Game Chat – Freo v Geelong

Written by Motts on March 26 2017

VENUE: Domain Stadium, 4.40pm AWST

R17, 2016, Geelong 11.12 (78) d Fremantle 9.7 (61) at Domain Stadium
R2, 2015, Fremantle 15.14 (104) d Geelong 9.6 (60) at Simonds Stadium
R20, 2014, Geelong 12.9 (81) d Fremantle 11.13 (79) at Simonds Stadium
R9, 2014, Fremantle 13.18 (96) d Geelong 9.10 (64) at Domain Stadium
2QF, 2013, Fremantle 12.15 (87) d Geelong 9.18 (72) at Simonds Stadium

GAME NOTES:ย Fremantle has embarked on a new era after last year’s disastrous 4-win campaign and is expected to be much more competitive in 2017. Club great Matthew Pavlich has hung up the boots, but the Dockers have recruited Cam McCarthy (GWS) and former Cat Shane Kersten in attack, along with premiership players Bradley Hill (Hawthorn) and Joel Hamling (Bulldogs). Superstar Nat Fyfe returns from a broken leg to lead the club for the first time as captain. Fyfe watched with envy last season as Patrick Dangerfield claimed his crown as the AFL’s best player, and seeing the Brownlow medallists lock horns again will be worth the price of admission. The Cats have faced a summer of questions about their reliance on midfield stars Dangerfield and skipper Joel Selwood following their humiliating preliminary final defeat to Sydney. How Chris Scott’s men bounce back, without retired champions Corey Enright and Jimmy Bartel, will be one of the season’s intriguing storylines.

Ol Mottsy’sย Tip: Cats by 15

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we arenโ€™t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they havenโ€™t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.



(Not sure how accurate they are, but that’s from Live HQ at the end of the game)


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50 thoughts on “Game Chat – Freo v Geelong”

  1. Late change for GeelongCats with ruckman Zac Smith out, replaced by Jackson Thurlow. Dockers go in as named. #AFLFreoCats

    Sandilands to go big?


      1. Cheers mate 125+ is normally my rule with the VC score, but just didn’t feel right haha. Thanks for giving me the wake up call!


    1. Fyfe better not make be regret Captaining him. Had Danger all weekend but the lack of ruck made me change.Was hoping Sandi -> Fyfe all day.


      1. Fyfe’s not going badly โ€“ he’s up to 35 now โ€“ but Dangerfield is going better so far (now up to 45).


      1. I think as an interim thing we should just track the DT scores. It won’t be perfect, but it should give us a rough idea of how each player is going.


      1. DANGER!! Set for a big SC Score predicting 150+ and that mark WooWee!! 2 Goals strait already not even half time


  2. lol @Healy “It’s a game of crime and punishment, and the dockers are taking the punishment”


  3. DT Scores:

    Dangerfield 60
    Fyfe 41
    Neale 40
    Selwood 40
    Sandilands 34
    Stewart 25
    Parfitt 14
    Blicavs 0
    Cam McCarthy -1


  4. Is it just me or does Shane Kersten remind anybody of Jack Anthony.

    A case of a player having one solid season and getting an inflated contract elsewhere


      1. Probably not.

        I think it was FURL who at one time described Thomas as the best player in the league.

        Thomas was a top 10 draft pick also so I would say Thomas is now a has-been whereas Kersten is a never was been


  5. Half time DT scores:

    Dangerfield 74
    Selwood 60
    Fyfe 50
    Neale 47
    Sandilands 43
    Horlin-Smith 39
    Tuohy 36
    Stewart 25
    Parfitt 18
    Blicavs 17
    Thurlow 11
    Cam McCarthy 5


      1. 20% of people forgot that he only attracted the third or fourth best defender in GWS’ forward line, and that he was getting much better delivery there, too.


        1. To clarify, I didn’t mean to suggest that McCarthy would be dropped โ€“ he won’t be. Just that job security doesn’t mean much if he doesn’t score anything.


  6. 1/2 TIME

    Freo 30 vs Geelong 69

    (Don’t read too much into these scores just yet……the way things have been this weekend)

    C. Sutcliffe 78
    J. Griffin 58
    S. Hill 56
    N. Suban 51
    A. Sandilands 46
    C. Blakely 43
    N. Fyfe 40
    L. Neale 37
    D. Mundy 36
    L. Spurr 30
    D. Tucker 29
    M. Johnson 27
    E. Langdon 24
    M. Walters 24
    G. Ibbotson 24
    D. Pearce 23
    L. Weller 19
    B. Hill 18
    C. McCarthy 14
    J. Hamling 14
    Z. Dawson 10
    S. Kersten 3

    D. Menzel 86
    J. Selwood 76
    S. Motlop 67
    A. Mackie 66
    P. Dangerfield 64
    Z. Tuohy 49
    L. McCarthy 47
    T. Hawkins 47
    M. Duncan 46
    L. Henderson 45
    G. Horlin-Smith 35
    N. Cockatoo 34
    J. Cowan 32
    M. Blicavs 29
    T. Ruggles 23
    H. Taylor 22
    R. Stanley 22
    B. Parfitt20
    T. Lonergan14
    J. Thurlow13
    J. Murdoch12
    T. Stewart 11


  7. Commentators ” Fyfe has been held onto at all the stoppages …. and the umps are NOW starting to pick it up”……..


  8. I almost considered trading in Thurlow for Stewart at the last minute when I heard he was playing. Thank goodness I didn’t have enough coin to do it.


  9. 3-quarter-time DT scores:

    Dangerfield 93
    Fyfe 89
    Selwood 75
    Sandilands 63
    Tuohy 60
    Horlin-Smith 52
    Neale 46
    Stewart 36
    Parfitt 31
    Blicavs 28
    Thurlow 25
    McCarthy 16


  10. This is completely irrelevant, but there’s a picture on the top of the AFL website of Tim Watson, Hamish McLachlan, and some Robinson Crusoe-looking guy. It’s been there for a few days, now. I’ve only just realised that the beardy one is Garry Lyon! He looks like he’s been sleeping in the gutter or something.



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