Game Chat – Collingwood v St Kilda

Written by Motts on May 18 2019

Where and when: MCG, Saturday May 18, 1.45pm AEST

Last time they met: Marvel Stadium, round nine, 2018: St Kilda 10.12 (72) lost to Collingwood 15.10 (100)

The Saints surprised the Pies by scoring four successive goals to lead by eight points early in the third term before Collingwood rattled on seven of the next eight en route to a 28-point win. Woods star Jordan De Goey bagged a career-best six goals.

What it means for Collingwood: A chance to make amends for a sluggish performance against Carlton and to maintain pressure on top side Geelong.

What it means for St Kilda: An opportunity to break a three-game losing streak and claim a big scalp in the process.

How Collingwood wins: Ruck dominance and a vast spread of scoring options.

How St Kilda wins: Fanatical ferocity at the contest, full-field accountability and the kind of stoppage ascendancy Carlton had over the Pies for periods last round.

The stat: Since St Kilda held Collingwood to an atrocious total of 4.17 (41) on its way to a 28-point win at Docklands in round three, 2010, the Magpies have triumphed in four of their past five meetings there by an average of 40 points.

The match-up: Jack Billings v Levi Greenwood.

With Billings (ranked No.177 in the Official AFL Player Ratings) being a terrific playmaker for the Saints, the Pies could consider reassigning Greenwood (No.391) to his old tagging role.

It’s a big week for: Josh Thomas

After enjoying a breakout 38-goal season last year, the classy small forward has been steady without being spectacular, tallying eight goals in the opening eight rounds. Slotted at least three goals on six occasions last year but is yet to do it once this year. This could be his day.

Big call: Saints hold sway until the final change when the Pies again explode with a match-winning burst.

Mottsy’s Tip: Hot Pies by 40 points

**Our Admin isn’t always online. If you have access to the SuperCoach scores, the SCT Coaches would be very appreciative if you could pop them into the comments below. Thank you!**


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84 thoughts on “Game Chat – Collingwood v St Kilda”

    1. Yep, here’s the final team lists on the AFL site …

      B Brayden Maynard, Jordan Roughead, Jeremy Howe
      HB Jack Crisp, Levi Greenwood, Tom Langdon
      C Rupert Wills, Scott Pendlebury, Tom Phillips
      HF Josh Thomas, Ben Reid, Will Hoskin-Elliott
      F Jaidyn Stephenson, Brody Mihocek, Travis Varcoe
      FOL Brodie Grundy, Steele Sidebottom, Dayne Beams
      I/C Adam Treloar, James Aish, Chris Mayne, Callum L. Brown
      Travis Varcoe, Dayne Beams, James Aish
      Darcy Moore (Injured), Jamie Elliott (Injured), Jordan De Goey (Injured)


      1. I suppose I should post Saints too …
        ST KILDA
        B Daniel McKenzie, Nathan Brown, Shane Savage
        HB Callum Wilkie, Josh Battle, Jonathon Marsh
        C Ed Phillips, Sebastian Ross, Jack Newnes
        HF Jack Billings, Josh Bruce, Dean Kent
        F Robbie Young, Tim Membrey, Jade Gresham
        FOL Rowan Marshall, Jack Steele, Jack Sinclair
        I/C Luke Dunstan, Blake Acres, Ben Paton, Matthew Parker
        Jonathon Marsh, Robbie Young
        Jimmy Webster (Injured), Ben Long (Omitted)
        Robbie Young


    1. Yep. I just got kicked to the login page. Can not remember my login details to save myself. Hope I can fluke it before the Geelong game starts.


  1. yeh , locked out , hope i can correct moore , before the game starts ,
    cant afford to loose any more pts after making danger capt 2 weeks ago


      1. it’s in … but this site also playing up again … welcome Capt Moore for me now – and thankfully setters and drew still available to swap them!!


  2. Who to field guys? Would love some last minute help plz
    TU: Parker
    TD: Corbett

    Cheers community!


    1. two not so great choices mate – really don’t know – Parker could struggle against Pies … Corbett showed a little last week … listed on half forward … who knows!!

      Go with your gut!!


  3. darcy moore too j.atley or stocker??

    feel stocker has no JS too many carlton players to return in the next fortnight


    larkey is even an option…


  4. Mr Parker…..this is your last chance. Elevated onfield to replace Moore…ship up or shape out son.


  5. was hoping to bring in boak cheaper next week
    with so many fwd outs , had to bite the bullet & do it today
    elliott to dunkley last night also
    hope they both go huge


  6. Guys, this is my first year of supercoach.
    Why do we have to pay $20 to see breakevens starting from this round?


    1. They’ve gotta make money somehow.

      Use footywire instead. Much more user-friendly and it’s free 🙂


  7. you get all the extra stats with a subscription , there is also a 2 week trial if you want to try it 1st , you must have activated the trial 2 weeks ago


    1. Rowan Marshall. Have to wait til next week now, but Grundy will likely keep him down this week, so won’t be too late.
      He’s playing 1st RUC and has a bigger tank than most.



    Q time
    coll 3.1.19 – 1.3.9

    S. Sidebottom 35
    E. Phillips 27
    B. Maynard 32
    L. Dunstan 26
    J. Roughead 31
    R. Marshall 23
    C. Mayne 30
    S. Savage 21
    S. Pendlebury 30
    J. Marsh 20
    J. Stephenson 30
    C. Wilkie 19
    B. Mihocek 28
    S. Ross 19
    R. Wills 25
    M. Parker 19
    B. Reid 24
    J. Newnes 18
    D. Beams 24
    J. Bruce 18
    J. Crisp 23
    J. Sinclair 17
    B. Grundy 22
    J. Billings 15
    J. Aish 19
    J. Gresham 15
    T. Langdon 15
    D. Kent 15
    A. Treloar 14
    B. Acres 13
    T. Phillips 11
    N. Brown 12
    T. Varcoe 10
    J. Steele 12
    J. Howe 9
    B. Paton 8
    C. Brown 8
    T. Membrey 8
    J. Thomas 7
    R. Young 8
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 7
    D. McKenzie 7
    L. Greenwood 5
    J. Battle 7


  9. Just turned the footy on. How bad did Treloar butcher it that first quarter? I see he only played half the quarter and racked up 10 touches, not bad. But scored just 14 points haha ffs, glad his only in my tech team


      1. Hey PJ,
        Sorry to you or anyone else who see it that way. I actually didn’t make that connection when I created the user name and certainly do not mean to offend.
        For the record my nickname is Gass and gassassination just had a nice ring to it.



    1/2 time
    coll 6.2.38 – 4.9.33

    S. Sidebottom 58
    J. Billings 75
    A. Treloar 53
    L. Dunstan 68
    C. Mayne 52
    R. Marshall 52
    B. Grundy 49
    S. Savage 51
    T. Langdon 46
    D. Kent 48
    B. Mihocek 46
    S. Ross 46
    B. Maynard 44
    J. Sinclair 43
    J. Roughead 44
    E. Phillips 39
    B. Reid 42
    J. Steele 38
    R. Wills 42
    J. Battle 34
    S. Pendlebury 41
    T. Membrey 33
    T. Phillips 40
    J. Marsh 31
    T. Varcoe 40
    J. Gresham 29
    L. Greenwood 40
    M. Parker 27
    J. Howe 39
    C. Wilkie 26
    J. Crisp 37
    J. Bruce 26
    J. Stephenson 35
    N. Brown 25
    D. Beams 32
    D. McKenzie 24
    J. Aish 22
    J. Newnes 24
    J. Thomas 21
    B. Paton 22
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 17
    R. Young 21
    C. Brown 14
    B. Acres 14


    1. Needs to just slow his head down. Plays frantic. In soccer terms “he’s a headless chook”. Might just be trying too hard.


  11. I’ve got d.moore on field and answerth as emergency cause he looks like to be getting a crap score I wanna put j.clark on field for Moore but it won’t let me? Do I have to wait for the collingwood game to finish first or? Can someone help out thanks


  12. Ok so how does the emergency loop hole work if I don’t like answerth score how could I use j.clark? I won’t be able to after cause the Geelong game will start so I was trying to do it now


    1. You get the lowest score of Es in any single position I’m afraid. It’s to stop people exploiting the potential loophole.
      On the bright side, you’ll get some points rather than a donut


    2. in your situation , you needed to have moore on the bench , ainsworth on field & a player from a previous game , in this case WC/D’s , on the bench with the E on him

      if the WC/D’s player scores well
      you just switch ainsworth to the bench & moore onto the feild ,which will give you the WC/D’s emergency’s score

      if the WC/D’s player scores poorly first
      you leave ainsworth on field & get his score


  13. Hey John
    Parker finished on 30 but he gave a 50m penalty away late so may go backwards. If you have another option … TAKE IT!!


  14. I was thinking of putting grundy captain but I kept Gawn as my vc with loophole n left b.scott captain cause Gawns 144 was to good to pass up but now grundy might have beatin it



    full time
    coll 17.10.12 – 10.11.71

    before scaling

    B. Grundy 137
    L. Dunstan 117
    S. Sidebottom 117
    S. Savage 105
    A. Treloar 111
    T. Membrey 104
    B. Reid 109
    J. Billings 96
    B. Mihocek 95
    J. Steele 90
    D. Beams 87
    R. Marshall 88
    J. Crisp 86
    J. Gresham 73
    C. Mayne 84
    S. Ross 67
    J. Stephenson 83
    R. Young 67
    R. Wills 79
    D. Kent 64
    B. Maynard 76
    N. Brown 60
    S. Pendlebury 73
    B. Acres 56
    J. Thomas 72
    J. Marsh 56
    T. Phillips 70
    J. Sinclair 54
    J. Howe 66
    E. Phillips 53
    J. Roughead 64
    J. Battle 52
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 64
    D. McKenzie 49
    L. Greenwood 63
    J. Newnes 49
    T. Varcoe 61
    C. Wilkie 47
    J. Aish 46
    J. Bruce 44
    T. Langdon 41
    B. Paton 37
    C. Brown 33
    M. Parker 29


  16. Glad I bought Rowan Marshall this week. If he can score 90 against Reg it’s happy days. Has to play Gawn again and Martin soon, but can expect a 95 ave. from here and is/was priced at 86.
    F7 at worst you’d think?! Watching him live is even more impressive.
    Well done Saints … coulda shoulda woulda, but I’m proud. And we made some noise today. Belief is rising 🙂


  17. Stuffed up my emergency, had it on Atkins now I can’t put anyone on the field,had the VC on Grundy , will have to take Cripps as captain now



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