Game Chat – Adelaide vs Hawthorn

Written by Thommo on March 23 2019

Where and when: Adelaide Oval, Saturday, March 23, 4.05pm (ACDT)

Last time they met: MCG, round 13, 2018: Hawthorn 12.16 (88) beat Adelaide 4.8 (32).

The Hawks blew the game apart in the third quarter, turning a four-point half-time buffer into a comfortable 48-point lead at the final change. James Sicily starred for the Hawks with 24 disposals and three goals, and Tom Mitchell had 40 touches on his way to the Brownlow Medal. It was the fourth-straight loss for the undermanned Crows, who were without Rory Sloane, Rory Laird, Brad Crouch, Tom Lynch and Brodie Smith.

What it means for Adelaide: This is a fresh start for the Crows after a disappointing season in 2018. They’ve got almost a full list to choose from and are primed for a quick bounce back to premiership contention

What it means for Hawthorn: It’s a difficult first-up assignment without Tom Mitchell – likely to miss the season with a broken leg – star recruits Chad Wingard and Tom Scully, and veteran Grant Birchall.

How Adelaide wins: The Crows will be looking to transition the ball quickly out of defence, spread hard from contests and give their forwards plenty of quality ball inside the attacking 50.

How Hawthorn wins: The midfield battle will be crucial. Jaeger O’Meara, Liam Shiels, James Worpel and James Cousins at least need to break even with Rory Sloane, Matt and Brad Crouch and Bryce Gibbs to give their forwards enough opportunities and deny Adelaide’s star-studded attack the chance to run riot.

The stat: The Hawks have a sensational recent record against the Crows, winning nine of their past 10 encounters. Adelaide Oval doesn’t hold any fears for the Hawks, who have won  all three games against the Crows at the venue.

The match-up: Daniel Talia v Jarryd Roughead

These two experienced bookends have had plenty of battles over the years. According to the Schick AFL Player Ratings, Talia is ranked No. 6 among key defenders in the competition while Roughead, fresh off booting five goals in the JLT Community Series game against Richmond, is the seventh-best key forward in the League.


Thommo’s Tip: Adelaide by 24 points 

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46 thoughts on “Game Chat – Adelaide vs Hawthorn”


    Adelaide: Bryce Gibbs, Jake Kelly, Chayce Jones, Lachlan Murphy
    Hawthorn: Harry Morrison, Jonathon Ceglar, Jack Scrimshaw, James Cousins


  2. Flip Flopped between Neale / Cogs and JOM and Steele at M4/5 all preseason.

    Ended up with Sloane and M Crouch.

    I really like the Crows this year. Great early draw and something to prove.

    I’m hoping they can both start well.


      1. I’ve got Smith too.

        Fingers crossed he can show some thing.

        Just incase he doesn’t…

        I kept the Cash to turn him into Newman after Thursday night.

        Yep .I’m chasing points!


    1. two years running!!

      was quickly shouted down on Nank and Salem. And now Milera. Watch him fly!

      NEVER again! 😉

      but may still be better in the long-run (as long as you/we don’t rage trade them)!!


      1. Just ticked past 80 late in the fourth.

        I suppose it depends on what people were expecting. Those who brought him in on the assumption that he’d average 80-ish will be happy. But there were some people who genuinely seemed to think he was going to keep scoring like he did in the JLT.


  3. Half time..

    Worpel and JOM looking good for the Hawks

    M Crouch and Sloane killing it for the Crows.

    B Smith………. meh!

    I feel for Doedee, Golden Cow status last year.

    Heal well my son.


    1. Laird hasn’t touched the pill since!
      Maybe wait another week to assess how the Crows’ll deal with it.

      Massive blow for such a young talent. Hope to see you back soon Tom D.


    1. Remember this game cannot be won rd1, but it can certainly be lost. It is all about the long term. If you think Josh Kelly/Libba are a player that are going to perform to what you expect then that is fine. Don’t do it just for 1 score of 100 as that can be lost over a few weeks if you go the wrong players.


      1. I considered trading Billings to Wingard. But my cash league games don’t start until round 3, so not much point in chasing 100 for round 1


      2. Agree, but I’m not looking to do any trades till r3, and by doing this, I can not only loop the c via bines, but I can use this new spud who will come from freo, to loop my mid rookies via the e. I get the 100 pts, and I get two cracks at which rookie to put on the ground.


  4. Three Quarter Time.

    Adelaide: 5.6.36

    R. Sloane: 117
    M. Crouch: 102
    R. Laird: 84
    J. Kelly: 66
    S. Jacobs: 66
    B. Crouch: 64
    D. Talia: 62
    B. Smith: 59
    R. Atkins: 58
    B. Gibbs: 57
    W. Milera: 55
    R. Knight: 54
    A. Keath: 50
    T. Doedee: 49
    C. Jones: 47
    T. Lynch: 47
    D. Mackay: 44
    J. Jenkins: 41
    T. Walker: 37
    E. Betts: 36
    R. Douglas: 35
    L. Murphy: 17

    Hawthorn: 9.14.68

    J. Worpel: 93
    J. Gunston : 81
    J. O’Meara: 80
    B. Hardwick: 77
    J. Sicily: 76
    D. Mirra: 69
    Henderson: 63
    B. McEvoy: 61
    C. Nash: 60
    L. Breust: 59
    J. Ceglar: 58
    J. Cousins: 57
    J. Impey: 55
    H. Morrison: 53
    L. Shiels: 50
    I. Smith: 49
    J. Roughead: 48
    P. Puopolo: 45
    B. Stratton: 35
    Scrimshaw: 35
    J. Frawley: 33
    S. Burgoyne: 32


  5. it never ceases to amaze me how forwards ,with so much practice & being paid so much money to kick a ball straight from a set shot , can be so bad at it


    1. Clubs recruit on fitness, strength, speed and height. Tend to forget about the most fundamental skill in the game


    1. he’s actually looked really good (reading the play). really don’t care what he scores, he SHOULD retain his spot and at this stage that’s more important for me. looking at about 1600 Week 1 😉

      long way to go …


  6. To all those who said the Hawks cant make the finals without Mitchell , i hope you are watching ” Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat “


    pre-scaling, but only 30-odd pts to add. Interestingly, Adelaide won the share of SC pts … just!

    Adelaide Crows: 7.13.55
    Rory Sloane 153
    Matt Crouch 133
    Rory Laird 101
    Brad Crouch 90
    Sam Jacobs 85
    Wayne Milera 82
    Brodie Smith 82
    Jake Kelly 81
    Tom T. Lynch 78
    Daniel Talia 76
    Rory Atkins 74
    Bryce Gibbs 69
    Alex Keath 69
    Riley Knight 66
    David Mackay 57
    Eddie Betts 55
    Tom Doedee 55
    Josh Jenkins 54
    Chayce Jones 53
    Taylor Walker 50
    Richard Douglas 46
    Lachlan Murphy 33

    Hawthorn Hawks: 12.15.87 SC
    James Worpel 109
    Jaeger O’Meara* 104
    Jack Gunston 103
    Ben McEvoy 101
    James Sicily 100
    Blake Hardwick 96
    David Mirra 84
    Jonathon Ceglar 80
    Ricky Henderson 79
    Conor Nash 75
    Luke Breust 72
    James Cousins 71
    Jarman Impey 71
    Harry Morrison 63
    Isaac Smith 61
    Paul Puopolo 57
    Jarryd Roughead 56
    Jack Scrimshaw 56
    Liam Shiels 54
    Shaun Burgoyne 50
    James Frawley 43
    Ben Stratton 39


    1. sorry mate. Just happy (relieved with all three). MCrouch, BSmith and Scrimshaw (on-field)


      Sheez, Hawthorn have shown how to beat Adelaide. Admittedly, losing Doedee early and then Douglas didn’t help.

      Either way … Clarko’s a genius 🙂

      And Sicily is a freak! hmmmm



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