Game Chat – Carlton v Sydney

Written by Motts on April 6 2019

Where and when: Marvel Stadium, Saturday April 6, 1:45pm AEDT

Last time they met: SCG, round 11, 2018: Sydney 13.13 (91) defeated Carlton 9.7 (61)

Carlton led at half-time, before Sydney piled on five unanswered goals in the third term to swing the game in its favour. Callum Sinclair earned three Brownlow votes, getting on top in the ruck to finish with 22 disposals, 26 hit-outs and two goals.

What it means for Carlton: Brendon Bolton was visibly frustrated with how the Blues fell away last week and was clear in his message: there are no more excuses for honourable losses. The Swans are there for the taking and the Blues will see this as a huge opportunity.

What it means for Sydney: If the Swans are a legitimate finals threat, they simply must win this. While they are notoriously slow starters, opening the year with three straight defeats will mean a mountain to climb to make September – even for them.

How Carlton wins: Carlton’s small forwards need to fire. Alex Fasolo, Cam Polson and Michael Gibbons were all vastly improved last week, but will need to go to another level with Charlie Curnow out injured for the next three weeks.

How Sydney wins: Sinclair was best on ground the last time they met, while Scott Lycett was also able to get on top of Andrew Phillips last week. If Sinclair can provide quality output for his midfielders, the Swans can prosper.

The stat: Only three teams have made the finals from an 0-2 start since 2010. Two of them have been Sydney sides. They did it in 2014 and 2017. Can they do it again in 2019?

The match-up: Lance Franklin v Liam Jones

‘Buddy’ has a tremendous recent record against Carlton, typified by a 10-goal haul at the SCG back in 2017. Who gets the match-up from a Carlton perspective will be interesting. Expect Liam Jones to get first crack, with Jacob Weitering to provide the double-team.

It’s a big week for: Mitch McGovern (Carlton)

McGovern showed glimpses of his talent against Port Adelaide, kicking two goals, but must step up to become the main man in Carlton’s forward line with Charlie Curnow hobbled by injury. If he’s sticking his marks, he can provide a massive threat.

Big call: Longmire, Swans looking for answers. The rebuild ain’t working.

Mottsy’s Tip: Carlton by 20

**Our Admin isn’t always online.  If you have access to the SuperCoach scores, the SCT Coaches would be very appreciative if you could pop them into the comments below. Thank you!**


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84 thoughts on “Game Chat – Carlton v Sydney”

  1. Now don’t get me wrong I wish heeney all the best, but geez I’d love it if Lloyd outs scored him by about 80. Cmon heeney post a 100.


  2. Corrective trade, Failed with trying to play Savage as a pod in my defence, should I trade heeney to worpel freeing up cash to bring in either whitfield or Sicily (I’m not 100% sold on worpel being a top 8 forward by seasons end) or just trade savage to Williams? My gut is telling me to keep heeney.

    TU – Downgrade Heeney to Worpel, then bring in Sicily or Whitfield for savage

    TD – Keep Heeney and just trade Savage to Williams

    Sorry to post this in a game chat but any respones would be appreciated lads!


    1. I would trade Savage to Andrews instead.

      You’d have to burn another trade on Williams when you eventually upgrade him, whereas I can see Andrews finishing right up there among the top defenders.


  3. Please be advised coaches that Newman will probably have a dud day.
    He was my last minute trade for Ridley before the late inclusion.
    Going on past experiences and I’m sure fellow coaches will understand, that Satan Murphy will be waiting to insert pain and misery coz I was feeling happy for a moment when I traded.


  4. Entirely possible that someone could’ve traded Ridley out moved a few around across the lines and brought Phillips in. If you meet such a persom, buy them a drink.


    1. He’s had a haircut too. Aliir took him along for trim. Hopefully the new aerodynamics will pay dividends.


  5. Watching supercoach live scores is enough to make you go insane trying to understand it.

    Heeney was on 29. Dropped back to 25. Took a mark and an effective handball and only goes up to 26.

    Walsh was on 45 with 5 mins to go in the qtr and finishes the quarter on 38 when he didn’t do anything to lose points?

    Horse not tagging Cripps with him and Kennedy going head to head and both dominating. Heeney on a wing according to fan footy (i only saw the last 5-6 mins of the quarter) which is better than forward but he still goes missing for large parts. Should improve with better fitness.


    1. No tags at this stage. Setterfield has done nothing though 🙁

      Kennedy is keeping a close eye on Cripps going head to head at the stoppages however. Not a hard tag though.


    1. Not sure why i keep playing Setterfield over Parker. Garuntee the time i change it over Setterfield goes big !


  6. Can someone refresh my memory on sc rule 101…the one about sideways trades. This week’s lesson is Heeney, and later today, dusty.


    1. I traded to Lloyd for the season, not one game, I honestly though Heeny would do OK this week against Carlton. But from now on I’m backing Lloyd to score about 400 more points for the season.
      But yeah I wouldn’t have traded for anyone other than a uber premium.


  7. THe CD scoring is such garbage. Newman has been given 33% DE efficiency yet his kicks are simply going to contested markings contests – which unfortunately sydney is outmarking the blues … how that is being scored as missing a target is rubbish!

    That said, he also needs to harden up and get into some of the contests … pretty ordinary efforts in that regards …


    1. I think it depends on the length of the kick – from memory, a 40+ metre kick to a contest is considered effective.


  8. P. Cripps 80
    C. Sinclair 70
    S. Walsh 62
    Z. Jones 65
    M. Murphy 53
    S. Reid 63
    S. Petrevski-Seton 44
    J. Lloyd 61
    K. Simpson 43
    I. Heeney 59
    E. Curnow 42
    J. Kennedy 57
    L. Casboult 38
    T. Papley 56
    Z. Fisher 36
    L. Parker 55
    N. Newman 34
    J. McVeigh 52
    J. Weitering 32
    D. Rampe 44
    H. McKay 32
    C. Mills 41
    L. Plowman 28
    L. Franklin 39
    L. Jones 27
    T. McCartin 39
    M. Lobbe 27
    N. Blakey 38
    M. McGovern 26
    O. Florent 38
    P. Dow 20
    H. Cunningham 37
    D. Thomas 19
    W. Hayward 35
    W. Setterfield 17
    J. Thurlow 33
    C. Marchbank 11
    A. Aliir 26
    C. Polson 9
    J. Dawson 25
    L. O’Brien 6
    G. Hewett 20
    M. Gibbons 3
    B. Ronke 10


        1. I’ll be at the G watching my Eagles go to work on the Pies, so I won’t be able to get em’ either.


  9. HT SC scores of popular picks:

    Cripps: 81
    Walsh: 63
    Lloyd: 62
    Heeney: 60
    Newman: 35
    Setterfield: 18


  10. P. Cripps 114
    Z. Jones 96
    S. Walsh 89
    I. Heeney 94
    E. Curnow 73
    J. Lloyd 93
    M. Murphy 70
    C. Sinclair 93
    S. Petrevski-Seton 67
    J. Kennedy 84
    L. Plowman 66
    S. Reid 79
    N. Newman 56
    T. Papley 78
    H. McKay 56
    L. Parker 78
    Z. Fisher 56
    C. Mills 74
    K. Simpson 47
    J. McVeigh 70
    D. Thomas 47
    D. Rampe 69
    M. Lobbe 45
    H. Cunningham 63
    L. Jones 44
    A. Aliir 54
    L. Casboult 43
    O. Florent 52
    J. Weitering 41
    J. Thurlow 51
    P. Dow 34
    T. McCartin 50
    M. McGovern 27
    L. Franklin 48
    C. Marchbank 26
    N. Blakey 44
    L. O’Brien 22
    J. Dawson 44
    W. Setterfield 22
    G. Hewett 40
    C. Polson 12
    W. Hayward 36
    M. Gibbons 4
    B. Ronke 24


  11. Heeney going to top score for the Swans at this stage. 🙂

    25K silly enough to trade him out. WTF.


      1. benched walsh for scott for the same reason , hoping scott goes big against the hawks now to minimize the mistake


  12. Wow. Cripps 154, Walsh 111, Heeney 136 and Lloyd 129. Can’t complain!

    And I have Setterfield benched.


  13. P. Cripps 154
    I. Heeney 136
    S. Walsh 112
    J. Lloyd 129
    E. Curnow 101
    Z. Jones 116
    M. Murphy 94
    J. Kennedy 112
    S. Petrevski-Seton 88
    C. Sinclair 109
    Z. Fisher 83
    C. Mills 107
    L. Plowman 72
    T. Papley 107
    N. Newman 69
    D. Rampe 101
    L. Casboult 65
    S. Reid 94
    D. Thomas 63
    J. McVeigh 92
    K. Simpson 62
    L. Parker 88
    H. McKay 59
    H. Cunningham 82
    L. Jones 58
    T. McCartin 77
    M. Lobbe 58
    A. Aliir 76
    J. Weitering 51
    J. Thurlow 69
    P. Dow 41
    O. Florent 68
    L. O’Brien 38
    N. Blakey 62
    W. Setterfield 37
    G. Hewett 62
    M. McGovern 28
    L. Franklin 61
    C. Marchbank 26
    J. Dawson 54
    C. Polson 18
    W. Hayward 38
    M. Gibbons 17
    B. Ronke 32


  14. As someone who started with Laird and no Lloyd I don’t wanna sound sour but watched the game and didn’t see Lloyd do anything worth noticing, but I am noticing his score. Ok I’m sour


    1. the best workers do their job so efficiently , that it looks like they’re doing nothing , not having to run around fixing their mistakes is a key factor


  15. Promising myself at the end of last year that I would start Lloyd no matter what is definitely paying off so far.


    1. How Heeney only scores 7 points more than The Seagull I will never understand.
      Oh well, he’s the first upgrade target


  16. Some things in life are set in concrete…..NEVER trade guns sideways. Hope all that did with heeney finally learn that lesson. Blown a trade, and some pts.

    I held, but sadly screwed the c/v loop. had to go with Cripps as c !!

    Gotta love this game.


  17. An addition to my earlier post.

    Entirely possible that someone could’ve traded Ridley out moved a few around across the lines and brought Phillips in AND ditched Heeney. Ouch. If you meet such a persom, buy them a slab.


  18. I’m really worried that having Setterfield on the field will cost me with the option of Petrucelle and Balta on the pine.


    1. In the same boat shouldn’t be too big an issue. Annoying though as until Balta was named setters was gonna be a loop with Petrucelle


    2. Setterfield is soft. Doesn’t know how to put the head down and attack the ball. He’s playing as a rookie. Not playing as someone who wants to cement a spot in the team.



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