Game Chat – Carlton vs Gold Coast

Written by Thommo on March 31 2018

Venue: Etihad Stadium at 1:45 AEDT

R13, 2017, Carlton 12.11 (83) d Gold Coast 11.7 (73) at Metricon Stadium
R4, 2017, Gold Coast 17.6 (108) d Carlton 12.10 (82) at Etihad Stadium
R3, 2016, Gold Coast 13.17 (95) d Carlton 5.11 (41) at Metricon Stadium
R13, 2015, Carlton 14.19 (103) d Gold Coast 9.15 (69) at Etihad Stadium
R20, 2014, Carlton 14.13 (97) d Gold Coast 8.10 (58) at Etihad Stadium

After their loss to Richmond in the season-opener, the Blues will be determined to bounce back hard as they return to Etihad Stadium for the first time this season. Midfielder Patrick Cripps and athletic forward Charlie Curnow were in sublime form against the Tigers and ruckman Matthew Kreuzer helped set up the early lead before being restricted by injury late in the game. The Suns are on the road again after giving Stuart Dew the perfect start to his coaching tenure in tough conditions at Cazalys Stadium last Saturday. Already they appear to have a harder edge, finishing with more disposals, clearances, marks and inside 50s than the Kangaroos. Key Carlton defender Liam Jones subdued Suns co-captain Tom Lynch when they met in round 13 last season and the pair are likely to lock horns again on Saturday.

Thommo’s Tip: Carlton by 12 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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33 thoughts on “Game Chat – Carlton vs Gold Coast”

      1. Same I am just going to take donut this week its only round 2 I don’t want to wast a trade and then not be able to use Captain loophole with Cripps


        1. Anyone know if he’ll miss more than this week?
          I could do a last minute trade but if he’s back next week, I don’t want to do it.


  1. Carlton v Gold Coast at Etihad Stadium, 1.45pm AEDT

    Carlton: Matthew Kreuzer (groin) replaced in the selected side by Cam Polson.
    Gold Coast: Nil

    Carlton: Paddy Dow, Jed Lamb, Cam Polson, Cam O’Shea
    Gold Coast: Brayden Fiorini, Touk Miller, Michael Rischitelli, Brayden Ainsworth


  2. Carlton Blues: 1.1.7
    E. Curnow 39
    Cuningham 31
    P. Cripps 31
    Marchbank 29
    P-Seton 25
    P. Dow 22
    K. Simpson 21
    C. O’Shea 20
    C. Polson 19
    Z. Fisher 18
    L. Casboult 17
    C. Curnow 17
    M. Murphy 14
    A. Mullett 12
    D. Thomas 12
    L. Plowman 11
    J. Lamb 10
    L. Jones 10
    C. Byrne 9
    M. Wright 5
    J. Garlett 1
    Weitering 1

    Gold Coast Suns: 5.5.35
    T. Lynch 76
    MacPherson 38
    S. Day 35
    D. Swallow 33
    J. Lyons 32
    J. Bowes 30
    sJ. Witts 29
    J. Martin 23
    J. Joyce 20
    N. Holman 19
    S. May 19
    L. Weller 15
    Kolodjashnij 15
    B. Fiorini 14
    A. Sexton 14
    A. Hall 14
    J. Harbrow 11
    T. Miller 11
    Ainsworth 10
    A. Young 9
    R. Thompson 9
    Rischitelli 6


  3. Half Time at the Tom Lynch Show

    Carlton Blues: 4.4.28
    E. Curnow 84
    K. Simpson 65
    Z. Fisher 62
    P. Cripps 61
    C. Curnow 51
    P-Seton 49
    A. Mullett 45
    Marchbank 41
    M. Murphy 37
    Cuningham 36
    L. Jones 33
    C. Polson 33
    J. Lamb 32
    P. Dow 28
    L. Casboult 28
    D. Thomas 27
    C. O’Shea 24
    J. Garlett 19
    M. Wright 18
    L. Plowman 12
    C. Byrne 11
    Weitering 6

    Gold Coast Suns: 8.7.55
    T. Lynch 128
    sD. Swallow 64
    J. Witts 63
    J. Martin 62
    J. Lyons 62
    S. Day 52
    J. Bowes 44
    N. Holman 41
    MacPherson 40
    S. May 35
    L. Weller 32
    J. Joyce 32
    A. Hall 32
    B. Fiorini 29
    A. Sexton 29
    T. Miller 28
    J. Harbrow 24
    Kolodjashnij 19
    A. Young 19
    Ainsworth 18
    R. Thompson 16
    Rischitelli 5


  4. Were Lobbe and Philips both unavailable at this late notice, or does Bolton just not trust them? Polson for Kreuzer is hardly a like-for-like.


    1. Both apparently not match fit after recovering from injuries. They weren’t named on the extended bench, I expect they wouldn’t have consider Kreuzer if either of them were fit to play


  5. How good is it to see the big key forwards back and dominating games. Buddy last week, Browny last night and now Lynch.


    1. The golden number used to be 120 but with the way Dusty, Danger and Titch score it’s probably 130 these days.


      1. I’m a Gold Coast Sun supporter and I’m proud!
        First time i’ve been able to say that since rodney eade was hired as coach!!


  6. Surely there’s a brother-brother rule in SC where i can pick which Curnow I get the points of each week.



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