Game Chat – Brisbane v West Coast

Written by Thommo on March 23 2019

Where and when: The Gabba, Saturday March 23, 7.20pm (AEST).

Last time they met: The Gabba, round 23, 2018: West Coast 14.14 (98) defeated Brisbane 11.6 (72).

With a week-one home final up for grabs, the Eagles methodically took care of the Lions to finish in second position after the home-and-away matches. Luke Shuey and Jack Redden were the midfield architects while Jack Darling and Jamie Cripps were dangerous forward.

What it means for Brisbane: After huge strides in 2018 and an off-season full of optimism with some quality signings, the Lions would love to show their fans they’re on the path to improvement again this year.

What it means for West Coast: Every premier wants to start its flag defence with a win, and this will be no easy task. The Eagles were great on the road in 2018 and want to start that way again.

How Brisbane wins: On a fast Gabba surface, its best chance of an upset is speed. The Lions have to win their share of ball in tight and then move it quickly by hand, foot or by using their legs.

How West Coast wins: The blueprint from the final round last year was to suffocate the Lions. If the Eagles set up well defensively they can generate enough turnovers to punish their younger opponents.

The stat: West Coast has won the past eight games in this match-up, not losing since 2012. The average winning margin has been 50 points. Only captain Dayne Zorko, Daniel Rich and Ryan Lester remain on Brisbane’s list from that victory. Jack Redden played that day too – now he’s an Eagle.

The match-up: Josh Walker v Jack Darling

Darling (116th overall in the AFL’s Official Player Ratings) broke free from a quiet patch with four goals in the final round against Walker last season. The Lion, ranked 363rd after an inconsistent couple of seasons, must turn the tables if his team is to spring a surprise.

It’s a big week for: Shannon Hurn

It might not mean much to the premiership skipper just yet, but Hurn will lead out the Eagles for the 100th time on Saturday. He’ll become just the fourth player to achieve the feat behind John Worsfold, Darren Glass and Ben Cousins.

Thommo’s Tip: West Coast by 10 points.

**Our Admin isn’t always online.  If you have access to the SuperCoach scores, the SCT Coaches would be very appreciative if you could pop them into the comments below. Thank you!**


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35 thoughts on “Game Chat – Brisbane v West Coast”

  1. Looking at the other games, I think scoring has changed again.

    Less 100+ players but a bigger glut between 60-90. If you nail the 100+, you’ll be doing well.


    1. That’s very poor form on Champion Data’s part if this is the case. The least they could do in this situation is tell us; ideally, they should also make re-calculated past scores available.

      I did both when I made wholesale changes to my SalamanderCoach system for the AFLW Fantasy competition earlier in the year – I don’t see why Champion Data couldn’t.


      1. LOL make all the excuses you want Salamander CD haven’t changed a thing. Supercoaches get full of themselves after one good year and ignore form and instead back personal opinion, team favourits and gut feel OR the opinion of others who’s previous rank is totally unknown. I’ve done it myself when I went from 87 overall to 6,000+ the following year. I learned from my mistakes and this year I started Rocky and Sheed and ignored Grundy. Trades are for improving your team and you get 30, if you fill 10+ of your 30 spots with rookies you’re handicapping yourself. The guns and rookies strategy was relevant when GCS and GWS were in their infancy it’s just plain stupid now.


        1. It’s not an excuse – it’s a question. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has thought the distribution of points has looked more even across teams than last year. Whether that is because of a change at CD’s end, or is simply reflective of the way the game is being played (and thus the way the stats are distributed), I’m not sure – I think I might look into this.

          In any case, I seem to have dodged all the major bullets so far (no Gawn or Grundy in my team!), so I don’t need to make excuses. 😉


          1. Also, Schwarz has thrown me the keys to Scoring Anomalies this year, so it’s actually kinda my job. 😉


        2. Don’t misunderstand me I’m not suggesting that I’m great at supercoach. This year I started Oliver after warning everybody of the implications of bilateral shoulder surgery and today after watching him struggle to lift both arms above his head at the same time in a contest I’m rage trading him out for worpel whom I will also trade out at some point. I also put the C on Max and had Walsh + setterfield on ground instead of Constable and Drew and I had Libba at M7. But all of those mistakes can be fixed by breaking those rules that inhibit a supercoaches potential.


  2. You’re a bit harsh on Darling Thommo that’quiet patch’ included a -1 after being knocked out in Q1 and a 14 after doing an ankle in another Q1 incident he also had a 42 ealier in the year after yet another Q1 injury. If you take out those scores he averaged 100.6 L/y. He had only 1 genuine spud game for the whole year.
    He’s not doing too bad tonight either considering he has the next ‘Full Back of the Century’ wearing him like a glove


  3. Gotta love sheed such an obvious mid choice after last years finals and this years JLT but virtually ignored by Supercoaches! Why is that?


      1. He didn’t score at all when Judd played PJ
        A week after Gaff comes back IF Sheeds scores drop below 100 it’ll almost be a straight swap. That’s the great thing about supercoach we get 30 trades.


    1. Just to emphasise the point his ave over 3 finals in 2018 and 2 JLT in 2019 is 125.8
      His score tonight 135+.
      The thumbs down are obviously from the experts who don’t rate him


      1. If Gaff didn’t get rubbed out he wouldn’t have even got a game in the finals. I’m not spending 400k on a bloke who A) is a fringe best 22 and B) has an unclear role in a couple of weeks time.
        At least with a couple of scores like this you’ll get a decent price rise or two out of him, so turns out he may be a good pick.


        1. Keep telling yourself that Daisy maybe the fairies will come and replace those missing teeth with supercoach points.


      2. He scored 144. Well done if you picked him David.

        I’m no expert, but I only give thumbs down in 2up, if that’s what I think of the choices.

        Think the thumbs down are more about being unnecessarily aggressive in tone, rather than what you’re actually saying.

        You’re talk a heap of sense I reckon, but for me the site is about helping people out and giving them your opinion when they ask. It’s up to us as individuals whether we choose to take that advice or not.

        We were all warned about ‘the herd’ mentality by Chillo and the like, and I think it’s well founded.

        In that same piece, Chillo also finished by saying that SC is a game and it’s to be enjoyed by ALL of us. We wouldn’t be here otherwise would we. I’m looking forward to the challenge of assessing and how I’m gonna deal with it all. But it’s only a game.

        I’m just hoping the Saints give half as good account of themselves as Port, the Hawks, Dogs and Lions did tonight.

        Footy’s back and it’s freakin awesome. Apart from the sliding rule. Needs better interpretation around Safety that’s all.

        Enjoy all 🙂


      3. Mate I don’t want to be this person saying this, the thumbs down are because you are acting like a genuine flog. This website is a fantastic source of information, and the individuals have really good opinions. It’s all noise, you either listen or you don’t. It’s immature to be making statements in hindsight and after 6 games. Go somewhere else with all your negativity


    2. Perhaps because people are rightly wary of making a big deal out of JLT form? And a lot of players score quite differently in finals, too.

      That said, Sheed does look to have been a good pick so far, so well done if you started him. But I think it’s unreasonable to disparage people for taking a ‘wait-and-see’ approach to these sorts of players, given how many times we’ve all been burned before.


      1. Dave, we’re one Round into a 23-Round season. Going the early crow is not a great look. Keep calm, enjoy the game. Only changes that need to be made next week are for Rance or Doedee……


  4. Full Time.

    Brisbane 15.12.102 def West Coast 8.10.58


    L. Neale: 127
    H. Andrews: 117
    J. Berry: 116
    McCluggage: 114
    D. Zorko: 112
    C. Cameron: 110
    D. Rich: 97
    Witherden: 97
    Mathieson: 95
    J. Lyons: 90
    L. McCarthy: 85
    McInerney: 85
    S. Martin: 82
    L. Hodge: 74
    M. Robinson: 70
    C. Rayner: 55
    Z. Bailey: 55
    R. Bastinac: 52
    J. Walker: 52
    D. Gardiner: 51
    D. McStay: 46
    E. Hipwood: 30

    West Coast:

    D. Sheed: 144
    S. Hurn: 108
    L. Shuey: 103
    B. Sheppard: 93
    J. McGovern: 86
    J. Redden: 84
    O. Allen: 84
    E. Yeo: 83
    J. Darling: 75
    T. Barrass: 71
    D. Venables: 70
    L. Ryan: 59
    Hutchings: 57
    L. Jetta: 57
    L. Duggan: 49
    J. Waterman: 45
    Petruccelle: 44
    C. Masten: 43
    T. Cole: 40
    J. Brander: 36
    T. Hickey: 34
    N. Vardy: 23


    1. Thanks bud
      @daisy: just stay negative abt Sheed – hope loads follow ur call – his Ownership will stay low percentage & Cedi Hawks & I will enjoy the racking up of 120-150’s..


  5. Has Zorko learnt to deal with the tag? I would be stoked with his 112 if I had him, we all know what his ceiling is when let free


    1. Didn’t watch the game but judging by the scoring, they tagged him early on then shifted to Neale after the half?



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