Game Chat – Dees v Dons

Written by MJ on March 20 2015

The first bounce for this Friday night fixture is at the early time of 5.50pm, so I can imagine there will be plenty of latecomers through the Etihad turnstiles.

Do you have Heritier Lumumba in your side? His performance tonight may either cement his place or result in you casting him aside. Tom McDonald ($381k DEF) has jumped up from nowhere with a 99 and 108 in NAB 1 and 2 and is worth a sneaky look tonight, despite just boasting a mild mid-70s average for his first four seasons. Salem, Newton, Hogan and VandenBerg are all pushing for spots on our midfield bench. Who will solidify themselves as the best rookie options?

As far as the Dons go, it’s been a very different outfit each week. Chapman, Goddard, Cooney, Gwilt and Zaharakis will be the only ones out there with more than 60 games of AFL experience.


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15 thoughts on “Game Chat – Dees v Dons”

  1. I took Hogan out of my team today. I’d like to see him give me a reason to put him back in. I don’t think that he’s shown enough to be the cash cow he’s supposed to be and there’s a few other options about in the forwards and the mids.


  2. Dalgleish will be watched closely. As will some of the top ups (Marigliani, Brown), if the Dons do get suspended then some of these guys will be good to have for the first month and a half or so.


  3. Looks like LaBamba, Salem, Vandenberg are all locked. Hogan may need to do some more otherwise he may not be the cash cow I’m hoping for!


  4. Been spruik8ng dalgleish today to friends and family. Not sure i can fit him in structurally but certainly radar worthy.



    141 Heritier Lumumba

    106 Chris Dawes

    99 Martin Gleeson

    99 Brendon Goddard

    99 Elliott Kavanagh

    98 Clinton Jones

    98 Jack Grimes

    96 Tom McDonald

    95 Jack Watts

    92 Nathan Jones

    92 Jeff Garlett

    91 Aaron vandenBerg

    90 Daniel Cross

    89 Colin Garland

    88 Paul Chapman

    86 Joe Daniher

    86 Dom Tyson

    85 David Zaharakis

    84 Christian Salem

    79 Orazio Fantasia

    78 Mitch Brown

    70 Matt Jones

    69 James Gwilt

    69 Jack Viney

    67 Lynden Dunn

    66 Shaun McKernan

    65 Patrick Ambrose

    65 Ben Newton

    64 Mark Baguley

    63 Shaun Edwards

    62 Mark Jamar

    62 Lauchlan Dalgleish

    56 Adam Cooney

    54 Neville Jetta

    54 Jason Ashby

    52 Jesse Hogan

    52 Jackson Merrett

    51 Rohan Bail

    50 Sam Frost

    38 Will Hams

    34 Jonathan Giles

    33 Josh Freezer

    32 Jayden Laverde

    29 Kyle Langford

    27 Marcus Marigliani

    26 Max Gawn

    18 Jimmy Toumpas

    0 Jordie McKenzie


  6. Watching the game, it’s getting harder to ignore Lumumba. He really is the best of a bad bunch. And due to lack of depth, it looks like Salem, Newton and Vandenberg are pretty safe rookie picks. Don’t know what to make of the Bombers. I guess we’ll know more on March 31st…….


  7. Lets face it, in the past two weeks Melbourne have faced a VFL team and the Western Bulldogs, who were always going to lose that match. I reckon Lumumba will play a bit more of a defensive role once Round 1 roles around. Still though, his form has been hard to ignore.

    The mature-aged dutchman did his rookie-elevation and Round 1 chances no harm. Salem looks comfortable in his new role and should avoid the vest. Newton still seems a solid pick for the extra dollars you’re paying for him.
    And Hogan was never going to make my team. A KPF in a team that find it hard to score at the best of times and battling to avoid the wooden spoon. No thanks! I don’t care how good you are.



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