Game Chat – Geelong v Footscray

Written by Thommo on May 18 2019

Where and when: GMHBA Stadium, Saturday May 18, 4.35pm AEST

Last time they met: Marvel Stadium, round 15, 2018: Western Bulldogs 16.7 (103) defeated Geelong 15.11 (101).

After a see-sawing affair all night, a Gary Ablett major put Geelong within three points with only seconds on the clock in the final term. After another centre clearance, Harry Taylor had the chance to win the game with a kick after the siren from 40m but missed.

What it means for Geelong: Maintaining the ascendancy at the top. This looms as a danger game, but it’s a match the Cats must simply bank at home to ensure they’re on track for a top-four finish.

What it means for the Western Bulldogs: A chance to claim a big scalp. After back-to-back wins placing them 4-4, a win on the road against the Cats would provide a massive springboard for the rest of the season.

How Geelong wins: By matching the Dogs on the inside. In the past two weeks Josh Dunkley, Jack Macrae and Tom Liberatore’s work around the contest has led the Dogs to victory. If the Cats can split that, they should have enough class on the outside.

How the Western Bulldogs win: By moving Geelong’s defence. It’s easier said than done, but if the Dogs can create one-on-one contests for Aaron Naughton without players such as Tom Stewart and Jake Kolodjasnij intercepting, then it will go a long way to kicking a winning score.

The stat: Before last year’s loss to the Dogs, the Cats had won the past 11 straight between the pair dating back to a qualifying final in 2009.

The match-up: Cameron Guthrie v Marcus Bontempelli

Guthrie has stood alongside the opposition’s No.1 midfielder in large periods in matches this season and the Cats will be well aware of the dangers Bontempelli presents. When he pushes forward, expect Tom Stewart or Jake Kolodjashnij to get the job.

It’s a big week for: Luke Dahlhaus (Geelong)

Comes up against his premiership teammates for the first time at his new home. Has provided immense forward pressure in his first eight matches, and will have circled this encounter on the fixture from the start of the season.

Thommo’s Tip: Geelong by 20 points

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75 thoughts on “Game Chat – Geelong v Footscray”

  1. Doesn’t appear to be late changes – the Geelong Rookies all listed now on the IC bench – so lets see where Constable plays …

    For those with the E on Hayes, also listed at FF wing


    Geelong: Rhys Stanley (adductor) replaced in selected side by Ryan Abbott
    Western Bulldogs: Nil

    Geelong: Zach Tuohy, Jordan Clark, Charlie Constable, Gryan Miers
    Western Bulldogs: Mitch Wallis, Bailey Smith, Toby McLean, Lachie Young


  3. Hoping someone can clarify.

    I want to keep Grundys VC score of 144pts.

    I currently have Fyfe as captain.

    I’m not sure if I’ve made a mistake or not. I had Matt Crouch moved to bench but was named emergency. I also had Watson from freo on my mid bench. If I move Watson on field and make him captain, and Fyfe to mid bench as emergency. Will I get Fyfe score or Matt crouch?

    I believed the rule was lowest SCORING emergency score you receive if you named more than 1 emergency.

    Is that correct??


    1. as long as watson doesn’t play tonight you can put the C on him & if you have the E on fyfe you will get fyfe’s score for watson & grundys score as Capt loophole


    2. I believe it is lowest PLAYING emergency so seeing as Matt Crouch didn’t play then that should work.



    Q time
    geel 6.2.38 – 2.1.25
    G. Rohan 43
    J. Johannisen 41
    T. Hawkins 37
    C. Daniel 41
    P. Dangerfield 35
    J. Macrae 40
    M. Duncan 34
    T. McLean 33
    T. Stewart 33
    J. Dunkley 33
    L. Dahlhaus 32
    L. Hunter 31
    M. O’Connor 29
    J. Trengove 29
    R. Abbott 28
    E. Wood 25
    B. Parfitt 24
    B. Gowers 16
    J. Selwood 21
    H. Crozier 14
    J. Kolodjashnij 20
    M. Suckling 14
    Z. Tuohy 20
    M. Bontempelli 13
    D. Fort 20
    T. Liberatore 12
    G. Ablett 19
    B. Smith 12
    M. Blicavs 17
    L. Young 12
    C. Guthrie 15
    F. Roberts 10
    J. Henry 13
    Z. Cordy 10
    H. Taylor 13
    M. Wallis 10
    C. Constable 13
    A. Naughton 9
    T. Kelly 10
    S. Lloyd 8
    G. Miers 6
    W. Hayes 5
    J. Clark 4
    E. Richards 0


  5. I’m having a mare! I’ve just realised all 4 of my emergencies have played so can’t loophole.

    Fyfe captain it is!


    1. yeh , i messed it up too , was posting scores instead of loopholing atkins , thought he was playing tonight , was 2 mins late , gotta hope drew doesn’t play tomorrow & i ll have to take parkers score or ill be forced into taking boaks capt score


            1. hard call , fyfe doesnt have a great recort @ the docklands V ess , but he is in very good form @ the moment


      1. Typical, when you bring in Kelly and Dunkley…hopefully they lift second half. Happy to have offloaded Liba..


        1. forced to trade elliott to dunkley this week , dunks has already scored what elliott would have scored , would have preferred to keep elliott as F7/F8 but had 4 fwds out + cogs


    1. He was parked at full forward for most of the first half. Only towards the end there did I see him back in the midfield.
      Of course this is the week I finally bring him in.


  6. is danger paying the CD scorer
    73 pts from 8 kicks & 9 handballs
    must have all been contested & going @ 100%



    1/2 time
    geel 11.4.70 – 7.6.48

    P. Dangerfield 76
    J. Macrae 66
    T. Hawkins 65
    L. Hunter 60
    J. Selwood 65
    T. McLean 59
    B. Parfitt 59
    J. Johannisen 58
    T. Stewart 57
    C. Daniel 55
    M. Duncan 55
    J. Trengove 52
    G. Rohan 53
    S. Lloyd 51
    M. O’Connor 37
    M. Wallis 45
    L. Dahlhaus 37
    J. Dunkley 45
    R. Abbott 37
    M. Bontempelli 37
    D. Fort 35
    B. Smith 37
    J. Kolodjashnij 33
    T. Liberatore 34
    G. Ablett 32
    A. Naughton 29
    C. Guthrie 32
    H. Crozier 28
    C. Constable 30
    E. Wood 28
    J. Henry 29
    Z. Cordy 26
    T. Kelly 28
    B. Gowers 20
    Z. Tuohy 23
    W. Hayes 19
    H. Taylor 22
    L. Young 17
    M. Blicavs 20
    F. Roberts 16
    G. Miers 17
    M. Suckling 16
    J. Clark 7
    E. Richards 4


  8. Guys I need help. I’ve got Bines, Drew and Moore in my forwards, so I will get a donut. I really don’t need that right now. I’m thinking of trading Drew to a rookie or someone less than 320k. Any suggestions?


    1. No viable rookie options in the forwards mate. Do you have enough cash to upgrade, or any DPPs you can swing forward?


      1. A double upgrade last week has left me with 8k. No dpps either. Thoughts on Ham? Or anyone else?


    2. I tried to bandaid one of these last year and Catta, TDA, Schwarz … everyone else too, advised me against it.
      A donut is crap, but chasing pts for a week as FAR worse. It’ll cost you a trade to do it and many more trying to get your plans back on track.
      That said, you can still trade Drew … Corbett?! Or to a one- zero-gamer. Cash generation is critical now as we approach the byes. A couple of non-fielded downgrades over the next couple of weeks will afford you the upgrades you want when the byes are upon us!
      Good luck! 😉


      1. I’m kinda with you. My TECHTeam is absolutely killing it this week.
        Unfortunately my 4-yr-old son is t eligible for the weekly prize. 17th two weeks ago. Long may it continue!

        Big shout out to “ChipsAhoy” for a brilliant initial selection for the TECH this year.

        Masterstroke 😉


  9. Wanted to take Grundys score so I thought I would put Constable on bench with E.
    Problem is that I just did it as game was commencing and put him on bench in time but not in time to put E on.
    Now relying on Stocker to outscore Constable.
    I assume I will get Score of 2 emergencies with e with 2 non playing in mid 22 .
    Thought Answerth and Clark would also beat Locharts score as well


    1. danger taking his pts

      cats are a soap opera
      danger supposedly fit , plays as an under performing fwd
      when he’s supposedly injured the cover him in tape for the cameras
      & put him in the guts
      & all after doing multiple in/outs before the games
      look’n fwd to see’n what’s in the script next week



    3/4 time
    geel 15.6.96 – 12.9.81

    P. Dangerfield 102
    J. Macrae 91
    M. Duncan 98
    J. Trengove 89
    T. Hawkins 79
    J. Johannisen 84
    B. Parfitt 78
    M. Wallis 83
    G. Rohan 77
    M. Bontempelli 77
    J. Selwood 75
    B. Smith 76
    D. Fort 71
    L. Hunter 73
    T. Stewart 68
    S. Lloyd 71
    Z. Tuohy 62
    J. Dunkley 69
    L. Dahlhaus 60
    T. McLean 66
    C. Guthrie 60
    C. Daniel 63
    T. Kelly 58
    T. Liberatore 61
    M. O’Connor 48
    H. Crozier 46
    C. Constable 45
    Z. Cordy 43
    H. Taylor 44
    A. Naughton 42
    G. Ablett 44
    E. Wood 38
    R. Abbott 44
    L. Young 34
    G. Miers 36
    B. Gowers 28
    M. Blicavs 35
    W. Hayes 27
    J. Kolodjashnij 32
    E. Richards 23
    J. Henry 30
    M. Suckling 20
    J. Clark 18
    F. Roberts 14


  11. Come on t. Kelly I get you in this week and look what happens you got 1 quarter left to show me why I got you this week , he must be getting tagged


  12. Toz I was gonna get Dunkley but I thought I’d get Kelly first n Dunkley next week , I should have done it the other way around lol



    geel 21.7.133 – 13.11.89

    before scaling

    M. Duncan 123
    J. Macrae 117
    P. Dangerfield 111
    M. Wallis 102
    T. Stewart 105
    J. Trengove 100
    D. Fort 101
    B. Smith 95
    G. Rohan 100
    M. Bontempelli 90
    J. Selwood 86
    J. Dunkley 85
    T. Hawkins 77
    S. Lloyd 82
    H. Taylor 73
    J. Johannisen 80
    B. Parfitt 73
    L. Hunter 79
    L. Dahlhaus 72
    T. McLean 75
    T. Kelly 71
    C. Daniel 69
    Z. Tuohy 70
    T. Liberatore 69
    C. Guthrie 64
    Z. Cordy 58
    M. O’Connor 61
    A. Naughton 58
    R. Abbott 60
    H. Crozier 55
    M. Blicavs 51
    E. Wood 42
    G. Ablett 49
    L. Young 38
    C. Constable 48
    E. Richards 35
    J. Kolodjashnij 47
    M. Suckling 35
    J. Henry 42
    F. Roberts 29
    G. Miers 38
    W. Hayes 29
    J. Clark 24
    B. Gowers 22


  14. Just tuned in to see Constable is now playing when he was selected as an OUT.
    Used him as a loophole for Gawn. So he is now my C. Alternatively would have C on Grundy.


    1. He was named Friday afternoon. Should always check teams at least Friday 6pm. And if you have time, half hour before games


  15. Duncan’s another one in the TECHTeam.

    I’m thinking S0D Rd13 lets just smash it!!

    Rd14 OBrien and Lobb to G$G and still have $500k in the bank!



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