Game Chat – Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs

Written by Thommo on August 5 2017

Venue: Yo Gabba GABBA at 4:35pm AEST

R5, 2017, Western Bulldogs 17.20 (122) d Brisbane Lions 14.6 (90) at Etihad Stadium
R5, 2016, Western Bulldogs 17.18 (120) d Brisbane Lions 10.7 (67) at Etihad Stadium
R23, 2015, Brisbane Lions 19.16 (130) d Western Bulldogs 19.8 (122) at the Gabba
R12, 2015, Western Bulldogs 22.14 (146) d Brisbane Lions 11.8 (74) at Etihad Stadium
R12, 2014, Brisbane Lions 14.11 (95) d Western Bulldogs 13.9 (87) at Etihad Stadium

Game notes: After three straight wins, there’s a feeling the Western Bulldogs have started to turn the corner, but if they come to the Gabba expecting an easy four points from the bottom-placed Lions they might be in for a rude shock. The reigning premier has righted its season with victories over Carlton, Gold Coast and Essendon in the past three weeks to find themselves sitting outside the top eight on percentage alone. With Marcus Bontempelli and Jason Johannisen among a host of Bulldogs stars finding their best form, they would expect to beat Chris Fagan’s young Lions. The home team has eyed this game off as one it could win though, resting youngsters Eric Hipwood, Jarrod Berry and Hugh McCluggage from the long trip to Perth last week. The Lions showed earlier this year they could test the Dogs, and their quick ball movement should be a good challenge for the visitors.

Thommo’s Tip: Western Bulldogs by plenty.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.     


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17 thoughts on “Game Chat – Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs”

  1. C’mon Beams. Brought you in as my finals wildcard and plonked the vc on you for good measure. Need you to go large!!!!!



    Brisbane 7.6.48
    Western Bulldogs 8.11.59

    J. Allison 61
    D. Beams 58
    D. Rich 58
    T. Rockliff 52
    D. Zorko 50
    A. Witherden 47
    D. McStay 45
    L. Taylor 44
    R. Mathieson 44
    J. Walker 39
    S. Martin 36
    J. Barrett 32
    J. Berry 31
    N. Robertson 24
    R. Lester 23
    E. Hipwood 20
    R. Bastinac 17
    H. Andrews 17
    D. Gardiner 17
    H. McCluggage 11
    J. Schache 10
    C. Cox 9

    M. Bontempelli 69
    L. Dahlhaus 58
    L. Hunter 58
    C. Daniel 57
    T. Liberatore 57
    T. McLean 56
    B. Williams 55
    T. Cloke 54
    J. Macrae 51
    S. Biggs 44
    L. Picken 42
    J. Redpath 41
    B. Dale 41
    M. Suckling 36
    L. Young 34
    M. Wallis 32
    R. Murphy 30
    J. Roughead 29
    Z. Cordy 17
    L. Webb 13
    C. Smith 12
    E. Wood 11


  3. Provided Allison keeps going, who do i take off to loophole his score?

    TU – GC T.Lynch
    TD – WCE Kennedy

    Other options are Yeo and Ryder



    Brisbane 11.9.75
    Western Bulldogs 8.16.64

    D. Rich 103
    T. Rockliff 80
    D. Zorko 79
    L. Taylor 78
    J. Allison 73
    D. Beams 70
    A. Witherden 69
    J. Walker 64
    J. Berry 62
    R. Mathieson 58
    R. Lester 55
    H. Andrews 54
    S. Martin 54
    D. Gardiner 54
    E. Hipwood 51
    J. Barrett 50
    R. Bastinac 46
    D. McStay 44
    N. Robertson 35
    H. McCluggage 24
    J. Schache 15
    C. Cox 9

    J. Macrae 104
    M. Bontempelli 79
    S. Biggs 78
    L. Hunter 76
    C. Daniel 75
    T. Liberatore 71
    B. Williams 69
    T. McLean 69
    L. Dahlhaus 67
    T. Cloke 66
    B. Dale 61
    M. Suckling 60
    L. Picken 57
    J. Redpath 57
    R. Murphy 49
    M. Wallis 48
    J. Roughead 38
    L. Young 35
    C. Smith 34
    Z. Cordy 30
    L. Webb 19
    E. Wood 10


    1. Rockliff is the biggest troll. Trade him in at $592k for an average of 72 for 7 long weeks. Finally move him on at $411k for some premium scoring coming into finals. You know, the likes of Z.Merrett. Forked out $180k for 1 extra point last week (an abysmal 67 which I captained) and now Rockliff is on track to beat his 95 this week. Rocky will most likely play next week too whilst I have to park Z.Merrett on the pine courtesy of his gut punch suspension.



      1. On behalf of all the long suffering Rocky owners – thanks Hutta!

        It seems I put the VC on the wrong Bulldog though



    Brisbane 13.11.89
    Western Bulldogs 14.19.103

    D. Rich 131
    T. Rockliff 101
    D. Beams 97
    J. Berry 97
    R. Bastinac 93
    S. Martin 89
    L. Taylor 84
    D. Zorko 81
    R. Mathieson 79
    H. Andrews 78
    J. Walker 78
    R. Lester 76
    A. Witherden 71
    J. Allison 69
    D. Gardiner 65
    J. Barrett 62
    D. McStay 61
    N. Robertson 48
    E. Hipwood 45
    J. Schache 31
    H. McCluggage 29
    C. Cox 8

    J. Macrae 161
    T. McLean 127
    M. Bontempelli 127
    L. Hunter 114
    T. Cloke 108
    C. Daniel 92
    L. Dahlhaus 90
    T. Liberatore 85
    S. Biggs 82
    M. Wallis 76
    B. Williams 75
    J. Redpath 73
    L. Picken 71
    R. Murphy 71
    J. Roughead 70
    B. Dale 67
    M. Suckling 60
    C. Smith 55
    L. Young 51
    Z. Cordy 38
    L. Webb 25
    E. Wood 10


    1. Thanks Hutta.

      There is one writer on here who listed a regret for the season for never finding the opportunity to bring in Macrae. Can’t remember who?

      Anyways, I had the same regret…had the trade loaded up on my break at work before the bounce tonight. Macrae was coming in. But even after all the regret of not having him I still refused to hit the confrm button. My other notable non-trade in of the week was Max Gawn.

      They definitely proved me a fool this week!


      New regret of SC17 is definitely not trusting myself more. Finals debutant making some simple mistakes. I’m 31…but I would consider myself a 3rd year rookie in AFL Terms. Drafted with acclaim (haha, go me!) when I was ’18’ and about ’20’ now with a great leadership group coaching me up on this site as I try to earn my stripes.



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