Game Chat – Blues v Pies

Written by Motts on March 15 2015

Carlton regains a host of key players for the NAB Challenge game against Collingwood in Bendigo on Sunday. 

Vice-captains Bryce Gibbs and Michael Jamison come into the side, along with Lachie Henderson, Andrew Carrazzo and Chris Judd.

First-year players Blaine Boekhorst and Clem Smith retain their place in the squad, along with fellow newcomers Matthew Dick, Kristian Jaksch and Jason Tutt.  

But skipper Marc Murphy will miss the clash as he continues to recover from a calf strain suffered in an intra-club match last month.

The big news out of Collingwood is that Mason Cox is set to get a game. 

About Mason Cox
Recruited from Oklahoma State University (OSU), Mason Cox is the tallest player ever measured at an AFL Combine, standing an imposing 211.4 centimetres. Projected as a potential ruck or key position player, Cox was the standout performer at last monthโ€™s US International Combine in Los Angeles, with his supreme athleticism drawing plaudits from recruiters across the AFL. Recording elite vertical jump scores, including the second highest left-footed running leap ever documented by the AFL in 20 years of testing, Cox also demonstrated impressive speed and agility for his height, completing the 20-metre sprint in three seconds flat. 

Collingwood is also set to name Dane Swan, Scott Pendlebury, Travis Cloke and Jarryd Blair for the first time in 2015.

Experienced recruits Levi Greenwood, Travis Varcoe and Jack Crisp will be looking to build on their promising starts to life as Magpies, and so, too, will Jordan De Goey.

The fifth overall selection in last Novemberโ€™s National Draft was an eye-catcher in the win over Hawthorn and has been given another opportunity to gain senior experience.

NAB Challenge Round Two
Collingwood v Carlton
Sunday 15 March
Queen Elizabeth Oval, Bendigo
4.40pm (AEDT)

Collingwoodโ€™s Squad
1. Alex Fasolo
2. Sam Dwyer
4. Brodie Grundy
5. Jamie Elliott
6. Tyson Goldsack
7. Ben Kennedy
8. Tom Langdon
9. Jesse White
10. Scott Pendlebury (captain)
11. Jarryd Blair
13. Taylor Adams
16. Nathan Brown
18. Travis Varcoe
19. Levi Greenwood
21. Nathan Freeman
22. Steele Sidebottom
24. Josh Thomas
25. Jack Crisp
26. Marley Williams
28. Ben Sinclair
29. Tim Broomhead
31. Jackson Ramsay
32. Travis Cloke
33. Patrick Karnezis
34. Alan Toovey
35. Jordan De Goey
43. Adam Oxley
44. Corey Gault*
46. Mason Cox*
*Denotes rookie

IN: Jarryd Blair, Travis Cloke, Mason Cox, Scott Pendlebury, Dane Swan
OUT: Jack Frost, Jesse White

Carltonโ€™s Squad
Troy Menzel
4. Bryce Gibbs
5. Chris Judd
6. Kade Simpson
7. Dylan Buckley
9. Patrick Cripps
10. Matthew Watson
11. Robert Warnock
12. Blaine Boekhorst
13. Chris Yarran
14. Liam Jones
15. Sam Docherty
17. Sam Rowe
18. Kristian Jaksch
22. Jason Tutt
23. Lachie Henderson
25. Clem Smith
27. Dennis Armfield
28. Tom Bell
31. Matthew Dick
32. Nick Graham
33. Andrejs Everitt
35. Ed Curnow
38. Ciaran Byrne
40. Michael Jamison
41. Levi Casboult
42. Zach Tuohy
43. Simon White
44. Andrew Carrazzo


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14 thoughts on “Game Chat – Blues v Pies”

  1. Young gun Patrick Cripps (106) helped himself to 18 possessions โ€” nine contested โ€” to go with six tackles for his SuperCoach ton.

    Popular Collingwood midfielder Dane Swan (63) sat out the final quarter.

    137 Chris Yarran

    117 Simon White

    110 Andrew Carrazzo

    106 Patrick Cripps

    104 Chris Judd

    98 Kristian Jaksch

    97 Nathan J. Brown

    95 Andrejs Everitt

    95 Levi Greenwood

    90 Adam Oxley

    89 Jack Crisp

    86 Sam Docherty

    86 Ed Curnow

    85 Corey Gault

    81 Zach Tuohy

    81 Josh Thomas

    80 Tom Bell

    79 Tyson Goldsack

    78 Kade Simpson

    77 Jarryd Blair

    77 Sam Rowe

    76 Blaine Boekhorst

    70 Scott Pendlebury

    69 Tom Langdon

    68 Jason Tutt

    65 Ben Sinclair

    64 Robert Warnock

    64 Lachie Henderson

    63 Dane Swan

    62 Alan Toovey

    62 Alex Fasolo

    61 Levi Casboult

    59 Ciaran Byrne

    56 Michael Jamison

    49 Ben Kennedy

    47 Marley Williams

    44 Liam Jones

    44 Jordan de Goey

    44 Patrick Karnezis

    43 Brodie Grundy

    41 Tim Broomhead

    40 Travis Cloke

    31 Troy Menzel

    28 Travis Varcoe

    28 Clem Smith

    27 Sam Dwyer

    27 Jackson Ramsay

    18 Bryce Gibbs

    3 Mason Cox


  2. Only caught the first half of the game. Again, don’t read too much into the results. No one really “manned up” in the middle and players like Pendlebury & Swan were just there for the run.
    Was a little surprised that Brown and Jaksch ended up in the high 90s. But, more power to them. They provide some cheap defensive options.
    Yarran was literally allowed to roam free across half back. No offence to him, but there’s no way he’ll be allowed that much freedom and handball receives in a regular game.
    Judd is a legend. He won’t get back to elite levels but 100-105 average is not out of the question. He is looking fitter than ever.
    Simpson did enough across half back. Played out the game well by all reports.
    Cripps and Boekhorst staked their claims for a Rd1 berth. Cripps is a little further along, doesn’t seem like vest material. Not sure if Boekhorst is in their best 22 just yet.
    Everitt could do no wrong in the opening ten minutes, kicking three (including one supergoal) and providing a decent target up forward.
    I barely noticed Karnezis out there, did his best Copperfield trick and vanished constantly.
    Oxley seems to have some talent but job security probably an issue there.
    Since Cloke was blanketed, Gault became the target up forward and did a reasonable job.
    Crisp could be a decent left field SC pick, but needs to improve his disposal.


  3. Carnablues =]

    Nothing better than beating the ferals

    On the game sense, Cripps beasted it up, currently have Newton ahead by a thread, Patty K not so good maybe he’s a nab hero then goes missing



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