Game Chat – Carlton v North Melbourne

Written by Father Dougal on May 5 2019

Where and when: Marvel Stadium, Sunday May 5, 1.10pm AEST

Last time they met: Blundstone Arena, round four, 2018: North Melbourne 18.8 (116) defeated Carlton 4.6 (30)

This one was virtually over as soon as it started. The Roos controlled the match from the get-go in Hobart, with Ben Brown kicking five majors on their way to an 86-point win. Shaun Higgins racked up 35 touches.

What it means for Carlton: After yet another ‘honourable loss’ last weekend, the Blues again must keep their focus simple: It’s all about getting over the line for Carlton.

What it means for North Melbourne: The Roos’ season is hanging by a thread. After an improved performance against the Power, this could be their last chance to salvage something from 2019.

How Carlton wins: By taking its chances. Having thrown away a 36-point lead against Hawthorn, Carlton knows it has the cattle to win on Sunday. A more consistent effort over four quarters should be enough.

How North Melbourne wins: By re-finding its mojo. Rewind back to last year and North Melbourne produced an emphatic performance to beat Carlton. That type of footy will again secure the points on Sunday.

The stat: Don’t expect a close game. Three of the last four meetings between Carlton and North Melbourne have been decided by more than 10 goals.

The match-up: Harry McKay v Robbie Tarrant

McKay remains one of the game’s most in-form key forwards, clunking another six marks and kicking two goals on Sunday. The task of stopping him fall at the feet of Tarrant and doing so could prove crucial to North Melbourne’s chances.

It’s a big week for: Ben Brown (North Melbourne)

Having already come in for some criticism this season, Brown was held goalless for the first time this year on Friday night. He was easily best on ground the last time these two sides met and will be hoping to rectify his form slump on Sunday.

Father Dougals’s Tip: Carlton by 1. I feel like they can take out a struggling Norf.

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    Carlton: Nil

    North Melbourne: Luke McDonald replaced in the selected side by Sam Wright


    Carlton: Paddy Dow, Sam Walsh, Caleb Marchbank, Levi Casboult

    North Melbourne: Jy Simpkin, Sam Wright, Mason Wood, Cameron Zurhaar


  2. Have I missed seeing Captain Projections Part 3? Interested in seeing the Fyfe/Danger/Cripps stats for today’s captain choice.


      1. Ok then – well, I probably wasn’t going to win any matches this round by keeping Captain on Cripps, who most of my opponents have, so switched across to Danger as a Hail Mary….now fingers crossed Danger can punch out a 140+ and Cripps a more reasonable 100.


  3. Got the VC on Cripps.

    I have the C on Fyfe.

    Will be watching the Blues V Roos game with one eye on Cripps supercoach score.

    Will review about 3/4 time as to move the C off Fyfe and onto Constable.

    Off course if Constable plays then no decision to be made – and i hold my breath hoping ‘Fyfe is Life’


    1. Constable is playing VFL today which is on now so he won’t be called up for today’s game. At QT he is on 10 disposals and 3 tackles.


    2. Sounds good, Shaggi.

      I VC’d Macrae last night, but he didn’t produce the goods. Will go ahead with Cripps.


    1. I have the same question. Leaning towards Fyfe but Dangerfield with the Cats at home could be hard to beat.


  4. Bloody hell… why is that everytime I sleep in on gameday, I wake up to find we’re getting slaughtered?


    1. Two weeks running Cripps c!!!!!Set and forget Danger from now on.Even his bad games never result in single digit quarters.ffs


    2. Don’t worry. He should still grind-out a 90-something by the time the game is done. Not ideal, but not a complete disaster.


    1. Now is no time for celebrating, Shaggi. I am mourning the loss of a potential 2300+ this week. Bloody Cripps…


  5. With the C on Cripps, I have now entered my noir-SC phase for this week. Going to get changed into all black to mourn the impending loss of my rank.


  6. yowzer , go nth
    cmon cripps
    blues look like they’re hurting without cruz mcgov simmo n newman
    how has stocker looked ?


  7. Hmm. What do we think of Cunnington as an SC option? Hasn’t put out an abysmal score so far, looking consistent, high ceiling, nice bye.


    1. never count him out ,
      i’m still backing a 130+ score from my VC ,
      will make for a hard decision as i’ve got the C on danger
      with constable & selwood out , he should play mid & should go 150+



    1/2 time 1.7.13 – 10.6.66

    S. Walsh 62
    B. Brown 103
    J. Weitering 53
    B. Cunnington 78
    P. Cripps 46
    T. Thomas 77
    Z. Fisher 43
    T. Dumont 71
    D. Thomas 42
    T. Goldstein 57
    M. Gibbons 36
    T. Garner 54
    C. Curnow 36
    J. Ziebell 48
    S. Petrevski-Seton 35
    J. Pittard 47
    M. Murphy 34
    S. Higgins 46
    L. Plowman 29
    J. Anderson 43
    C. Marchbank 28
    J. Simpkin 43
    L. Jones 27
    M. Wood 42
    P. Dow 25
    J. Macmillan 41
    L. Casboult 24
    S. Wright 40
    L. Stocker 17
    C. Zurhaar 40
    L. O’Brien 16
    K. Turner 38
    J. Silvagni 16
    S. Thompson 28
    A. Phillips 15
    M. Williams 28
    D. Cuningham 14
    J. Polec 26
    E. Curnow 13
    R. Tarrant 24
    T. Williamson 9
    S. Atley 22
    H. McKay 5
    N. Larkey 20


    1. I’ve got a feeling about Atkins today GB.

      No Selwood or Constable.

      I think he and Parfitt will spend a bit of time in the Midfield.

      Atkins 18+ touches,8 tackles and 80+ today

      Now watch him spud it up!


        1. Really frustrates me when he finishes with a 50, after scoring nothing in the final quarter. I backed him in expecting a 60-65. Now Atkins has started off real well. I want him to score well but it is frustrating when the backed player hits a wall


          1. Yeah, looks like FT was bang-on but I didn’t want to be greedy. Gibbons hit Atkins average by the third quarter, so I took it.


  9. which player has done a better job in their 1st 3 years @ their club

    TU : ablett playing in an established cats side
    TD : cripps playing in a team full of kids



    3/4 time 3.10.28 – 15.7.97

    P. Cripps 85
    B. Brown 121
    J. Weitering 80
    T. Dumont 105
    S. Walsh 74
    T. Thomas 90
    D. Thomas 62
    T. Goldstein 90
    Z. Fisher 61
    J. Ziebell 86
    S. Petrevski-Seton 54
    B. Cunnington 86
    C. Marchbank 52
    J. Anderson 79
    M. Murphy 50
    J. Pittard 76
    M. Gibbons 50
    J. Macmillan 72
    C. Curnow 50
    J. Simpkin 72
    L. Plowman 49
    T. Garner 68
    L. Casboult 45
    S. Higgins 67
    A. Phillips 44
    C. Zurhaar 66
    L. Jones 40
    M. Wood 64
    J. Silvagni 39
    K. Turner 63
    D. Cuningham 29
    J. Polec 58
    P. Dow 28
    S. Wright 52
    E. Curnow 26
    M. Williams 47
    T. Williamson 23
    S. Atley 37
    L. O’Brien 18
    R. Tarrant 35
    L. Stocker 11
    S. Thompson 31
    H. McKay 9
    N. Larkey 29


  11. My tip was wrong. Very wrong. New levels of wrong. I’m shocked by how wrong. Not that I am good at tipping, not at all, but just wow.


    1. FD

      If you had tipped this result, you would have offended a heap of Blues fans.

      Better to be wrong ( even really wrong ) than piss off Motts 😉



    full time 8.14.62 – 18.12.120

    before scaling

    P. Cripps 117
    T. Dumont 136
    J. Weitering 94
    B. Brown 131
    D. Thomas 91
    B. Cunnington 113
    S. Walsh 82
    J. Ziebell 111
    Z. Fisher 81
    T. Goldstein 107
    A. Phillips 76
    T. Thomas 105
    C. Curnow 73
    J. Simpkin 101
    J. Silvagni 65
    J. Pittard 95
    M. Murphy 62
    C. Zurhaar 95
    S. Petrevski-Seton 62
    T. Garner 92
    L. Casboult 61
    J. Anderson 91
    C. Marchbank 59
    S. Higgins 89
    D. Cuningham 58
    M. Wood 87
    L. Plowman 55
    J. Macmillan 83
    M. Gibbons 51
    K. Turner 81
    L. O’Brien 47
    S. Wright 76
    L. Jones 42
    J. Polec 71
    P. Dow 38
    M. Williams 60
    E. Curnow 36
    S. Atley 55
    T. Williamson 27
    R. Tarrant 41
    L. Stocker 21
    N. Larkey 37
    H. McKay 6
    S. Thompson 32



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