Game Chat – Collingwood vs Essendon

Written by Thommo on July 8 2017

Venue: MCG at 2:10pm AEST

R5, 2017, Essendon 15.10 (100) d Collingwood 11.16 (82) at the MCG
R5, 2016, Collingwood 22.10 (142) d Essendon 11.7 (73) at the MCG
R23, 2015, Essendon 14.11 (95) d Collingwood 14.8 (92) at the MCG
R4, 2015, Collingwood 9.15 (69) d Essendon 6.13 (49) at the MCG
R17, 2014, Essendon 16.7 (103) d Collingwood 5.9 (39) at the MCG

Game notes: A season that had promised so much is now producing so little for these two big clubs. A 6-8 Essendon has lost four of its past five games (by an average losing margin of just 10 points), including a potentially season-killing fadeout against the Brisbane Lions last week, while 5-9 Collingwood is in danger of losing a fourth successive game for the first time in two years. If it’s desperation stakes for the Bombers, then it’s absolute panic stations for the Magpies, who now need to win at least seven of their last eight games to avoid a fourth straight season outside the top eight. The Bombers reigned on Anzac Day and still appear to have an edge over the Pies, who continue to blow their chances with clanger kicks and poor conversion at critical times.

Thommo’s Tip: Essendon by 10 points

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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29 thoughts on “Game Chat – Collingwood vs Essendon”

    Collingwood: Howe (calf) replaced in the selected side by Scharenberg
    Essendon: Nil

    Collingwood: Adam Treloar, Tom Langdon, Taylor Adams, Josh Thomas
    Essendon: David Myers, Travis Colyer, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Conor McKenna


    1. Ha! I have been hanging for Scharenberg to play for the last three weeks and he finally gets a gig the week I trade him out for Witherden. Gotta love the irony of supercoach 😉


          1. Now JPK out. Berry as cover.

            But it gets better.

            Martin, Neale, Cripps ,Fyfe and Selwood yet to play, and no cover.

            I smell a 0

            And better.

            I’m on Dry July so I can’t even have a beer!

            Rant over.


            1. rant coming … that is f#@$ing Bulls#$t with JPK out. He should have not been named to start with if it was genuine … these late outs are rubbish!!


        1. Collingwood has said that he’ll be taking on Jeremy Howe’s role. On the other hand, Ryan has had the higher ceiling so far. I’d say just go with your gut.


  2. What is wrong with Pendles lately?? Throwing up some really spud scores and almost Qtr time and on 6????


        1. If we still had Mick he’d be allowed to kick it along the boundry line. But cuz of Buck’s stupid ball movement we keep turning it over.


  3. Trelore and Howe excluded. Collingwoods recruiting has been terrible.

    If you are trying to build up a young team why get ageing cast offs from other clubs. Wells. Dunn. Maine. Why?

    Aish has never looked like he can handle AFL.

    J. White has played 2 good games in 3 years.

    They trade Witts and he goes great guns at the Suns.

    The list goes on and on.

    If they sack Buckley, Eddie and the board should go too.


    1. The recruiting has more to do with Derek Hine than Eddie or the board. Although the recruiting of broken old players last year was probably an Eddie-driven effort at saving Buckley.


    1. looks like he is still scoring … Mighty Bombers tearing Collingwood a new one … Adams Treloar and Pendles gone missing …



    Collingwood: 9.7.61
    Essendon: 13.6.84

    S. Sidebottom 87
    S. Pendlebury 73
    B. Grundy 71
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 62
    T. Langdon 62
    T. Goldsack 59
    J. Crisp 58
    M. Cox 57
    T. Broomhead 57
    L. Dunn 52
    B. Reid 49
    J. Elliott 49
    J. De Goey 49
    T. Adams 49
    A. Treloar 49
    M. Scharenberg 48
    T. Varcoe 45
    L. Greenwood 41
    B. Maynard 32
    A. Fasolo 32
    J. Thomas 31
    J. Smith 27

    D. Zaharakis 85
    M. Hurley 85
    B. Goddard 78
    O. Fantasia 77
    J. Kelly 77
    D. Heppell 74
    T. Bellchambers 74
    A. McGrath 71
    Z. Merrett 69
    J. Stewart 68
    M. Baguley 62
    J. Daniher 61
    D. Parish 58
    J. Watson 57
    A. McDonald-Tipungwuti 53
    M. Gleeson 52
    C. Hooker 47
    T. Colyer 40
    C. McKenna 37
    D. Myers 37
    M. Hartley 36
    J. Green 35


  5. FULL TIME (pre-scaling)

    Collingwood: 12.8.80
    Essendon: 18.9.117

    S. Sidebottom 106
    S. Pendlebury 95
    J. Crisp 87
    T. Langdon 83
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 82
    B. Grundy 80
    T. Adams 79
    T. Goldsack 75
    J. Elliott 74
    L. Dunn 68
    T. Broomhead 66
    M. Cox 65
    A. Treloar 62
    B. Reid 60
    A. Fasolo 60
    M. Scharenberg 58
    B. Maynard 56
    J. De Goey 56
    T. Varcoe 54
    L. Greenwood 49
    J. Thomas 43
    J. Smith 35

    D. Zaharakis 120
    M. Hurley 117
    Z. Merrett 110
    J. Kelly 106
    D. Heppell 101
    J. Daniher 99
    O. Fantasia 99
    T. Bellchambers 95
    B. Goddard 92
    A. McGrath 90
    D. Parish 82
    M. Gleeson 79
    M. Baguley 76
    J. Stewart 75
    J. Watson 75
    D. Myers 69
    A. McDonald-Tipungwuti 66
    T. Colyer 66
    C. McKenna 54
    C. Hooker 52
    M. Hartley 44
    J. Green 40



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