenwood 90
    B. Crouch 72
    R. Atkins 72
    R. Laird 59
    T. Walker 59
    D. Talia 56
    B. Smith 54
    C. Cameron 51
    J. Kelly 47
    M. McGovern 47
    E. Betts 47
    J. Jenkins 42
    T. Lynch 41
    A. Keath 38
    A. Otten 38
    D. Mackay 34
    L. Brown 34
    R. Knight 1

    P. Dangerfield 115
    M. Blicavs 97
    J. Selwood 92
    M. Duncan 78
    Z. Tuohy 70
    J. Bews 65
    L. Henderson 60
    C. Guthrie 55
    Z. Smith 50
    T. Hawkins 50
    H. Taylor 48
    T. Lonergan 46
    S. Menegola 45
    J. Murdoch 43
    R. Stanley 39
    T. Stewart 34
    S. Selwood 30
    D. Menzel 28
    S. Motlop 25
    J. Parsons 21
    J. Kolodjashnij 19
    Z. Guthrie 16


    1. I’m happy with his score but I do feel he’s had a case of the Bontempelli’s. Think he’s scored 4pts for every time Bruce or Lingy has referred to his numbers but his ‘lack of impact’.


  15. Greenwood about to hit the tonne, guess I am keeping Pendles a week because it’s god damn well more than I’m use to from that position!


  16. Yep, switched Witherden to the backs, put Hibberd on ground in the mids and I’ll get Greenwoods score. First time it’s worked for me thanks to Greene and Yeo missing games lately


  17. Taking Greenwoods score over lynch. Now i swear if lynch pulls out a blinder after spudding on the field for weeks i won’t be too happy…..


  18. FULL TIME (pre-scaling)

    Adelaide: 13.13.91
    Geelong: 10.10.70

    R. Sloane 170
    M. Crouch 136
    S. Jacobs 133
    R. Douglas 124
    H. Greenwood 103
    B. Crouch 95
    R. Laird 85
    R. Atkins 83
    B. Smith 81
    D. Talia 75
    T. Walker 72
    T. Lynch 69
    A. Keath 65
    J. Kelly 65
    E. Betts 60
    J. Jenkins 60
    M. McGovern 57
    C. Cameron 54
    L. Brown 52
    A. Otten 49
    D. Mackay 43
    R. Knight 17

    P. Dangerfield 138
    J. Selwood 128
    M. Blicavs 107
    M. Duncan 104
    Z. Tuohy 102
    J. Bews 92
    H. Taylor 80
    C. Guthrie 77
    L. Henderson 74
    T. Hawkins 70
    S. Menegola 69
    T. Lonergan 67
    Z. Smith 66
    J. Murdoch 59
    T. Stewart 54
    R. Stanley 54
    S. Selwood 46
    J. Kolodjashnij 43
    S. Motlop 36
    D. Menzel 34
    Z. Guthrie 26
    J. Parsons 25



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