Game Chat – Carlton v Richmond

Written by Motts on March 21 2019

WHERE AND WHEN: MCG, Thursday, March 21, 2019, 7:20pm

Last time they met: MCG, round one, 2018: Richmond 17.19 (121) defeated Carlton 15.5 (95)

The Blues stunned the Tigers when they kicked the first five goals of last year’s season-opener, only to be overrun. Richmond led by just four points at the final change, but eventually put the game to bed in the last term. Charlie Curnow earned the three Brownlow votes after kicking five goals.

What it means for Carlton: After a two-win season last year, this could set the tempo for Carlton’s improvement. While a win would appear unlikely on the surface, a greater sense of competitiveness could bring about some optimism for the year ahead.

What it means for Richmond: The Tigers were stunned in last year’s preliminary final and must respond in round one. A lethargic performance could spell some concern among fans. But should they produce an emphatic performance, 2019 could bring more dominance.

How Carlton wins: The Blues always get up for the season-opener. If they can ride the wave of positivity stemming from their JLT campaign, maybe they can shock the Tigers.

How Richmond wins: The Tigers beat their young opponents with their forward pressure. Should they get the game on their terms early, it could spell bad news for the Blues.

The stat: The streak is dead, long live the streak. The Tigers have won seven straight games against the Blues. But before that, the Blues had won 11 of the previous 12 against the Tigers.

The match-up: Patrick Cripps v Dustin Martin

Two of the best midfielders in the competition. Martin is still ranked as the No.1 player in the game by AFL Player Ratings, while Cripps is ranked No.19. Both are bulls out of the centre, and both can also have a massive impact moving forward.

Mottsy’s Tip: Blues by a goal (you didn’t think I was going to tip against my boys did you?)


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69 thoughts on “Game Chat – Carlton v Richmond”



    Carlton: McKay, Newman, Gibbons, Setterfield
    Richmond: Weller, Graham, Broad, Balta


  2. Is Balta worth fielding tonight? Or should I hold for Petrucelle? So tough with rookies!

    Thanks coaches and good luck!!


  3. TU – Gibbons (bottom price allowing me more movement if I need to tonight and tomorrow)

    TD – Hately (more expensive but could be a better rookie)


  4. Hey SCT’ers

    Worth dropping Hind for Gibbson allowing me to get Zac Clarke in ruck or stick the Bines loop?



  5. Nice analysis Motts, I maintain this could still be an upset – last year the Blues had me worried into the last quarter. Richmond need to make a statement after our Prelim last year.

    Go Tigers!


    1. I do have a question as well. I feel I ask it every year but it is a nervous time and every article I may have read over the preseason seems like a blur after the ball is bounced! Can I still use my unlimited changes (minus blues/tigers) until the next the next lockout? I have +500k sitting in my bank due to a late finish at work so I’m wondering if I can put those final moves in that I was projecting to! Thanks so much! Finally! Footy is back!!!


        1. Thank you!.

          Appreciate it. Every year I forget this simple rule!

          Great to have the sport back and happy to be a part of the great SCT community.

          The $500+k I have sitting ITB will be well spent!!!.

          Good luck on the season everybody 🙂


  6. Glad I avoided starting Newman, he looks woeful out there tonight.
    Loving all the Cripps-Walsh 1-2’s so far though.



    43 Nic Newman
    38 Patrick Cripps
    26 Marc Murphy
    24 Kade Simpson
    23 Andrew Phillips
    23 Sam Walsh
    23 Will Setterfield
    23 Paddy Dow
    22 Jacob Weitering
    20 Zac Fisher
    19 Liam Jones
    17 Ed Curnow
    15 Lachlan Plowman
    14 David Cuningham
    13 S. Petrevski-Seton
    12 Jarrod Garlett
    10 Mitch McGovern
    8 Michael Gibbons
    8 Charlie Curnow
    8 Harry McKay
    -1 Dale Thomas
    -3 Alex Fasolo

    46 Jack Graham
    42 Bachar Houli
    39 Toby Nankervis
    32 Trent Cotchin
    29 Kane Lambert
    28 Dustin Martin
    27 Dion Prestia
    26 Tom J. Lynch*
    25 Jack Higgins
    23 Jayden Short
    21 Shane Edwards
    19 Noah Balta
    18 Alex Rance
    18 Nick Vlastuin
    18 Kamdyn McIntosh
    16 Daniel Rioli
    15 Daniel Butler
    11 Jack Riewoldt
    10 Dylan Grimes
    8 Maverick Weller
    8 David Astbury
    6 Nathan Broad


    1. Passed on Newman and was happy with my decision on face value, but 43. How!? He’s minced everything he’s gone near



    Carlton 28 vs Richmond 50

    Cunningham 51
    Cripps 71
    Simpson 55
    Newman 46
    Walsh 28 (46%DE)
    Setterfield 53
    Gibbons 31

    Cotchin 54
    Graham 60
    Houli 59
    Prestia 59
    Higgins 56
    Nankervis 60
    Martin 43
    Balta 13 (47% TOG)


  9. HTF is Nank on 60 at half time? V Phillips he has I more kick,1 more hb, 2 less tackles, 1 more clanger, and only 16% de V 25% de but Phillips only on 36.
    CD must have a new favourite dump Brody and get on Nank!


      1. Did he have 2 at half time? A goal is only 8 points in SC isn’t it? A tackle is 4 points. Anyway you analyse it he gets points like Bont used to.


  10. 3qtr time

    Carlton 56 vs Richmond 69

    Newman 105
    Cripps 103
    Walsh 65
    Cuningham 64
    Simpson 68
    Setterfield 49
    Gibbons 28

    Cotchin 87
    Graham 78
    Houli 89
    Nankervis 95
    Higgins 70
    Martin 68
    Balta 13



    Carlton 64 vs Richmond 97

    Newman 131
    Cripps 125
    Simpson 83
    Walsh 67
    Setterfield 64
    Gibbons 34

    Nankervis 126
    Lambert 94
    Cotchin 101
    Graham 88
    Houli 111
    Higgins 92
    Martin 109
    Balta 16


        1. with players to come like Danger, Macrae, and the two premo rucks … I think minimum is more 120+ … but yeah, i’d probably take 126 for sure! Guaranteed points – never know when an injury will occur … well done!


      1. Ah, the dreaded 120s… my usual rule is lock in anything 130+, and have another go if he gets < 120. A score in the 120s is a 50/50 call.


      1. He seemed to get about 25 points for a scrubber kick late in the third quarter. I’m definitely confused (which is not hard to do btw!).


    1. Fisher was in a lot. He also made a mockery of Martin’s much-vaunted ‘dont-argue’ a couple of times.


  12. Cripps – gun
    Walsh – just needs to improve his DE and is a gun
    Newman – very handy debut
    Setterfield – solid even if he dropped off in the last term
    Gibbons – hopefully gets another chance. Not lost at this level, needs opportunity

    Dusty – over 30 touches but not a huge influence. But if 109pts is a bad game then there’s more to look forward to……..
    Balta – Actually went back when Rance went down. Rance’s misfortune might just keep Balta in the team. Can also pinch-hit in the ruck
    Edwards – classy when he got the ball. Set up many of the dangerous forward movements
    Higgins – Apart from playing on in the last qtr (20m out from goal), very impressive. Great awareness.
    Nank – Just gives his all, can’t question his commitment
    Lynch – For a guy with no match practice……..not bad. Already aiming for him a lot. When he is fit, he could dominate many games…..


      1. Nah mate, didn’t see him as a Top 10 DEF so left him out at that awkward price. Not jumping on the bandwagon JUST yet… I said….very handy debut


  13. So, based entirely on tonites game you’d have to say that Carlton are even worse than they were last year.
    Maybe they should sack Bolton and bring back the last bloke who got them to finals. That was a former club B&F Brett Ratten who was sacked to instate the senile Malthouse who rapidly took the club to their worst period in history.
    It’s a fact even if you give it thumbs down 🙂


    1. Worse than last year!? The first quarter aside, the way they played for most of tonight would have beaten a lot of lesser teams.


  14. Thoughts:

    – The reports of Newman’s irrelevance have been greatly exaggerated.
    – Cuningham seems to have carried his JLT form into the real thing, even if he did only get 67. Keep an eye on him next week in case you need a cheap corrective trade down back.
    – Fisher, and, to a lesser extent, SPS and Dow could be sneaky midpriced forward options, either as cheap upgrades or as early-season corrective trades. Keep an eye on this three over the next week or two.
    – Gibbons might not score much each week, but he’s cheap enough that he’ll still make at least some money. He did enough to hold his spot.
    – I may be a Carlton supporter, but I hope Rance is alright.


    1. SPS, Dow, Walsh, and Cuningham all had high disposal counts, so it was probably DE that let them down. They won’t have to play Richmond every week, so that should get better.


  15. Nic Newman is rapidly becoming one of my most disliked players. Nothing personal, it’s just that he really, really annoys me.



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